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THE STARS AND YOUR FUTURE Collected and Co-related from tlze Ancient Scattered 1Vritings of many Greek and Roman Authors



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CONTENTS Preface ............................. . Introduction ........................ . Chapter-1 (Aries-Meslza) ....... ............ . Chapter--2 (Taurus-Vrishba) •....... ........ Chapter-3 (Gemini-Mitlzuna) ... ........... .. Chapter-4 (Cancer-Kataka) ................ . Chapter-5 ( Leo-Simha) ..................... . Chapter-6 (Virgo-Kanya) .................. .. Chapter-·7 (Libra-Tula) ..................... . Chapter-8 (Scorpio-Vrischika) ............. . Chapter--9 ( Sagittarius-Dlzanus) ........... . Chapter-10 (Capricorn·-Makara) ............ .

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PREFACE Hindu Astrology is probably the only extant tradition of our science which has come down to us without interruption from an epoch whose beginning cannot be easily ascertained. Sumerian, Chaldean and Egyptian Astrology are now dead, and we have only come upon their scanty fragmentary evidences, apart from that which they have transmitted to Hindu and Greek Astrology. Arabian Astrology is comparatively recent, as is Tibetan Astrology, which is most likely to have gone from India together with writing and religion. As to Chinese Astrology, we know too little of both-its nature and history for a correct appreciation of its real origin. What is Astrology? It if) a C9mplex science which reveals an individual's environments, patterns of behaviour, potentialities, propensities, fortunes and misfortunes, his vicissitude of life, his past, present and future. In short, it is a blue print of his destiny. The picture in the heavens of the zodiacal position of the Sun, Moon, planets, and STARS relative to one's birth-place and birth-time becomes one's astrological iv

chart or horoscope. A horoscope is comprised of the twelve zodiacal signs-Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Caprico01, Aquarius, and the Pisces, the twelve Mundane hoÂľses, bearing analogy to the twelve zodiacal signs; the eight planets~ (the word planets means "WANDERER" so named because the planets move among the FIXED STARS), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Herschel, Neptune and Pluto; two nodes-Rahu & Ketu; the Sun and Moon and last but not least the FIXED STARS of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Magnitude. THE PLANETS AND FIXED STARS ARE INFALLIBLE GUIDES IN CHARTING YOUR FUTURE. Correct horoscopes gives right answers, incorrect ones wrong answers. Astrology is not a matter of sentiment. It is a science, and we must use scientific methods. The. charts themselves cannot lie or misled and astrology itself can never be said to be "WRONG." Rather it is an astrologer who is subject to an error. The procedure of the Astrologers of ancient times was to determine what stars were rising or close to culmination, rather than the consideration of the general planetary pattern we observe today. It was the influence of those great F1XED STARS, especially those of First Magnitude, which were assumed to have the strongest influence on the destiny, as the FIXED STARS partake the nature of two or three planets. v

I give below few references out of the hundreds of the writings by various scholars to show to the readers, how important the FIXED STARS are in delineating the Birth Chart¡(Horoscope).

1. SANFORD M. CLEVELAND : Astrology has always been dependent for its operation on the fact that it is an exact science. Ever smce the time of early Babylonians, when the priests made remarkably precise observations of the positions, rising and settings of the planets and FIXED STARS, astrologers have been making efforts to improve their technique in every way possible.

2. ROBERT E. DEAN : Ancient Persian Literature also states that there were formerly four bright stars (FIXED STARS) which marked the four cardinal points of the heavens, and chance could play no part in the fact that thirty centuries before the Christian Era, Aldebaran and Antares were situated at the two equinoctial points, while Regulus and Southern Fish were located in two solistices. From the delineation of the zodiac which La Gentil brought from India, it appears that the star Aldebaran was 40' before the vernal equinox in 3102 B.C. If the precession of the equinoxes is taken at 50}" and employing the inequility in the precession discovered by La Grange, it would be found that in 3102 B.C, this star was 13' beyond vernal equinox, a result which differs only 53' from the Indian Zodiac. vi

3. RONA DE THYGE: The ecliptic is fixed, or more exactly as astronomers _say, it is "apparently" fixed, just as are the FIXED STARS of which our Sun is, ofcourse, one. We all know that nothing in the universe is absolutely fixed. save relatively. 4. G.C.NIXON : The ancients could easily' identify the four epochs of the year by the association of the Full Moon with Antares in Scorpio, Fomalhaut in Aquarius, Regulus in Leo and Aldebaran in Taurus, for they served as marking stars. Regulus means the littie king, another reference to the divine child. The phrase "to regulate" refers to the ordering of our lives by reference to the sacred calendar, which was originally based upon the coincidence of these great stars at the corners of ¡ the year in that early period.

5. CHARLES A. JAYNE : The use of stars (FIXED STARS) in Astrology dates back to the remotest antiquity, and is, indeed, not as prevalent now as it once was. With the increased knowledge of the positions, motions and spcct ral types of the stars, including the new invisible .. Radio Stars," they may again play the stellar roles to make a pun in Astrology they once had. From my own investigations, I surmise that actual clusters, and larger real aggregations-as contrasted with mere apparent or visual groups and constellations-will prove to be quite important. vii

6. HARRIET K. BANES : The ancient Indian Zodiac was a great circle from the Fixed Star Siriuo; in the constellation Cancer through the Fixed Star Vega in the constellation c~1prir.orn. Among ancient races Cancer is the great devourer of souls and the feeder of bodies for souls. 7. KATHARINE Q. SPENCER: When actual succession to a throne was expected, the ancients laid great stress on the kingly sign Leo: which had to be found in an important angle, either rising or culminating. This was not only because of the sign influence, but also because the royal star, Regulus, is in the constellation Leo and is still by precession, in the last degree of that same zodiacal sign. (TROPICAL).

