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My name is Wesley Owen. I’m an 8th grader and 13 years old. I’m average height for my age, blonde, and thin. I’m strong as I like to play sports; my favorites are soccer and swimming. I like to do things with my friends, Alexa Mally. She is in this class, and she is my best friend. I also like to draw. I pride myself with my dragons; they are my favorite thing to draw so I work very hard to make them nice. One dragon can take hours for me to produce, but when they’re done, they make me proud. This is me, an athlete, an artist, and a friend. I live in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It’s an okay place to live, but there isn’t much to do. I don’t think that any of our parks are well kept, or that our downtown has anything really nice to it. It’s just your every day town. Outside of town, it’s either farm or trees. There is no plain untouched countryside, we grow all sorts of crops, but the one you will always see is feed corn. This is for all our cows that make us the Dairy State. One of the forests just to the north of a small town nearby was turned into a marvelous bike trail. It snakes through for miles, taking you to a little campsite at the end. The small town is Two Rivers, built right next to Manitowoc on the lake front. Two Rivers is small and every other building is closed, the sky is always white because of the huge flocks of seagulls, making drivers cautious. Welcome to Manitowoc. I have many goals in life, some are very difficult and near impossible, and some are very simple. One long term goal of mine is to become a pharmacist. The pay is good and the work is rather easy. The difficult part is all the years of college, but for the job, it’s worth it. I’m working hard in school and ahead in a few classes so I will be able to earn college credits in high school, so that’s one goal going well. A short term goal that I have is to finish the semesters early. I plan to do this by working Saturdays when possible. I want to do this so that I lots of time to myself. These are some of my goals, and this is me.

817 South 24th. Street Manitowoc WI 9/20/2013 Dear Mom and Dad I am writing this letter to thank you for all you have ever done for me. You have given me your time, your money, and your love, and I owe you for it. I know sometimes things get tough, and that you need my help, well just tell me and I’ll be there. I remember all the fun times we had together, I loved them. Again, I’m writing this letter to thank you for everything. I’m sure you remember when you took the boat down to Milwaukee with us because it wasn’t all that long ago. I was thrilled by that and I want to go back down there again someday. When we do though, Dad, you have to remember the ropes and the locks so that we can dock and take a look around. Anyway, that was possibly the most fun that I’ve ever had on the boat.

Well thats about all I have to say. I look forward to other trips that we may take and things that we may do. The letter isn’t long, but I think it gets the point across. Thank you one more for all the fun times. Sincerely, Wesley Owen

Autobiographical Incident I would like to tell you about a trip that I took five years ago. I was visiting my grandparents in Montana, along with my Uncle Chris, and my Aunt Lisa. We did many things during the trip; we went to a rodeo in a town called Red Lodge, we went fishing in the Rockies, and saw some Indian caves. It was July, so it was extremely hot, meaning 100 or more degrees. Anyway, I want to tell you about our trip to a very small town named Cody, Wyoming. We were all in my grandparent’s car, me, my brother, my parents, and my grandparents, and heading south. It was a beautiful, sunny morning. In the distance you could see hazy, blue mountains. As we approached a road that lead up into said mountains, we followed it until we came to a small town known as Cody. We parked the car and had a walk around. Cody was small, but full of interesting things. As we stretched our legs from the long journey from Billings, we saw three people riding horses right there in the street! It was about noon and we were all hungry, so the next stop was a place called The Erma. The Erma was a restaurant named after Buffalo Bill’s wife, Erma. To put it simply, the place was magnificent. It had green wallpaper with very ornate wood carvings. The tables, the chairs, even the bar and the mantle were carved from wood. Everyone sat themselves down and looked through the menu. I still remember what I had because it was so good, it was a buffalo burger, if you’re ever in the Erma, I certainly recommend getting the Buffalo Berger. Well we were filled up and ready to explore Cody. The next thing that I remember was that we were in a small store looking at what they have for us to remember the trip. I’ll tell you what we found; some toy cap guns for me and my little brother, Derek, some Indian dream catchers that are still hanging over our beds. We were also deputized when we bought some badges, so behave if you’re in Cody, or I have to come get you. When we left the store, a crowd was gathering along the street, you wouldn’t believe what was happening. There were some people all dressed up, getting ready to put on a show. Well all us Owens found a spot and watched, I climbed up a wood structure because I was really short, but now I could see clearly. The show was very funny; the bars on the jail were

removable, but when the sheriff saw that the prisoner was escaping he said,”Now you put those back!” so the criminal put them back. One other part I remember was when a guy rushed out of a stall to help his partner in a duel, he had toilet paper hanging out the back of his pants! I had a great time in Cody that day; it was so good that I still remember it today.

