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! Y A L P E V I T C A Climb


Golf Pool Accessories!


Golf Pool!

Play like pool, putt like golf! Great family time, any time. Good for all ages. $129.99

The perfect add on challenge for Golf Pool. Turn your Golf Pool into a Mini-Putt!


Electronic Basketball Jam! The Electronic Basketball Jam is an indoor, light-up scoreboard that slam dunks! $47.99

Bilibos! Award winning, multi use creative toy! Grows with your child. $39.99

Slackers 90' Zipline Eagle Kit! It only takes 2 trees and the spirit of adventure to start ziplining in the backyard all while riding just a few feet off the ground. $199.99

Slackers Ninja Climbing Rope! Build strength and confidence with this climbing rope! Attach it to a tree branch, slackline or play structure for hours of fun. $39.99

Big Dig Metal Digger! A must have for every backyard! Dig in sand, dirt and snow! Ages 3+


Slackers Ninja Line! Build your backyard ropes course with our complete 36ft Ninjaline Ropes Course Set. $149.99


Slackers Swing Line!

Slackers 8' Rope Ladder! Spend the day playing in the air with the help of the Slackers Rope Ladder! Made with solid birch wood dowels and durable poly rope. $42.99

Air Pogo Jumper! Kids will have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re getting exercise! The Air Pogo Jumper is safe for indoor and outdoor use, and helps builds balance, endurance and coordination.


A pop-up swing set and playground for your backyard! Perfect for youngsters ready to start building their strength.


Triple Blast Jump Rocket! Mission control is on alert! Launch one, two or all three soft, safe foam rockets up to 300 feet! $29.99

Huggle Pods! This hanging chair creates the ideal space for kids to read, listen to music, play, daydream and lounge. The back and forth motion encourages vestibular balance and coordination. Made with tough, durable and light weight nylon, includes an inflatable cushion. $64.99

Ski Scooter! For both kids (4 years+) and adults (max 220lbs) on snow, grass or even sand! Has an adjustable handle to help maintain balance and assists with steering, handle folds down for easy storage.


Walk-a-Roo Stilts! These stilts are designed and engineered for small tykes as young as 3! They adjust as your child grows taller and have a special foot design to make for easy balance. (Colour in store may vary)


Gigantic Step & Play Piano! Make music with your feet! Features record and playback, 4 play modes and 8 different instrument sounds. Ages 3+ $109.99


! S E GAM Board


ames Card G


ges or all a



A great introductory strategy game for players new to role-playing.


Canadian Trivia! A fun and informative way for families to test their knowledge of Canada.


Pond Hockey-Opoly! Great fun for every hockey lover in your life or those that live with them. Ages 8+


Pencil Nose!

A great game at family gatherings or with friends, everyone will be laughing before the game even begins. 8+

Kids Book of Chess!


Learn to play, hone your skills, become a master.

Canada Opoly! A Canadian twist on one of the most iconic games ever. $34.99

Set! A fascinating challenge for either solitaire or competitive play.


Quiddler! A short word game for word nerds and the not so nerdy! Ages 8-99 $18.99


Bingo! Deluxe parlor set features solid metal cage with auto-draw. Ages 5+ $29.99

Throw Throw Burrito! A combination of card games and dodge ball where players go head to head collecting cards, earning points and throwing burritos at one another!



Honeybee Tree! Pull leaves out of the honey tree, being careful not to wake the sleeping bees. Ages 3+ $27.99


Players flip cards in turn until the symbols on two payers cards match, matched players cards must race to blurt out correct answers. Ages 10+ $22.99

Wooden Dominoes! Great big domino fun for inside and out, our colorful set of real wood dominoes makes for exciting family game nights.

Peek a Doodle Doo! This charming and delightful game helps improve memory skills and concentration. Ages 3+ $34.99

Crazy Campers! How crazy a camper are you? Choose a challenge from the booklet, 36 challenges included. Ages 8+


Five Crowns!

Unique and fast-paced, this new game features a double deck of 5 suits, giving players more options for arranging hands.



Slamwich! Wizard! New strategic dimensions make game-play more challenging. More strategy means extra $16.99 excitement and fun.

Sequence! Place 5 chips in a row to create a sequence! This game is fun for all and comes in a handy storage tin.


Go ahead and win the pile but beware, you will have to catch the thief and prevent the Muncher from stealing. Ages 6+ $19.99

Escape the Room! An Escape Room experience in a box for ages 13 and up.