When royal births arc concerned, the¡ position of Regulus ciose to the horizon seldom fails to produce a coming ruler. 8. FREDERIC VAN NORSTRAND : With regard to the stars, (FIXED STARS) bear in mind that the nearer the star is to the ecliptic, the path of the Earth around the Sun, the greater its power, the greatest effect being obtained when the star and the planet are both of the same nature. In other words should a planet be joined in conjunction with a star of a nature similar to its own, its vibration acquires added intensity. If conjunct one of a contrary nature its effect becomes distorted. The closer the viii

conjunction. the more certainly will its vibration be experienced. The inUuence of the stars differs from that of the planets as being more dramatic and sudden, whereas the planetary action alone inclines to be gradual in nature, operates comparatively slowly and, with the exception of the five malefic planets, almost imperceptib Iy. The malefic stars exert their vibrations in sudden, harsh, vehement bursts, producing tremendous effects over short periods. 9. CYRIL FAGAN : Tf the student desires to delineate a horoscope correctly he must take great care not to confound the significance of the Ascendant with that of the Sun or Moon or the significance of the Moon with that of the Sun. The angles symbolises the periphery of the fully-awakened consciousness and indicate lives of demarcation between the subjecti\¡e and objective worlds. In particular the FIXED STARS that rise at the moment of birth, modified by the constellations that hold the Sun ar.d Moon, and by the influences of those planets that are in powerful configurations with the rising stars, describe the signature of the physical body with its innate hereditary traits. But under no circumstances can the ascending consteJlatson describe one's manner or character. One's reactions to the flux ~f environment, one's mannerisms, moods and habitual and often unconscious behaviour one's personal idiosyncrasies, the way one gesticulates: talks, walks, laughs, cries, ea.ts artd sleeps, the pattern of IX

one's appetites and the ~tate of one's health are signified by the Moon's configuration with the planets and FIXED STARS. Of the FIXED STARS, 10. RUPERT GLEADOW the Old Testament mentions very few. Thus the Hebrews do not seem to have paid much atteilti0n 10 astronomy, or been interested in the zodiac, before the second century B.C. by which time they were surrounded by Hellenistic Cultures in which the zodiac was commonly known. 11. HOWARD DALE HIXON : The author's research includes the result of the study of astrological configurations when train wrecks took in various parts of the world over a period of years. The more severe the wreck, the more important will be the arrangements of the bodies of this solar system in combining with star rays (so called FIXED STARS). Almost always there was an adverse aspect to a Fixed Star rays coming through the sign Sagittarius. The positions of the plane¡~s in stimulating conjunctions, oppositions and squares with the so-called FIXED . Stars is considered of great importance in Air Accidents. It has been the contention of this author that the importance of the Sun-Sign ruler in its relationship with Fixed Star rays has been. over looked by most astrologers. 12. Wm. J. TUCKER: Ptolemy also made proiongcd observations of vast areas of the heavens with a view to


discovering the natures of the chief FIXED STARS of each of the Zodiacal Constellations. He does not describe nature of his expertments, but contents himself with giving the r~sults. Thm, foi example, when de:;cribing the influence of th~ stars of th.! COi15tCild.tion or Aries, he says:- The stars in the head of Aries p.)ssess an influence similar to its effects to that of Mars and Saturn; those in the mouth act similarly to Mercury, and in some degrees to Saturn; those in the hinder foot to Mars; those in the tail to Venus. The New Moon of all other months of the year was similarly judged from the nature of the FIXED STARS of the place when the New Moon fell .... Ofcourse, the planets today no longer remain in the positionsthey occupied at the moment of birth. For the planets perpetually pursue their appointed orbits around the Sun and continue to "WANDER" among the "STARS~'' It is, therefore, important to identify the particular star which was being transitted by each of the planets at the moment of birth, because henceforth these stars will act as markers of the actual birth-positions of the planets. I have long since discovered that when certain planets again transit, or form significant configurations with the birth stars of a person, specific events o~rate- in the life of that person, the timing of which ¡may be ascertained by establishing the date on which the configuration or transit concern will operate.

13. SEPHARJAL : In his introduction to hi~ translati0n of "La Vo/asfera" stated :-Tn India the particular xi

line of research has long since been carried out to a condition bordering upon perfection. It is to be found embodied in the famous Nadi Granrlzas. A considerable amount of essential information concerning the influences of the principal FIXED STARS not to be found in modern text-books. will be discove1ed in the scattered writings of many Greek and Roman authors who flourished before or about the beginning of Christian Era. Until scholarly translatio_ns of these are made accessible to modern students, the literature of astrology must always remain incomplete and unsatisfactory. Like Marc Edmund Jone's Sabian ~ymbols, Charubel's Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolised and similar works, the classical astrologers also attached a meaning to every degree of the zodiac, but such meanings were not based as in these works, on a vacuum in SPACE, but on the influences of the FIXED STARS that were ascended at the moment of birth. Sooner or later, it seems that the serious student of astrology, ever seeking more knowledge and understanding of the stars, turns his thoughtful attention to the meaning of the Fixed Stars' Degrees of the zodial;. I have collected and corelated bits of information from here and there on the FIXED STARS, tested the results for over 20 years. The degrees which the planets, Sun


Moon, Ascendant and Mid-heaven amazingly correct information.



The degrees overlap in their influences and some patience is required to understand and interpret them. An intensive study of these degrees places the sign position of planets in a horoscope at a greater advantage over the house position in horoscopes. This table is useful not only in natal work but aiso in pre-natal; and is especially helpful in determining the ascendant or degree rising on the mid-heaven, when the time of birth is only known approximately. With little efforts, you will be able to apply these degree symbols to each planet in a chart with remarkable success. To all, who seek enlightenment through the principles of astrology, may I suggest that as you examine the horoscope, these degrees, their symbology and interpretations, be used consistently, studied carefully, their value realised and their limitations noted. In this way that "unknown quantity'' for which we search in each nativity may be revealed to us as simply a matter of a degree (FIXED STARS). Manik Chand Jain.



There is no text-book, available, which is complete and exclusive on predictive siJe. I do not claim that this small book of mine is complete and exclusive, too, but it will give much better results without going in details of working out the formalities in a horoscope.

