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mind sex? 6: I can make myself come... Without anything touching me.

6: Something like that.

ME: I dozed off w u staring at me & just woke up to ur beautiful eyes as my first image.. Trouble.

how’s life?

ME: I did a shoot today that I wished u were in.

6: Awwww! More emotion, what has gotten into you?

ME: not sure... All day surf sesh, finally some waves!!



4: Do u want to meet us?bri and bum are furious that im w ali. Why? I hate my life ME: Cuz they, like me, know u shouldve been w me. 4: U never formally invited me. ME: do ur thing then.. AND I did call u a bunch of times where phone didn’t work, or lost, or vm.. Txts..

6: There is a girl here that won’t stop repeating herself. It is annoying me.

Beat her.

6: Ok


11: Perhaps. Gnite. X. ME: I want to get lost in the proverbial mountains w u...

ME: She waits for me, lazily leering, As moon goes murdering moon; The moon of her triumph is nearing; She will have me wholly soon... X

ME: Today?

3: I deserve nothing...but my unacceptable, out of control and embarrassing lack of respect I had last time with You...I can’t even say it cuz I recall little in my drunken stupor excuse...warrants a few choice words, albeit none that I haven’t beat myself with for the last year etc. Over loosing my friendship with You!In a lame attempt 2 reprieve any dignity with You, I was out of control and had no knowledge of who were real friends who could and would help me apply the brakes...alas , shithead like me only learns the hard way and I did in the most painful and lasting lesson possible which has made me aware and sooo sad in my actions

Phonebook by CB Smith  

When people ask how did Phonebook came into being, CB Smith’s answer is simple: “I never set out to make a photo book about my own mad explo...