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Dr. Jesse Stoff MD Member of the American College of Longevity Medicine, 1995-2000

Selected Lecture Engagements "Immune Reconstitution in the Face of Severe or Chronic Disease" ACAM, San Diego, CA., 11/19/04 "Applied Clinical Immunology in a Family Practice Setting " ACOFP, Anaheim, CA., 10/23/04 "Clinical Immunotherapy in the Face of Cancer" ICIM, Atlanta, GA.,10/10/04 "Nutritional Immune Support Following Chemo-therapy" ICIM, Atlanta, GA.,10/9/04 "Immune Reconstitution in the Face of Severe and Chronic Disease" Am Coll of Osterpathic Family Physicians, Anaheim, Ca., 10/25/03 "Immune Reconstitution as a Therapeutic Option for Hepatitis C", Hepatitis Update 2002, American Liver Foundation/ University of Arizona School of Medicine, 5/4/02. "Immune Reconstitution as a Therapeutic Option for Patients with Cancer", Latest 21st Century Medical Advances in the Treatment of Cancer and Aging, AMCI, Seattle, WA, 4/13/02. “Treating Prostate Cancer with Immune Stimulating Therapies�, Cancer Treatment Centers of America October, Tulsa, Ok 2/2001 "Clinical Immunomodulation for the Correction of Chronic Diseases", 34th International Congress of the Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine, Pittsburgh, Penn., 9/17/00 "Prostate Cancer: the Nutrient/Infection Links", 9th Annual Scientific Symposium, IAACN, Las Vegas, NV 8/24/00. "The Integrated Approach to Cancer Immunology", University of Arizona School of Medicine Integrated Medicine Fellowship Program, Tucson, AZ, 8/16/00. "Cancer and Immunology: A Holistic Perspective", Spring Symposium on Herbal Medicine, Black Mountain, NC, June 5-7, 1999.

"Changing the Medical Paradigm For the 21st Century", A Specialty Laboratories Seminar, Santa Monica, CA, February 18, 1999. "Philosophical Approach to Cancer Therapy Using Breast Cancer As A Model", Clinical Nutrition Advisory Committee meeting, Dana Point, CA, January 29-30, 1999. "Trends in Alternative Medicine", 24th Annual Gulf Coast Internal Medicine Conference, Pensacola, FL, February 12, 1999. "Immunodysfunction/Fatigue, Boosting the Response", Pain Frontiers conference, Scottsdale, AZ, September 24-27, 1998. "Treating Breast Cancer with Immune Stimulating Therapies", Breast Cancer Seminar, Oak Brook, IL, Cancer Treatment Centers of America October 17-18, 1998. "The Holistic Management and Support of the Patient With Cancer" The Cancer Forum, Los Angeles, CA, June 28, 1997. "The Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Fibromyalgia, Fourth Annual Regional Pain Conference "Pain Management in a Nutshell", April 22, 1997. New Frontiers in Pain 1996, "Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Fibromyalgia", Phoenix, AZ, April 9-13,1996. AzAMFT State Convention, "Collaborative Family Healthcare: Keeping Up With The Latest in Alternative Medical Approaches to Mental and Physical Wellness", 11/15/95. Sixth Annual National Symposium on Spasmodic Torticollis 11/5/95, "The Holistic Approach to Spasmodic Torticollis". Second Annual National HIV/AIDS Primary Care Update, 5/6/95, U. of AZ, Tucson, AZ, "Clinical Approaches to CD4 Decline". Integrated Medicine Symposiums, 2/11/95, "An Introduction to the Multidimensional Complementary Medicine Paradigm". Complementary Medicine Assoc. Symposium on Integrating Medicine 2/20/94, "The Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases". Tenth Annual State Conference AZNMA, 11/21/93, "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Differential Diagnosis and Clinical Approach". Ninth Annual State Conference AZNPA, 9/11/93, "The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome".

Third International AIDS Symposium (Harvard), 1989 Poster presentation "The Holistic Management of the Patient With AIDS". Speaker National PAAM conferences, 1987-1991 - various topics on Viro-immunology. AMA Television program "Medical Rounds," 12/91,"The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome". Dr. Jesse Stoff, Dr. Jesse Stoff MD, Jesse Stoff md

Dr. Jesse Stoff MD  
Dr. Jesse Stoff MD  

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