In the present day, astrologers deem it sufficient if only the Rasis and the Planets are given, forgetting that without the degree position of the planets and cusps, accurate study of the horoscope is impossible, whatever theory they may follow. To all who seek enlightenment through the principles of astrology, it will be found, as one examines a horoscope, these degrees and their interpretations when studied together, reveal their value. In this way that "unbosom quality" for which we search in each nativity may be revealed to us as a simple matter. There are certain Degree-areas (small parts of the zodiac) which appear to be connected with certain events or characteristics. particularly when stipulated by the presence of a planet in the same longitude. This is due to the influence of certain FJXED STARS, but as we know so little about these, it is more convenient to cal\ xiv

them as degree-areas. Only use the conjunctons which must be exact as no orb is allowed. If the longitude of the planet coincide with a degree-

area or a sensitive point, such as the Ascendant or Midheaven falls therein, the influence of the degree-area will be felt, but whether this influence is benefic or malefic depends how the planet itself is aspccted. The influence of the particular degree-area need not necessarily be adverse. If the planet in conjunction with it is well aspected, it may indicate fame or achievement. First degree runs from 0°-CO'-OO" to 1°-00'-00'' and the second degree from 1° -00' -01" to 2° -00' -00" and so on. the dividing line between each being infinitely keen. Tt could not be otherwise, for degrees as spaces and not points. It is common practice, however in writing and speaking to round off a planetary position to its nearest integral number, such as saying that a planet in 13° -23 '-03" Pisces is in 13°-Pisces. In reality, the planet occupies 14° Pisces. This usage has led to much confusion, and it is regrettable that many astrologers have been lax regard to this matter. Degree-areas are quite another matter and should not be thought in terms of explieit degrees. When it is said that a given degree is associated with something or other, the position is used loo~ely to identify a small area in the zodiac where the alleged association seems to have been detected. Sometimes, you will notice in the list, the area spans two or more degrees. xv

This is general identification which explains why degrccareas with particular meaning appear to over-lap randomly in the signs. · Jn as much as it seems logical that the supposed significances of degree-areas are camed by the

FIXED STARS. The number designations of the degrees as published in this book are exclusively SIDEREAL, but they can be transposed to the TROPICAL zodiac in the usual way. The degree rising as belonging to the degree following. when the merest fraction over indicates its claim viz. I 3°-00'-0l'' Pisces--read 14° Pisces. I have selected the horoscopes of Prime Minister Jnd ira Gandhi and Late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri to be used as examples. I could illw;trate any number of horoscopes, but the limited space available will not permit me to do so. If this book is valid for two horoscopes. it will be valid for all the horoscopes. These two horoscopes have been selected for illustrations simply r'or the reasons that these have been rectified by the authors in their articles published in July 1972 and March I 973 issues of the Astrological Magazine, Bangalore respectively. HOROSCOPE OF PRIME MINISTER INDIRA GANDHI (Reproduced from page 658 of July I 972 issue of the Astrological Magazine, Bangalore) Place of Birth : 25-28 North, 81-52 East Date of Birth : 7th October 1917, Sunday Time of Birth : I.S.T. 2-17-21 A.M.


L. M. T. 2-14-49 A. M. S.T. 3-14-41 Ayanamsa : 22-4 I -11

1. ASCENDANT: 0°-19'-49" Leo (read 1°-Leo) : Degree of Authority : Denotes one who will be enabled to grant or refuse the wishes of others. He will reach a position of importan~e and will receive many honours, and benefit will accrue to him. The demand for an understanding of the use, not the abuse of the power. Predicts a bold and successful person. If adversely aspected, it


could become the death degree. aspected in this chart). (See page

is not adversely 55 ).


2. MID-HEAVEN : 28°-25'-49" Aries (read 29° Aries) : Degree of Development : Denotes one of refined and patient nature who is content to work hard and slowly in the endeavour to accomplish worthy and enduring objects. He may be skilled in the arts that uplift, or an admirer of them. Still his destiny is bright, especia1ly after his forty-fifth year, when his merit will receive recognition and favour. (See page 14 ) 3. SUN : 20°-20'-0l'' Vigro: (read 21° Virgo): Degree of Finesse : Denote one of resourcefulness and determination who can be trusted to protect and safeguard his vital interests. Others perhaps even amongst his own kinsman may interfere or attempt to interfere with the liberty of the native and prevent his free actions. and he may have to use craft to protect his right and himself. If afflicted. proposes visual defects amt eye injuries. (It is not afflicted in this chart). (See page 76) 4. MOON: 8°-09'-11" Gemini <read 9° G~mini): Degree of Jurisdiction : Denotes a judge, magistrate or one who attains dignity and rank, and who will be entrusted with work of delicacy and responsibility. He will enjoy much favour and many advantages during a life of more than average span. It points to a native conscious and confident of its pioneer and harbouring a dignified and equisite kindness


together with a noble pride. A sharp intelligence apt to catch atonce the point of difficult problems. The native is ruler born and fortune may help his lordly character to conquer power, should t!1is not have fallen by birth, right so that his position may consolidate in later years. A peculiar feature of this mind is its fondness of conundrums and riddlcss. chess and pastimes involving mental cfforl.s. There is a great daintiness as to cleanliness and the choice of food. If adversely aspected there is also a danger of violence and sickness afflicting health. (See page 32) 5. MARS : 22c-C9'-34" Cancer (read 23° Cancer) : Degree of Peacefulness : Denotes one whose business in life is uncertain in its results, but who can calmly continue, contended to take whatever fate sends his way. He is girted with mediumistic power and his impressions enable him to make but few errors in his affairs. This is known to be the degree of astrologer, seer or prophet with a gift of healing. With regard to health, it is a gastric ulcer degree area. (See page 51) 6. MERCURY: 2~-46'-07" Virgo (read 3° Virgo) : Degree of Persistency : Denotes one who is gifted with a sunny nature and patience and the ability to labour hard and to endure. He will produce works of benefit and charm, aP.d experience will expand his soul and teach him the truth which he may value as a companion to heauty. (See page 69)


