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it’s fun! Just being in the water is fun and refreshing. As you develop your skills and start to time yourself and track your progress, that’s where the next level of fun starts. With four competitive strokes and many different ways to train, swimming is a sport with lots of variety.

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The Four Competitive Strokes Freestyle




it’s the best form of exercise Swimmers know that swimming is the best form of exercise. A regular swimming routine will provide you with the best overall fitness and help to improve your cardiovascular system, muscular strength, flexibility, posture and endurance.

it Works the Whole body Swimming is great for using all of the muscles in the body, including core muscles, calf muscles, abdominal muscles, obliques, lower back muscles, biceps, triceps, shoulder muscles and glutes. Swimming works all of you and helps you develop and maintain an ideal body that is strong, flexible and supple.

for your future health

Swimming makes your body better able to resist disease and quicker to recover from illness or injury. Regular swimmers’ bodies can better resist diseases such as: • diabetes • arthritis • asthma • some forms of cancer • heart disease • and other diseases

Swimming helps to regulate breathing, enhances flow of oxygen to muscles and reduces and prevents high blood pressure.

Beyond your body... Swimming puts you in a different mindframe. It will help you decrease stress, increase alertness, improve mental functioning and even enhance your self-esteem.

Gain, No Pain

There is no swimming exercise that will cause you pain. Swimming is a low impact exercise. Your bones and joints are never up against anything hard. In fact, swimming relaxes stiff muscles and can be especially beneficial to pregnant women and people recovering from injury.

Whatever the weather In the summer, it’s great to swim in an outdoor pool. But swimming doesn’t leave you hostage to weather, you can swim in an indoor pool come rain, sleet, hail or snow.

It’s never too late!

about our team

Dragon Fire is Beijing’s International Swim Team since 1994. You can start swimming at any age and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

We give kids and adults living in Beijing an opportunity to participate and excel in a sport. Dragon Fire Swim Team has more than 300 swimmers hailing from over 25 different countries. Our student swimmers range in age from 4 to 17. Most of them attend Beijing’s various International Schools, however Dragon Fire is not affiliated with any school. For adults, our Masters Swimming program is a great way to stay active and get in the swim. With the guidance of our coaches, swim team members improve their swimming techniques and can develop into strong athletes.

Beijing Dragon Fire Swim Team offers swimming lessons for swimmers at all levels. If you are interested in swimming with us, visit our website to view times and pools:

Since 1996, the team has been competing internationally at meets in Singapore, Bangkok, Manila and Hong Kong with other international swimming teams. The team also competes with local clubs in Beijing and other cities, and hosts swim meets in Beijing. Dragon Fire’s head coach and founder is Kevin Hua. The team also employs 10 experienced and qualified assistant coaches to provide training and instruction.


+86 136 010 64534

8 Great Reasons to Swim  

Beijing Dragon Fire Swim Team's booklet detailing 8 great reasons to swim

8 Great Reasons to Swim  

Beijing Dragon Fire Swim Team's booklet detailing 8 great reasons to swim