A Farewell Forever It was a fine and sunny morning for me that I should remember, Gosh it’s been half a year since I started school in September. This is great! I feel so cool, For I knew, this was the last day of school. Not many other children liked me because of my old ways, but they would all come in math, for my knowledge that I could lend. It was one of the worst years of my life, because I lost someone I could call my best friend. I left that day though, knowing all my troubles were to leave, because next year I would be attending E Achieve. I got to school and could hear it all around, Everyone was excited, and rather barking like a hound. I collected the last of my things, my memories, my thoughts, even though most of them were just tiny blots. The yearbooks were signed, and phone numbers were traded, though the boy- girl friendships often faded. I was feeling pretty good through the day, but after lunch I still had to attend the school play.

At lunch my friend Noah and I found a nice quiet seat. We just liked to talk, to joke and to eat. “Noah,” I said as we ate our hay, “Yes?” he asked; “In honor of this fine day, might you accompany me at the school play?” “Well that sounds like a plan! I’d like to bring some other friends if I may.” Noah was always a good person to me, especially because of our trouble shooting for each other we’ve done a time or three. The performance was about to start, so we all made our way. As I went I lost old Noah, searching franticly, calling, but it was no use, it was like looking for a needle in a bundle of hay. If on your last day if your friend you cannot be,

Alone I sat through the whole show still looking, hopeless and woe. My last day without the one that I actually like, it have been better if I just took a hike. what reason to be there? I could not see. It was all done, I am now free, yet still no Noah, where could he be? I looked and I walked, and I’ll tell you why. The one thing I had to do, to a person like a brother, I still had to say goodbye. I left that day feeling lower than anyone can go, to give him a proper farewell, instead I left him feeling some woe. Late in the summer, we met, our time to lend,

there I said farewell, hello again, my very good friend.

The Herald Times Reporter him. He says that he never really had many friends so

A Look in the Hometown

he drew dragons to give him something to care about. The friends that he did have though were very County, Wisconsin to meet Wesley Owen. He originally livedvaluable to him, the Mally family, and Noah Schizzle. in a place called Manitowoc, but he says that, “It was just so Wesley Owen is happy where he’s at. quiet and beautiful on all my trips that I had to live in Door County.” Anyway, how did he get to this point in life? He likes to visit his family and his friends often. If

Wesley Owen This week we go to the southern part of Door


It all started for Wes back in his childhood. Blessed there was one thing he could change, he said that he would leave everything the way it was, he likes his with a motivating family, academic talent, and a wide imagination; he started earning honors classes. This gave quiet life. He moved his parents up with him, but kept his old house for sentimental reasons, moving it to his him the chance to get ahead in school and earn college credits in high school. He took this opportunity and did well, property. He loves his family and wants to keep them together, Derek also lives on the ranch and the whole thanks to a little push from his parents. family splits the fee. Wesley spent two years at Franklin Elementary, his One thing that Wesley wants to do is go to fifth and sixth year. After that he went to Washington Jr. High, where he only spent one year. The next year, he and Europe. He has always wanted to see what is out his brother, Derek, became the first Owen generation to go there and is planning to go soon. This is Wesley Owen, to E Achieve Academy; an online school. This gave him morea content, and happy person. time in his day so that when he reached high school, he became a part time life guard for the Family Aquatics Center. His Grandpa, Dale Owen, got Wesley interested in the possibility of investing. Dale found a loophole that allowed Wes to get started sometime in the eighth grade. With his job, his education, and his investment accounts paying off, Wesley Owen went to and graduated college a pharmacist. After saving up, Wesley moved out into the world, away from his parents. He bought a pearl gold Firebird that he had always wanted and kept it well maintained. Later, he had a ranch built in the southern region of Door County. He married and continued as a pharmacist, but now he is writing a book series he says, but is keeping the titles to himself. All he is releasing is that they are about a group of friends going on a magical adventure. He also says that he hopes to make the books into movies some day.

What’s Coming

In his free time, Wes likes to draw dragons. He puts This Week we have snow coming! Be sure as much detail into them as he can, spending hours on one to close up the place and start up the stove because dragon. Dragons are very important to it’s going to get way down there to -10 degrease. Sunday and Monday look sunny, but Oh boy, the rest of the week is cloudy for our storm.

Final Book of Memories  

All my work, time, and effort.

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