7. JUPITER.: 18°-46'-05" Taurus (read 19° Taurus): Degree of Futility: Denotes one who is unable to estimate his abilities and who attempts things foolhardy and useless. There is a tendency to irritability and aggressiveness and lack of self control. Thus he will court unpopularity and will suffer from his own actions, o .henvise it is a degree of genius. (See page 23) 8. VENUS: 1°-20'-19" Scorpio (read 2° Scorpio) : Degree of Comprehension : Denotes one of firm and continued concentration. The mind is intensely -mercurial and penetrative, mastering difficult problems with comparative ease. Vocationally this degree is often connected with chemists and scientists. (See page 94) 9. SATURN : 19°-37'-39" Cancer (read 20° Cancer) : Degree of Liberty : Denotes one of unsettled tendencies with a strong desire for freedom and liberty; who, brave and adventurous, is ever restless if he is held to one place. He is not fitted for ordinary life, and he will experience many sudden changes. He is wiltul, erratic, impulsive and his body is marked naturally or by accidents. (See page 50) IO. RAHU: 12°-54'-43" Sagittarius (read 13° Sagittairus ) : Degree of Provocation : Denotes one of very strong vibrations and martial manner who will have xx

responsibilities anu power to fulfil them. He will meet with oppositions and be exposed to considerable danger, especially in the latc;!r pd rt of life. He is prophetic and gifted in' certain directions but he must control vibrations in himself and sooth it in others. (See page 114 ) HERSCHEL: 27°-21'-05" Capricorn <read 28° Capricorn) Degree of Parrying : Denotes one vigorous in mind and body who advances in his special sphere through his energy and by virtue of his destiny. He is sure to meet with enemies and opponets in life and his way will be frequently threatened and challenged. But he is mysteriously protected and so long as his intentions and actions are not stayed by the envy and criticism of others, all will be well with him. Vocationally this degree has to do with land and agriculture. (Sec page 130 11.

12. NEPTUNE 14=>-06'-l l" Cancer (read 15° Cancer) : Degree of Disregarding : Denotes one who act~ with craft and sagacity toward his point of attainment and who will ever struggle hard tv hold what he gets. His

attitude brings material g< and his methods bring other~ under his influence. His life will not be without its disappcintmcnts but he is aot the man to yield to ··setbacks." His philosophy is s(;lf-prcscrvation. (See page 48) 11 PLUTO : Pluto was discovered in January 1930 while the native was born in 1917. Ephemeris for the year 1917 does not give the longitude of Pluto. In thf

chart !;ivcn, Pluto is shown as


12-'-44'-00" Gemini.

Perhaps this has been worked out approximately or from some condensed ephemeris. From the chart and other indications. of life, I am of the opinion that we should read 12:> Gemini for Pluto and not I Y Gemini. 14. GEMINI : DEGREE OF EXACTNESS : Denotes one of mathematical mind who is apt to consider the various questions which arises in everyday Ii fe, and to accept nothing without strict examination and thought. He may often be considered stubborn, and unyielding, as it gives a tendcn<.:y to argument, often accompanied by ~arcasm and satire, but no one will more readily agree to the truth or falsity of a matter when clear evidence makes it possible for him to do so. (See page 34)


Horoscope of Late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri (Reproduced from page 293 of March 1973 issue of the Astrological Magazine, Bangalore)

Place of Birth : 25-20 North, 83-02 East Date of Birth: 9-10-1904 Time of Birth: 10-23-00 A.M., L.M.T. A) anamsa: 22-30-19 l.

ASCENDANT : 21 '-13'-41" Scorpio tread 22° S'.:11rpin 1 : Degree of Gathering : Denotes one who is .\\III

forced by circumstances to undertake the duties \\.:hich arl! not always of a pleasant nature. His Jestiny is to adjust and to demand, and the necessities of his life are opposed to investigations of an ideal or psychic character. A savage or primitive nature longing for free<lom. A great but disciplined moral force. A hard destiny. (Set> page

104 )

2. MID-HEAVEN: 0째-33'-4r' Virgo (read 1째 Virgo): Degree of Repaying : Denotes one whose early life is threatened by the elem\!nts and who will be compelled to endure sufferings, hardships and trials as atonement for remote past acts. lf his destiny is to live, his destiny is to overcome; and he will be wise instructor and guide to his fellowmen. If afflicted, it is a degree of carnal appetite. ~See page 68) SUN & MOON: 22째-57'-34" & 2r-38'-41" Virgo respectively (read 23 째 Virge J : Degree of Sympathy : Denotes one of a refined. and sweet nature who keenly feels the wickedness of this wrongly taught world, which would be God's own paradise were men fair and kind to one another. The native should. not allow others to lead him into speculation or any form of gambling or cha.nee. l-k is ideal in thought and seer enough to see what might been. It is one of the artistic and painter's degree. If Sun is there on this degree, danger of poi~oning f1om the bites

of insech and al~o propo~ts blinunt.::-,::i or <lcfccti\c vision t_Scc page 76) xxiv


MARS : 12째-12'-41'~ Leo (read 13째 Leo) : Degree

of Exaltation : Denotes one of the rugged, conservative, and patriotic nature who will be blessed with the goods of the world and who will use his blessings well. His position in life will be distinguishcJ and his sincerety will command respect even from his enemies. He carries about him a fine and pure aura which benefits all who come within its radiations. (Sec page 60) 5.

MERCURY : 7;)-41 '-4 l" Virgo (read ~r' Virgo) :

Degree of Assertion : Denotes one of forceful and aggressive mind who presses onwards with energy and determination. His assediveness will not easily be opposed and in all his dealings with others he demands the answer to be yes or no, for to his mind there is no middle cl1urse. He will draw to himself greai: responsibilities and will ever be involved in agrument and dispute. (See pagl! 71 ) 0. JUPITER : 3째 -55'-41" Aries (read 4째 Aries) : Degree of Misconception : Denotes one protected against external hurt, yet who, with a powerful desire for martial action in all affairs of life, may be tempted to use protective armour for offensive purposes, forgetting that the point of the dagger of aggression is blunted. Such a one needs to restrain impulse and to bestow thought and study on any contemplated action; then let him be sure that his dagger is true before he strikes. (Sec page 2 ). , 7. VENUS: 17)-45'-41" Libra (read 18, Libra). Degree of Self-Sacrifice : Denotes one of a simple nature who is


gifted with a strong spirit of self-sacrifice with inherent bravery.



