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May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit



THE ALAMO GUIDE If you’ve ever flipped through one of our print directory of events before, you’ve probably already noticed that this issue has a dramatic update to the layout and style. I know change can be difficult, but my hope is that having this new design makes the Guide easier for you to use and also prettier to look at in general. We’ve updated our print directory before, of course. When I started at the Alamo back in 2001, Tim was laying everything out in a fold out black and white poster that you would hang on your fridge and refer to when you wanted to see what was playing at the only Alamo Drafthouse that existed. When I got promoted to the marketing side of the company, one of the first things I wanted to do was update the Guide to be more of a magazine. We based the size and shape on Two Note Solo, a ‘zine I’d been publishing during my waiter days, mainly because I had some stands that we could repurpose. There were only three or four Two Note Solo stands, though, so we had to make a bunch of new ones anyway. I suppose we could have made the magazine any shape we wanted, and probably could have saved some money going with a standard size and buying pre-fabbed racks online, but personally I’ve always thought that our slender metal racks look pretty sharp.

based on the date it first plays in any theater. The hope is that you’ll be able to casually flip through all of the pages, and in addition to learning about the titles coming up in your favorite series maybe you’ll find something that you may have missed back when you used to completely ignore a couple of pages because you didn’t think you liked the idea of Girlie Night. If you really do prefer just looking at one series at a time, though, you should head over to the also newly redesigned We’ve set our new website up so that each series actually has its own page, and on that page you’ll be able to see relevant blog posts, YouTube videos, tweets, and anything else the series producers want to share, as well as a full listing of upcoming events in that series. In an attempt to clean up the overall look and feel of the Guide, we’ve also updated the format we use for the date and location listing of each event. You’ll notice that under the subheading with information about the director, the presentation format, and all that good stuff, there’s another line with initials and dates. You can probably figure it out really simply on your own, but just in case here’s a cheat sheet:

LC = Lake Creek RZ = The Ritz SL = South Lamar VL = The Village RRS = Rolling Roadshow

Those early magazine format Alamo Guides had more articles and interviews in them as well, and that’s something I’d actually like to re-introduce to these pages in the coming months. We ran out of time with this particular Guide because of the task of the redesign itself, but later in the year you can expect to see long form articles from Devin Faraci, our editor over at, and hopefully we’ll have a few more voices added into the mix as well. The original magazine Guides also had a two-month calendar on the final pages of the booklet, because Tim and I thought that those pages could be pulled off so readers would still be able to have something to hang on their refrigerator. As we added more locations and got more ambitious in our programming, though, we realized that the deadline for going to print didn’t always work with the schedules of special guests we were trying to get to the theater, and the calendar would either be incomplete or incorrect by the time we were handing them out. We used the Table of Contents as a calendar of sorts in the past, but that was always a huge pain in the ass to format and we wondered if anyone really read it, so last issue we brought calendars back, and we’ve kept them on board for this issue, too. As you can see in the description on the page opposite, though, the calendar still isn’t 100% complete - we have too many shows and events happening all around town to fit them onto one page no matter how small the font is but we’ve selected some highlights we think you’ll want to take notice of, and then we trust you to be alive in the 21st century and able to rely on a computer or mobile to get final information.

So when you see a listing that says: LC 5/2, 5/3 : RZ 5/5 : VL 5/5 It means that the event will happen at Lake Creek on May 2 and 3, at the Ritz on May 5, and have another show on May 5 at the Village as well. Easy peasy. I think that pretty much covers everything. We kick things off with the May calendar on the page opposite, and you’ll find the June calendar view on page 21, followed by the listings for all of our events coming up in that month. I hope you enjoy the new look and feel, but if you’d like to share any complaints, compliments, or random ideas or musings about anything at all, feel free to hit me up online or next time we’re at the theater together. Cheers, Henri Mazza Chief Creative Officer, Alamo Drafthouse Twitter: @henrimazza

But the biggest change to the layout of this edition, as you’ve probably already noticed, is that we are no longer organizing shows and events on pages based on their series. Instead, all of our listings are mixed together and you’ll find a show


May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit




mon 2 MORTIFIED @Ritz

tues 3 TV at the Alamo: GLEE @Village

THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along Terror Tuesday: @Lamar TROLL 1 @Ritz


8 Mother’s Day Feasts: MAMMA MIA @Lake Creek NATIONAL VELVET @Lamar STEEL MAGNOLIAS @Village






11 The OFFICE SPACE Quote-Along @Village


18 Sommelier: NIGHTS OF CABIRIA @Ritz

Terror Tuesday: TOURIST TRAP @Ritz

Tough Guy: TRUE LIES @ Ritz, Village








Danny Boyle’s FRANKENSTEIN @Lamar







TV at the Alamo: GLEE Finale @Village

HeckleVision: THE WICKER MAN @Village

The OFFICE SPACE Quote-Along @Ritz

Zzang!!!: TOP SECRET @Ritz

Music Monday: DOGS IN SPACE @Ritz





THOR Opens



THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along @Lamar

sat 7 Danny Boyle’s FRANKENSTEIN @Lamar

The OFFICE SPACE Quote-Along @Ritz, Lake Creek

GOOD BURGER Burger Party @Ritz



12 BRIDESMAIDS Premiere Party & Reception @Ritz

Weird Wednesday: Tough Guy: COP KILLERS TRUE LIES @Ritz @Lake Creek

Girlie Night: CAN’T HARDLY WAIT @Ritz


thu 5 THE 3 AMIGOS Taco Party & Quote-Along @Ritz, Lake Creek


QUEEN OF THE SUN Girlie Night: @Ritz CAN’T HARDLY WAIT Music Monday: @Ritz SLY STONE @Ritz Terror Tuesday: SLEDGEHAMMER @Ritz


weds 4 Girlie Night: CAN’T HARDLY WAIT @Lake Creek

THE HANGOVER 2 Opens @Ritz

28 Saturday Morning Kids Club: TIME BANDITS @Lamar

31 Terror Tuesday: NEAR DARK @Ritz

Music Monday: THE CURE IN ORANGE @Ritz May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit


Austin Film Festival Presents: LONE STAR Part 2 Dir. Kyle Killen, 2010 RZ 5/1

AIGA Austin presents BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK SL 5/3 Dir. Richard Press, 2010, 84 min

Creator Kyle Killen (writer of THE BEAVER) presents his cancelled-too-soon show LONE STAR -- including some unaired, never seen episodes. Shot in Dallas, LONE STAR is the story of Robert Allen, a Texas con-man who leads a secret double life.

For decades, this Schwinn-riding cultural anthropologist has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirées for the Times Style section in his columns “On the Street” and “Evening Hours.”

THE FANTASTIC ARCADE HAPPY HOUR MONTHLY AT THE HIGHBALL, BEGINNING 5/1 Like the Fantastic Arcade itself, the Fantastic Arcade Happy Hour is a first-Sunday celebration of the best in independent video games, with demos, developer chats and early looks at unreleased and upcoming games from some of the finest indie studios in Austin and around the world. Come meet, drink and play with the people who are taking games in directions you never thought possible!

TROLL aka TROLL 1 Dir. John Carl Buechler, 1986, 82 min, PG-13, 35mm RZ 5/3

MORTIFIED RZ 5/2 & 5/3 This live reading event will make you want to crawl into a hole as you listen to the most embarrassing love-letters, journal entries and more, read by their writers.

NO DISCERNIBLE RELATION TO TROLL 2!! New York is a grimy, cruddy place filled with grimy, cruddy surprises, but nothing could be more unexpected than an apartment building infested with hairy dwarves bent on opening the gateway to a magical parallel dimension. Horror luminary Michael Moriarty (Q THE WINGED SERPENT, THE STUFF) plays family man Harry Potter (!), who joins his son Harry Potter Jr (!!) on a life-threatening adventure through the seedy Brooklyn underbelly of mythical fantasy. In addition to cooing sentient mushrooms and a chorus of singing trolls, the film features Julia Louis-Dreyfus of SEINFELD fame frolicking naked through the ivy. But it’s never all sunshine and rainbows where trolls are concerned; especially for inadequate swinger Sonny Bono, who runs afoul of the wee beasts and is turned into a giant lumpy cucumber and then a forest. Tough break, but anyone stupid enough to follow the beckoning finger of a naked hairy spud deserves whatever they get. (Zack)

TERMINAL CITY RICOCHET Dir. Zale Dalen, 1990, 107 min RZ 5/2 The punk rock post-apocalypse! No nuclear wars, no viral outbreaks, no catastrophes…the world has just plain fallen apart. Ruled by heartless technocrat Mayor Ross Glimore, Terminal City is the epicenter of society’s failures; under his watch, all artists and musicians are arrested along with anyone else who dares rock the boat. Rebellious adult paperboy Alex lives with his conservative mother, hiding out in his basement bedroom playing guitar. He’s arrested for no reason and labeled as a “rock and roll terrorist,” but escapes along with an amnesiac goalie and a performance artist. Their greatest foe is revealed as Glimore’s right hand man, sadistic police squad controller Bruce Coddle (Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra!). A soundtrack album was pressed by Biafra’s label Alternative Tentacles Records, but the movie itself never found a proper release, clearly suppressed by some bloodthirsty secret fascist government agency...until NOW. (Zack)


May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL A SING-ALONG Dir. The Action Pack, 2011, 120 min VL 5/4, 5/11, 5/25 : RZ 5/12, 5/19, 5/26 : LC 5/18, 5/26 Don’t worry; this show won’t actually have the full lineup from the latest Now! That’s What I Call Sing-Along! CD box set. It will, however, put together all of the actually best current pop songs from rock, hip hop, pop, and even a little country and blend it all into one sugary sweet poptastic dance party explosion.

