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An infographic on How to Write the Perfect Social Media Post /drmurray/an-inf ographic-on-how-to-write-the-perf ect-social-media-post/ Martin Meyer-Gossner is a web business strategist with sales, marketing, mobile and social media expertise in the media and technology business for more than 15 years. This original article appeared at: With his international consulting brand The Strategy Web™ (founded in 2008) Martin attends to connect business and organisations with consumers (or prosumers) – and opens eyes for new sales, marketing and customer … Read More

It is something we keep being asked seminar after seminar. What is the perfect status update looking like on Google+, Facebook or Twitter? Well, the answer is there is no secret sauce. Or maybe there is now? The guys from Mycleveragency have at least try to define it and put in as much knowledge as possible. If it helps when all tweet and chat on social platforms at the same times, I might doubt here but still…

Murray here: I hope you found this post as useful as I did. In the world of content marketing, a great inforgraphic tool like this is extremely helpful in navigating all the nuances of the various social media sites on the internet. My goal is to share as much as I know with everyone I know.

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An infographic on How to Write the Perfect Social Media Post