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Welcome to TESI 06/2014 Two Years of Shining The Light For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Desiring To Attain Millionaire Status Should this be your first time visiting TESI, then we welcome you to our family and The Entrepreneur Success Institute blog as we celebrate 2 years in the making of developing moguls. I need to start by complimenting you on making the first stride towards developing your million dollar business. Everyone here calls me Dr. Ken, and as my bio proposes, I am the founder and CEO of Waterstone Management, a boutique counseling firm with a mission to help ambitious people and organizations achieve ULTRA SUCCESS. Through Morgan James Publishing, I released a book in 2013 entitled The New American Millionaires, a mogul handbook in the manner of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. Hill illuminated the exceptional characteristics of a percentage of the country's most renowned twentieth Century tycoons. In my book, after years of research, I share my own discoveries of the top 11 common traits that every millionaire mogul of the 21st Century share, and how you can make these traits work for you.

Since its inception in 2012, this online journal has not only provided the experience of the book, but further demonstrates how those 11 common traits are beneficial in ordinary life and business.

For two years now, via TESI, I have provided responses often, to basic business issues; I offer understanding for battling ambitious people, and I give the motivation it takes to venture to every part of the mogul way. And it is my intent to continue to do so. So please, don't at all be surprised when I respond to your inquiries. Myself being genuine rags to newfound wealth story; it continues to be my desire to impart to others the mysteries to my prosperity, and to the mysteries of the accomplishments of a variety of endless business moguls. These are not common, everyday people, but people who have dared to extend beyond themselves and their environment, to achieve and attain that which many say is unattainable. And I have been sharing these gems of knowledge, right here, at TESI, for two years now. My encouragement to you today, if you have not done so already, look closely at our Millionaire Mentoring opportunities and acquaint yourself with the 11 Traits that lead yearning ambitious people to tycoon status. Meanwhile, I trust you delight in the website and the knowledge it continues to give. My most excellent wish is to assist you on your path to wealth and to show and mentor you on all that it takes to accomplish your mogul dreams in the 21st Century, and I have already done so with countless others in America. Nothing would make me more content than to add you to the schedule. Thank you for considering TESI. There is no doubt that you will discover numerous profitable results, just as others in the past have as we continue on our journey of prosperity.

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About the Author: Dr. Ken Odiwé is the Founder and CEO of Waterstone Management, a boutique consulting firm helping entrepreneurs and companies reach their peak performance. He is also the founder of ‘The Entrepreneur Success Institute’. Dr. Ken is on a mission to share the secrets of The New American Millionaires with as many people as possible, so that they can experience the transformation that comes with increased wealth.

Welcome To TESI 06/2014!