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cover photo: Boogie, Public Housing projects in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, 2004 opposite page: Estevan Oriol, Dr. Dre perfoming live.





Cross the streets

Curated by Paulo von Vacano ISBN 978-88-98565-22-1 Street Art, Graffiti, Street photography 240 pages 23,5 x 30 cm English, Italian Softcover

April 2017 â‚Ź 40.00 $ 42.00 ÂŁ 34.00

All streets lead to Rome There is only one international vanguard that brings together the young, the marginalised and the minorities in the amniotic sac of globalization: Street Art. It has many names; graffiti, writing, bombing, urban art, but only one mission: to transform the city into an open-air museum. Cross the Streets is a multimedia exhibition that celebrates 40 years of the evolution of street art in Rome. No other city has such an untouched history and so it is fitting that Rome begins its cultural regeneration from its streets and its past. Creative inspiration has

always been driven by instinct and these fleeting moments are preserved as etchings on everything from caves to catacombs, from Pasquino to propaganda murals. They serve as warnings, denouncements and exorcisms of fear. Street Art reflects the mood of modern society. Aside from its strength and artistic beauty, the form has always been a political and cultural thermometer. Rome remains one of the most important cities driving this movement and therefore it is right to celebrate it at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.


The Street is Watching Curated by Paulo von Vacano ISBN 978-88-88493-94-7 Visual culture, Street photography 440 pages 24,5 x 34,5 cm English Hardcover

May 2017 € 100.00 $ 100.00 £ 72.50

A street photography anthology The volume is a street photography anthology that brings together the most representative and iconic images, ranging from the ‘70s to today, that shows the evolution and the spirit of street and urban photography through the vision of both masters and young generations of photographers as well. The book showcases the work of artists who inspire and provoke, whose point of view awakens us to a System of Independent Culture that defines the Drago aesthetic.The book features the work of Larry

Clark, Boogie, Ed Templeton, Glen E. Friedman, JR, Estevan Oriol, Martha Cooper, Pieter Hugo, Jamel Shabazz, Bruce Davidson, Jim Goldberg, Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Gilden, Ryan McGinley, Hugh Holland, Jill Freedman, C.R. Stecyk, Dash Snow, Bruce LaBruce, Ivory Serra, Olivia Bee, among the about a hundred contributing photographers. Curated by Drago publisher Paulo Lucas von Vacano, the volume also features a text by Miss Rosen, New York-based photo editor and photography book specialist.


JR, Action dans la favela Morro da Providencia (detail)7

Estevan Oriol, Danny Trejo (detail)



This is Los Angeles Estevan Oriol

ISBN 978-88-98565-24-5 Visual culture, street photography 224 pages 26 x 31 cm English Hardcover

August 2017 € 80.00 $ 90.00 £ 63.00

Welcome to the city of Angels Following the success of LA Woman and LA Portraits, renowned photographer Estevan Oriol releases his definitive collection of photographs, This is Los Angeles. The anthology captures 20 years of his extraordinary photographic career. Oriol’s extensive portfolio juxtaposes the glamorous and gritty planes of LA culture, featuring portraits of well-known athletes, artists, celebrities and musicians as well as Latino, urban, gang, and tattoo counter-

culture lifestyles. His lens reaches the most exclusive groups in the city, from the formidable gangland to the rich and famous. He has photographed Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Dennis Hopper, Marissa Miller, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Floyd Mayweather, and Lance Armstrong to name a few. He has also produced shoots for internationally-acclaimed photographers such as Ellen von Unwerth for Sang Bleu and Luca Babini.



Various authors ISBN 978-88-98565-21-4 Fashion, Art, cultural studies 116 pages 20 x 23,5 cm Italian Softcover

April 2017 â‚Ź 29.00 $ 25.00 ÂŁ 30.00

The imaginary animal in fashion The institutionalisation of spotted patterns in designer fashion is something that characterises the modern era. Modern fashion as inaugurated by haute couture, was bound to take an interest in the animal coat. Out of The Jungle, The imaginary animal in fashion is the first exhibition dedicated to this topic. It explores the evolution of the coat in its various animal forms, ever since Christian Dior infused his clothing lines with animal prints. The animal print can be seen as an ancient totem that reveals European

exoticism stemming from the imperialist roots of the last century. Throughout time, the style has taken on a variety of different forms up to the kaleidoscope of shapes and colours displayed in the exhibition. Jungle, The imaginary animal in fashion is the catalogue of the exhibition that opens on La Venaria Reale, in Turin. Accompanied by critical texts from M. Bobbioni, P. Cale fato, V. Caratozzolo, C. Corbetta, L. Gallo Orsi, S. Gnoli, A. Mancinelli, F. Muzzarelli, L. Scarlini and S. Segre Reinach.


