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Grub, Goofballs and Great Racing at the Dragon Boat Extravaganza on the Schuylkill

A joyful police officer politely questions two women who were spinning around hula hoops how they do it. In an attempt to get the cop to try it out, one of the ladies attempts to put the hula hoop around the cop, but he was having more fun watching the ladies happily hooping.

There were plenty of laughs along the Schuylkill last Saturday for the Dragon Boat Race as people from around the country put on their life vests and geared up for the excitement. Grills were fired up, rolls were being stuffed and beer was being poured as the announcer kept the crowd tuned into the race. Along with some of the best grilling on the Schuylkill, the race was supported by a plethora of different teams with catchy team names such as Blazing Paddles, The Dragon Ladies, Cracked Oars, Big Sticks Oarsome Lips, May the Oar be with You, We’re not Draggin’, Oarsome Challengers along with many more. Racers were dressed for the event, each team sporting a custom designed shirt for the race. Aside from booze, food and family, many people were at the race to watch, listen and have fun as the racers enthusiasm spirited the Schuylkill.

Passing out Mcdonalds coupons, this young man’s squid hat added extra flare to the race with just a touch of goofiness.

Friends and family helped make the Dragon Boat Race truly special as many people were out to support their teams . This young man was anything but shy for the camera. Just as he noticed pictures being taken, he jumped in front of the frame as his mother hands him his American flag.

The team Red Oar White fires up the grill as the team supporters cheerfully wave to the camera.

Dragon Boat Race Philadelphia  

This is the coverage layout of the Dragon Boat Race in Philadelphia, Pa on October 6, 2012. By Shayna Kleinberg