$59.99 4

! D A E R S ’ T E L Complete

ies book ser

er! or to ord in store le b a il a v a

The Princess in Black & The Bathroom Battle! Something smells like trouble! Can 5 princess heroes and a Goat Avenger pool their talents to vanquish a monstrous stink? $9.50

The Bad Guys! They’re scary and dangerous and well... just bad! But these guys want to be heroes. And they’re going to prove it by breaking out every dog from the dog pound. $7.99

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets!

There is a plot Harry Potter. A plot to make the most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year.


The Darkest Dark!

The story of a boy who faces his fears... and went on to reach the stars. Written by Astronaut Chris Hadfield. $11.99

Horse Diaries Penny!

After striking it rich and then losing it all, Jesse and Penny join the Pony Express. This is Penny’s story in her own words.


I Spy Fantasy! Collect all of the I Spy books! I Spy Fantasy and many other titles available in store!


The Ickabog! A warm, fast-paced, funny fairytale of a fearsome monster, thrilling adventure and hope against all odds!


Wings of Fire! Read them all! Book 1: The Dragonet Prophesy! The Dragonets are coming.... to save the day! An epic series takes flight. $9.99


The Night Before Playoffs!

The Gruffalo! A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. He’s about to come face to face with oh no! A Gruffalo!

Twas the night before playoffs; the rink was pristine, and the glimmering ice appeared simply serene. $8.99


Sheep in a Jeep! A flock of hapless sheep drive through the country in this rhyming picture book. $9.99

The Double Daring Book For Girls!

The Great Monster Hunt! Something in Duck’s room is making strange sounds. Bravely the animals set off to find out...


The Ultimate Construction Site Book!

Just as packed with creative and exciting material as the 1st one (see below) this is an adventure guidebook of stories, activities, facts and games for daring girls everywhere! $33.99

The Dangerous Book for Byos!! This best seller is for every boy from 8-80! It covers essential boyhood skills such as building tree houses, learning how to fish, finding true north and even answering the age old question of what the big deal with girls is.


Construction sites are endlessly fascinating places! Intricate detail, meticulous research, bring together sights, sounds, colours and action of some of the most interesting workplaces ever! $32.99

Solar System! Blast off to the Solar System! Get ready for a breathtaking journey of discovery with these richly illustrated pages, glossary of scientific terms and a pull out map. $25.99


! S E L Z PUZ Puzzles

! re online Even mo Just roll up unfinished puzzles when you need table room! Holds up to a 1,000 piece puzzle. Puzzle Board works like an $24.99 artists easel, allowing you to tilt and raise the puzzling surface so you can reach the top corners without straining your back. $199.99

ies Accessor

Rollo Puzz!

The Ultimate Puzzle Board!

Great stackable trays make it convenient to sort and store your favourite puzzle pieces! $26.99

12 Days of Christmas Quilts! From a partridge in a pear tree to 12 drummers drumming, enjoy the 12 Days of Christmas Quilts in 1,000 colourful patterned pieces by Cobble Hill! $22.99

Adirondack Birds! A Cobble Hill creation, this beautifully snowy red Adirondack is brightly coloured by birds and a rich winter greenery. 1,000 pieces. $22.99

Smart Puzzle Sort & Store!

The Old Book Store!

This 1,000 piece puzzle features a nostalgic scene from an English village by artist Steve Crisp. $22.99

The Old Candy Store! This 1,000 piece puzzle features a nostalgic view with a distinctly English flavor by artist Steve Crisp.

$22.99 7

Many more puzzles to check out in store!!

Gingerbread Houses!

Song Birds!

A delightful neighbourhood of Gingerbread Houses with a forest of gingerbread trees decorated in sweet candies. 3 different sized of pieces so all ages can enjoy it together!

Eeboo “Peace and Love” is a woman owned company! All products are made with 90% recycled material and vegetable ink. $27.99


Disney Princesses!


Enjoy this fun shaped puzzle with the beautiful Princesses. This easy to clean surface makes for a long puzzle life and years of fun for your little one!

This 64 piece puzzle is made of large sized puzzle pieces for children ages 5+



Cozy Retreat 500pc Puzzle! Beautifully coloured pieces create a cozy retreat for all to enjoy. In the large format by Ravensburger. $22.99

Mushrooms & Butterflies 500pc puzzle! Like parasols, the mushrooms bloom to punctuate a forest’s gloom. With stained glass wings the butterfly flutters by. $27.99

Sweet Sweet Sugar! This 35pc puzzle from Cobble Hill is brightly coloured and sure to to give you a sweet tooth! $7.99

Map of Canada Floor Puzzle! Explore Canada with this cool puzzle map by Cobble Hill. Using a puzzle is a great way to learn the provinces and territories.