Thierry Mugler, collezione Couture Primavera/Estate 1997 11 “Les Insects”

Letizia Battaglia, Children play with the weapons they 12 have received from their parents (detail)

Just for passion Letizia Battaglia

ISBN 978-88-98565-20-7 Visual culture, Street photography 140 pages 24,5 x 34,5 cm English Hardcover

November 2016 € 40.00 $ 45.00 £ 34.00

Letizia Battaglia strikes again! Drago is delighted to feature Letizia Battaglia’s work for the second time following the success of her Anthology curated by Paolo Falcone. The Sicilian photographer’s new book “Just for passion” catalogues her exhibition at the MAXXI the National Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome. The book explores the incredible scope and character of Letizia Battaglia’s work. The photographs included capture an intimate insight into the ambivalence of Italian life, from harrowing images of the Mafia to

beautiful portraits of the women and children of Palermo. “Just for passion” further explores Battaglia’s social commitment from her political activism in Milan to her volunteer work for a psychiatric hospital in Palermo. Other occupations outside of photography such as publishing work and contributions to theatre and cinema are also exhibited. The cover picture is a portrait of the italian poet Pier Paolo Pasolini. Contributers includes the major of Palermo and the Anti-Mafia Magistrate.



Letizia Battaglia ISBN 978-88-98565-18-4 Visual culture, Street photography 360 pages 25 x 33 cm English Hardcover

March 2016 € 80.00 $ 90.00 £ 63.00

40 years of history through the lens of Letizia Battaglia Letizia Battaglia (Palermo, 1935) is a Sicilian photographer and photojournalist. Although her photos document a wide spectrum of Sicilian life, she is best known for her work on the Mafia. Over the years, Battaglia took some 600,000 images whilst documenting the ferocious internal war of the Mafia, and its assault on civil society. Battaglia sometimes found herself at the scene of four or five different murders in a

single day. She photographed the dead so often that she described herself as a moving morgue. “Suddenly,” she once said, “I had an archive of blood.” A large selection of her iconic black and white images will be presented in the catalogue, guiding the reader along a journey into one of post-war Italy’s darkest periods. Drawing from Battaglia’s personal archive the book also includes more recent projects.


A Wah Do Dem Boogie

ISBN 978-88-98565-13-9 Visual culture, Street photography 128 pages 24,5 x 34,5 cm English Hardcover February 2016 € 50.00 - $ 53.00 - £ 39.00

Welcome to Kingston, Jamaica Known as one of the most influential photographers of street culture in the new millennium, Boogie emerges once again to spark our curiosity and narrate authentic stories in his own raw style. A Wah Do Dem, Boogie’s sixth monograph, and his first one in color, takes us far away from the familiarity of the West, and throws us into the noisy and cryptic underbelly of Kingston, Jamaica. Through his pictures, Boogie illustrates both the madness and humanity of a complex place, where poverty,

violence and crime are often dominant elements of daily life. He relies on his instincts to gain the trust of people who live on the edge of society, and to photograph their world in an honest and objective way. “I was waiting in a back alley, all the way down the lane, in one of the sketchiest neighborhoods in Kingston. It was pitch dark, and it felt like I had been waiting forever. At some point, a guy wearing a creepy horror movie mask and carrying an M-16 appeared from the dark,”


WK - Gear / 1989 - 2015 WK Interact

ISBN 978-88-98565-33-7 Visual culture, art, design 148 pages 28 x 30 cm English Hardcover

May 2016 € 40.00 $ 54.00 £ 32.00

The objects that have inspired him This volume complete the anthology of WK-Interact. The power of the object it’s the theme that weaves through his expansive creative works. For him, simple objects represent history, evoke intrigue and have provided endless amounts of inspiration for what would later become known as his most important creations. By the mid 90’s, his work became so widely recognized that large media outlets, including The New York Times, sought him out for interviews, steer his career towards new levels as they commented on his work in the same breath as other “up and

comers” including artists like Shepard Fairey. For most of his life he has intentionally dedicated himself to images that he knows will naturally deteriorate on their own, changing and aging with time. In this context we understand his fascination for the utility of objects and gear. For WK, the vision is always in motion, but that doesn’t mean the inspiration needs to be. Welcome to WK Gear. The story of the objects that have inspired him; a glimpse into his environment and way of thinking. They are the elements that inspire the work, before the work even exists.