His way of life will be tangled at

times, and he will need his energy to set it right again. He is helper of himself and of others and he does not count his needs first. (See page 89) 8. SATURN : 21째-55'-41'" Capricorn (read 22=' Capricorn) : Degree of Renewing : Denotes one whose power is directed to the uplifting and advancement of his races-stayer of war and strife of plague and riot. He looks directly ahead, far ahead. into the years to come when the new Sun will illuminate the glory of a new age of gold. (See page 132) 9. RAHU: 24째-23.-41" Leo (read 25, Leo): Degree of Proportion : Denotes one whose influence will be ideal and cultivating and who, notwithstanding his simplicity of character, is not without a degree of pride. This alloy but serve to show the points or artistic excellence and will not prejudice him, if kept within bounds. Indicates one who knows where he is going and leaves no stone unturned to to get there. This degree is also connected with sexual problems, study the horoscope. (In this horoscope Rahu is not connected with sexual problems) (See page 65) I 0. KETU : 24째 -23' -41" Aquarius (read 25째 Aquarius): Degree of Reaction : Denotes one born to conquer. but whose 1112.terial conquests bring him pain and grier. As he advances i 11 life and the Sun of his soul throws brighter lights before him, he will realise how worthlr~i; aggression XXVI

really is and how much grander is a word spoken in kindness than one spoken in anger, how much sweeter a kind face than one made hideous by the poison of hate. Then he will break his sword. (See page JOX) 11. HERSCHEL : 3°-56'-41" Sagittarius (read 4 Sagittarius) : Degree of Wavering : Denotes one who has a tendency to pull in opposite directions. The struggle between the desires and right will be constant, and an act of hostility will be followed by deep remorse and the world of spirit. There· may be peculiar changes in life. and that which is most unexpected is that which is most likely to happen. (See page 12.








Gemini) : Degree of Spiritual Victory : Denotes one who upholds the doctrine of sacrifice and faith above the boasted influence of force, and who wi II be enabled or fated to prove of himself that aggression shatters itself, whilst true faith rests unbroken and immovable. (Sec page 3(J)

B. PLUTO: 29c,-03'-4l" Taurus (read 30° Taurus) : Degree of Forcefulness : Denotes a venturesome and determined spirit who will dare and do much to attain his ambitions. The earlier life will be filled with struggles beset with difficulties which. as he advances in years. enable him to gain the cxpedence necessary to make name known and his ideas respected. This <leg.rec i:'

and will hi1, also

connected with dramatic talent. Ir adversely aspectcLl. it :an equally prove the Death degree, consult the horoscope.

xx vii


proved to be the death degree) (See page


The readers who do not know the degree positions of their Birth-chart or find any difficulty in working them out for the purpose of taking the advantage of this book, may send their birth-data (Place of birth, date of birth and time of birth-mention clearly if J.S.T. or L.M.T.) to the author direct and the needful will be done promptly. Manik Chand Jain



ARIES (MESHA) Sign of Courage

I 0 -rulcr Herschel : DEGREE OF ACTION SYMBOL :

An old man holding a sickle in Iris riglzt /rand and·a tride!llf in his left.

Denotes one of strength, force and daring. By nature he is aggressive anrJ nnrtial, desiring to conquer at all costs. He is restless and imp~lling, taking many risks and endming many hardships. The subject will have a lahorious life wit!, quarrels anJ fights added. This degree is a dangerous one. threatening mind and body. It should be adversely aspected before the full extent of this mu ndanc influence will he felt. 2°-rulcr Hcrschd : DEGREE OF RASHNESS SYMBOL :

A 11um ll'itlz a sll'ord in lzis lumd falling thrnug!z a sk.l'liglzt <f n>/ourcd glass.

Denotes one of a rash and impetuous nature. He is

strong and brave, but is wanting in restraint and is apt to involve himself in unpopular or regrettable actions. Such a one \\·ill all through life have to exercise a strong hand over himself and his action. As in the case of 1° Aries, it

should be adversely aspectcd he for~ the full extent of this mundane influence will be felt. This degree is often found prominent in the horoscopes of surgeons and osteopaths. lt gives skill in manipulation and deftness of the fingers necessary for such work. 3°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF NOBILITY SYMBOL:

A prince saving a clzild.from a burning castle.

Denotes duty holds the weak. emergeocy spiritually.

one of brave and noble qualities whose sense of danger in contempt when the call is for help of As a leader such a one can be relied on in any which may arise. He aims high materially and

4°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF MISCONCEPTION SYMBOL: A mailed hand holding a dagger h'ith a bent point. Denotes one protected against external hurt, yet who, with a powerful desire for martial action in all affairs of life, may be tempted to use protective armour for offensive purposes, forgetting that the point of the dagger of aggression is blunted. Such a one needs to restrain impulse and to bestow thought and study on any contemplated action; then let him be sure his dagger is true before he strikes. 5°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF FALSE SECURITY SYMBOL : A. feudal knight in full amwur standing on the ll'alls of his castle defying a multitude of amzed people-a mysterious figure at llze back of the crowd strikes a nute on a curious six-stringed harp, the massive walls crumble and fall, r nd the defier is at the mercy of the defied.


Denotes one who is apt to place infinite reliance on materiali'~tic things and to exult in the strength which their possession gives him over the masses of men. Jn the midst of his power, a spiritual force, acting on invisible agencies and sending forth a note softer than the trumpet sounds of Jericho, may rudely disturb him. Then if his soul truly awakes, he becomes a valiant knight in the cause of enlightenment, but if the soul slumbers back again into the sludge of materialism, then the native will again place all his hopes on things that seem false, and the defier will be truly at the mercy of the defied. This is one of the degrees associated with accidents, in particular being connected with fire. A strong Jupiter would do much to mitigate this and to preserve the native. 6°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF MENTAL PERCEPTION SYMBOL:

A metalsmith in his workshop fixhzg a silver caduceus of Afercwy in a base of copper. Around are scattered various metals and instruments.

