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In this issue Mas Sajady,Laura Day,Dee Wallace,amazing organic winter dishes & tranquil getaways.

Mas Sajady The Man & The Healer  

After two near death experiences, Mas Sajady received special abilities to guide and empower you to connect with your higher self and embrace total abundance.   Click here   Take a moment to enjoy a quick podcast interview with Mas Sajady & Dr.Tranquility In this quick interview:

After two near death experiences, Mas Sajady received special abilities to guide and empower you to connect with your higher self and embrace total abundance.   Click here   Then a special gift just for you from Mas: Click here for 2 free Medihealings (Value $70) Mas is live…Join him! December 16, 2016: December 19, 2016: January 29, 2017: Awaken Fair: Mas’ link is here 144203316056564/ and here:

person  and Awaken Fair will be here: February 10-12: Conscious Life Expo, LA, California: 2017-expo/welcome.html May: 2017: Mind Body Spirit Festival, UK: September 29-October 1: Des Moines, IA: October 16-25: Cruise to the Greek Isles:

Mas Sajady: Click here  

Dr.Tranquility Talks

The Incredible Intuitive

By Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Belton PhD.,Ct.H.A

When I first sat down to think of the questions I would ask the amazing Laura Day I wanted the questions to be frank,comfortable and easy to respond to. What I was given were responses that were open, with an unbridled honesty & beautifully written with clarity of thought and purpose. Join us. Dr.T : When did you first understand how to utilize your intuitive abilities? LD: In a dysfunctional family like the one I grew up in, when you are different, you figure that it is not a good thing. I was always aware that I felt and knew things that others believed were “impossible” to know and I sometimes got myself into difficult situations by voicing these things. Intuitive information can be very intrusive for others when you just “spout it out” as a child does. Then, in my early twenties, I saw a T.V. show on one of my science nerd channels on ESP and it described exactly what I was experiencing, not as a defect but as a gift. I called one of the doctors who was leading these experiments and I became a test subject. It gave me both a wonderful framework and disciplined training. One of the experiments with me was televised and I had an instant following although I still really wasn’t sure what to call what I could do. I received further training by different concerns, drug companies, doctors, business people asking me “can you predict x or y” and I would say “ I don’t know, but I am happy to give it a try”. It also trained me to be accurate in ways that could be proven, as business and

medicine like facts! They don’t care about subjective impressions. They demand details that can be verified. I was also very fortunate to be “discovered” at a time when medicine and other sciences were interested in the study of E.S.P. Dr.T : As an amazing and prolific writer who is a New York Times best- selling author, world renowned speaker, business consultant and coach, and intuitive healer, what is your most favorite aspect of your work and why? LD: I have always wanted to be a writer and I really enjoy creating something with words on a page. However, my favorite aspect of my work is teaching others how easily they can access accurate information themselves and how they can use it to improve their lives, businesses and communities. There is a beautiful intimacy to intuition. When you uncover it, you are really aware that we are transparent. Only our brains ability to repress intuition keeps us “private” in any way. I know this when people experience me, and I love the moment when it dawns on a student, that we are all intimately connected, None of us are strangers. Then, when we add healing to the mix, the ability to make someone else’s body or life work through a simple transfer of energy, it is pure magic in the most grounded and practical sense. You really realize that anyone can help you find your answers or help to heal your pain or your life and the way our society tends to divide people into “somebodies and nobodies” just evaporates. I do love doing intuitive reading. Moving inside of a person or company, forward, backwards, sideways in time and reforming their framework to help them achieve their goals. The same is true of healing and the secret is that the healer is healed as well! Dr.T: Newsweek-Business has named you the “$10,000-a-Month Psychic”. How do you see the correlation of corporate America, Wall Street, and intuition? What is the one thing that can be done by each of us to enhance our intuition for the betterment of our careers? LD: Business uses whatever works. I like this spare practicality. They don’t have to believe in it. If it works, they do it. Business like life, is exciting but also hard and full of lots of unexpected events. I enjoy making the unpredictable more predictable and the experience of addressing future problems in the present! I have experienced both business and medicine as very open to intuition when it simply does its job and doesn’t come with a whole belief system tacked on to it. My first clients in the early 1980’s were in business, politics and medicine. Of course, they may not want to advertise that they are using you to the public or their board of directors because there is some stigma attached but I have found business very open to, again, whatever works. Dr.T: Any advice for budding intuitives? LD: Anyone who has trained in intuition has a first hand experience of the almost imaginary separation between self and other. It can engender very community oriented thinking and behavior.