Rome wasn’t drawn in a day Massimiliano Panzironi ISBN 978-88-98565-34-4 Illustration, art, design 96 pages 21 x 29,5 cm English Hardcover

June 2016 € 9.99 $ 11.00 £ 8.00

Color your way through the streets of historic Rome! Beautifully illustrated, Rome Wasn't Drawn in a Day is filled with templates for exquisite scenes and intricate and sophisticated patterns. All the magnificence of ancient Rome is prompting you to meditate on your artwork as you mindfully and creatively fill these pages with colour. Take a few minutes out of your day, herever you are, and colour your way to peace and calm. A perfect gift from your journey in the Eternal City

or a souvenir to keep with you a wonderful memory. Working with your hands is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. This stunning colouring book offers a practical exercise in mindfulness that draws on your creativity and hones your focus. Perfect for adult and also for children, grab your copy of Rome Wasn't Drawn in a Day and get to the heart of Rome and begin your journey now!


The Trilogy

Dorothy Circus Gallery ISBN 978-88-98565-12-2 Pop surrealism, lowbrow 120 /146 /136 pages 23 x 28 cm English, italian Hardcover

2015 € 99.00 $ 112.00 £ 74.00

The complete trilogy telling three years in the history of a landmark for pop surrealism The book series gathers all the exhibitions that the Dorothy Circus Gallery (Rome), European benchmark for Pop Surrealism, has hosted in its spaces from October 2010 to February 2014. The three volumes are now proposed together, collected in a special packaging, to go through the whole three years exhibition itinerary. The long list of artists, involved in both solo and group shows, includes among others: Tara McPherson, Ray Caesar, Aaron Jasinski, Miss Van, Nathalie Shau, Naoto Hattori, Colin

Christian, Clementine de Chabaneix and Kazuki Takamatsu, the latter celebrated on the cover of the third volume of the trilogy. His first monograph, published by Drago, will be out on February 2015. Images, biographies and critic texts contributes to develop a vision, as much exhaustive as possible, of the gallery’s activity since 2010 until 2014, and an idea of the Pop Surrealist movement which enlivens the Dorothy Circus Gallery since 2007, when the gallery was founded by Alexandra Mazzanti.


Nicoletta Ceccoli, Olympia (detail)


Once upon a time Dorothy Circus Gallery ISBN 978-88-98565-88-6 Pop surrealism, lowbrow 120 pages 23 x 28 cm English, italian Hardcover

April 2013 € 35.00 $ 45.00 £ 28.00

Walk on the wild side Dorothy Circus Gallery ISBN 978-88-98565-95-4 Pop surrealism, lowbrow 136 pages 23 x 28 cm English, italian Hardcover

Fall 2013 € 35.00 $ 45.00 £ 28.00

The doors of perception Dorothy Circus Gallery ISBN 978-88-98565-96-1 Pop surrealism, lowbrow 136 pages 23 x 28 cm English, italian Hardcover


February 2015 € 40.00 $ 55.00 £ 32.00


Hello here I am Kazuki Takamatsu ISBN 978-88-98565-11-5 Pop surrealism, lowbrow, art 120 pages 23 x 28 cm English Hardcover

February 2015 € 40.00 $ 54.00 £ 32.00

From nature to Manga Published on the occasion of his comeback with the solo show “Even a Doll Can Do It”, from February 14th to April 4th, at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, the diamond point in the European Pop Surrealist scene. The artist puts up feminine bodies, half dolls, with japanese features, painted in black and white through the depth mapping technique, which gets from digital research to gouache and acrylic painting, achieving a multilayered and tridimensional effect, full of transparencies, inspired by the

holograms and the X-ray vision. The book, with its elegant cover and numerous images, allows the reader to discover Kazuki Takamatsu’s iconography, its roots – from nature to manga – and the dialogue between popular culture, technology and the study of moods and states of mind. The result is an intimate universe, permeated by melancholy, in which the choice of monochromatism recalls the fight between the good and the evil, the marginal area between the light and the darkness.