Weird Wednesday: THE LOVE BUTCHER Dirs. D. M. Jones & M. Angel, 1975, 85 min, R, 35mm RZ 5/4 “I am Lester! And I am ALIVE!” Uncut, pure insanity. A totally unknown actor named Erik Stern gives the performance of a lifetime as Caleb, a nearsighted, hunchbacked gardener who silently absorbs the abuse of his female clients by day, then returns at night as his handsome “brother” Lester to seduce and kill them. Without Stern’s gofor-the-throat magnificence in the dual role, this would be a fairly tired exercise in misogyny and warmed-over Hitchcock, but for whatever reason, this was his Moment. The great spotlight of destiny shone on him just this one time and he rose to the occasion like a champion. You won’t believe your eyes and ears as Stern/Lester puts on different disguises, with corresponding accents, to get close to his prey. Witness Lester as a Puerto Rican door-to-door record salesman, a Texas cowboy, and a naughty British plumber. Stern does it all except pop the popcorn. (Lars)

OFFICE SPACE Quote-Along Dir. Mike Judge, 1999, 89 min VL 5/4, 5/11 : RZ 5/12, 5/19, 5/26 : LC 5/19, 5/25 Jump to conclusions with the Action Pack as they bring back everyone’s favorite workplace-skewering comedy. They’ll be giving away Swingline staplers, and after the show we’ll all go out behind the theater and beat the crap out of a printer!

THE DIONYSIUM SL 5/4, 6/1 A typical Dionysium show will feature a lecture, a declamation, a drinking song, a film or live musical performance, an appeal to Dionysus, a fiction-writing contest, and plenty of strong drink. But the heart of every Dionysium is the debate, pitting two experts against each other in toe-to-toe parliamentary combat. check out for full information.

Girlie Night: CAN’T HARDLY WAIT Dirs. Elfont & Kaplan, 1998, PG-13, 100 min, 35mm LC 5/4 : RZ 5/10, 5/17 : VL 5/18 CAN’T HARDLY WAIT is the High School party movie of the ‘90s, and it delivers on everything you would expect from this genre: a lovesick “nerd” unbelievably played by a totally adorable actor; a smart and sassy indie chick who tells it like it is; a trifecta of nerds who make lots of X-Files references; twenty different party montages paired with ‘90s alt rock (yes!); and, of course, major comic relief in the form of Special K, the white kid who thinks he’s black. Bring your yearbooks for a little sharing time before the movie begins, cos like Melissa Joan Hart says, “THESE ARE MEMORIES FROZEN IN TIME PEOPLE!” Join us on Girlie Night, and we can all laugh together about that time we got locked in a bathroom with Seth Green. Yeah, that was awesome. (Sarah Pitre)

THE THREE AMIGOS Quote-Along w/ Taco Feast! Dir. John Landis, 1986, 104 min, PG RZ 5/5 : LC 5/5 THE THREE AMIGOS is a guilty pleasure if there ever was one. But we’re not here to make you feel the guilt, we’re here to bring you the pleasure. And there are few things more pleasurable than all-you-can-eat tacos -- especially on Cinco De Mayo (well, really, on any day of the year).

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit


National Theatre Live presents FRANKENSTEIN Dir. Danny Boyle, 135 min. SL 5/5, 5/7, 5/12, 5/14 Oscar winning director Danny Boyle (TRAINSPOTTING) has recently returned to the theatre to direct this visionary new production, Frankenstein by Nick Dear. Boyle made two versions of the play; there was no way we could pick one, so this May at the Alamo you’ll have the chance to catch both versions.

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN Opens May 6, Dir. Jason Eisener We’ve been all hopped up about this movie since we first heard that Jason Eisener’s winning entry into the Grindhouse trailer contest was actually being made into a feature film -- And what a feature it’s turned out to be, with ‘80s cinema icon Rutger Hauer (BLADE RUNNER) starring as the titular Hobo!

THOR Opens May 6, Dir. The early trailers made it clear that this is one of the first films in the new Marvel canon to really go balls-to-the-wall nuts, featuring different worlds, Norse gods, and so much comic book goodness that we can’t wait.

Celluloid Handbag presents MOMMIE DEAREST Brunch Dir. Frank Perry, 1981, R, 129 min, 35mm SL 5/8 Get ya’ greasy facial cream out, slap tha’ rare steak on tha’ table and curl ya’ hands around the biggest wire hanger ya’ll can find for tha’ most popular MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH this town has ever felt! Smack tha’ kids into the car and haul that red ass down to the ever annual CELLULOID HANDBAG MOTHER’S DAY ROAST of MOMMIE DEAREST! If you’ve done it before, then get ya’self prepped for the un-preppable! If it’s ya’ first time at the rodeo, get ready to see heads roll! The BEST DRESSED JOAN CRAWFORD in the crowd will win prizes beyond belief...and REBECCA HAVEMEYER will be on hand to host your morning madness the best way she knows how…with a hanger in one hand and a drink in tha’ other! Audience participation is enforced, and Christina is a SLUT! Let’s GO…….! (Rebecca Havemeyer)

Master Pancake CAGE-A-THON LC 5/13-14 : RZ 5/20-21 We here at Master Pancake have been wanting to rip on a Nic Cage movie for a long time, but we could never agree on which one. He’s made some great pictures (Raising Arizona, Adaptation), some terrible ones (Wicker Man, Ghost Rider), and a whole lot of in-betweeners (Con Air, Guarding Tess). Since it was too hard to settle on just one, Joe suggested we do them all. And so it is with great privilege we present to you Master Pancake’s first ever Nicolas Cage-a-thon! We’ll be showing, and mocking, clips of as many Cage performances as we can squeeze into an hour and a half. Guaranteed to be a great time, because even when Cage is in a bad movie his performance makes it worth watching. He combines the explosiveness of Brando, the cool of Keanu, the staccato of Shatner and the crazy of Swayze. Come out this May as we rattle the Cage and pay perverse tribute to one of the most awesome actors of the last 30 years!


Music Monday: SLY STONE: COMING BACK FOR MORE Dir. Willem Alkema, 2008, 82 min RZ 5/9 A mix of archival performances and interviews with friends and former bandmates, Alkema’s film unfolds like an episode of CSI with one of the funkiest soundtracks you can imagine.

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

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MAMMA MIA! Mother’s Day Feast Dir. Phyllida Lloyd, 2008, PG-13, 108 min LC 5/8

QUEEN OF THE SUN: WHAT ARE THE BEES TELLING US? Dir. Taggart Siegel, 2010, 83 min RZ 5/8-9, 5/16

Watching this movie, it’s clear that we’ll NEVER have as much fun as they had while making it, but with a Sing-Along party and a multi-course feast at the Alamo Lake Creek, this Mother’s Day event will be as close as everyone not named Meryl Streep can get to that level of bliss.

A documentary that explores the disappearance of bees from their hives and what it means for humankind.

NATIONAL VELVET Mother’s Day Feast Dir. Clarence Brown, 1944, 123 min, 35mm SL 5/8 This Mother’s Day we’re honoring a very special lady on the day designed for the most special ladies (moms). Elizabeth Taylor, then only 12 years old, plays the adorable Velvet Brown, who is determined to take an unruly but very talented horse to the very competitive England’s National Steeplechase.

