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Best braces or invisalign centers

Clear Braces or Invisalign is an orthodontic usage made for the patients who are suffering from dental issues. This procedure helped many patients to avoid the use of traditional system called braces. When we talk about any new technology or system, the first question raises how it works? The Invisalign system moves the teeth to desirable position or convenient position without the use of braces, bands and elastics. We can say this system as “clear braces”. This involves the use of a removable worn brace over a period of more than a year or two years. How Does Invisalign Work and how are they made? Invisalign process includes aligners, as each patient is advised to wear for two weeks. They can remove them when they want to eat, brush and floss. Once aligner is placed over the teeth, the teeth start moving little by little until they become straight and move to the prescribed position. A patient should visit the doctor about once for every six weeks to check out the progress in the treatment. The average time depends upon the patient dental system, on average it takes 9 to 15 months. It is necessary to know how they made as well. The aligners are made with the combination of orthodontic and cosmetic experts with the help of 3D computer imaging technology. Benefits of Invisalign over braces: •

Allows you to eat whatever food you like and wherever

Can remove the device whenever its needed

Can enjoy teeth-straightening virtually

Can brush your teeth normally

Smooth and comfortable

Price for Invisalign process: Invisalign with aligner trays may cost depending on the complexity of movement of teeth and the time it takes for the treatment. Many dental

offices allow patients to see the actual results by taking a 3D image of before and after through a computer imaging program before they sign up for the treatment. This process takes half an hour to gather all the information. This procedure makes the doctor to understand how many aligner a patient needs for the straightening and how long it will take. Based on this the cost may be revealed to the patient. However, the process takes some months so it is obvious to know that this is costly. It is always advised to visit the best doctor for the treatment and for good price. Find out more and see what patients and dental practitioners say about Invisalign at:

Best braces or invisalign centers