As with every gift there is an edge. Intuition, if you don’t have good boundaries, can also make you take on others feelings, problems and attitudes as your own. This can cause illness, codependant, self- destructive behavior and all kinds of other problems. In my book, HYPERLINK "" How To Rule The World From Your Couch, which is a psychic textbook, I spend a lot of time helping you know when thoughts, feelings or actions aren’t your own but motivated by intuitive intrusion. That is why the most accurate intuitives do not always make good decisions and are not always the most functional people. I offer many different kinds of seminars. Some are trainings for people who want to use intuition and healing as a marketable skills or more effectively in their own lives, communities. professional practices or companies. Some, like The Circle, are to help you engage all of you abilities, intellect, the subconscious, goal setting, intuition, healing, in an organic way to create a specific outcome in your life or company. The Circle is also a process that creates an intuitive/ healing community so that each participant can get this kind of support without “hiring” a psychic or a healer! Dr.T: Catch information,videos,meditations,media,events Laura Day's Nationwide Circle and Practical Intuition Seminars & So much more Bestselling author Laura Day has spent three decades helping individuals, organizations, scientists, celebrities, business executives,communities and companies use their innate intuitive abilities to create profound changes in their lives.Her work has helped demystify intuition and demonstrate its practical, verifiable uses in the fields of business, science, medicine and personal growth. Laura has been featured in many publications including Newsweek, New York Magazine, The Independent, Bottom Line, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire &People magazines. CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America, The View. DrTranquility/Lydia Belton, PhD, Ct.H.A. is a mental health expert with a background in Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard University's Mind- Body Institute, and Columbia University's Rosenthal Center in Botanical Medicine & the British School of Complementary Medicine,Harley Street,London UK. Featured expert for Fox5 Good Day NewYork ,The View,Glamor,Kiss FM,Chicago Tribune, & Published on You'll find her on Therapy® On The Debbie Nigro Show nationally syndicated segment WGCH 1490 am. Listen in while you drive or stream us live! DrTranquility’s protocols® have been featured most recently on & Yahoo,, ABC’s the View, KISS FM,, Metromix for the Chicago Tribune, British Glamour, REDBOOK, Cosmopolitan Magazine,promoted by , expert appearances BBC RADION LONDON 94.9FM DRIVETIME WITH EDDIE NESTOR & Date Therapy® On The Debbie Nigro Show!


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Dr.Tranquility Talks with Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace The actress,the lady, the healer,the inventor(BuppaLaPaloo more about that later) & The Interview a DrTranquility Talks moment Q & A with the incomparable Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace Dee Wallace;the actress,the lady, the healer Q & A with Dee Wallace 1.You have an expression looking at the poop "What is looking at the poop?" Poop happens in life,unfortunately . What we do is say wow look at the poop and say? "Wow look how dark it is" "Wow look how smelly it is" "Look how deep," " It's dark not light " "what do I do with this poop?" "So where's the pony?" 2.The focus needs to be on the pony so that your I M (message) from the universe is the pony and not the poop! Once you do you will have the pony(s). How did you make your transition from amazing actress to amazing guru? I don't look at it as a transition it's an inclusion these are all parts of me. You don't had to make a decision about what you do only who you are. This is just an extension of Dee wallace and her Bright Light. 3.You have the power to get to the home of you but you have to choose to get there...E.T. Until he said I am going to get home no matter what he couldn't put the phone to record player until he chose to go. You do have the power to get home but you have to choose. Our way to get home is through love of ourselves. 4. Are we able to hear the messages of truth? "Who am I to tear messages of the truth and the universe? We all do have the power! " God said I am that I am" "That is the grace of power that we have to give ourselves permission to give ourselves again" "I am the light"

"I am the truth" "You must claim it for the creation of it" Find her on & everywhere! shows,books,speaking engagements and more! Catch her shows:Awakening Zone network,Blogtalk & many digital radio networks! This is an excerpt taken from an exclusive interview on DrTranquility Talks. Catch Dee Wallace in her exclusive interview with Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Dr.Tranquility Talks exclusively on,along with Dr. Joe Vitale,Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dee Wallace and many more! "For me a long luxurious bubble bath and a dvd of some series that I loved catching up on all of the episodes in one shot . Such as Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Bull. This is not the time for CNN as much as I love it. Complete with must have munchies,a comfy sweatshirt,leggings slouchy soft socks." Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Sometimes you simply must...Stop,Breathe. What Do you do to relax? Write us and let us know,and we will put it in our next issue.

A Winter Getaway Arrow Park Lodge, a New York landmark and New York historic hotel, was commissioned and built in 1909 by Julia Cooper and Schuyler Schieffelin.

ArrowPark A Page Out of History Using the services of renowned architects Bowen Bancroft Smith, the house was made as much a part of its site as the lake. Some say it seems to grow right out of a bowl- shaped hollow on the side of a steep valley, near a thirty foot waterfall. The house is of considerable historical and architectural significance. In The Architectural Record, Vol. XL, published in 1916, the nature-inspired tiles Mr. Bowen Smith chose for the first floor are called “real works of art.� A link to the article is below. The Schieffelin family came from Swabia, a region that is now in both Germany and Switzerland. After immigrating to New York City, the family increased their wealth by becoming druggists (pharmacists). Schuyler Schieffelin and Julia Cooper, prior to moving to Monroe, were living in Tuxedo Park. Rumor has it that Schieffelin, a great friend of Edward William Harriman who owned property in Monroe, became angry when Harriman was denied the purchase of a house in Tuxedo Park. It is said that in