Terror Tuesday: SLEDGEHAMMER Dir. David Prior, 1983, 87 min RZ 5/10 1940s scientists put years of study into creating the nuclear bomb, but it wasn’t until the first tests at Los Alamos that they realized its inhuman powers of absolute destruction. Four decades later, filmmaker David Prior similarly unveiled SLEDGEHAMMER, a shot-on-VHS masterstroke of anti-intellectual decimation. On that day, cinema quietly crumbled into dust. Ted Prior (star of DEADLY PREY; brother of the director) leads a cast of self-loathing alcoholics who face off against a shape-shifting, dimension-crossing spectre with a penchant for blunt object trauma. By the end, brains, bowels and Budweiser will be smeared across every inch of the walls. A rewardingly lethal collision of ‘80s slasher video-vomit, suburban legend and unintentional surrealist art, Prior’s supernaturally disabled death opera is the most visionary migraine to ever pummel its way into your skull. If you survive it, you’ll never ever forget it. Screening co-presented by Intervision Picture Corp. (Zack)

STEEL MAGNOLIAS Mother’s Day Feast Dir. Herbert Ross, 1989, PG, 117 min VL 5/8 No better cast has been assembled than the one that gathered to gossip under the roof of Truvy’s (Dolly Parton) Beauty Spot. This outstanding line up, which includes Olympia Dukakis, Shirley MacLaine and Daryl Hannah, has made STEEL MAGNOLIAS a quotable masterpiece that will never fail to serve as a reminder to appreciate one’s mother. M’Lynn and Shelby (Sally Field and Julia Roberts) are the unforgettable, tear-jerking mother-daughter pair that makes it impossible to get through this film without both better understanding the unfathomable love of a mother and crying bittersweet tears into your Bleedin’ Armadillo Groom’s Cake.

Weird Wednesday: COP KILLERS DIR. WALTER CICHY, 1973, 93 min, R, 35MM RZ 5/11 Nihilist whitesploitation from the makers of FLESH GORDON. This movie was apparently intended to be a Peckinpah-esque existential ballet of bullets and bloodshed and while it doesn’t succeed exactly, it creates its own world of pain and psychosis. (Lars)

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit


Tough Guy Cinema: TRUE LIES Dir. James Cameron, 1994, 141 min, R LC 5/12 : RZ 5/18 : VL 5/18 Harry Tasker leads a double life. Tasker is a government spy who risks his life day in and day out protecting our freedom, but to his family, Harry is a well-todo, 250lb’s of muscle, computer salesman. The two worlds collide when Harry suspects his wife of cheating on him and utilizes his government connections to survey her until they both end up kidnapped by a terrorist organization (CRIMSON JIHAD FOR LIFE!) plotting to detonate a nuclear weapon all over Florida’s bright sunny face. If that isn’t the perfect recipe for a night out at Tough Guy Cinema maybe the top choice ingredients of James Cameron, AHNULD Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Arnold (in arguably his greatest role ever) will entice you to try a piece of this cinematic bliss. Pepper in some horseback roof jumping, a Harrier Jet through downtown Miami, and some choice one-liners that you can’t help but belt out (“You’re fired!”) and you will find yourself without an excuse to say no to a night out with TRUE LIES.

BRIDESMAIDS Opens May 13, Dir. Paul Feig With a Special “Wedding Reception” pre-party before the midnight premiere! From famed cult director Paul Feig (FREAKS AND GEEKS; ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT; THE OFFICE) and written by SNL superstar Kristen Wiig, BRIDESMAIDS promises a mix of SEX AND THE CITY and THE HANGOVER. It’s being said that this is the best thing Wiig has ever done, and she leads an amazing cast of female comedians, including Maya Rudolph, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy and Wendi McLendonCovey. We’re beyond excited for this one, so in addition to the BRIDESMAIDS themed drink specials you can expect at the Ritz, we’re also throwing a full on Wedding Party with everything but a bride and groom. Ladies, this is your chance to come out in the worst bridesmaids dress you’ve ever had to buy. Gents, grab a used tux or show off some crappy best man gear. Check out for tickets and details!

A SERBIAN FILM Dir. Srdjan Spasojevic, 2010, R, 95 min, 35mm SL 5/13-19 The breakout controversy of 2010’s SXFantastic Fest midnight movie lineup, A SERBIAN FILM is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Undoubtedly the most upsetting thing ever to come out of a movie camera, this film is not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

THE BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN with Live Score by Golden Hornet Project Dir. Sergei Eisenstein, 1925, 75 min, Restored 35mm RZ 5/15 At long last, one of the seminal music/film pairings is back. Graham Reynolds’ score to the silent soviet classic POTEMKIN. Join us for this very special afternoon performance and screening.


Cinema Club: THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE w/Jesse Trussell Dir. John Cassavetes, 1976, R, 135 min, 35mm RZ 5/15 The Cinema Club is excited to present THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE, Cassevetes’ masterful story of a flawed nightclub owner and the trouble that comes with his gambling debts.

Neil Young: RUST NEVER SLEEPS Dir. Neil Young, 1979, 103 min, PG, 35mm RZ 5/16 Legendary, epochal concert film showcasing Neil Young and Crazy Horse at what may prove to be their very best. Yes, this is the movie with the little Jawa dudes from STAR WARS. We’re not sure why they’re there exactly but if you like Neil Young at all, even a little bit, you can’t miss this rare 35mm screening.

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

UNDER THE BOARDWALK: THE MONOPOLY STORY Dir. Kevin Tostado, 2010, G, 88 min SL 5/16 : LC 5/23 A documentary on the history of Monopoly and the Monopoly World Championship. With a Monopoly after-party at the Highball!

Weird Wednesday: WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS Dir. Michel Levesque, 1971, 85 min, R, 35mm RZ 5/18 In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, filmmakers could pretty much assume that their audiences were just as ripped out of their minds on dangerous drugs as they themselves were. This accounted for some pretty strange movies. But nothing you’ve seen can prepare you for the classic WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS. It’s equal parts Antonioni and Famous Monsters Of Filmland. And not only does this movie have werewolves and bikers (the motorcycle gang is called The Devil’s Advocates!), it also has satanic monks, a snake dance, tons of improvised dialogue, some of the craziest, greatest music ever and, best of all, some incredible, death-defying stunts. In fact, one really gets the impression that the stuntmen took over the production midway to stage some sort of drugged-out festival of danger. I don’t know what was going on in these stuntmen’s lives but they seem totally indifferent to death. There are a couple of scenes where a burning stuntman runs around for like three or four minutes, being consumed by ten-foot flames. Now that’s commitment to the arts! (Lars)

Terror Tuesday: TOURIST TRAP Dir. David Schmoeller, 1979, 90 min, PG, 35mm RZ 5/17 Terror nerds are well aware that the American road holds myriad dangers. Many a frenzied sasquatch, invisible space vampire and/or cannibalistic madman has transformed our turnpikes into his personal open-air slaughterhouse, but in the great Halls of Highway Homicide, no film dares examine the darkest precipices of rural insanity like the crushingly inventive TOURIST TRAP. Rectangle-jawed screen ham Chuck “The Rifleman” Connors plays mysterious Mr. Slausen, a dubious yokel who leads a life of quiet isolation in the woods. When a couple carloads of recreation-hungry youths happen across his private property, Slausen introduces them to a bold new cavalcade of nightmares including -- but not limited to -autonomous singing mannequins, gender-bent nutzoids and a telekinetic knifethrowing fiend. Goddamn! You may have watched a thousand car-broke-downin-a-maniac’s-front-yard movies, but until you’ve seen TOURIST TRAP, you’re still wearing your horror Huggies. (Zack)

Best of Fests: SHOTGUN STORIES Dir. Jeff Nichols, 91 min, 35 mm VL 5/11 SHOTGUN STORIES tracks a feud that erupts between two sets of half brothers following the death of their father. Set against the cotton fields and back roads of Southeast Arkansas, these brothers discover the lengths to which each will go to protect their family.

Sommelier Cinema: NIGHTS OF CABIRIA Dir. Federico Fellini, 1957, 117 min, 35mm RZ 5/18 NIGHTS OF CABIRIA is one of Fellini’s strongest, a film starring his wife and muse Giulietta Masina as Cabiria, a streetwalker in a slum of Rome. Our guest sommelier is Jeremy Parzen, from blog Do Bianchi. Jeremy will be choosing a selection of Italian wines that will help you drown out the sorrows of Cabiria’s tragic arc.

THE ALAMO’S FOURTH ANNUAL PIRATE PARTY On the Lake - coming this summer A few years ago we realized that we didn’t have to have a movie tie-in every time we wanted to throw a party, and we took that realization as inspiration for our first pirate party on Lake Travis. This year we’re taking the piratey ARRr-ction back out to the big lake, and it just so happens there’s a new PIRATES movie to celebrate, too! Let’s make Capt. Sparrow proud with our debauchery.

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit


GOOD BURGER with All-You-Can-Eat Good Burgers! Dir. Brian Robbins, 1997, 103 min, PG, 35mm RZ 5/22

SONS OF PERDITION Dirs. Tyler Measom and Jennilyn Merten, 2010, 85 min RZ 5/24

The greatest fast food comedy of all time and YOU eat the burgers!

