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Offering a treat for all ages & every occasion , creative designs are made from all natural ingredient , taste our freshly baked Cupcakes today

s r e v o L e t a l o c Cho -

Dark Chocolate cake + cheese cream


Dark Chocolate cake + OREO

- Classic Chocolate cake+ cream cinnamon - Chips Chocolate cake + M&M’s / Ferrero-Roche/ Flutes

Vanilla Lovers -

Classic Vanilla+ Biscuit


Classic Vanilla+ cream cinnamon


Carrot Vanilla + cream cheese

- Classic Vanilla + Strawberry -

Classic Vanilla + Apple


Classic Chocolate cake + Kiwi

Fruit Lovers

- With Cream Cheese & Biscuit - With Cream Cheese & Cinnamon

Coee Lover s

t e v l e V d e R


With Cream Cheese


With Cream Cheese & Strawberry

Mimi's Cupcakery menu