solidarity to his friend, Schieffelin bought 600 acres from Mr. Harriman and began construction on this wonderful home containing many important architectural and design elements of the Arts and Crafts movement in America. In 1948, the house was sold to AROW Farms, Inc. AROW, the American Russian Organized Workers, a group of politically progressive Slavic immigrants were from the boroughs of New York City and Newark. AROW was looking for a place of rest and recreation for their children in the countryside. The former Schieffelin mansion and grounds were deemed ideal. With hiking trails, gardens, a large lodge and lake, it proved to be the perfect location for the inception of Arrow Park. Attendance was popular and Arrow Park soon grew into a lively social club with bungalows, a lodge and a large dance pavilion. The initial investors all volunteered their time to run the park and facilities. Many built houses close by so that they could enjoy the park during their retirement. The park was large enough to have community gardens, cultural events, dances and concerts of all varieties. Pete Seeger was a regular performer as were many folk acts of the 60s, drawing thousands of visitors. Today, Arrow Park remains a haven from hectic life. It’s roots as New York family resort and its honored position as a New York historic hotel are forever tied together. We look forward to your visit with us and hope it will become a long-standing family tradition as it has for us. A Day At America's Oldest Winery By Dee McSweeney & Dr.Tranquility-Lydia The Brotherhood Winery with its extraordinary old- world charm is located in the quaint, picturesque village of Washingtonville, NY. Founded in 1839 by Jean Jaques (pronounced “John Jakes”), the underground cellars, still in use today, are the largest hand excavated cellars inAmerica. Jesse and Edward Emerson, two New York City wine merchants who were very good customers of the Jaques family, used the Jaques’ wine to improve another blend of wine from an organization called The Brotherhood of New Life. Eventually, the Emersons purchased the Washingtonville ,N.Y. Winery and hence, The Brotherhood Winery name was born.

The winery’s success was “continuous” even throughout prohibition, due to its large stock of sacramental wine used for religious ceremonies. Due to the high quality of the wine, it is not surprising that during this time, the clergy population increased significantly. Although laden with rich history, the Brotherhood Winery offers a choice of unique, modern-day, on-site venues for every event imaginable. Whether it’s the wedding of your dreams, a milestone anniversary, birthday party celebration or you want to host an impressive corporate event to impress your colleagues – look no further. The stunning, 5,000 square foot Grand Monarque Hall with its gorgeous 19th century stone structure, impressive wooden beams, gorgeous hard wood floors, wrought iron chandeliers and a ceiling that rises toward the stars is a sight to behold. Vinum Café has a 50-person banquet room and seats 140 in the restaurant. Serving the finest continental French cuisine, Vinum Café also offers outdoor dining, with a patio that accommodates over 100 people with complete privacy. In addition, flanked by mid-1800 vast stone structures is the Mansion, where one can sit and enjoy the ambiance from several outdoor areas. Oh . . . and let’s not forget the gift shop! There’s a little something for everyone here. Hand-made specialty items, apparel with interesting slogans, jewelry, kitchen accessories, serving platters and more. This one-stop shop carries goods from local artisans and abroad. Gwen Sutherland-Kaiser, resident mixologist for Brotherhood, sells her “Intoxicated Zodiac” line, an array of wine glasses, goblets and shot glasses adorned with zodiac symbols. The never-ending amenities, such as the comfortable gazebo that overlooks a vineyard and large portion of the property’s 83 acres, delights all visitors. The inviting, spacious patio provides several options for outdoor entertaining. With plenty of room for a DJ or live band, guests and visitors enjoy dancing the night (or day) away. During the weekend, there was a “grape stomping” contest, where volunteers were in competition for prizes to “see who could stomp out the most wine”. One of the volunteers said, “Ever since ‘I Love Lucy’, I’ve always wanted to do this!” There are

many enjoyable activities and demonstrations for the entire family to partake in. Tours and wine tastings, lead by veteran employees Mr. Dave Bechtle and Mr. Rick Walls, are an educational experience. Both gentlemen were very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. Mr. Bechtle has been with the winery since 1976! Brotherhood Winery has a long and varied of award- winning wines. It was interesting to learn that Merlot is the best-selling red wine in the world, and Pinot Noir is the best-selling wine in the United States. Pinot Noir is referred to as “the little black dress” of the wine family, because it goes with everything and will not overpower one’s meal. Also very interesting was Brotherhood Winery’s Rosario Wine, “aka – grape juice with a kick”, a traditional recipe developed initially as altar wine for church. Then there was the famous Brotherhood’s Riesling, with its own special modern history. Brotherhood’s Riesling made its debut at the White House when the Clintons realized there was no domestic wine in the home. They selected 2 wines from each wine producing state and Brotherhood’s Riesling, was one of the two New York State wines and a landmark of the Administrations wine list. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton purchased Brotherhood’s Dry Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon for a State Department function in 2011. Last, there is Brotherhood Winery’s Holiday Spiced Wine mentioned in our last issue, which carries the colonial tradition of mulled wine that goes back to a time in our country preceding the Revolution. This wine’s sweetness is moderate, with hints of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and allspice. With spring just around the corner, it’s always a fun, active time of year. What better way to spend time with family and friends this winter season which is seemingly on going hanging out in the kitchen and creating dishes like Annette’s “Holiday” Beef Stew, “Holiday” Turkey Vegetable Chili and more! Brotherhood Winery includes a complimentary recipe pamphlet with purchase, or you can pick one up when your next visit.One of my personal favorites was Carroll’s Mead, a honey-based, specialty wine. It is the oldest beverage known to man.,how incredible. According to legend, when a knight would return in triumph from battle to King Arthur’s Round Table, Sweet Mead was traditionally served as a way of eradicating the battle scars.great for this time of year,especially on the east coast. Come to Brotherhood step back in time and enjoy a day filled with learning,tasting and dining at this premiere destination after all it is America's Oldest Winery and it's in the Hudson Valley. Historical tours run several times throughout the day. Be a part of the unique Brotherhood legendary history. Adults will enjoy learning about the winemaking process and on-site historical buildings, where you can enjoy tastings & tours great for groups or perhaps a girls afternoon out. The kids will think the underground cellars are are really cool and they will love the activities they offer like" Stomping of The Grapes" as well as many other events. Visit their web site for the weekend activities.

