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Sustainability SCOPE Strategic plan •

To ensure our continuity in SCOPE work, SCOPE IT should create and submit the new SCOPE strategic plan for 2020-2023, and it will be including our global priorities in SCOPE: Global Health Education, and the social accountability, and this is important because it’s determined the new seas that we will discover in our amazing SCOPE ship.

Academic Quality in exchanges 1. Tutors recruitment: a. Create a creative simplified package that all NEOs can use it to tutors recruitment. b. Make introductory video to tutor. 2. Outgoing selection: Create Outgoings selection manual and to make a sustainable fair. outgoings selection criterion in all NMO’s with the internal development assistant collaboration. 3. Pre-Departure and upon arrival Trainings: a. Promote the new upon arrival training. b. Update the manual of the Pre-departure training. 4. Educational Activities: encourage all NMOs to initiate educational activities in their exchanges. 5. Last minute cancellation: analysis the capacity of each NMO and create a strategy to avoid the cancellation. 6. Handbooks: a. update all the handbooks. b. Increase the number of Department Specific Handbooks. 7. Ensure good handover within the IT and NEOs: a. Review and promote the use of Handover Manual. b. Promote the handover video and create a new one.

Database • • • • •

Mapping for New IT companies. Fix the automatic late CA’s encounter to end the era of late CA’s report. Ensure the stable work of the most vital functions of the database. Keep solving problems of the database in collaboration with SCOR E, EB and the IT company. Make the database combatable with the database mobile application.

Team Work SCOPE IT • • • • • •

Retain the positions of SCOPE internal development Assistant and the External development assistants. Ensure close and supportive work within a SCOPE International Team. Maintain the constant and supportive communication of SCOPE IT Member with NEOs. Keep NEO Buddies Group alive, empower more activity within NEO Buddies groups. Keep Mental Health Watch within the SCOPE IT. Start working on the Global Health Framework in SCOPE IT.

NEOs • • • •

Friendly approach to all the NEOs around the world and to make personal OLMs with NEOs and their RAs if/when needed. Keep Mental Health watch NEOs with the regional assistant’s collaboration. Maintain the current NEO buddy groups methodology and try to improve it. Motivate NEOs to take an active part in International work through joining International SWGs, Sessions Team, attending International Meetings.

Exchange students • •

Create database manual for exchange process that goes with the exchange students step by step in the database. Resolve any conflict that may happen in the exchanges especially the last minute cancellation from the hosting NMO’s.

Collaboration with SCORE • • •

Constant collaboration with SCORE Director on all the common topics, most important deadlines and the overall wholesome work of the Committees. PRET IOG’s: Promote the new PRET IOG’s to ensure the quality of the PRET’s around the world. ExWeek: a. Move to June – July since it’s the perfect time to promote the NMO’s exchanges before the August meeting contracts fair. b. Create promotional video between the two exchanges teams. c. Focus more on promotional materials during the Exchanges Week. d. Organizing capacity building Webinars. e. reach all people around the world in this through IFMSA Official social media accounts.

Collaboration with standing committees • • •

All standing committees: Regarding the newest Global Priority in SCOPE; Social Accountability. We will initiate new educational activities for exchanges people around the world mainly to increase their social accountability and knowledge diversity in the exchanges. Public health exchanges: a. Evaluate the current public health exchanges. b. initiate more exchange opportunities in the regions. c. Create Public health Pre-Departure training manual.

Collaboration with others • •

Collaborate with AIESEC and ERASMUS plus to overcome the visa issues in the EMR with EDA collaboration. Exchanges recognition: send mails to universities representatives (Heads, Deans, International Affairs departments, etc.) with EDA collaboration.

Regional Empowerment • • •

• • •

Closer Support for RAs in their regional meetings and attending their Regional Meetings and help on regional sessions at General Assemblies. Encourage Intra regional exchanges by asking the Regional Assistants to ask the NEOs sign more contracts between each other. Capacity Building: a. Increase TNET Trainers in needed regions. b. Keep the NEO-NORE weekend alive, empower more similar activities within the regions. PRET’s: Promote the new PRET’s IOG’s and insure the quality of PRET’s. Empower the newly active NMO’s by encouraging them to attend IFMSA Meetings, Fundraise and get more involved in our discussions. New Active NMO’s: a. Actively recruit exchange officers of non-active SCOPE NMO’s to activate them. b. Assist and provide as much support as possible to regional assistants in new NMO’s activation.

Accessibility • • • •

To create more exchange opportunities around the world. Create SCOPE Prezi Presentation that can be used in all SCOPE aspects. Create a general survival kit for the exchange students to each region. Webinars: a. Capacity building webinars for the NEOs. b. Database webinars for the exchange students to show them how to deal with the database step by step.

Be brave – go out of the box • •

• • •

Liaison Officer on Exchanges (LEX): The duties of LME now are huge so now it’s the time for Exchanges to have their own liaison officer. Database mobile application: Why we still using laptops! everything has mobile phone. application and we will have our own app! Now the IFMS have a SWG on creating the IFMSA application but since we are always unique we will create ours. SCOPE Initiatives: a. Keep on developing and following up on SCOPE Initiatives. b. Emerge exchanges for longer duration and exchanges in multiple departments. Exchange week: Try to find a new creative way to reach all the people around the world. FAQ File: Continue the initiative of creating comprehensive simplified FAQ for the NEOs, LEOs, exchange students. Bring more competitions to SCOPE (Instagram polls, SCOPE Sessions competitions)

IFMSA 3 General Assemblies 1 Pre-General Assemblies: TNET. 2 EMR 2 Pre EMR: TNT, 9 Steps to a Better Exchange workshop. SWGs: “How to improve AQ with Exchange Outcomes” & “Finances in Exchanges” Coordinator.


The 1st Eastern Mediterranean Summit on Tobacco Dependence Treatment – King Hussain Cancer Center (4 CME hours). Pharma International Company’s First CME Program (10 CME hours).

IFMSA-Jo 9 NGAs CCC: NGA 10, Emergency NGA 2017

OC in National breast cancer awareness campaign 2015 OC in IFMSA-Jo SCORA Xchange 2017 OC in National Benign Prostate hyperplasia campaign OC in National Promotional video campaign 2016 OC in JUST LC Food poisoning campaign 2016 OC in JUST LC Nano-conference campaign 2015 OC in JUST-LC Iftar Ramadan 2015, 2016 National training on Building Capacity and empowerment IFMSA-Jo structural reform taskforce team 2016/2017

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