Mirko Reisser [DAIM] Mirko Reisser

ISBN 978-88-98565-01-6 Visual culture, art, design 320 pages 25 x 32 cm English, deutsche Hardcover

September 2014 € 40.00 $ 50.00 £ 32.00

1989 - 2014 / 25 years of graffiti The book Mirko Reisser (DAIM) 1989 – 2014 is the most extensive publication of the artist’s œuvre so far. In 1989 he realized his first works in the public space – in 2014 the artist looks back on his artistic career that spans 25 years. This book gives an all-embracing insight ito his work retracing the beginnings of his career (that started with illegal works on the street), and covering the time of his studies of fine arts in Switzerland up to the present, in which his

works has been shown in large scale museum presentation. This book shows the development of the works of the artist over a course of 25 years and also all important periods of his œuvre in more than 300 colour images, of which some have never been published before. Murals, canvases, sculptures, editions, graphics and the later tapings can be seen. The images furthermore grant a look behind the scenes and show production processes of some of the artworks.


Act 4 - 25 years WK Interact

ISBN 978-88-98565-00-9 Visual culture, art, design 320 pages 25 x 20 cm English Hardcover

2014 € 40.00 $ 50.00 £ 32.00

“I attempt to capture an instant during the action...” (WK) It’s a book that brings together 25 years of the work of WK Interact, from the beginnings in 1989 to the present day. It is a sort of an anthology where his most important works are collected. From his very first show as 17-Painting Installation at Colette Gallery in Paris, France (1998), or the exhibition at Dazed & Confused Gallery in London, UK (2002), until the WK-360 mid – career survey documenting 25 years at

Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC (2013). In the late 1990s his images began appearing on building facades in downtown Manhattan, implementing the constant stir of bodies and the perpetual motion of contemporary urban life in the fast-paced city and for 25 years WK has never stopped working on the street, from small spots to huge murals: his activity – especially in NYC – has always been particularly productive.


Shepard Fairey #OBEY Massimo Sgroi

ISBN 978-88-98565-10-8 Street art, visual culture 120 pages 24 x 28 cm English, italian Softcover

2014 € 40.00 $ 54.00 £ 32.00

The first italian exhibition of a street art legend "Shepard Fairey #OBEY" is the catalog of the namesake exhibition presented for the first time by an Italian museum, by one of the most famous American street artists, Shepard Fairey aka OBEY THE GIANT. The exhibition, organized by Massimo Sgroi, in collaboration with the PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, features some of the most important Fairey’s works by one of the most well-known and influential artists of the contemporary art scene. The volume contains all

the 60 works on show, following the stylistic evolution of Shepard Fairey, from Obama Hope to Rose and Soldier, through the series made for the city of Venice, Capitol Hill, a monumental canvas never shown before, flanked by works from private collections. Accompanied by critical texts and with an introduction by Luigi de Magistris, Shepard Fairey #OBEY is positioned in the Italian market as one of the most comprehensive summaries regarding the artist.


The Wrinkles of the city. Shanghai JR

ISBN 978-88-88493-71-8 Street art, photography 144 pages 30 x 30 cm English, chinese Hardcover

2012 € 50.00 $ 60.00 £ 42.00

The city’s memories The Wrinkles of the City is a world scale project. JR starts by doing portraits of elderly people who represent the memory of the city he picks for its interesting past. JR interviewed each subject of his pieces, because he considers them as a sort of witnesses of the changes their city has gone through. The book documents the French artists’ work in 2010 photographing Shanghai’s elderly inhabitants, plastering their portraits on the city streets and buildings, and finally, recounting their personal memories and views on society. Essentially, the book offers a glimpse of the city’s

history over the last century, notable especially due to the significant changes it has experienced, from wars and revolutions to economic development and modernization. An important account that links the past with future generations, told in an artistic, poetic, social, and above all, human way. “JR, When you paste monumental photographs in the streets, you paste in a community, and the meaning of these images is not your personal thing, because their significance goes beyond what meets the eye. The observer meets reality and is forced to reflect”.


The wrinkles of the city. Los Angeles JR

ISBN 978-88-88493-90-9 Street art, photography 140 pages 30 x 30 cm English, spanish Hardcover

2012 € 40.00 $ 60.00 £ 32.00

Wrinkles... the saga continues Here comes the second chapter with The Wrinkles of The City LA. Street Wizard, Jedi of the Photography, JR's projects coagulate several global experiences which make him a Gatekeeper of the rage of the street with the decadence of the American empire. For the first time in the heart of America, in the City of the Angels, JR’s unique way of operating devastates the mecca of youth and the unofficial embassy of the American culture conquering the streets bringing hope and love for a new era. Each JR’s large-scale photo mural has its own history and reason to be there. To have a critical look at the work of JR is to enter

a world where every action has its meaning, is to understand the message that the artist wants to send to anyone who approaches, accidentally or deliberately, to one of his portraits. Los Angeles is the place where the Hollywood myth was born, with its stars system, the glamour and the beauty being part of the identity of the city. For this project, JR wished to oppose the wrinkles of old people living in LA and the marks of their past with the image of perfection or regenerated beauty of the XXIst century. A collectable table book who will remain in the history of photography and contemporary art.