A documentary following the stories of three boys who were exiled from a polygamist compound and are trying to create new lives in a world they never knew.

Zzang!!!: TOP SECRET Dir. Jim Abrahams, 1984, 90 min, PG, 35mm RZ 5/22 Hands down the nuttiest, craziest comedy of the ‘80s, this live action Mad Magazine-of-a-movie is crammed full of every possible sight gag, parody, and bad uncle joke. The plot of crooner Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer in his first film role) getting caught up in East German intrigue is just a mere launching pad for the ten billion yuks thought up by the geniuses behind AIRPLANE. This film might actually hold the record for most jokes per frame. The supporting cast features respectable actors such as Omar Sharif and Peter Cushing doing crazy, silly ass things. Much like Jacques Tati’s PLAYTIME or Chaplin’s MODERN TIMES, this is a film worthy of the big screen experience -- a one–of-a-kind comedy classic!!! Zzang!!!(Bryan Connolly)

Cine Las Americas: E PROIBIDO FUMAR (SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES) Dir. Anna Muylaert, 2009, 86 min, 35mm RZ 5/23 Cine Las Americas presents this new comedy/tragedy from Brazilian director Anna Muylaert.

Terror Tuesday: HUMAN EXPERIMENTS Dir. Gregory Goodell, 1980, 82 min, R, 35mm RZ 5/24

Music Monday: DOGS IN SPACE Dir. Richard Lowenstein, 1986. 103 min. R. 35mm RZ 5/23 This loose, sometimes funny memoir of the Melbourne punk scene in the ‘70s is possibly most famous as the only starring role of doomed INXS front man Michael Hutchence. Here he plays the drug-addled front man of the band Dogs In Space who lives in a large communal house with his girlfriend and bandmates.


ROLLING THUNDER star Linda Haynes is a struggling country singer making her way through the rural nightclub circuit. Her life is suddenly shattered when she runs over a pedestrian, fumbles across a vicious backwoods massacre and inexplicably finds herself committed to a home for criminally insane women. To top it off, the hospital staff are loopy themselves, having devised a method to erase society’s undesirables by reverting their minds to infancy and starting over from scratch. This somehow involves removing our heroine’s clothes and covering her with giant insects. Gruesome, tense and uncomfortable, HUMAN EXPERIMENTS is the kind of movie that leaves a milky coating on the inside of your eyeballs. Watch for former youth idol Jackie Coogan and astounding B-list outsider Aldo Ray as villainous, corrupt jerkwads. (Zack)

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Celluloid Handbag presents BOOM! Dir. Joseph Losey, 1968, 113 min, 35mm RZ 5/25

VHS Doc Fundraiser: NINJA ANNIHILATION WAR!!! Dirs. The Fung Brothers, 1987, 82 min, R RZ 5/25


God knows the ‘80s weren’t perfect. It was the decade of rising budget deficits, illegal U.S. intervention in Central America, and Duran Duran. But it was also the Decade of the Ninja. While the black-garbed messengers of death have appeared in films for a long time, they were usually hiding behind ornamental potted palm trees or clinging to the took a sharp eye to spot them. These multi-thousand dollar spectacles usually starred whatever Caucasian actor happened to be in Hong Kong at the time. They were relentless cut-and-paste jobs that combined scenes from unrelated films into a dense fabric of digressions, flashbacks, minorcharacter subplots that go on at baffling length and - of course - demonstrations of pole-spinning, star-hurling prowess. Now, we bring you this extremely rare screening of a lost ninja masterpiece NEVER RELEASED IN THEATERS OR ON VIDEO! All as a fundraiser for the upcoming Austin-produced doc on VHS majesty! Bring ten friends and a thousand strangers and TEAR THE NIGHT TO SHREDS!!

“It’s a film that’s very very important to me, that really personifies my taste. I used to show it on first dates. If they didn’t like it I could never go out with them again. It’s the best failed art film ever. It’s called BOOM!” –John Waters And there you have it, Ladies and Gentle-readers…the film that sunk a thousand ships, the film that Anna Wintour allegedly watches every day, and the film that captures TAYLOR and BURTON (and Noel Coward!?) in one of the most gorgeously shot, drunkenly acted masterpieces by famed director JOSEPH LOSEY, and written by TENNESSEE WILLIAMS! CHRIST ON A CROSS this is really gonna hurt! Join REBECCA HAVEMEYER for the hardly ever screened screenin’ of the one and only masterpiece…BOOM! You will never forget this night. (Rebecca Havemeyer)

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN FEAST Dir. Rob Marshall, 2011, 141 min, PG-13 SL 5/25

HeckleVision: THE WICKER MAN Dir. Neil LaBute, 2006, 102 min, PG-13 VL 5/25

Hang on to your peg leg! Jack Sparrow is back and that means it’s once again time for Alamo Chef John Bullington to shiver your timbers with another amazing Caribbean feast.

Awesome. We didn’t even realize that the Pancake boys were going to be mocking Nic Cage when we decided to let YOU mock him via text messages in this month’s HeckleVision screening. But we couldn’t be happier that we’ll get to yell about THE BEEEES! multiple times this May. Also, this movie is perfect.

Weird Wednesday: TRADER HORNEE Dir. Jonathan Lucas, 1970, 84 min, X, 35mm RZ 5/25 The late, great producer/writer David F. Friedman, who died earlier this year, was a true legend of showmanship. He was the standard bearer and keeper of the torch of classic exploitation films. TRADER HORNEE (the E’s are silent, by the way), is a skin-flick, of course, but it’s also a very funny, juvenile comedy in the mold of classic Mad Magazine. It’s a parody of jungle films, the once-popular sub-genre of adventure films that brought us the likes of Tarzan and Jungle Jim. Customarily in these imperialist fables, a white child is lost in the wilds of deepest Africa and grows up to become the ruler of the superstitious natives. Here the casual racism of these movies is lampooned by jive talking, watermelon-eating natives who do song and dance routines. You won’t believe it. Terrible jokes fly at you relentlessly until you have no defense against them and are forced to laugh, just to keep from crying. (Lars)

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THE HANGOVER PART II Opens May 26, Dir. Todd Phillips, 2011 Director Todd Phillips has reunited the whole gang for the sequel. This time out, the boys travel to Bangkok for what is supposed to be a subdued pre-wedding brunch to celebrate their buddy Stu’s nuptials. Needless to say, choosing Bangkok was probably not the best idea to try for a “subdued” gathering of any kind.

Terror Tuesday: NEAR DARK Dir. Kathryn Bigelow, 1987, 94 min, R, 35mm RZ 5/31

Free Kids Club: TIME BANDITS Dir. Terry Gilliam, 1981, 110 min, PG, 35mm SL 5/28 A kid and some little dudes travel through reality to fight the ultimate evil! Presented by the Austin Chronicle, Ain’t It Cool News, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Austin.

99% of vampires are pussies. Prancing little lily-livered mama’s boy drama kids with NIN stickers on their shiny vinyl lunchboxes. But NEAR DARK documents the remaining 1% with a white trash vindictiveness that catapults all the elegance of plasma-sucking straight into the trailer park, as a pack of undead shitkickers cruise the American backroads in a blackened-window Winnebago searching for jugular nectar. Most shocking is that these bingeing feral sadists are actually an intensely likeable family unit, led by PUMPKINHEAD’s Lance Henriksen in his alltime greatest performance as Civil War veteran Jess. Also watch for Bill Paxton at his rootin’, tootin’, biker-bitin’ best and that kid from RIVER’S EDGE as junior throatripper Homer. Last year, Kathryn Bigelow won an Oscar for directing a movie about army dudes crying, but we forgive her because -- back in the golden ‘80s -- she turned vampires into monsters again! (Zack)

Music Monday: THE CURE IN ORANGE Ritz, Dir. Tim Pope, 1987, 113 min, 35mm RZ 5/30, 6/6

Weird Wednesday: SHOOT Dir. Harvey Hart, 1976, 99 min, R, 35mm RZ 6/1

Recorded August 9 and 10, 1986, at the Theatre Antique d’Orange in the French countryside, THE CURE IN ORANGE features a 23-song, Head on the Door-era set that includes inspired renditions of “A Hundered Years” and “A Forest” — plus intro and outro, the former of which captures guitarist Simon Gallup’s famous dewigging of the newly shorn Robert Smith. Following a short theatrical run, THE CURE IN ORANGE was released only on VHS and laser disc -- and it’s been out of print in both formats for years now. Smith announced sometime last year that, at long last, the film will be released on DVD in 2010. Well, it’s 2011 and still no DVD. But mope not, Cure fans, now you can see it in glorious 35mm up on the big screen again!

