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PROJECT Prof.ssa P. Pizza

Psychology of sale and consumption

Target 14-18 Young Adult Middle age: 17 years

Key value is Share 100% of the target attended high school

14 female 11 male

Shop COS

Experience analysis The experience of purchase path Thoughts and beliefs Simplicity and order. Feeling of a medium-high level store.

Feelings and emotions. Social Identity Winners team.

Comportamental Actions Orderly arrangement of the clothes. Instead accessories are exhibited in a more original way (written Friendly).

Emotions aroused are serenity and calm but it also feels a sense of lack of expression.

Sensory aspect Black and white dominate, the minimal and cozy furnishings. The music is the background.

Experience Ananysis Experience Matrix

• Services: magazine e news letter • Products: Great looking fabrics and cuts, but no intervention aimed at customizing • Com. Events: there is only a calendar on the site, no propaganda of those used in the sales rooms • Promotion: nothing

Environmental Analysis Kaplan model  

 

Consistency : high consistency to brand. Legibility: information on departmental division are written in a clear, precise, formal and friendly. Complexity: Less complex, the customer is able to settle easily. Mistery: the internal environment and the windows do not arouse the curiosity of customers.

Environmental Analysis Mehrabian e Russel model 

Stimulus found by sensory perceptions : stimulate the sense of sight and touch.

Personality variables : the COS customer is partially hedonist. Not Screener as regards the experience, Screener for design. Affective evaluation : the customer feels comfortable, feels a sense of control over your environment, but it is almost devoid of excitement.

The response variables : the environment recreated arouses the desire to stay, but it is devoid of communicational stimuli.

Enviromental Analysis Soporifero:



Unpleasant :

Boring Inert


Serene Peaceful

Tense Neutral

Russel e Lanius model



Man Time Modality

Com. non verbal Image

Received within 1 minute

Donna No receving

He is available on request

She is available on request



Shop suitable

Shop suitable

Listening to the needs Ability to understand the customer's needs Are complied with prior customer's request, asking some information about the kind of leaders that he wants to see or experience, and in general are capable of satisfying the needs of those who come before them. Are proactive through useful tips and even empathetic, also they are reactive and show positive in their responses to the client.

Communicative Relationship Strong ability to 'interaction with all types of customers, without prejudice related to' image.

It caters to the customer with respect, of giving her at adults who are maintaining a neutral tone and relaxed. Maintain a proper distance interpersonal still managed to sustain a good eye contact.

Consulting 

 


Creating alternatives Understand client personal style

Conoscenza del prodotto Staff training

Consulting availability

Available to help, but it's set to the self-service Functional Merely to give advice on what the customer chooses but also giving advice if required He knows the product and clearly explains

They are informed about the main characteristics of the product Suggest, suggest but some times follows personal taste and is slightly insistent

Shopping experience

More than positive

Leave 

Establish a relationship with the customer: the customer leave without further comment

Request advice from the customer: simply greet the customer

Tone of cordial greeting

Customer Analysis Considering the social norms that may affect the sales report in the shop. Norm of reciprocity : the availability of contact personnel, the order in the arrangement of merchandise induce the customer to return the received kindness talking sake of the environment Norm of commitment : doesn’t exist Dynamics motivational : personal affirmation.

Customer Analysis Real customer  

25 years and more Average purchasing power, particular attention to materials and innovative forms. Type of purchase is rational, weighted, directed by the beliefs and news owned by the customer. Free to move around in the environment and at ease, even in the interaction with the exhibited products. Desire for rapprochement towards the products, but the momentary indifference to the brand, still little known.

COSpiracy All different. All together.

The event designed from the idea to finally do something concrete in the social context in representation of young people and their lifestyle. The idea of the name derives from the English word CONSPIRACY: literally conspiracy, complot . It 'a choice that expresses the union that should exist among adolescents in wanting to distinguish, while maintaining the constant sharing of social content.

Pop-up store in square Santo Spirito in Firenze.

Structure: Open space, without walls, open air, so that children are free to come and turn without feeling observed or obliged to buy.

Create and expose a line designed exclusively for this event and conceived based on the fundamental concepts.

Concepts: Looking for a much more metropolitan style that will attract different youth cultures, such as hip hop and underground, making sure that COS is perceived as a versatile brand always open to change and are looking for new concepts in the attempt.

It would be

A line " green " by ensuring that touches the strings of the most sensitive to the environment could also be created since it is a concept at the moment rampant among young people to preserve the beauty and natural resources.

x Collaboration event from H & M with a Corner in Florence Shop:  Promoting the brand to the target of 14-18  Communicate the Piazza Santo Spirito Event Cos

#SHARE IT How to communicate the event! The target is constantly use of all mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is connected to the Internet 24 hours 24.

So the promotion of the various events to be programmed especially on social networks through various widely used applications.

Laura Parenti Francesca Barbieri Luca Capaccioli Benito Navarretta MKSM2 Sez.2

Mistery Shopper COS 2013 POLIMODA Laura Parenti  

Client shopping analysis for Cos, psychology of sale and consumer.

Mistery Shopper COS 2013 POLIMODA Laura Parenti  

Client shopping analysis for Cos, psychology of sale and consumer.