Cooking with the bears Angelo Sindaco

ISBN 978-88-98565-06-1 Photography, cooking, LGBT 176 pages 21 x 28 cm English Hardcover

2014 € 40.00 $ 54.00 £ 32.00

The first cook-book dedicated to the bear’s world From Gramigna with Sausages to Guinness Cake, from Folktronic Spaghetti to Alternative Caponata. The 32 recipes collected in this cook-book have been selected by as much members (or couples of members) of the Bear community: these guys were portrayed by Angelo Sindaco while preparing their dishes in their own kitchens. The book features a foreword by Mike

Enders, founder of, benchmark for gay art, culture, fashion and, most of all, music. “They say you should lock your food up in closed containers while camping in bear country to keep uninvited bear guests from crashing your campsite, but if these are the kind of bears they’re talking about, we’d set up a four-course candlelit meal to lure them by the hundreds.”


Destroying everything Ricky Adam

ISBN 978-88-88493-92-3 Photography, street culture, skate 196 pages 25 x 30 cm English Softcover

December 2013 € 39.00 $ 53.00 £ 23.00

Captured as it went down - Hot And presented to you without the assistance of gimmicks.’ This is what the author Ricky Adam has to say about his first book. Born & raised in Northern Ireland Ricky discovered photography at the age of 16. Destroying Everything …Seems Like The Only Option is a raw, unflinching, honest snapshot of youth sub-culture that Ricky himself has been immersed in for many years, bringing together aspects of bikes, D.I.Y. Punk & underground youth culture Destroying Everything …Seems Like The Only Option is a collection of

photographs of people who do their own thing their own way and live life from the heart, no matter what the consequences. Ricky’s work has been featured in many worldwide publications /record labels, some of which include: DIG BMX magazine, Juxtapoz, Obey, Maximum Rock N’Roll, Upper Playground, Hamburger Eyes, Dischord Records, Burning Heart Records, The Independent, etc. After the first edition sold out in less than a month, Drago is proud to announce the second edition, with 12 additional pages and a lot of new photos.


LA Portraits Estevan Oriol

ISBN 978-88-88493-89-3 Street photography, latino culture 136 pages 23 x 31 cm English Hardcover

February 2013 € 50.00 $ 60.00 £ 40.00

Street knowledge! Iconic photographer/director Estevan Oriol releases a follow-up to his cornerstone LA Woman book: LA Portraits. LA Woman was a smash hit, selling out globally in a very short time. LA Portraits is the next compelling installment of Oriol’s work to date. This series will comprised hundreds of photos documenting the most amazing real Los Angeles street life the public has ever witnessed, from the lens of its originator Estevan Oriol. Dealing with sensitive environments and highly guarded subjects, Oriol has earned the trust and respect of the streets at all

levels, this allowed him to take images on set of Hollwood. A list, to the most reclusive hoods in Los Angeles and all over the world. In commemoration of the release,has taken place the following activities: a series of viral videos launched to bring the viewer close with the subject matter; Gallery shows and events presented strategically around the world. Apart from pioneering genres of street photography, Estevan Oriol is also creating a new road map of how the normal systems of publishing have been working, inviting his fans to be a part of the process and to



E. De Chassey, F. Stroun, J.Goossens, J. Savage ISBN 978-88-88493-72-5 (EN) ISBN 978-88-88493-73-2 (FR) ISBN 978-88-88493-74-9 (IT) Visual culture, art, music, design 304 pages 23 x 33 cm Softcover

2011 € 44.00 $ 57.00 £ 35.00

The visual culture of punk in Europe Europunk serves as the catalogue for the widely acclaimed namesake exhibition, held in 2011 at Académie de France à Rome – Villa Medici in Rome, Italy and later at the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain in Geneva, Switzerland. The book focuses on the visual culture of Punk in Europe in the second half of the 1970s. Rather than telling a well rehearsed history that follows the path of musical influences, Europunk begins with the simultaneous appearance of an alternative way of creating and using

images in England and France around 1975-76. Europunk gathers a vast array of visual material, some of it well known, some under-recognized: fanzines, posters, clothes, paintings, objects, record covers, flyers, films… By stressing the incredible quality and vitality of these alternative artistic productions, the book shows how the visual subculture of Punk embodied both a desire for a “tabula rasa” and a cultural renewal that were synonymous with a new energy and a principle of maximized creative freedom.