After your tour enjoy a relaxing meal,music with of course some amazing wine (indoors or outdoors) at Vinum Café, where their award- winning chef creates the delectable dishes presented flawlessly. In fact Zagat has consistently given high ratings of the Zagat Restaurant Guide. So enjoy an wonderful afternoon & Bon Appétit!



history begins in 1839, when Jean Jaques, a farmer and cobbler by trade, founded what would become Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville, New York. To day, this Hudson Valley institution continues its mission of producing premium wines that can be found all over the world, while winery visitors tour the same cellars handdug by Jaques himself. The book hallmarks nearly two centuries of the winery’s history—through the industrial era, world wars, Prohibition, America’s changing tastes in wine, economic recessions, and a devastating fire —and celebrates the owners and stakeholders who contributed to its longevity through loyalty, perseverance, and sheer innovation. A remarkable collection of rare images illustrate the text, stories and anecdotes—as well as the facts—with more than 350 photographs, wine labels, documents, memorabilia, and advertisements, culled from private and public collections, and carefully restored by the author. Most of the images and documents have never been published before, or seen outside of Brotherhood Winery. A timeline places the winery’s milestones over 175 years in the context of American history. “Through the photos, documents, and writings in this book we can place Brotherhood not only in the context of American viticulture and the country’s ever- changing tastes in wines, but also in the broader landscape of American history. We can also look ahead, to what it means to preserve and restore this rich history, and what it will forecast for the next centuries to come."Adam Strum, Editor and Publisher, Wine

Enthusiast Magazine www.brotherhood-

From Vineyard To Orchard The Hudson Valley Doesn't Disappoint

Recipes Straight From The Farm

Dr. Eisen's Organic Pumpkin SoupRecipe Holistic Chiropractor It can be made for 4 people or up to 8. It is clean & pure and simply delicious. Use smaller amounts for 4 people and full recipe for 8 people. Ingredients 1-1 1/2 cups of fresh or canned Organic Pumpkin 1-2 packages of fresh organic baby carrots 6-10 cups of spring water Fresh shredded Ginger root to taste Organic Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt to taste Cracked pepper to taste Creme Fraiche Fresh Organic Pomegranate seeds In a large soup pot, place water, pumpkin and carrots and bring to a boil. Lower the heat to a simmer and cover until softened about 20 minutes. Simmer for an additional 30 minutes. Add fresh shredded ginger root and salt to taste. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. In divided portions, place about 2 cups of soup and mix in a blender to puree. Return soup mixture to large bowl and place in the refrigerator overnight. Soup can be served warm or chilled with a dollop of creme fraiche and throw in some pomegranates for a tangy and sweet blend of flavors. Creme Fraiche Recipe When I developed my pumpkin soup recipe 2 years ago on the eve of Thanksgiving, I ran all over town looking for some creme fraiche none to be found after going to 5 stores. Dejected but not

deterred, I bought some heavy cream and buttermilk and made now own! Ingredients: 1 cup pasteurized Organic heavy cream 1 tablespoon Organic Buttermilk There are two methods for making creme fraiche both work. One is to blend both ingredients into a Mason jar and cover with plastic wrap. Place in a warm dark place and allow to sit for 24-36 hours. The second method is to heat up the heavy cream to about 40C. Remove from heat and place in a bowl or Mason jar and cover with plastic wrap. Place in a dark warm cupboard and stir mixture every 6-8 hours. Creme fraiche should be ready in 24-36 hours. Enjoy!