Denotes one of inward understanding. The smith by his craft glorifies the power of love and intelligence which he cements together. The base of copper indicates that no form of learning matters unless it is engendered by love and held by its soft and holy influence. One with this degree rising has a noble de~tiny. He is the metalsmith, and this is the mark of his mission. As in the case of 5° Aries, this degree is also associated with accidents, in particular being connected with fire. A strong Jupiter would do much to mitigate this and to 3

preserve the native. This l~cgrcc 1s termed that ''of lik and death," and also termed one of c.:rudty, also of creativeness. This is also a strong dental degree and during the time this is affiicted, considerable dental trouble is a foregone certainty. 7°-ruler Venus: DEGREE Of' WEAKNESS

SYMBOL : A man saving him.<e((/rt>111 falling into a dC?cp cavern by clutcl1i11~ a wilt! rosC?-tree. The thorns cut into his fies/! hut the p/0111 supports him. Denotes one lacking scl.f-confidcncc. relying too much on the weaker things which wound him whilst they hold him. To this nature, luxury is hurtful for the senses are active and the feelings quickly respond to environment. To rise superior to external conditions and the tyranny of senses is the task of the native of this degree. The native courls danger rather than the security of the beaten track. The native is cool and collected at times and possessive of great courage which seeks an outlet in going out of his way for the purpos~ of taking a risk. Suc.:h are the people who have adventured into unmapped regions with little thought for their own safety and rn have brought the races or. the world into a closer understanding and kinship. Home fires on the old hearthstone will always be a magnet to draw him home. As is the case with 5° and 6" this degree is also associated with accidents. As in the case of 6 ° this degree is termed that "of life and death," which degree is also termed of cruelty, also of creativeness. This is also a 4

strung dental degree and d1:l路ing the time this is aiUictecl, considerable dental truuble i') a foregone conclusion. 8-'-rulcr Mercury: DEGREE OF PENETRATION

SYMBOL : A .\i/rcr slw11eri11g a slzield of iron. Denotes \.me possessing understanding and a pem:trd.tive intellect who will be compdh:d many times in life to exert his abilities for the remov~d of obstacles and formidable enemies. He is gifte~ wnh much moral bravery and a high sense or duty.

Herc we have a hero whose weapon of

his defence is the mind. Useful only as far as its limits of capacity allow.


tH1ly c~rnsc of anxiety is whether the source of supply will

cease to function. He gets many opportunities in life which either he cannot see or having seen ca,mot hold to the fullest extent. Still so long as the supply continues, he is content with what he has and contentment is a rare gil"t tlf the God. This degree is also termed "'of courage and superiority" which is also connected with and assassination.

immorality, sexual problems

9路路- ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF GAINING ~\TJ\/ BO/,



gt!11eral gaudily appurt!llcd. rl'l'l'iri11g a 11路rea1/z offlmrers from an Empress. Ro111ll11

Denotes one of proud bearing who delights in fine clothes and display. He will always attract admirers, and gctin honour and advancement.

ln some way he will bear rule.

If fate leads him into the theatrical profession, he will Jf into hu"iincss, he will be strong. courted and



successful in finance. (I

If into the army or navy, he will be

powerful officer.

This degree is also termed "of courage and superiority'' and this degree also connected with immorality and assassination as is the case with 8° Aries. 10°.-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF INFLUENCE


A ship illumined with the rosy sailing towards tlze rising Su:z.


of mo;·ning

Denotes spiritual and material advancement. The native will in some way be a v1oneer whose labours will be hailed and recognised. He will be favoured by the people and will easily attract influence. To obtain the best promises of this degree he may have to move about as indicated in his horoscope. Persons born with Sun on this degree, wherein he is zodiacally exalted, which alone will give them super-abundent energy besides proving to be a most fortunate influence in a great number of aspects, particularly the closer they are born to either sunrise or noon. Tt is said that those born at the moment of noon on the very day of the Vernal Equinox will by that presage alone enjoy great good fortune throughout their life. 11°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF IDEALITY


A little chiid tying a ribbon around a lamb\ neck, the flock playfully frolicking around.

Denotes one of simple manners and lovable personality who has the power to change the sadness into joy and wipe away tears from the faces of the afflicted. 6

One to whom

trust is given and who will not abuse it. 12<=-ruter Moon : DEGREE OF ROMANCING SYMBOL :

A druid <'llfl ing the acorn from the sacred oak lritlz a cycle of silver.

Denotes change and romance. The native will suffer fluctuations in thoughts, feelings and conditions. As the body ages, the higher side ,of the native asserts itself and the allurement of youth fails to hold power over him. Much wanderings and many strange adventures make up his experiences in the spiritual and material world. This degree is also known of fever, of heat and of metals. 13.:-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF LIGHT SYA1 BOL :

A bi¡iglzt steel cross-sword witlz a handle of gleaming copper; above it a heart of gold from wlziclz strean: shafts of golden light.

Denotes bravery, love and sinccrety. Honour will come to this native, his thoughts and ambitions lead him upwards. By love¡s guidance he passes over obstacles and pursues an honourable course. His nature is somewhat proud, but he is generous and noble minded. Influence and favour come to him. This degree is one that relates to psychic sight. Those who hav<! planets here seem to be endowed with a sixth sense which secs through the physical to the real person beneath. You cannot tell them untruths and ~et away Vt1th it, because they know at once that you are telling lies. You cannot pretend to show a regard for them which 7

is insincere as they arc instantly aware of the true slate of your feelings, and they are seldom mistaken in their judgement of people . . 14,.)--ruler Sun : DEGREÂŁ OF INTERCESSIO.!\


A mwi ~f{JJ1(/i11~ OIJ a ;11 11w11ai11 K1..ci11;.: sadly 011 tlze valley he/ml', 11'/Jt're some 111<'11 are fiK/lfing jvt a baK 1~{ gold 1d11ls1 a ow11key is eming their ji)()t/. 011 !tis rig/it is the Spirit of Tmtlz, on lzis left t/Je Spirit of Error, .\eared at /zi: feet is tlze Spirit <f Love, hehind him, lwltlinJ: 011 to /Ji.'i f?t1rt1ze11t is the Spirit of /late.