Twinkles Miss Van

ISBN 978-88-88493-78-7 Pop surrealism, lowbrow, art 88 pages 23 x 27 cm English Hardcover

2011 â‚Ź 40.00 $ 50.00 ÂŁ 35.00

Sparkle and sensuality Miss Van has gone from painting the curvy, enticing pin-ups in the streets of Toulouse, to painting the melancholic and subtle works of this new exhibition. Thanks to her past year exhibitions in Barcelona Los Angeles, San Diego, Mexico, London or Copenhagen, she has found many new sources of inspiration, whom have enriched her already complex world. Not only has she let herself be influenced by the contemporary artists with whom she has shared many privileged moments, but she has also borrowed the techniques and

subtle lighting effects of past master artists, focusing her work more on the quality of her painting and less on self-asserting herself as is the tradition in street art. With this new series she has undergone a beautiful evolution towards a more mature and refined style of painting, but without ever losing touch with her street art origins. By adding a generous dose of coquetry and mischief to the ingredients of her work, she manages to bring out all the glamour, sensuality and sparkle of the female characters she has created.


From style writing to art Magda Danysz

ISBN 978-88-88493-66-4 Street art, photography 440 pages 17 x 24 cm Softcover

2011 € 35.00 $ 46.00 £ 29.00

The first Street Art anthology ever This book’s goal is to explore the reasons why style writing as some call it, graffiti, or street art is turning out to be the major art movement at this turn of the century. From graffiti pioneers in the 60s, to how street art branched into the art world during the 80s, to whatever new issues and practices have emerged since the 90s, to which artists make a difference, the book covers it all. Spanning over four decades, the book is divided into three sections each containing detailed accounts of the emergence of different

styles and techniques. Each period is complete with 2-3 page biographies for each considered artist, covering their beginnings, their artistic career, along with a personal style review, as well as an artwork analysis section. Overall, the book offers 50 complete biographies of top street artists. There is major talent in the history of graffiti and this talent is, in the end, the only answer to the infamous “But… is it really art?” question. This book is about why this is Art. The first Street Art anthology ever published.


Roma wasn’t built in a day Outdoor urban art festival ISBN 978-88-98565-08-5 Photography, art, catalogs 144 pages 16,5 x 23 cm Italian, english Softcover

October 2014 € 35.00 $ 45.00 £ 28.00

Œuvres photographiques Mauren Brodbeck ISBN 978-88-98565-07-8 Fine art 170 pages 21 x 27,5 cm French, english Hardcover

2014 € 40.00 $ 54.00 £ 32.00

Israel now Micol Di Veroli

ISBN 978-88-88493-87-9 Photography, contemporary art 124 pages 15 x 23,5 cm Italian, english Softcover


2013 € 29.00 $ 37.00 £ 23.00

Long Story Short Chris Stain

ISBN 978-88-88493-76-3 Street art, stencil 96 pages 24,5 x 30 cm English Softcover

2012 € 26.00 $ 33.00 £ 22.00

Pop Surrealism Dorothy Circus Gallery ISBN 978-88-88493-69-5 Pop surrealism, lowbrow 91 pages 17 x 25 cm Italian, english Hardcover

2010 € 26.00 $ 33.00 £ 21.00

Phone Book CB Smith

ISBN 978-88-88493-75-6 Photography, design 184 pages 24 x 21 cm English Hardcover


2011 € 35.00 $ 46.00 £ 29.00

Young, sleek and full of hell Aaron Rose

ISBN 978-88-88493-32-8 Photography, art, young culture 224 pages 24 x 17 cm English Softcover

2005 € 31.00 $ 40.00 £ 25.00

Paper cuts

Brian Adam Douglas ISBN 978-88-88493-77-0 Fine art 86 pages 23 x 31 cm English Hardcover

2011 € 47.00 $ 36.00 £ 29.00

Sten&Lex Sten&Lex

ISBN 978-88-88493-60-2 Stencil, street art 40 pages 31 x 23 cm Italian, english Hardcover