French Meadow Bakery Gluten- FreeOnion Tart with Cantal & Caramelized Apples Makes one 8-inch tart Tart Shell •

11⁄2 cups all-purpose flour

3⁄4 cup unsalted butter

1⁄4 cup lard or duck fat

1⁄2 cup ice water

Pinch of salt

1. In a food processor bowl fitted with metal blade, pulse flour with butter and lard

or duck fat until it is the consistency of cornmeal 2. Add water and salt and process for 30 seconds, or until it forms a ball. Flatten the ball of dough, wrap in plastic wrap, and allow to rest for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator 3. On a board or work surface lightly dusted with flour, use a rolling pin to roll out dough into 10-inch circle with a thickness of 1⁄8 inch. Line an 8-inch tart pan with the dough and chill tart shell for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator 4. Preheat oven to 325°F 5. Prick bottom of tart shell with the tines of a fork and line it with parchment paper or wax paper. Weigh down paper with some dried beans, lentils, or rice 6. Blind bake tart shell for 20 minutes. Remove paper and beans and continue to bake for another 10 minutes so that bottom dries out a bit. Remove from oven and reserve until needed Filling •

1⁄4 cup olive oil

1 onion, thinly sliced

8 sage leaves, 2 chopped and 6 whole

2 Tbsp unsalted butter

2 Tbsp sugar

1 apple (Gala, Fuji, or any tart-crisp variety), cored, peeled, if desired, and cut into small dice

1 Tbsp sherry vinegar

1⁄2 cup grated Cantal or white Cheddar

1. Heat olive oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. Add onions and cook slowly,

stirring frequently, until they are golden brown; about 10 minutes 2. When onions start to color, add chopped sage and season to taste with salt and pepper 3. When onions are totally caramelized, about 15 minutes, remove from heat, transfer to a bowl, and set aside 4. In same pan, melt butter with sugar, add apples, and sauté over high heat until lightly browned, about 10 minutes. Deglaze the pan with sherry vinegar and cool 5. Layer caramelized onions on the bottom of the reserved, prebaked tart shell and sprinkle with cheese. Evenly distribute the apples on top of the cheese. Custard •

1 cup heavy cream

6 large egg yolks

1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

Salt, to taste

Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

1. Heat the cream until it is slightly warm and whisk it into the egg yolks 2. Season custard with salt, pepper, and Dijon mustard, and pour it over the filling in the shell (above) 3. Place the whole sage leaves on top 4. Bake the tart until the custard is set, about 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool before cutting and serving Recipe courtesy of Culinary Institute of America’s Mediterranean Cooking (2013, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). Croque Monsieur 2 slices French Meadow Bakery Gluten Free Multigrain Bread 1 egg 1⁄4 cup milk 1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard 1 slice thick-cut ham

1 slice swiss cheese 2 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese

Combine egg, milk and mustard in shallow baking dish. Add bread and soak for a few minutes, flipping over after a minute. Place slice on hot pan sprayed with cooking spray. Layer on ham, swiss cheese and parmesan cheese. Top with other slice of bread and apply pressure to press sandwich together. Cook for about 2-3 minutes. Carefully flip over sandwich and cook for another minute or two, until golden brown.

French Meadow Bakery Gluten- Free “It’s Greek to Me” Pizza Herb & Mushroom Gluten Free Stuffing Garlic Paste Ingredients: 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 clove garlic, roast Pizza: French Meadow Bakery Gluten-Free Pizza Crust 1 oz baby spinach, shredded 2 oz feta cheese, crumble Kalamata olives, pitted and sliced sundried tomato pieces, sliced. Make a paste with garlic and oil and let stand for up to 3 days. Remove one French Meadow Bakery Gluten- Free Pizza Crust from packaging. Brush GF pizza crust with garlic infused olive oil as the “sauce” layer. Artfully garnish with the remaining ingredients. Place in a 400°F oven for 5-10 minutes. This is a very light and healthful pizza. *Variation: Options for a more hearty pizza, spread black olive tapenade as the “sauce” and add remaining ingredients on top and bake.

Dr. Tranquility, Lydia Suggests: Mediterranean meals such as Italian or Greek are so healthy make one for your friends or even better for yourself...A whole new take on "Brown Bagging It." Mediterranean meals such as Italian or greek are so healthy because they utilize olive oils, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and let's not forget that basil. Basil is wonderful's bacteria inhibiting make that "bad" bacteria, it has flavinoids which we

are going to talk more about in a sec., it's an anti-inflammatory, vitamin A, improves blood flow, it's a relative of of peppermint(no great shocker another with antibacterial,great for alertness,and stomach among so many other uses), and well yes it tastes amazing and really enhances theflavor of... well just about anything. Garlic, don't even get me started here this article will go on for days anti- fungal, antibiotic,lowers cholesterol and if I start telling you about the benefits to your Cardiovascular system well if I go here we really be here all day let's just say lowers blood and sugar levels, cleanses blood, reduces blood pressure,great remedy for colds from a nasal & respiratory, is rumored to aid against snoring, and get this one has been touted as an aphrodisiac,(as long as you are both partaking). How about adding in some yummy pasta if you are not in the Arthur Ave vicinity and there in no Little Italy near by why not try Bertolli (in your grocery fridge )they have some good pastas and many variations, but try to make the sauce yourself I will give you a quick and easy recipe in just a moment. That is one of the true benefits of the Mediterranean diet everything is fresh..this is key! For bread I recommend French Meadow Bakery gluten free tortilla follow direction Okay try one of my quick and easy favorites (I get complements all the time and it's soooo easy). 1 blender or food processor(I prefer blender and don't turn on until everything is in) Fresh tomatoes on the vine( peel a bit of the skin a great face mask. It can take a moment for the redness from the skin to fade on your face but it will usually with in minutes but do not risk...refrigerate. If You can't find fresh on the vine which you should be able to grab a can of peeled San Marzanos in juice with basil, WHOLE, into blender & make yourself a virgin bloody mary with the juice. Keep 1 tomato to the side. Finely sliced garlic 1-2 cloves small garlic bulbs & 1 white or Vidalia onion (caramelize toss in pan allow to brown add a tiny bit of olive oil to get it moving) put 2 tablespoons to the side put the rest in basil I use a lot washed toss them in 1 sprig of rosemary(also awesome for the blood,digestion, & amazing for headaches) 1 sprig of rosemary(also awesome for the blood,digestion &amazing for headaches)