A bunch of 50-ish National Guardsmen and war veterans (among them Cliff Robertson, Henri Silva and Ernest Borgnine), all upstanding pillars of their small town community, go on a hunting trip together. They encounter another group of hunters in the forest and are fired upon unexpectedly. They shoot back and kill one of the rogue hunters. When they return home, their daily lives are turned asunder by paranoia, strife and the reawakened primeval bloodlust that lurks in all men’s souls. This movie is tremendously strange. It’s mainly just a bunch of brooding, intense scenes of macho middle-aged men sweating, shooting guns and talking about killing. This is not for everyone, but it fits my tastes like Canada fits atop America - as its jaunty, perplexing hat. (Lars)


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thu 2 DUMB & DUMBER Quote-Along @Lake Creek

fri 3 Master Pancake: BRAVEHEART @Ritz


Weird Wednesday: SHOOT @Ritz



Joe Swanberg: UNCLE KENT @Ritz

AFS Best of Fests: SILVER BULLETS @Ritz

Joe Swanberg: ART HISTORY @Ritz

THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along @Lamar

12 PRINCE ACHMED w/ live score by Many Birthdays @Ritz


20 THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along @Lamar

14 Kids Camp: PONYO @Village Terror Tuesday: THE STEPFATHER @Ritz

27 Cine Las Americas: WE ARE WHAT WE ARE @ Ritz



28 Kids Camp: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3D @Lake Creek Terror Tuesday: BLOODY BIRTHDAY @Ritz

Master Pancake: BRAVEHEART @Ritz



16 DUMB & DUMBER Quote-Along @Ritz

Series Title: MOVIE TITLE @Ritz

18 Series Title: MOVIE TITLE @Ritz




23 DUMB & DUMBER Quote-Along @Ritz, Lake Creek





Girlie Night: Tough Guy: THE CUTTING EDGE THE ROCK @Ritz @Ritz

Music Monday: Terror Tuesday: THE SCOTT & GARY THE BABY SHOW @Ritz @Ritz

26 TV at the Alamo: PARTY DOWN Marathon w/Rob Thomas and cast members live @Ritz


Girlie Night: Mondo presents THE CUTTING EDGE THEY LIVE @Lake Creek w/ Shepard Fairey Live in Person OPEN SCREEN @Lamar NIGHT @Ritz

Kids Camp: TMNT @Village

13 New 35mm Print: TAXI DRIVER @Ritz

Kids Camp: Video Hate Squad: THE IRON GIANT DEADLY PREY @Lake Creek @Ritz


7 Outside In: THE PYRAMID w/ Gary Kent @Ritz

sat 4 Master Pancake: BRAVEHEART @Ritz




25 Saturday Morning Kids Club: THE LAST UNICORN w/ Charles Edward Cheese Band @Lamar


Celluloid Kids Camp: Handbag: THE GOONIES RUTHLESS PEOPLE @Village @Ritz GREASE Horror Remix: SING-ALONG BEAST @Lake Creek @Lake Creek

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DUMB AND DUMBER Quote-Along Dir. Peter Farrelly, 1994, 107 min, PG-13 VL 6/1, 6/8 : RZ 6/9, 6/16, 6/23 : LC 6/2, 6/15, 6/23 This movie is a quote storm of non-stop hilarity. Plus if you play your cards right you might be able to order up a ton of food and then Seabass the guy sitting next to you. If you promise to sing “Mockingbird” with us at The Action Pack’s DUMB & DUMBER Quote Along we promise we won’t put any Turbo Lax in your drinks...


GREASE Sing-Along Dir. Randall Kleiser, 1978, 110 min, PG-13 VL 6/1 : LC 6/30 Last summer, Paramount produced a subtitled re-release of GREASE that took SingAlong subtitles to a whole new level. This summer, we’re bringing that show back, and it’s playing every month! Grease is still the word, and I’m still in love with Olivia Newton-John.

Independent filmmaker Joe Swanberg is a leader in the contemporary American cinema. Working outside of established systems of commercial filmmaking, he uses relatively inexpensive video equipment to create works of art that are exciting, erotic, and emotionally radiant. He does so at a furious pace: in 2010 he shot seven films – the three that are finished are on display in this series. The films in this unofficial trilogy all center on artists and sexual complications. In his customarily stark visual style, Swanberg presents his characters raw, and the questions these films raise – about identity, love, and the lines between fantasy and reality – are essential questions for our time.

UNCLE KENT - With Joe Swanberg Live! RZ 6/5 UNCLE KENT is a meditation on aging. The titular character, a stoner cartoonist, invites a girl he meets on chatroulette to spend the weekend at his apartment. The visit is obviously tense. Premiered at Sundance.

Master Pancake: BRAVEHEART Dir. Mel Gibson, 1995 RZ 6/3-4, 6/10-11

The 2011 Films of Joe Swanberg: ART HISTORY - With Joe Swanberg Live! RZ 6/5

Featuring an egregiously be-mulleted Mel Gibson (LETHAL WEAPON 3), as Scottish blowhard/face-painter William Wallace, a warrior and Jesus-figure that Mel can really sink his nails into. Come out and watch as Master Pancake declares primae noctis on this overrated classic! (John Erler)

ART HISTORY focuses on a film crew shooting a sexually explicit film. The two actors involved in the scenes have their own ways of dealing with the new intimacy. Premiered at Berlin Film Festival.

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Opens June 3, Dir. Matthew Vaughn

The 2011 Films of Joe Swanberg: SILVER BULLETS - With Joe Swanberg Live! RZ 6/6

This is the fifth in the recent X-Men reboot line, and a prequel to the first three. It’s also being planned as the first in a trilogy of origin films for the series. While that may sound chronologically convoluted, look past the remake/sequel/prequel confusion and see that this might be the best X-MEN ever. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, this could be the sleeper superhero film of the summer.

SILVER BULLETS follows an independent filmmaker who becomes jealous when his girlfriend gets hired to work in a werewolf movie. Things become complicated when he hires her best friend to star in his movie, an autobiography in which she’d play his girlfriend. Presented in part by AFS’ Best of Fests.

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit


Outside In: THE PYRAMID w/ Gary Kent Dir. Gary Kent, 1975, 90 min, 35mm RZ 6/7

Weird Wednesday: CAT MURKIL & THE SILKS Dir. John A. Bushelman, 1976, 102 min, R, 35mm RZ 6/8

OUTSIDE IN is our newest screening series, showcasing underappreciated geniuses, cinematic wingnuts, anti-art visionaries and the secret heroes of the big (and small) screen! For our inaugural event, exploitation film legend/top notch stuntman/special effects artist/beloved Austinite Gary Kent joins us in person (on his birthday!!) for an extremely rare screening of his paranormal cosmic maelstrom masterpiece. In this incredibly unseen reality-wrecker, a troubled reporter decides to exit the World We Know, and enters a forbidden universe of psychic powers, spectral supernature, firewalking, witchery and the unstoppable power of The Pyramid! From Brian De Palma to Monte Hellman to Ray Dennis Steckler, Gary Kent worked with some of the most talented icons in and out of Hollywood. His film captures all of the creativity, occult insanity and social upheaval of its era and catapults it into eternity. A one-of-a-kind show honoring a deeply impressive creator, and a crucial screening that will go down in Alamo history! (Zack)

A really gritty, nasty juvenile delinquency docudrama that cuts like a switchblade. A jarring film in a lot of ways, it’s also one of the most entertaining movies in the genre. It takes place in and around one of those southern California high schools that are so familiar from a million T&A comedies, and the soundtrack is reminiscent of yacht rock, but when the violence and brutality start - school’s out! There’s a hand-wringing veneer of social concern here but unlike a lot of other movies that address teenage crime there’s no pretense that these kids are merely misunderstood, tarnished little angels who need a spanking and/or hug. No - these teenagers are demons who have escaped from Hell and set up shop in Santa Monica. With great, letter-perfect dialogue and a killer twist ending. (Lars)

Terror Tues: THE THRILL KILLERS w/ Gary Kent LIVE! Dir. Ray Dennis Steckler, 1964, 69 min, 35mm RZ 6/7

OPEN SCREEN NIGHT Dir. YOU, 120 min RZ 6/8

Though Terror Tuesday rarely strays beyond the comfortable confines of ‘70s & ‘80s horror, this special 1964 tribute screening to actor/author/stuntman/director/living legend Gary Kent contains all the sleaze, rage and murder that would characterize drive-in movies for the next three decades.

At OPEN SCREEN NIGHT, we play anything. Literally. You bring a DVD or a URL of an online vid to the theater, and we put it on screen without censoring it at all. If your video sucks, the audience may gong it after two minutes. But if they love it you’ll go home with respect AND $100 in cash!