2009 € 26.00 $ 33.00 £ 23.00

His Majesty Fallacy Dalek

ISBN 978-88-88493-49-7 Fine art 40 pages 23 x 31 cm English Hardcover

2009 € 26.00 $ 33.00 £ 21.00

JonOne Rock JonOne

ISBN 978-88-88493-51-0 Graffiti, fine art 40 pages 24 x 31 cm English Hardcover

2009 € 26.00 $ 33.00 £ 21.00

The Thousands RJ Rushmore

ISBN 978-88-88493-53-4 Street art 44 pages 23 x 31 cm English Hardcover


2009 € 26.00 $ 33.00 £ 21.00

Rome-antic Delusions Jeremy Fish

ISBN 978-88-88493-31-2 Fine art, graphics 96 pages 21 x 30 cm English Softcover

2008 € 50.00 $ 56.00 £ 39.00

Roma omnia vincit JBROCK & Diamond ISBN 978-88-88943-64-0 Street art 40 pages 24 x 31 cm Italian, english Hardcover

2011 € 30.00 $ 40.00 £ 25.00

Berlin Calling Alex Flach

ISBN 978-88-88493-37-4 Photography 112 pages 21 x 31 cm English Softcover

2008 € 26.00 $ 37.00 £ 22.00

Les Bains Magda Danysz

ISBN 978-88-88493-97-8 Art 192 pages 20 x 25 cm English, French Hardcover


2013 € 40.00 $ 38.00 £ 30.00




La peinture ou comment s’en débarasser Éric de Chassey

ISBN 978-88-98565-04-7 Contemporary art, photography 64 pages 23 x 33 cm Italian, english, french Softcover

2014 € 30.00 $ 49.00 £ 24.00

La pesanteur et la grace Éric de Chassey

ISBN 978-88-88493-67-1 (FR) ISBN 978-88-88493-68-8 (IT) Contemporary art 128 pages 23 x 33 cm French, italian Softcover

2010 € 27.00 $ 35.00 £ 22.00

Ingres / Kelly Éric de Chassey

ISBN 978-88-88493-61-9 Contemporary art 176 pages 23 x 33 cm French, italian Softcover


2010 € 29.00 $ 36.00 £ 22.00

I mutanti. 5 volume catalog A. Abdessemed, S. Dean, E. Gallagher, A. Paci, D. Tatah ISBN 978-88-88493-59-6 Fine art, photography 280 pages Book set 17 x 23 cm French, english Softcover

2010 € 36.00 $ 50.00 £ 32.00

Théâtre des expositions #3 Éric de Chassey, Alessandro Rabottini ISBN 978-88-88493-98-5 Art history, photography 112 pages 20 x 30,5 cm French, italian Softcover

2013 € 40.00 $ 54.00 £ 32.00

Théâtre des expositions #4 & #5 É. de Chassey, L. Pratesi, C.L. Pisano ISBN 978-88-98565-05-4 Art history, photography 160 pages 20 x 30,5 cm French, italian Softcover


2014 € 40.00 $ 54.00 £ 32.00

Jean-Marc Bustamante Villa Medici Jean-Marc Bustamante ISBN 978-88-88493-83-1 Contemporary art, photography 123 pages 23 x 33 cm English, italian, french Softcover

2012 € 29.00 $ 38.00 £ 24.00

Tapis volant

Philippe-Alain Michaud ISBN 978-88-88493-84-8 (FR) ISBN 978-88-88493-85-5 (EN) ISBN 978-88-88493-86-2 (IT) Art history, cinema 144 pages 16,5 x 23 cm English, italian, french Softcover

2012 € 28.00 $ 39.00 £ 25.00

Simon Hantaï Éric de Chassey

ISBN 978-88-98565-02-3 Painting, abstractism, surrealism 64 pages 16,5 x 23 cm French, italian Softcover


2014 € 30.00 $ 41.00 £ 27.00

Europunk (cité de la musique) É. de Chassey, F. Stroun, J. Goossens, J. Savage ISBN 978-88-88493-99-2 Visual culture, art, music, design 304 pages 23 x 33 cm French Softcover

2013 € 44.00 $ 57.00 £ 35.00

Poussin et Moïse, du dessin à la tapisserie

M. Bayard, A. Brejon de Lavergnée & É. de Chassey ISBN 978-88-88493-80-0 (FR) ISBN 978-88-88493-81-7 (IT) Art history, religion 126 pages 23 x 33 cm

