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Dr. Roger Prize Recipients Catalysts in the Field of CAM $250,000 Prize realizes exponential impact in the future of health care The Dr. Rogers Prize highlights the important contributions of complementary and alternative medicine to health care. Awarded biennially. it is intended to recognize and reward people who have made significant contributions in the field. The largest prize of its kind in North

America, the first Dr. Rogers Prize was awarded in 2007. True pioneers in CAM, previous recipients of the prize have used the award to continue their ground breaking work. Dr. Hal Gunn and Dr.

Badri Rickhi, co-recipients of the 2009 prize, have each used the award to further research in their respective fields. Dr. Gunn, co-founder of InspireHealth, has utilized the funds fo r the Research Department at InspireHealth, as well as the development and research of Site Specific Immunotherapies, a novel cancer immunotherapy treatment that stimulates that body's innate immune system. Having achieved success with a spiritual approach to treatment of adult depression, Dr. Rickhi, Research Chair at the Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative


Medicine, has used the prize to develop and test a similar internetbased approach to treating adolescents. Dr. Rickhi firmly believes in keeping an open mind in the treatment of illness. ~lf we stay in the box, what we're trying to do is become better technicians. If we go outside the box - fo r me - that is what being a scientist is about." 2011 winner, Dr. Marja Verhoef, Research Chair in Complementary Medicine at the University of Calgary recognizes the importance of collaboration and is passionate about Whole Systems Research. She will use the Prize to improve the quality of CAM research and the CAM research training opportunities, ~CAM

treatment sys tems can only be done justice by research that

acknowledges their complexity and the interconnectedness of the various treatment elemen ts," says Dr. Verhoef. ~l t is not acceptable to say that we don't have such methodological approaches. If that is so - we need to develop them."

Dr. Rogers Prize Recipients Catalysts in the Field of CAM  

Previous winners of the Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine continue their groundbreaking work.

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