THE TOTALLY ‘80s NEW WAVE SING-ALONG Dir. The Action Pack, 120 min, DVD VL 6/8 : RZ 6/9, 6/16, 6/23 : LC 6/16, 6/22

Girlie Night: THE CUTTING EDGE Dir. Paul Michael Glaser, 1992, PG, 101 min, 35mm LC 6/8 : RZ 6/14, 6/21 : VL 6/29

Feather your hair, put on some heavy eyeliner, and tie your skinny tie as The Action Pack goes back to the musical well of the ‘80s and brings us the best of Depeche Mode, OMD, Erasure and all of the other synth pop masterpieces of the ‘80s New Wave!

This film takes the classic romantic formula of opposites attract, throws in some ‘90s tastic casting and then puts it all... ON ICE! Toe pick!


May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

TROLL HUNTER Opens June 10, Dir. André Øvredal This was a secret screening at last year’s Fantastic Fest, and it infected our brains when it started rolling. This cult classic in the making follows a group of students in Norway as they investigate strange animal murders. They soon discover that the culprits are behemoth trolls, and they uncover a government conspiracy that has denied their existence for centuries.

THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED with Live Score by Many Birthdays Dir. Lotte Reiniger, 1926, 65 min, 35mm RZ 6/12 PRINCE ACHMED is the oldest surviving animated film, but it’s as timeless as tomorrow. The score will be performed by Many Birthdays, with their signature blend of dance, punk, cinema, noise, beats, words, color and texture.

Mondo presents THEY LIVE w/ Shepard Fairey LIVE! Dir. John Carpenter, 1988, 93 min, R, 35mm SL 6/9 Art guerrilla leader Shepard Fairey of the OBEY empire hosts a special screening! One of the most beloved films of the ‘80s, THEY LIVE follows a professional wrestler using hyper-advanced sunglasses to blow the lid off a transdimensional human enslavement plot. With special Mondo Giveaways!

VHS = Video Hate Squad! presents DEADLY PREY Dir. David Prior, 1987, 88 min, R, VHS!!! RZ 6/12

Special thanks to End Of An Ear Records, Friends Of Sound and Light In The Attic Records! A look back some thirty years before grunge music put Seattle on the map, when late 1960s groups like Black on White Affair, The Soul Swingers and Cold, Bold & Together filled airwaves and packed clubs every night of the week.

NEVER FORGET! This new series, brought to you by Max Dropout of VHS Summer, Lars Nilsen of Weird Wednesday and Terror Tuesday’s Zack Carlson, celebrates the power, glory and untarnished majesty of the TRUEST of all home video formats! Video Hate Squad will present movies that are ONLY available on VHS, each title having never been released on DVD (yawn), Blu-Ray (bleccch!), online streaming (frrrrrt!) or even 35mm film! These treasures only exist in one form, and when we shove them into our on-stage VCR, you’ll be transported to worlds you’ve never even imagined. For our first show, we proudly present the mid-‘80s Rambo-infused survivalist masterpiece DEADLY PREY, starring baby-oiled manimal Ted Prior as a killing machine knocked over the edge TO THE MAX. See a shirtless bodybuilder in warpaint and Daisy Duke jean shorts rip a motherfucker’s arm off and beat him to death with it! See one lone man murder a heavily-armed platoon with his bare hands!! See more bullets, explosives and murder than you’ll find in six world wars!!! SEE DEADLY PREY, GODDAMMIT!!!! (Zack)

Tough Guy Cinema: THE ROCK Dir. Michael Bay, 1996, 136 min, R LC 6/9 : VL 6/15, 6/29 : RZ 6/22

TAXI DRIVER Dir. Martin Scorsese, 1976, R, 113 min, 35mm RZ 6/13, 6/15, 6/19, 6/20

Between crafting the awesomeness of BAD BOYS and the cinematic perfection of ARMAGEDDON, Michael Bay grabbed a pre-crazy “I’ll do anything for money” Nicolas Cage, and a pre-”I got old as shit” Sean Connery and drafted them to make one of the coolest action films of the ’90s.

Martin Scorsese’s classic 1970s New York City nightmare in a glorious new restoration.

Music Monday: WHEEDLE’S GROOVE Dir. Jennifer Maas, 2009, 87 min, NR RZ 6/13

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit


Terror Tuesday: THE (Original) STEPFATHER Dir. Joseph Ruben, 1987, 89 min, R, 35mm RZ 6/14 A psychopath dreams of the perfect suburban life, and he’ll murder anyone that keeps it from him. Starring Terry O’Quinn of LOST!

Zzang!!!: THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN Dir. Boaz Davidson, 1982, 92 min, R, 35mm RZ 6/19

BEST OF THE OTTAWA INTL ANIMATION FESTIVAL Various, 84 min, presented by AFS Best of Fests VL 6/15 The 2010 International touring programme include such extraordinary films as: David O’Reilly’s grand prize-winning THE EXTERNAL WORLD; the pulsating metamorphic madness of Andreas Hykade’s LOVE & THEFT; Dustin Grella’s deeply moving and brilliantly executed award-winning film PRAYERS FOR PEACE and more!

The most brutally heart-wrenching zany boner romp to ever hit the screen! Gary is a teenage driver for Pink Pizza and, like all red-blooded LA boys, cruises for gooood trouble with his equally horn-dogged pals. When not seducing girls by substituting Sweet ’n’ Low for cocaine, they’re measuring the school nerd’s immense penis. Suddenly, Gary finds himself head-over-heels for the new girl on campus. Nighapocalyptic errors ensue. This enormously underrated high school masterpiece ricochets between goofball rump chasing and breathtaking, sincere realism. Monoson’s lead performance really should have earned the 18-year-old a stronger career, if not a goddamn Oscar. The closing 15 minutes is unquestionably the most pure and powerful in any teen movie, and should be viewed as a cautionary lesson by each tortured soul on the precipice of adulthood. Don’t miss this cinematic anvil to the chest and knee to the groin! ZZANG!!! (Zack)

Music Monday: THE SCOTT & GARY SHOW Ed. by Jeff Krulik, 80 min RZ 6/20 Unseen early ‘80s NY public access footage of Butthole Surfers, the still-punk Beastie Boys and more!

Weird Wednesday: HOOCH Dir. Edward Mann, 1977, 96 min, PG, 35mm RZ 6/15 Here’s a regional North Carolina moonshine movie that, by all rights, shouldn’t be any good at all but amazingly it works. Gil Gerard, later famous as TV’s Buck Rogers, plays a good old boy who loves the high-life, or what passes for it in his backwoods town. When he begins distributing moonshine, it stirs up trouble with the local godfather, who brings in a trio of New York mob enforcers led by Danny Aiello to put Gil out of business. There’s your plot. It’s nothing special. But there’s a perverse sense of humor at the heart of this film. Writer/director Edward Mann was no dummy. He had a long background writing comic strips and directing theater. The gags he sets up are of a high quality and the film has a lighthearted charm that’s never insulting or treacly. It’s just pure hicksploitation goodness from beginning to end. (Lars)


Terror Tuesday: THE BABY Dir. Ted Post, 1973, 84 min, PG, 35mm RZ 6/21 - co-presented by Severin Films There’s only one thing in this world more disgusting than a baby, and that’s a grown-ass man acting like a baby. And when his entire family is comprised of schizophrenic, murderous shut-ins, any visitor is destined for a wild time. Like, say, that young, attractive female social worker for instance. (Zack)

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W/ Spain Colored Orange FRI MAY 6





Fresh Brew Tour:

DEVIN THE DUDE W/ Coughee Brothaz

















W/ Asobi Seksu

















CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN - TICKETS ON-SALE NOW THRU C3CONCERTS.COM - May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit 27

EMBODIMENT OF EVIL Dir. José Mojica Marins, 2008, 94 min, 35mm RZ 6/22 The triumphant return of Brazilian horror icon Coffin Joe after decades underground! Let’s be frank, sometimes comebacks are pretty grim. Not so in this case! EMBODIMENT OF EVIL feels new and old at the same time, in a good way. Presented by Cine Las Americas and Synapse Films.

BAD TEACHER Opens 6/24 A comedy centered around a foul-mouthed, junior high teacher who, after being dumped by her sugar daddy, begins to woo a colleague -- a move that pits her against a well-loved teacher.

Free Kids Club: THE LAST UNICORN with The Charles Edward Cheese Band LIVE! Dirs. A. Rankin & Jules Bass, 1982, 92 min, G, 35mm SL 6/25 A lonely unicorn undertakes a magical quest in this all-star animated classic! Watch out for the red bull! Presented by Ain’t It Cool News, the Austin Chronicle & Toy Joy.