Softcover 2011 € 25.00 $ 32.00 £ 20.00

Poussin et Moïse, du dessin à la tapisserie

M. Bayard, A. Brejon de Lavergnée & É. de Chassey ISBN 978-88-88493-79-4 (ICON) Art history, religion 96 pages 23 x 33 cm


Softcover 2011 € 25.00 $ 32.00 £ 20.00



Muerte Mike Giant

ISBN 978-88-88493-19-0 Tattoo, fine art 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2009 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Arrivals and departures Logan Hicks

ISBN 978-88-88493-45-9 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2009 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Stencil Poster Sten & Lex

ISBN 978-88-88493-62-6 Stencil, illustration 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover


2010 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

2.5 New York street life WK Interact

ISBN 978-88-88493-41-1 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2009 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

A sequence of events Nick Walker

ISBN 978-88-88493-46-6 Stencil, fine art 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2009 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Let the kids play Pax Paloscia

ISBN 978-88-88493-20-6 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover


2009 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Mr Rossi Papik Rossi

ISBN 978-88-88493-11-4 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2006 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Dirt don’t hurt Why Style

ISBN 978-88-88493-17-6 Stencil, fine art 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2007 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00


C’Tink, Pisa & Evol ISBN 978-88-88493-18-3 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover


2007 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Mai / Jonone Mai Lucas & Jonone

ISBN 978-88-88493-48-0 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2007 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00


Studio Marte ISBN 978-88-88493-16-9 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2007 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Nation of Angela Sophie Toulouse

ISBN 978-88-88493-39-8 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover


2007 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

The sessions Native and zen two

ISBN 978-88-88493-22-0 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2007 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

The Serra effect Ivory Serra

ISBN 978-88-88493-14-5 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2007 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Start a revolution without weapons TV BOY

ISBN 978-88-88493-24-4 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover


2009 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

We didn’t invent anything King Kong

ISBN 978-88-88493-13-8 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2007 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Animal collective Fupete & Jack LaMotta ISBN 978-88-88493-23-7 Photography, graphics, illustrations 96 pages 17 x 24 cm English Softcover

2007 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

36 Chambers Box

Mike Giant, Logan Hicks, Nick Walker, Sten & Lex, WK Interact ISBN 978-88-88493-48-0 Street art 12 Books + Box 18 x 14 x 25 cm English Hardbox includes 12 titles


2009 € 260.00 $ 338.00 £ 211.00



Coup d’état Mike Giant

ISBN 978-88-88493-50-3 Fine art, pop culture, tattoo 40 pages 23 x 31 cm English Hardcover

2009 € 26.00 $ 40.00 £ 22.00

LA Woman Estevan Oriol

ISBN 978-88-88493-47-3 Photography, street culture 136 pages 23 x 31 cm English Hardcover

2010 € 99.00 $ 107.00 £ 70.00

The golden age of neglect Ed Templeton

ISBN 978-88-88493-02-6 Photography, youth culture 104 pages 21 x 30 cm English Softcover


2003 € 200.00 $ 280.00 £ 160.00

Scala Mercalli

Sten&Lex, Ozmo, Pax Paloscia, Luca Barcellona... ISBN 978-88-88493-42-8 Street art 208 pages 17 x 24 cm Italian, english Hardcover

2008 € 38.00 $ 43.00 £ 27.00

City Slang

Dorothy Circus Gallery ISBN 978-88-88493-40-4 Photography, youth culture 40 pages 23 x 31 cm English, Italian Hardcover

2010 € 99.00 $ 107.00 £ 70.00


B0130, Microbo, The Don ISBN 978-88-88493-33-6 Street art, sticker art 208 pages 21 x 28 cm English Hardcover


2005 € 35.00 $ 40.00 £ 24.00

Wild at Heart Miss Van

ISBN 978-88-88493-93-0 Pop surrealism, lowbrow 56 pages 23 x 31 cm English Hardcover

2008 € 29.00 $ 38.00 £ 24.00

Skinstreet Angelo Sindaco

ISBN 978-88-88493-35-0 Photography 160 pages 21 x 28 cm English Softcover

2008 € 20.00 $ 26.00 £ 16.00

Samurai Girl Julie Watai

ISBN 978-88-88493-27-1 Photography, pop culture 96 pages 21 x 25 cm English Softcover


2006 € 26.00 $ 40.00 £ 22.00


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