ARE YOU AND YOUR LOVIE MEATATARIANS? (ME TOO) ok so: Hot and sweet sausage cook together again splash of olive oil in caramelized onion/garlic pan, springing of crushed dried fennel seeds adds more flavor especially when you also add in basil. Freshly grated Pecorino Romano(parmesan) or if not do it your way but it's on you trust me this kicks it over the top. Put all ingredients into blender NOW you may turn it on blend thoroughly dump into sauce pan on medium low heat while pasta cooks and your all set. Grab your cooked French Meadow Bakery tortilla top with sliced or simply spread around can tomato, onion, a little fresh basil,grate cheese right on top that's your app/ or simply on the side!

DON'T FORGET THE RED WINE AND THOSE FLAVONOID BENEFITS! PS If single keep it to a half bottle (yes that does include the amount you use to cook and spend a little time pampering yourself while you do it! DrTranquility's Wellness Walk & As We Can't Leave Out My Other home home away from California .During Harvest Season To find more on

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The Day Paradise Was Lost By Merida Light

There was something not quite right, so I put on my “big girl shoes”, acted brave, and asked, “Do you remember when I said ‘When you begin to lie and deceive me, we’re done’?” Those were the only words I could muster while resisting an anxiety attack, and I’ll remember them for the rest of my life. The love of my life, my Prince, the most charming and kind man I had ever met responded, “Yes.” What I was about to learn would change my life completely. I met my too-good-to-be-true Prince 5 years prior on September 15 after a very challenging first marriage. I had been with my first husband for 15 years, through his Multiple Sclerosis illness, his anger and narcissism, and our two separations. Upon his second exit from our home, I’m sure I was exhausted with survivor’s guilt and PTSD because there’s no other way to describe it. Synchronistically meeting my Prince at age 38, I was sure it was nothing less than Divine Intervention. He didn’t live near me, just happened to be doing something heartfelt and caring for colleagues in my small town, represented everything on my “ideal partner wish-list”, had

also experienced caring for his first wife with terminal illness, and treated me like a Princess. I fell for him completely, and so did my friends and family. I would tell everyone how I was madly in love I was, how well he treated me, and all of the kind things he did for me not just occasionally, but daily and for over 5 years, I renamed my home “Paradise”. I was so happy it was “ridiculous” and thanking God, I knew this was finally my time to enjoy my dream career, my dream relationship, and my dream home. My Dream. And then my dream and Paradise vanished in less than 18 minutes on December 15 after asking that fateful question. My fallen Prince offered full disclosure of his double-life; he was a Sex Addict/Sexaholic. My knees buckled as he told me of the women, pornography, compulsive masturbating, sexting, and strip clubs. And my world, as I thought it was, collapsed around me in slow motion. Have you ever experienced a situation in your life where you mapped out all of your options and hated every single one of them? I told him to “get the hell out”, but I was miserable without him. I wanted to believe and understand sexaholism as a disease, while my mind argued he was simply an uncaring, selfish sociopath. I wanted to believe and trust in him again, but many know that “if an active addict’s lips are moving, (s)he is lying”. I was frozen physically, mentally and emotionally, uncertain of what to do, in what I now call “the meantime”, which felt like an eternity. What I did do immediately was cry harder and scream louder than I ever had before, was tested for STDs, found a therapist who specialized in sex addiction, entered the rooms of a 12-step program, and began reading as much as I could, determined to decipher the difference between a sexaholic and a partner that cheats (if there truly was a difference). According to Kathleen Nickerson, PhD, “The challenging thing about a sexual addiction is that some obsession with sex is healthy. We should have a libido that makes us desire sex. But it goes too far when the person cares more about the act itself than the other person involved. A sexual addiction most often manifests in one of two ways; substituting sex for love and pursuing different, varied, or extreme sexual activities that are focused on the sex acts, not on any type of connection between two people. Though the term “sexual addiction” is commonly used to describe a person’s condition, it’s often a sign of a deeper mental struggle. Sexual addiction is a fine descriptor, but it is likely incomplete. Typically we need to say more about what is going on with a person that is making them seek out the excessive sexual behavior.” Here are a few of the common signs of sex addiction according to The Colorado Sexual Recovery Center: It’s not about pleasure- Sex should be something we engage in for pleasure; to get closer to

