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Emergency Dental Problems

Toothaches A dose of analgesics like acetaminophen can temporarily subdue the pain for about six hours. Cold compress helps too, while waiting for dental aid.

Knocked Out Tooth / Teeth Pick up the tooth or teeth, and very carefully rinse it well. Put it back in the socket and then go to the dentist immediately.

Broken Tooth Go to the dentist as soon as possible. Meanwhile, apply cold compress to reduce the swelling and clean the mouth by rinsing it thoroughly with warm water.

Foreign Body Stuck Between The Teeth Or Gums Take it out gently with a piece of dental floss, or toothbrush. If it cannot be pulled out do not force it in order to prevent further injury. Go the dentist in seek of emergency aid.

Bitten Tongue or Lip Gently wipe the area, apply cold compress to lessen the pain. Go to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment.

Broken Jaw If it seems that your jaw is broken after a traumatic incident, and some teeth may be affected, head to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment.

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Emergency Dental Problems  

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