! E C N E SCI y Astronom



Snap Circuits Light!

Connect your Ipod or any Mp3 Player and enjoy your music as the lights change to the beat! Create 175 projects with this $142.99 kit.

ience Earth Sc

Day & Night Globe! This beautiful illuminated globe transforms from a physical-political map of Earth to a map of the starry night sky when lit.

Snap Circuits Motion! With over 165 projects to complete, learn the concepts of motion and physics. Ages 8+



Snap Circuits Beginners!

Snap Circuits FM Radio!

Extra safety features for young engineers 5 and up! With this 14 piece kit you can build up to 20 projects. Kit comes with an easy-to-follow colour manual. Requires 3 “AA” batteries. (Not included) $42.99

Bouncing Planets! Make five colorful, rubbery, bouncy ball planets in minutes! Ages 8+ $14.99

The Snap Circuits FM Radio kit allows you to build a radio that actually works! There are 4 different projects you can complete with this kit. Requires 4 “AA” batteries. (Not included) $29.99

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination! Use building blocks with snaps to build the different electrical and electronic circuits in the project. Build over 150 projetcs or combine with other sets to build even more unique structures. $110.99


Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms!

Disgusting Science!

Educate your child on what actually grows on their own body! Learn fun facts about body parts, byproducts and become completely grossed out as you take science to a whole new level. $29.99

Build 6 mechanical models including arms, grabber claws and legs found on robotic machines. Ages 7-14 $84.99

My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog!

Rubber Band Racers! Learn how propellers push vehicles forward, and how rubber bands store energy.

Build your own robotic hedgehog and learn about robotics and engineering. Clap your hands and it rolls over! Ages 7+ with help and 10+ I got this. $56.99


Metal Detector!

Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo! This classic Sea-Monkeys Ocean Zoo kit comes with everything you need to raise your own adorable aqua-pets. This kit comes equipped with a ventilated lid, built in magnifiers and a modeled bottom seascape. Ages 6+ $19.99

Talking Microscope! Young scientists explore 12 fascinating bugs up close before the speaking unit tells facts and quizzes their knowledge. Includes 12 slides and features 5X focusing binocular and light for easy viewing. $89.99

High-low sensitivity adjustment, LED display durable ABS body, low electrical consumption. Manuel included. Requires 9V battery, not included.


Newton’s Discovery Pack! Discover the magic of magnets, the weight of gravity and rainbows within the light with this super cool discovery set! $27.99


& S T R A ! S T F CRA

Sock Puppets! Transform 3 super soft sock puppets into a trio of fuzzy friends! Develops fine motor skills and promotes story telling. $24.99



Textile Cr

ion C fts Fash a r C r e p a P

My Fairy Garden Light Unicorn Paradise! Plant the seeds all around the house and even atop the rocky area and watch the unicorn paradise bloom! Both the mushroom and rainbow light up and the rainbow plays music. $59.99

Spirograph Jr! Create beautiful art with Spirograph Jr! Easy to carry and easy to use, Spirograph is made for small hands!


Spirograph! For aspiring artists of all ages, learn to make beautifully intricate designs.



Fashion Headbands!

Create 10 awesome accessories with this ultimate headband set. Great for birthday party activities or a rainy day craft. $26.99

Kiss Naturals - Lip Balm Kit! This fashion play kit is Candian made and 100% natural! Creates 6 lip balms.



Grown your own crystals! Combine the wonder of crystal growing with the construction of a fab dream catcher, the results are a beautiful piece of room decor that will be cherished.



This new Glam Style Tool allows you to load, click and bling hair, clothes, even your dad’s socks!



! R E L D D O T / BABY Learn


Suction Kupz!



Pipsquigz combine touch, sound and visual stimulation all in one compact, easy to clean toy.


Stack, roll, stick and sip! Whether it’s in the tub, on the table or even a wall, these squishy cups feature a suction cup bottom and endless creative-play possibilities.

Playnest! This triangular inflatable ring provides a soft resting area for babies covered in textures, patterns and sounds to explore.