Weird Wednesday: DELIVER US FROM EVIL DIR. HORACE JACKSON, 1977, 96 min, PG, 35MM RZ 6/22 Part of the joy of Weird Wednesday is the thrill of uncovering little-known exploitation auteurs. A good example of a director who developed his own unusual style in the golden age of the ‘70s is Horace Jackson, whose movies are bitter, declamatory social tracts about life in the ghetto. They’re all essential viewing for fans of yelling. This film has the guts to take a stand against the kind of dopepushers who stand around outside elementary schools and hook 7-year-olds on dangerous drugs. The hero is a recovering psychotic who teams up with a committed teacher and a cute kid in a wheelchair to take on the neighborhood menace. It’s all played very seriously and earnestly but inevitably the ridiculousness seeps in around the edges and reaches critical mass before you know it. (Lars)

Cinema Club: SALESMAN w/ Ben Steinbauer Dirs. A. & D. Maysles & C. Zwerin, 1968, 85 min, 35mm RZ 6/26

Girlie Night presents CUTE NIGHT VL 6/22 If you’ve been to any of our Girlie Night titles in the past, you know our hostess Sarah Pitre loves to take over the preshow with all sorts of videos of babies and puppies and kittens and anything else adorable she can find. For this one night only event we wondered - what if we made an entire show out of that level of cute? Expect to be squeeing uncontrollably for a full 90 minutes.


At each installment of Cinema Club we welcome a guest presenter. Our guest joins us in introducing the film and then after the screening we involve the audience in a discussion about the movie. SALESMAN is the first documentary to be presented at Cinema Club and we’re very honored to welcome WINNEBAGO MAN director Ben Steinbauer as our guest. SALESMAN is a shattering documentary made by the Maysles brothers and Charlotte Zwerin about the daily routines and philosophies of four travelling bible salesmen. The men, nicknamed “The Rabbit,” “The Badger,” “The Bull” and “The Gipper,” provide a wealth of insight into postwar America. We are exposed to the whole up-with-people American belief system and the dismay and despair that is its ever present shadow. The camera follows these men everywhere, into living rooms, their hotels and conventions. SALESMAN is one of the all-time classic docs and it continues to shock and inspire today.

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

Cine Las Americas: SOMOS LO QUE HAY (WE ARE WHAT WE ARE) Dir. Jorge Michel Grau, 2010, 90 min, 35mm RZ 6/27 WE ARE WHAT WE ARE is a remarkable reinvention of the horror genre - a visceral and powerfully emotional portrait of a family bound by a terrible secret and driven by monstrous appetites.

Celluloid Handbag presents RUTHLESS PEOPLE Dirs. Abrahams & Zucker, 1986, 93 min, R, 35mm RZ 6/29 I’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED BY K MART!! ….and there lies one of tha’ best lines outta one of tha’ best comedies ta’ ever make it outta the film factory, ladies and gentlepigs! I want ya’ll to think long and hard about how much this film means to ya’, and then slap ya’self silly cuz it’s about to be slung into ya laps like a cheap bag a’ ransom money when CELLULOID HANDBAG presents the power of BETTE MIDLER and DANNY DEVITO in the comedy that caught the world by tha’ balls…RUTHLESS PEOPLE! Brought to you by the killer combo of Zucker/Abrahams, the directors that gave us AIRPLANE!...this film is a goldmine of crass and sass from the Divine Miss M, along with a supporting cast to kill ya’ twice! Join ya’ hostess REBECCA HAVEMEYER as she preps the room for a helluva’ botched kidnappin’ you’ll never forget! (Rebecca Havemeyer)

Music Monday: COTTONPICKIN’ CHICKENPICKERS Dir. Larry Jackson, 1967, 92 Min, 35mm RZ 6/27 Rare 35mm Print in Magenta-Vision! This ridiculous country music-filled farce farce follows a pair of shiftless backwoods drifters (Del Reeves and Hugh X. Lewis) as they make their way through the south by thumb, foot and train. When they spy a chicken house, they sneak in to nab a little nourishment for their campfire. They soon find themselves in a nest of trouble. Featuring an all-star cast of Hollywood has-beens: Sonny Tufts, Maxie Rosenbloom and Lila Lee (who was most famous for being busted for sparking up a doob with Robert Mitchum). Also starring Mel Tillis as Hound-hound-hound-dog B-b-b-Berrigan. Watch for the Michael Bay remake next year. (Lars)

Weird Wednesday: GIRLS AT THE GYNECOLOGIST Dir. Ernst Hofbauer, 1971, 95 min, X, 35mm RZ 6/29 A tender, sensitive look at the hopes, dreams and aspirations of a group of young women who have one thing in common - a creepy old lady-parts doctor. Don’t worry, the clinical details are left to the imagination.

Terror Tuesday: BLOODY BIRTHDAY Dir. Ed Hunt, 1981, 85 min, R, 35mm RZ 6/28 Most things that are excreted from the human body get wadded up in a kleenex and flushed down a toilet, with one exception: children. Instead, we coddle them, provide them with food and shelter and completely sacrifice our own dreams so they can live in comfort. And what do we get in return? Savagely murdered! This film is yet another crystal clear battle cry against the cancer of youth, featuring countless rampagingly conscience-free acts of anti-adult homicide, all perpetrated by a trio of preadolescent death machines. See, all three kids were born simultaneously during a solar eclipse, which apparently instills them with a hunger for the suffering of innocents. Not to mention a proclivity for peeping through a hole at nude Julie Brown (the white one). We didn’t need another reminder that children are garbage, but here’s one anyway. Mandatory abortions in the theater lobby for all pregnant women in attendance. No charge!! (Zack)

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701 South Lamar Blvd Austin Texas 78704 512-444-BRIDe(2743)

AFS Essential Cinema Auteurs Sans Frontières: Directors Without Borders Tuesdays at Alamo South Lamar, June 7 - July 26 Austin Film Society Essential Cinema OUSMANE SEMBENE: THE FATHER OF POST-COLONIAL AFRICAN CINEMA [cont’d from April] TUESDAYS AT ALAMO S. LAMAR, May 3-17 All 35mm prints from New Yorker Films CEDDO May 3, Senegal, 1977, 120 min., 35mm In his most ambitious film, Sembene depicts a 19th century clash of ideas and power between an expansive Islam and the “Ceddo,” who are the feudal serfs under the power of a king, who has only recently converted to Islam. The imam begins to consolidate his power in the king’s village and proclaims a holy war against all the Ceddo who refuse to leave their animistic religion for the one true God, Allah. Complicating this confrontation are the kidnapping of the princess and struggles between the king’s son and his nephew over succession to the throne. In the midst of all this strife are a delusional white Christian priest, generally sidelined but tolerated, and an opportunistic white businessman who trades alcohol and weapons for various goods, including slaves, who are then branded and sold elsewhere. The discussions within the various factions explore many aspects of religion, philosophy, government, and warfare. This is a truly important film of ideas with a surprising finale. CAMP DE THIAROYE May 10, Algeria/Senegal/Tunisia, 1987, 157 min, 35mm World War II is not yet over, but France has been liberated from the German occupation. Meanwhile, African colonial troops, who participated in the “white man’s war,” are being repatriated through transit camps such as Thiaroye in Senegal. With promises of back pay and a fair exchange rate from French francs to colonial francs, the troops are generally in good humor on arrival. But the food is unfit for animals and doesn’t even meet the standards of what they were served in Europe. Demobilization seems to be taking too long and soon the exchange rate is determined to be unfair. Most of the French military in the camp look down on the returning infantrymen and reveal the deep-seated racism of the colonists. Tension rises and the entire situation spirals out of control to a horrifying climax. CAMP DE THIAROYE and the earlier EMITAI form Sembene’s unquestionably powerful critique of the evils of colonialism, racism, and abuses of power. GUELWAAR May 17, France/Germany/Senegal, 1992, 115 min., 35mm “GUELWAAR revolves around the mysterious death and even more mysterious disappearance after death of Pierre Henri Thioune (called “Guelwaar,” the Noble One), a political activist, philandering patriarch, and pillar of the local Christian community. To the horror of his fellow Christians, it is discovered that Guelwaar’s errant corpse was misidentified and mistakenly buried in a Muslim cemetery. This sets off a tempest of bureaucratic red tape, family conflicts, and religious factionalism, culminating with a tense standoff at the disputed gravesite. As usual with Sembene, GUELWAAR is many films in one: black comedy, political allegory, social satire, family drama, and, in the end, thunderous indictment of the twin evils of homegrown African corruption and neo-colonial Western aid. In Wolof and French with English subtitles.” [New Yorker Films]