someone we love and to connect with people we’re attracted to. For addicts, however, sex is a way to escape, feel a rush and get high. Sex is the number one priority- For sex addicts, thinking about, looking for and engaging in sex takes precedence over career, friends, hobbies, physical safety and all other activities. Excessive masturbation- Masturbation for an addict transcends a healthy behavior and becomes a habitual and obsessive exercise they are unable to control. There’s never enough- Addicts usually have multiple sex partners and cheat on their partners/ spouses. And yet for the sexually addicted, they are never satisfied and almost always looking for more. Pornography spirals out of control- Like Masturbation and sex with partners, pornography is often something for addicts that becomes an obsession. What is curiosity or an enhancement for some becomes a quick sex fix for the addicted and quickly dominates a large portion of their time. Sex addicts often approach phone sex, online hookups and paying for sex in the same way as pornography. No fear or recognition of consequences- As with drug addiction and alcoholism, as sex addiction progresses, life becomes harder to manage and even dangerous. Addicts who once said they’d never engage in certain behaviors constantly find themselves lowering their standards all in the name of getting a fix. The threats of unemployment, jail time or even death do not scare addicts in advanced stages of their disease. Extreme cases of sex addiction lead to criminal behavior like incest, rape, stalking or child molestation and pornography. ************** It has now been just over a year and a half since my partner and I embarked upon a journey of education, understanding, true honesty and recovery I never thought we’d be on. In fact, if you knew me or my partner you’d not only find it hard to believe that we suffer from the affects of sexaholism, but our personas would also be the least likely to be willing to admit it to anyone else, let alone write an article about it. (Remember, he was the Prince and I, the Princess) It is our hope to bring light, information and healing to a very “taboo” subject that few discuss and unfortunately, too many are affected by.

Today, I’m grateful he told me the truth and I’m even more grateful I asked. I’m still learning and have found there are resources that offer both the betrayed and the betrayer understanding, education, support, and hope. I promise you, healing is possible and it must begin by both partners loving enough to be honest with themselves and with each other.

Building the Relationship of Your Dreams

Building the Relationship of Your Dreams

Date TherapyÂŽ protocol the first step is to figure out what you are looking for in a relationship. In this age where online coaches are everywhere you turn and even people such as myself with a background in mental health, are offering their advice to you constantly. Interestingly enough it's the quieting of the external noise that truly allows us to recognize the knowing of what we want to come through as we actually know we simply get waylaid. So now let's have a little fun. Read #1 and begin - it only takes a moment. 1. Close your eyes just for a second. Taking a deep breath release it and as you breathe & picture just for a moment you are with your ideal partner laughing and having an amazing time. While continuing to inhale and exhale deeply, think about what they look like? Where are you on your dream date? What activity are you both engaged in? What about your dream date is so much fun? Deep breath again & notice how are you feeling? Repeat this a few times over the next couple of days with cell phone or pen & paper handy to jot down the information that comes up. This will only take a moment after the first time you give it a try. 2. The Stress Free First Date I think of all of the questions I am asked, this one is the all-time global favorites. So you have now connected via Tinder,, Matchmaker or your grandmother. One thing I always recommend is the pre-date phone call. It is a must and here is why: A) How do you know what to wear if you haven't spoken about the date ahead of time. If this brand new person isn't willing to invest in a quick phone chat... It's a hook up and not a date. Anyway how do plan to hike in those stilettos? Just coffee you say? Ok so Starbucks or at a great coffee place in the village Cafe Figaro for example at hmm say 8 with a great walk around the village an exciting possibility. A very different attire is indicated for a coffee date.

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indicated for a coffee date.

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The Elusive “Conscious Relationship” It is Self Perpetuating Mas Sajady Many of us have “Unconscious” relationships and we yearn daily for connection with work associates, friends, neighbors, children, parents, family members, and especially our romantic partners. I was recently asked what the term “Conscious Relationship” meant to me, and I was pleased to participate in the conversation. Because of my two near death experiences, I now have a unique perspective and am sharing my understanding of many topics globally. According to my multi-dimensional experiences and encounters with what I understand to be Exponential Intelligence, the definition of a Conscious Relationship is being completely aware of Yourself. It is not really about being in a relationship with other people. Conscious Relationship is the and connection between You and Your Higher-Self / Your Spirit-Self with true self-awareness. So perhaps that’s why the question about “Conscious Relationships” is being asked; because many of us are not aware of our true selves. A conscious relationship is where people with highly conscious self-awareness come together in a committed relationship and unite as independent beings rather than ‘entangled beings to help each other move forward much easier to a much higher level.

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A conscious relationship is where people with highly conscious self-awareness come together in a committed relationship and unite as independent beings rather than ‘entangled beings to help each other move forward much easier to a much higher level.

