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Change Can Be A BEAST In Business, But... CHANGE Is Not The Entrepreneurs Enemy: “Tame The Beast�

No matter how hard some naysayers try to fight change, CHANGE is not the enemy! We live in a fast paced world full of evolution and change on every level, and those that are not equipped for change, whether that is mentally or structurally, they are sure to get left behind. As we approach the world of entrepreneurship, and business growth, CHANGE is an entirely different BEAST and one to be reckoned with and received with open mind, hearts, and eyes if we desire ultimate success. Why do many oppose change? Some may feel that there is no need for change, that it is excessively unsafe, and causes undue stress (if it is not broken, then don't fix it), or that the methodology is simply untrustworthy particularly if the change goes against their qualities. Then there are some who see change as a 4-horned BEAST, and feel the need to get the Holy Water, crosses out, and call the neighborhood watch society! There are simply some people that are claustrophobic to change: Change-o-phobias I like to call them. This is where leadership TRUST comes in. Having a foundation of TRUST is critical during the process of change. Organization members need to feel secure knowing that they can trust the implementation of change. Should those phenomenal leaders that grasp the knack for communicating or making the vision clear to everyone, even those that are more resistant to change will be more flexible, open, and actively participate in the change. These leaders know

how to "Tame The Beast," and make the Trojan Horse the friend of the organization, versus the enemy that many members see when the BEAST of change is mentioned. Humor is scientifically known to aid in the recovery of sick people: Laughter is the cure for all ills. And guess what, there is room for humor in the work place and is needed to help build camaraderie, kinship, solidarity, and enhance mental adaptability, The pioneer with a comical viewpoint, who advertises a "light" climate in the working environment, will find it less demanding to execute change than will a tyrant pioneer. Cleverness helps us take a gander at issues from an alternate point of view and opens our synapses and brain waves to better approaches for doing things. It also leads a lighter pathway for others to follow and be more receptive to change. Many successful CEOs have used a myriad of games or challenges when implementing change in an organization, such as "Name That Baby" or "Name The Beast!" When members of an organization are included in implementing the change from the bottom up, they are much more receptive to it because per Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, their most basic but very important intrinsic needs of feeling secure and needed are being met. Helping ourselves as well as other people adjust to change might be a test, yet by everybody partaking the whole time and "fanning the flames" change will be all the more effectively acknowledged even as we grasp the inexorable. Subscribe to our newsletter for tons of freebies to help grow your business. BUT if you are really feeling “BEAST MODE” Join TESI, and learn more about Taming The Beast and growing your organization with other Transcending and Quintessential Leaders. Author: Dr. Ken Odiwé About the Author: Dr. Ken Odiwé is the Founder and CEO of Waterstone Management, a boutique consulting firm helping entrepreneurs and companies reach their peak performance. He is also the founder of ‘The Entrepreneur Success Institute’. Dr. Ken is on a mission to share the secrets of The New American Millionaires with as many people as possible, so that they can experience the transformation that comes with increased wealth.

Change Can Be A Beast For Entrepreneurs..  
Change Can Be A Beast For Entrepreneurs..  

Tame The Beast!