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Dear Friend,

As you know, a large majority of Americans believe our country is on the wrong track. Much of this was reflected in the November 2010 election results. Simply put, people are waking up and making their opinions known at the ballot box. People are tired of political rhetoric and they want solutions. Informed voters are a key component for the continued effectiveness of the grassroots citizens' movement. Citizens must become better informed about the big issues we face as a nation, but more importantly, they need to be aware of some "Common Sense Solutions" that could be implemented by our elected officials to help our country. For the past several years I have been doing a lot of listening to thousands of people who want to have a better understanding of what can be done to strengthen our nation. Their need inspired me COMING SOON! to develop two educational booklets, "Common Sense Solutions" and "Leadership Requires Leadership". Both are small, non-partisan booklets intended to help people understand what our priorities ought to be in this age of political information overload. They provide a practical framework for strengthening our nation. As Thomas Jefferson said, "When people have the right information, they will make the right decisions." As a HITM member, you understand the need to educate citizens on a variety of issues important to our country. The booklets are a perfect way to promote liberty and freedom and to provide educational tools for others. Please consider purchasing copies ($5 each) of the pocket sized booklets for your associates, employees, friends, and family so we can all make better informed decisions at the ballot box.

You may order copies by calling Clark Barrow at 678-717-7225, or you may order online at Please consider spreading a "Common Sense Solutions" message to many of your fellow Americans. Remember, it's not about us. It's about our grandchildren. Many thanks! Herman Cain - Head Coach


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Common Sense Solutions  
Common Sense Solutions  

Introduction to Herman Cain's brochures "Common Sense Solutions and Leadership Requires Leadership".