Directors who leave the comfort of their own homeland to make films run risks of failure. But they can also uncover stories, themes, and characters that surprise and entertain us. This series will look at eight masterful films which were made by directors working in countries other than their native one, with one exception, a documentary about Henri-George Clouzot’s failure to make INFERNO, as the borders he crossed were those leading to madness. Unexpectedly, as I put the series together, I was surprised to see how many films were financed by French producers, but perhaps that was to be expected, since France welcomes and encourages filmmakers all over Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. (Chale Nafus) WHITE MATERIAL June 7, Dir. Claire Denis, France/Cameroon, 2009, 106 min., 35mm In an unnamed African country in the throes of a volatile regime change, Maria Vial is trying to sustain the coffee plantation she runs with her ex-husband André, but unknown to her, he has other plans. The country is tenuously under the control of a rebel militia whose leader is on the run. With the regular army preparing to regain control, French forces have moved out, warning the remaining white residents that they’re on their own if they stay behind. However, Maria refuses to be driven off the land, continuing to run the farm as the specter of impending tragedy looms. [IFC Films] RIFIFI (Du Rififi chez les homes) June 14, Dir. Jules Dassin, France, 1955, 122 min., 35mm Highly respected for his film noir classics in the 1940s, but blacklisted by the studios during the Hollywood witch hunts, Connecticut-born Dassin finally revived his filmmaking career in Europe with this film. Starting over, Dassin created the prototype for many subsequent “heist films.” Tony le Stéphanois, free after a fiveyear prison sentence, discovers his girl friend has been unfaithful, so he proposes to old friends that they commit “one last heist.” This time it will be the burglary of a very elegant jewelry showroom. Drawing on the stylish chiaroscuro style of film noir, Dassin created a magnificent film full of tension, striking imagery, long dialogue-free scenes, sympathetic characters, and despair. FAREWELL (L’affaire Farewell) June 21, Dir. Christian Carion, France, 2010, 113 min., 35mm KGB analyst Sergei Gregoriev is disgusted with the Soviet state and begins passing vitally important secret papers to French agents, including a naïve French businessman unaccustomed to secrecy and espionage. Soon the lives of Pierre Froment and Sergei are inextricably bound together, and as the dangers of discovery and family dissent increase, so do the tensions mount. In the background are President Reagan, French President Mitterand, various Soviet leaders, and a rising Mikhail Gorbachev. This film, starring filmmakers in the two principal roles, is based on a little-known story of a real-life KGB spy who single-handedly uncovered the Soviet system of well-placed moles in various Western countries and thus set into motion the eventual collapse of the super-power. BLACK ORPHEUS (Orfeu Negro) June 28, Dir. Marcel Camus, France/Brazil, 1959, 107 min., 35mm In a beautiful retelling of the classic story of the musician Orpheus and his search for his beloved Eurydice, French director Marcel Camus updates the story and places it in Rio de Janeiro during the samba-filled week of Carnaval. In this version, a singing trolley conductor, Orfeo, is engaged to Mira, but falls hopelessly in love when he first sees Eurydice, a young woman who has fled her village because of a stalker. Mira is enraged with jealousy and Eurydice’s stalker is now conveniently dressed in a Carnaval costume representing Death. With beautiful music and wonderful dances, the tragedy of Orfeo and Eurydice is made all the more poignant than even the original.

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Welcometo the Highball, the best diner this side of 1960, featuring eight lanes of bowling with rental by the hour; seven different themed karaoke rooms; and a ballroom event space set to host the best dance parties, live music, and karaoke nights that will leave you hoarse for days. Join us for Happy Hour from 4:30-7:00, Monday through Friday. We offer free karaoke (WHAT!) in our private rooms, plus bowling is only $20/hour. And you know it wouldn’t be a happy hour without drink specials. We offer $2 Lone Stars, $2 Pints or $4 Well Drinks, so you can be cheap while still feeling classy! And if you really want to start the week off right, check out our Reverse Happy Hour, featuring all of the same drink deals, on Sunday nights from 10-2. Adjacent to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin, Texas, The HighBall is also a spot to avoid the lines and hang out before the movies or enjoy coffee, dessert and delicious hand-made cocktails afterwards. Check out a listing of some of our events on the following pages, and get full info and tickets at


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TV Dinner: TGIF May 2, 7pm, Free Each week at TV Dinner we watch four of the funniest, most memorable and, yes, even the Very Specialest episodes of an iconic TV show. Even though May 2 falls on a Monday, we’ll be celebrating TGIF with the Olsen Twins and Urkel as we learn valuable lessons about family and friendship. In between episodes, expect outbreaks of games, trivia and ridiculous fun.

The 2nd Annual KENTUCKY DERBY PARTY May 7, 3pm, Free It’s not like we ever need an excuse to wear big hats and sip mint juleps, but we’re still excited to host a viewing party for the Kentucky Derby. Join us for an afternoon of nail-biting racing, themed menu specials, a fancy hat contest and the opportunity to feel so very rich.

TV Dinner: THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR May 9 & 16, 7pm, Free Now this is a story all about how we’re inviting Will Smith to be the prince of the Highball! TV Dinner celebrates the freshest man to ever grace the television screen by watching favorite episodes and mixing in games and trivia. I have a feeling that the Carlton dance will be involved...

DALE WATSON LIVE Every Thursday at 8pm, Free

THE HIGHBALL PROM presented by THE SUPERSET May 14, 10:30pm, $5

With a recording career spanning over two decades, Dale is basically a state–hell, national– treasure, rocking roadhouses and dance halls with his signature brand of honky tonk and country swing. This guy is the real deal, and once you’ve seen him, you’ll be back every week. And we’ll have some $2.50 local beer waiting for you.

You guys, I can’t believe we’re finally graduating! Let’s celebrate these last four years by throwing the best prom EVER! This year’s theme is “Under the Sea”, and the SuperSet will be decking out the ballroom with lights, balloons and a ridiculous amount of crepe paper. Bring your favorite dance partner and don’t forget to vote for Prom Queen and King! It will truly be the most magical night of our lives, and we’ll have a photo booth with Annie Ray so you can treasure those memories forever. Seniors rule! The SuperSet have been the mad geniuses behind Storm the Castle, Under the Big Top, and several of our other big costumed events, and so we can guarantee that this collaboration between The Action Pack, Houndstooth Design, DJ Fuckin’ A and the SuperSet dancers will be the single best prom in Austin this spring.

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MOTOWN MONDAYS featuring THE MATCHMAKER BAND Every Monday at 10pm, beginning May 16, Free Ain’t no sound like Motown! Matchmaker is an Austin-based band with the flavors of Motown, Classic Soul, and Funk. Featuring a 10-piece band including four vocalists, brass and percussion, you will be sure to party the night away to their funky retro tunes! The Matchmaker Band has tore up the Higbhall ballroom alongside the Action Pack with weekend parties over the spring, and this summer we’re bringing them in for a Monday night residency that will make Tuesday morning hangovers 100% acceptable.

THE SUPERSET presents the SUPER HERO DANCE PARTY Saturday, June 4, 10:30pm, $5 Since X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and THE GREEN LANTERN both come out in June, we had to take advantage of this opportunity to throw a super dance party! The SuperSet will transform the Highball into the ultimate superhero lair, and for one night, you can shed your boring alter ego and be a hero on the dance floor. Costumes are encouraged; saving the world is optional.

GEEKS WHO DRINK Genuine Pub Quiz Trivia Every Wednesday at 7pm, Free The quiz consists of eight rounds of eight questions each, played by teams of up to six people. Questions are read aloud by the quizmasters John Smith and James Pound, and teams write down the answers, turning them in at the end of each round.

Old Murder House Theatre presents ROBOCOP LIVE Friday, June 24, Time TBA, $5 We first heard about the amazing live movie events that Old Murder House Theatre was producing last winter, when they created stage show versions of DIE HARD and HOME ALONE and performed them in bars on the east side. We’d been itching for something that would fit in with the Alamo Drafthouse roots of the Highball for a while anyway, and so we immediately asked them to bring their next production to us, and happily for everyone, they accepted! They wowed audiences in the ballroom with their performance of BACK TO THE FUTURE last spring, and from what they’ve told us ROBOCOP will be an even greater spectacle. They’ll have homemade costumes, ingenious set pieces, and quality acting with superb timing all bringing the story of Detroit’s greatest hero to life. Not to be missed!


Teen Angst Tuesdays: MY SO-CALLED LIFE - LIVE Every Tuesday in June, 8pm, $5 Join The Institution Theater every week as they take some of your guiltiest pleasure teen dramas and perform episodes LIVE on stage. Relive all those first loves, humiliating blows, and everything in between.

May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit




May - June 2011 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

Alamo Guide May-June 2011  
Alamo Guide May-June 2011  

The Alamo Drafthouse Guide for May-June 2011.