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A Conscious Relationship is not Time Bound That relationship will feel timeless o matter how long the relationship is; a few months or years, it will always feel as if you just met each other. When you work with me and/or Exponential Intelligence you will be pulled away from needy or negative relationships. Once you understand yourself at an inner level, then the external relationships begin to come in from a different perspective and become conscious. People who are in tune with themselves are drawn to and will attract conscious relationships; because it is a state of being. Conscious Relationship doesn’t work from the outside in; it’s not something that you do, it’s something that you are. As a result of who you are from that state of being, you exude that consciousness outside of you. Don’t Search… Once you are Conscious, the consciousness will Self-Perpetuate. Searching leads you outside of yourself, and when you are outside of yourself your are not present. Go internal. It’s not about how other people make you feel. Truly study and follow your own identity: Become more aware of every aspect of your life. You begin to see how other people interact with you, and you begin to see how you interact with other people who help you define what consciousness or a closer relationship is. Your level of internal awareness holds the key to the quality of your external relationships. Once there is clarity in your internal awareness, you naturally start to attract conscious relationships. The conscious relationship we are talking about is not with other people, it is really about how you interact with the environment around you. It is an interaction between you and how you identify who you are and where you are at a deeper spiritual level. Once you are awakened Conscious Relationships manifest automatically.

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Commandments For Lasting Fitness Success

It is not easy to stay motivated and train hard. Some times we feel strong and some times we just want to eat and watch TV. We need something or someone to wake us up and change our mind. Motivation is very important especially for those days when you just can't get going! Here is some help! 1. Take Responsibility. Take responsibility for becoming a " student " of your fitness success. Think logically about your training and nutrition. The best experience is your own experience. You will know your body and you will know exactly what your body needs at the right moment. 2. Dream Big!

Believe that getting in the best shape of your life is possible regardless of your age. 3. Invest in the Fitness Lifestyle. Go to the SPA, massage, take classes like kick boxing ,yoga or spinning,.... 4. For best results...Throw away your scale! It doesn't matter how much you weigh, it matters how much you look like you weigh.(muscle weighs twice as much as fat) 5. Drink more water10. Avoid high-sodium foods. Prefer chicken, fish, vegetables, salads and oatmeal... Strive to drink eight to ten glasses of pure water each day,, Eat small meals every two to three hours. 6. Become a morning person. You will burn two to three times more fat first thing in the morning on an empty stomach than any other time of the day. 7. Think high-intensity training. Stick to basic, compound, exercises to burn the most fat,

and add variety to enjoy each workout. 8. Have faith and patience. More is not better. Better is better! Be efficient and intense with your training, but not long. Limit yourself to three weekly trips to the gym, on non-consecutive days and guard against over training.For the last two commandments visit the Timea page, Facebook & everywhere!

Relaxation Response Can Influence Expression Of StressRelated Genes an article released by Massachusetts General Hospital How could a single, non-pharmacological intervention help patients deal with disorders ranging from high blood pressure, to pain syndromes, to infertility, to rheumatoid arthritis? That question may have been answered by a study finding that eliciting the relaxation response - a physiologic state of deep rest - influences the activation patterns of genes associated with the body's response to stress. The collaborative investigation by members of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Genomics Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) appears in the open-access journal PLoS One. "For hundreds of years Western medicine has looked at mind and body

as totally separate entities, to the point where saying something 'is all in your head' implied that it was imaginary," says Herbert Benson, MD, director emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute and co-senior author of the PloS One report. "Now we've found how changing the activity of the mind can alter the way basic genetic instructions are implemented." Towia Libermann, PhD, director of the BIDMC Genomics Center and the report's co-senior author, adds, "This is the first comprehensive study of how the mind can affect gene expression, linking what has been looked on as a 'soft' science with the 'hard' science of genomics. It is also important because of its focus on gene expression in healthy individuals, rather than in disease states." More than 35 years ago Benson first described the relaxation response, which can be elicited by practices including meditation, deep breathing and prayer; and his team has pioneered the field of mind/body medicine. Over the years, studies in many peer-reviewed journals documented how the relaxation response not only alleviates symptoms of psychological disorders such as anxiety but also affects physiologic factors such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption and brain activity. While it became evident that the relaxation response was the opposite of the well documented fight-or-flight response, the mechanism underlying these effects was still unknown. The current study was designed to investigate if changes in gene expression - whether specific genes are activated or more of this fascinating article released by Mass General in the Library of Benson is the Mind/Body Medical Institute Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, where Libermann is an associate professor of Medicine. Hasan Otu, PhD, of BIDMC Genomics Center is co-lead author of the PloS One study. Additional co-authors are Ann

Wohlhueter, Benson-Henry Institute; and Manoj Bhasin, PhD, Luiz Zerbini, PhD, and Marie Joseph, BIDMC. The study was supported by grants from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health. Massachusetts General Hospital, established in 1811, is the original and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. The MGH conducts the largest hospital- based research program in the United States, with an annual research budget of more than $500 million and major research centers in AIDS, cardiovascular research, cancer, computational and integrative biology, cutaneous biology, human genetics, medical imaging, neurodegenerative disorders, regenerative medicine, systems biology, transplantation biology and photomedicine. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is a patient care, teaching and research affiliate of Harvard Medical School and consistently ranks in the top four in National Institutes of Health funding among independent hospitals nationwide. BIDMC is a clinical partner of the Joslin Diabetes Center and is a research partner of the Dana- Farber/Harvard Cancer Center. BIDMC is the official hospital of the Boston Red Sox. I (Lydia-DrTranquility) Trained at Harvard Medical School's MindBody Institute now called The Benson-Henry Institute. I was very eager to share this amazing article with you!

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