Denotes one who rcache"i a po;.,itiun <Jf' rl!-;p~n1:,ibility, p.Jwcr and influence, and ~cks to find in m:rn the spark which being agitated blazes forth in glory, guiding by its pcrfcct light. Here we h:.tve the ~cachcr who ~trivc:; to lead mr..;n from the valley of darkrn!S"i into the light of undcrstarl'ling but who himsel r is thrcate111.:<l hy Lrror and Hate, wi1ich i r he permits to influence him will drag him from his thr\>:1c. But if he join-; hi-; own gc...:at <.;out to Truth and Love, wh<lt NOnders may he not pl.!d.orm This degree of sr~cd i') often found prominent in the charts of those who compete iii sport an'J gdmcs, especially tennis. This degree is also c.:onncctc<l with Love of Words-great pleasure to write and cxpre'>'>. This degree 1\ equally connected wilh physicians, food and drink, suicide and apoplexy. 15j-ruler M;:rcury: DEGREE OF DEVIATION

srAt BOL :

A crusading knight 1vi1/z re,/-aoss on white ctJ. ·.i..!let sinkillg ill tlze quick.}·wuls. All Arab mocking, at him from the wfe g,.oimd lze has leji.

Denotes an ad venturer or one who follows risk and courts trnublc. He may be gifted with some noble sentiments, feelings and impressions, but his very rashness and impetuosity force him to miscalculate, threatening to make him the sport of his enemies. As in the case of 14 ° Aries, this degree is connected with physicians, food and drink, suicide and apoplexy.

16 -ruler Mercury : D:EGREE OF ABUNDANCE SYMBOL :

JVild floil'ers gro1ri11g cmzid.\'l

the com in "

Still/it fie/cl.

Denotts a person of charm, a lover of freedom-mental, physical nature, and of simple loveliness whose works in life will be blessed with success, and whose individuality will make' itself felt amJngst men. 17---rnkr Mercury: DEGREE OF LUXURY


A bcwt ijit! lrnnwn, riclzly dressed, rec/i11i11g Vil a cmt(lz, with fruits am/ go/dell ve.\sel.c; around her. At lzer /rand, Oil an ornate tahle of white nwrh/e, lies all opened hook.

Denotes a lotus-eater, a lover of p\ca~urc, who delights in t'w,c and the sweets of life. The fortune are favoured, ~i:t the native makes no personal effort to increase them,. The mind is romantic and art loving, and the form graceful. 9

This is also the degree of romance, sex, emotion and 0f oratory. While this degree gives the power to speak in public, it is equally linked with sexual problems. This degree set>ms to be connected with tragedies of violence also, being found in the chart of either the attacker or the victim. It is also associated with divorce and separation. 18°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF UPRAISING SYMBOL :

The goddess Venus holding out her hamt to a wounded soldier who is painfully trying to reaclz

her. Denotes sympathy. Many times will the native stumble and fall by the way, but ever will there be a bright light before him to dispel the darkness of the night and to dissipate the fears. The mind is aspiring, but to reach its ideal, pain and struggle are involved. The native must not falter, for very nigh unto him is his hope-a little sacrifice and endeavour will unite him to it. This is al~o the degree of romance, sex, emotion and of oratory. 19°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF CONSECRATION SYMBOL :

A harp resting against an altar.from which a volwne of smoke arises.

Denotes one whose soul is full of poetry, harmony and religion, whose endeavours may be thwarted but not 'uppressed. One to whom peace and goodwill are more precious than mere words, and whose prayers are unselfish, thoughtful and sincere. tn~'!


degree is one of intensity or fanaticism and is found in the charts of reformers or propagandists who J ()

have a burning zeal to convert you to their way of thught. 20:.-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF RESOLUTION SYMBOL:

A blacksmith hammering a piece of red hot iron on an anvil,

Denotes a determined worker, vigorous in the fight against opposition-a transmuter of himself and tho'e \\ho contend against him. Gifted with so strong a spirit, this native can never be mean. Baseness does not find a place in his nature. He loathes idleness, for energy, pain and experience have taught him the power of industry. 21°~ruler



A man strngg/ing iritli n fierce serpent wh;/st others armed irith large knfres are hurrying to a id /rim.

Denotes one who will be assailed by secret and open enemies, who will be liable to trouble and false accusations. Jn his dealings he should always exercise great care and should not rely on word-of-mouth agreements. He will not be without devoted friends who will not neglect him in the hour of his greatest need. His intense feelings will cause him trouble, danger, illness and regret, and he will have to strive with the dark serpent. Let him unite himself with noble and good living people, 22''-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF FAITH SYMBOL :

A pilgrim crossing himself in front of an ancient temple, an overdressed ~fficial and a soldier mocking him.


lJcnotcs a devout person ''ho will be ~ubjccted



trials and taunts in life, but who will, by the strength of his faith, overcome them all. He comes from the masses rather than from the classes. and his sympathy will ev~r be with the struggling people of the nations. From officialdom and materialism he receives scant courtesy. 23.:----ruler Jupiter: DEGREE OF ENTRAPPING


A king ahsorhed in the fla!ll'l'ies nf a courtier 1rlzose 111 is tress is .\'I ea Iing import ant docu111el1l s Jl'om a


Denotes one who is too ready to delude him5clf. and to live in an insincere atmosphere of adulation and tlcccption. Without accomplishing anything of particular merit, he accepts praises from :fl~ttcring para5ites. Thus he is lulled into a sense of false security, and loses lhose things which are truly worth. This degree is associated with drowning bLlt there must If in the chart or

be other uppropriate aspects as well.

fcmalci she often marries beneath her. This degree is also of hope and watchfulness, of abscesses and accidents, of music and artistry. 24--ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF ILLUSION


A yuwlz s:rasping a heau((ul woman, imo a skeleton in Iris arms.



Denotes one who may lose his way following his desires. He is highly passionate and allows himself to he shaken hy his senses as the wind shakes the


autumn leave~.


is then apt to grow selfish and to disregard the feelings and rights or others. with consequences bringing to him death. defeat and disaster. As in the case of 23° Aries, this degree is of hope and watchfulness. of abscesses and accidents, of music and artistry. 2Y'-- ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF REVEALING SYM BO/, :

A (1/d man iritll a sc)'tl1C: culling dmrn a field of 11c1tlcs.

D1:notc~ one who cuts his way thrnugh pricks. scratches and wourn!ci. The "coldly useful" may rise up agaimt him to again be cut "town to his ad vantage. The native is not tied lo mere sentiment. and will be kc·~n and enthusiastic in research. leadin~ to discovery.

