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mind sex? 6: I can make myself come... Without anything touching me.

6: Something like that.

ME: I dozed off w u staring at me & just woke up to ur beautiful eyes as my first image.. Trouble.

how’s life?

ME: I did a shoot today that I wished u were in.

6: Awwww! More emotion, what has gotten into you?

ME: not sure... All day surf sesh, finally some waves!!



4: Do u want to meet us?bri and bum are furious that im w ali. Why? I hate my life ME: Cuz they, like me, know u shouldve been w me. 4: U never formally invited me. ME: do ur thing then.. AND I did call u a bunch of times where phone didn’t work, or lost, or vm.. Txts..

6: There is a girl here that won’t stop repeating herself. It is annoying me.

Beat her.

6: Ok


11: Perhaps. Gnite. X. ME: I want to get lost in the proverbial mountains w u...

ME: She waits for me, lazily leering, As moon goes murdering moon; The moon of her triumph is nearing; She will have me wholly soon... X

ME: Today?

3: I deserve nothing...but my unacceptable, out of control and embarrassing lack of respect I had last time with You...I can’t even say it cuz I recall little in my drunken stupor excuse...warrants a few choice words, albeit none that I haven’t beat myself with for the last year etc. Over loosing my friendship with You!In a lame attempt 2 reprieve any dignity with You, I was out of control and had no knowledge of who were real friends who could and would help me apply the brakes...alas , shithead like me only learns the hard way and I did in the most painful and lasting lesson possible which has made me aware and sooo sad in my actions

Phonebook by CB Smith