Lamaze Emily Doll! The Lamaze Emily Doll easily clips onto the stroller or diaper bag, multi sensory activity toy for baby. $24.99

Polka Puppy Dancing Jack in the Box! The Polka Puppy Jack in the Box brings a whimscical new dancing feature to the traditional Jack in the Box. $34.99

Multi-Spout Sprayer! This fun pump has 4 built-in nozzles that spurt out water in a range of amazing shapes and patterns. Ages 24 months + $14.99

Yookidoo Jet Pirate Duck!


Kidoozie My First Tool Box! Your little one can build along with mom & dad! My First Tool Box includes everything a little builder needs. Ages 3+ $27.99

This battery operated pirate duck speeds around the tub and makes bath time a blast! Includes 15 pirate themed accessories.

Shaving in the Tub! Lather up for a nice clean shave! Kit includes foaming body soap, brush, comb, toy razor and unbreakable child safe mirror. $22.99


! G N I D L I U B

OW R R O M O FOR T Lego Friends Horseback Riding Center!

Lego Magical Ferris Wheel & Slide!

This 3-story ranch set is packed with features, accessories and figures to spark endless story telling and animal play.


Kids no longer need to wait for the carnival to roll into town! The Lego Magical Ferris Wheel & Slide brings carnival fun to kids bedrooms every day. $79.99

Lego Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue Young witches and wizards can recreate magical scenes from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with the Lego Hagrid’s Hut:Buckbeak’s Rescue.


Magnetic Mix or Match Dinosaurs! Includes 4 animals that magnetically snap together! Put them together and take them apart again and again. Ages 2+ $39.99

Design & Drill Monster Truck! Little Engineers can use the mini power drill to build their own vehicle, then decorate it with colorful stickers to make it their own. $36.99 Ages 3+

Aqua & Pyro Dragons! A dragon’s courage is the stuff of legends! Hours of fun building your dragon with endless possibilities. Ages 6+


Magnetic Build-a-Truck! The eye-catching colourful pieces are easy to hold and the magnetic locking system makes assembly and disassembly a snap!

$42.99 13


Baby Stella Highchair! Feeding Baby Stella will bring hours of fun for the little ones! Collapsible metal highchair has a tray that lifts and lowers to easily seat Baby Stella. $48.99


cess c A g Clothin s l l o D

Happy Camper Doll Accessories!

Baby Stella Peach!

All the makings of a happy camping experience! All accessories compatible with both 12 and 15 inch Stella Dolls.


Paul Drink & Wet Bath Baby Doll! Paul Drink & Wet is your potty training ally! He is anatomically correct, he drinks his bottle, goes potty “for real” and even takes baths! $89.99

Baby Stella Play Masks! Mask up your favourite dollies and stuffed animal friends. The set includes 3 fabric masks with adjustable straps that fit Baby Stella and Wee Baby Stella. $14.99

Wooden cradle with gentle rocking motion. Ages 3+


Corolle Doll Alice! This award winning, beautifully crafted, doll is the perfect size for cuddling mothering and $108.99 nurturing. Ages 3+

Corolle Doll Calin Naima!

This award winning, beautifully crafted doll has a soft bean bag body so it can be posed like a real baby. She is specially designed to be cradled in your child’s arms.

Mine to Love Wooden Cradle! $54.99

From Manhattan Toy’s multiple award winning Baby Stella collection of soft nurturing baby dolls & accessories.


Calico Critter Tree House! Turn the swing, slide down in a log, the perfect room for baby furniture and great view from the top! $89.99


! R A O S S N O I T A N I G A IM Dress up

e Play maginativ

ing Story Tell


Reversible Galaxy Cloak!

Starry Night Dragon Cape!

The spectacular Galaxy Cloak is the perfect cape for our young wizards, for years of imaginative play.

This gorgeous cape is fearless with it’s spectacular fiery blue eyes, dramatic golden spikes and horns, and a stuffed head with great design details.

Sleeping Cutie Dress! Be the talk of the tea party with this deluxe Sleeping Cutie inspired gown.



Magic Wand Kit!


Janod Cleaning Set! This wooden cleaning set allows children to imitate mom and dad and help with every day tasks! $49.99

This lovely crafting set features three 12.5 inch wood wand bases to decorate. An enchanting kit perfect for any budding witch or wizard. $14.99

Forest Fairy Tunic! Vet Costume! The perfect outfit for your future veterinarian to help make pets or stuffed animals feel better. $39.99

Be a magical Forest Fairy with these adorable tunics! These tunics fit over head and tie at the side so they are extremely size flexible - making for the perfect gift. $39.99