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Sabutai Musashi Q&A

Master Tai and his staff discuss martial arts. S. Musashi; Sat 4:00 pm; Piedmont [HYT]

Silk Road Expo

Performances of the Silk Road–past, present, future and imagined. Sat 5:30 pm; Hanover C–E [HYT]

Steampunk & Orientalism

The orientalist fantasy and Steampunk from cultures along the Silk Road.... G. D. Falksen; Sat 7:00 pm; Piedmont [HYT]

Asian Horror Film Fest

Asian horror film fest, screening Savasana a vampire film, TeppanDead a comical samurai/zombie film and a preview of The Pact by Rob Fitz R. Fitz; Sat 8:30 pm; Piedmont [HYT]

Sunday Using the Arms & Hands in Belly Dance

Intro to Persian Dance

Persian Court dance is deeply rooted in the spirituality of Sufi poetry. Fluid, expressive, improvisational dance– different from other area dances. Sun 1:00 pm; Piedmont [HYT]

Far Eastern Braiding

Do you like cosplay? History? Silk Road culture? If so then you’ll love creating a Silk Road persona in the SCA! Mon 10:00 am; Piedmont [HYT]

Belly Dance, Burlesque & Orientalism

A trivia contest on the longest running film series in movie history! We will also discuss the new movie slated for release in 2012. Mon 11:30 am; Piedmont [HYT]

Subatai Musashi Demo

A short demonstration followed by a Q&A on the use of props and various styles of music. Phoenicia; Mon 1:00 pm; Intl N [HYT]

Presentation of Far Eastern braiding, demonstration of a Mongolian braiding stand and a make & take Kumihimo Sun 2:30 pm; Piedmont [HYT] Burlesque performer, Belly Dancer and Steampunk vixen discusses the connection between belly dance and burlesque. Sun 4:00 pm; Piedmont [HYT] Ninkage-ryu a Japanese martial arts style continues to live. Grandmaster Musashi uses a variety of weapons and implements to astound and amaze. S. Musashi; Sun 5:30 pm; Intl S [HYT]

An actual class open to everyone demonstrating various arm styles to coordinate with and enhance steps. Phoenicia; Sun 10:00 am; Hanover C–E [HYT]

Sabutai Musashi Q&A

Romani Trail & Silk Road

Drum Rhythms

Learn about the history, culture and art of the Romani and their trek from India to the West. Sun 11:30 am; Piedmont [HYT]


Monday SCA on the Silk Road

Master Tai and his staff discuss martial arts. S. Musashi; Sun 7:00 pm; Piedmont [HYT] Learn simple drum rhythms from cultures along the Silk Road. Bring or borrow a drum or clap along! Sun 8:30 pm; Piedmont [HYT]


Adding Props & Choosing Music w/ Phoenicia

Open Origami

Skeptics (SKEP) Friday Skeptrack Kick Off 2011

A panel of some of our skeptic guests discussing who skeptics are, and some of their passions and issues are. D. J. Grothe, R. Watson, S. Mayhew, B. Brushwood, F. Treatment Nurse, M. Chapman; Fri 10:00 am; 207/206/205 [HIL]

American Freethought LIVE!

John Snider and David Driscoll return for another live version of their popular podcast, in which they speak out for skepticism and secular freedoms. J. Snider; Fri 11:30 am; 207/206/205 [HIL]

Open fold, drop-by & create a souvenir of your Dragon*Con experience; make a pet, flower, boat, box or something else to remember us by! Mon 2:30 pm; Piedmont [HYT]

Coming Out Skeptical

End of the Road

Technology makes a lot of promises, which are too good to be true. Learn about technological misfires, mistakes and outright scams. Fri 2:30 pm; 207/206/205 [HIL]

Reminisce about your experiences in the East, share your souvenirs from Asia and let us know what you would like visit on the Silk Road next year! Mon 4:00 pm; Piedmont [HYT]

JT Eberhard discusses why non-theists should be more open about their beliefs. Fri 1:00 pm; 207/206/205 [HIL]

High Tech Snake Oil

Skepticism and the Humanities

Because critical thinking improves all scholarship, this panel explores the potential contributions of skepticism to the humanities. J. Nickell, M. Pigliucci; Fri 4:00 pm; 207/206/205 [HIL] Dragon*Con 25th Anniversary

2011 Dragon*Con Pocket Program  

Our Pocket Program contains all of scheduled events for that year, including a schedule grid and maps.

2011 Dragon*Con Pocket Program  

Our Pocket Program contains all of scheduled events for that year, including a schedule grid and maps.