26"--ruler Saturn: DEGREE OF DEPENDENCE


Tlic go1•cm11 ... nf 11 <'ity s11rrc11d!•ri11g the keys to a dark. frmrning ( 011qucra.

Denotes one wno struggled bravely against great odds and who is beset hy enemies who harass him and worry him. After a gr~at fight he may have to hand over what he holds to one st rongcr than he is and be content with \vhat considcrat ion is given to him afterward This degree is connected with discovery, opposition, enmity and competetion. This is also a literary degree if the planet to which it is joined. is aspectd favourably.


A /luge hour-~lass, the sandr; in il'hiclz are rnnning loll'.

Denotes one who is apt to delay the following up of matters of importance and procrastinate until the hour grows too late to serve his purposes. His tendency is to move too slowly when the nature of an eYent demands hasty aclion. 28°-ruler




A lapidary holding in his hand a magnificent amethyst, at ll'hiclz lze gazes admiringly.

Denotes one gifted with mental and moral strength, power and forcefulness, who brings hope to many a sad and fearful heart. He is magnetic and iconoclastic, and by his faith and will, he gains man~ adherents. ft is also a WAR degree in Mundane Astrology. 29"-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF DEVELOPMENT SYMBOL :

An art is! laying a mosaic pal:ement in a large public buildi11g. lie irnrks slowly a:u/ with great patience.

Denotes one of refined and patient nature who is content to work hard and slowly in the endeavour to accomplish worthy and enduring objects. He may be skill~d in the arts that uplift, or an admirer of them. Still his destiny is bright, especially after his forty-fifth year, when his merit will receive recognition and favour. 30(1-rulcr Neptune : DEGREE OF UNREADINESS



A man endeavouring to suhduc a raging forest fire ll'itlz a pail of ll'afer.

Denotes one who will endure sorrow and who lmderestimates the strength of his adversaries. He is apt to enter into great schemes with very little backing and to provoke argument without being prepared to meet it. Hence he is continually at the mercy of force into whose grip he enters without regard to com:equences. He is apt to fight a hard fight with insignificant weapons, and thus tjj court defeat.



TAURUS (VRTSHBAl Sign of Cooperation -ruler Neptune: DEGREE OF CULTIVATION SYMBOL :

.A gtay v.1po;ci' si1rro1mdi11g a bush vn' red roses upon 11'!1ich is a hril/ia11tly coloured b:uterjly.

Denotes one whose life is tl-\rcatcned in early infancy. The ideals are very high and he delights in all that is beautiful and sweet. The native is somewhat erratic and inconstant, loving "fresh fields an<l pastures new.'' He inclines to the poetic and artistic and may excel in such paths. lf adversely aspected. il predicts the hirth of a torturer. 2'-ruler Neptune : DEGREE 01: DEVOTION SYi\f BO L :

A heart crowned on the w111111i1 of a barren rock ju11ing out of tire ocean-a bevy of white

seahirds spccdni~ to11¡an/ ii from tlze emf in crescent form. Denotes one capable l""lf immense sacrifices who surrenders 16

self, exp::cting no reward. The Iifc will be often lonely but ever threatened by storms. In the end wisdom and ·~orth will triumph and the second half of life brings good promi~c. Thie.; is also the degree of tragedy and violent death ac.; per the indication<> in the horoscope.


A man tossin:.: lwndful~· of seed to the earlh, which, as soon as th<'Y touch, .frw:t~(y and incline toward him.

Oenotec.; one favoured by fortune. He will pos~es, good judgment and will do the right thing at the ri~ht time. Hic.; early life will he filled with struggle and wilh promise, expanding to favour ac.; he advances in years. With a good inc.;ight int<J human nature, the native can well choo<.,e other<.i to U'>'li<.it in hie.; work, and whilst holding work tn he the true ncccsc.;ity of life, fie know•, th1.: value o!· rclaxat ion :....nil pleae;ure to others ao; to himc.;clf. Thio; degree provide'\

the gift for

">1 ratcgy

and plot.

4''---rulcr Venue.;: DEG!rnE OF INTlmPIOITY

SYM IJ()/,:

'/1u• arc·na of a drw.T duri111{ a nixht prrjiJrmam:c•, the rinl{ nws!N in

jf>rward movl'lnl'nls of J<allopinK



tlw c·,•11/rC' urginR

!arK<' white hors•

the rim:. a



JfandinK on the animal.\·, hack h(}/di11K " ho(}p o.f fire. De11otcs one whose destiny is to come hcl'orc the public in some professional capacity (literary or musical. The native


will be impulsive, bold and brave, and will be gifted with controlling magnetic force. He will travel and move about a great deal and will be exposed to danger with little or no hurt. 5°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF BENEFACTION SYMBOL:

Two young men canying huge bunches of grapes on a pole between them, giving freely of the fruit to troops of children.

Denotes one who will gain greatly through his own effort~ and persever9Jice, and who will be blessed. He will bring happiness to and relieve the burden of many, as this degree has to do with healing, accounting it pleasure. Thus will he draw unto himself the good thoughts and prayers of others. If Herschel is there on this degree and favourably aspected, it presages that the native was a priest and a occultist in another incarnation. 6°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF ILLUMINATION SYMBOL:

A judge in his robes of office handling a book to. a student who is stretching out his hands to receive it.

Denotes one who will rise to a position of importance and whose mission and ambition in life will be to give instructions and to secure the advancement of worthy people of wit and talent and inspiration. These acts will reflect his own glory as the Moon reflects the brightness of the Sun. This is also known a Doctor's degree who has a therapeutic quality. 18


A beautiful white swan swinvning on a smooth .= lake edged by Ii/lies and grasses and pretty · ; '. · little wildflowers. l.

Denotes a tranquil and romantic life. The native is gifted poetically, and can express his feelings in the book of nature with charming simplicity. He wilJ not have much to trouble him in the worid of men but should keep away from crowds and mixed atmospheres, as he is singularly sensitive to external conditions. Pluto on this degree in a horoscope presages cruelty. 8°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF IMPEDIMENT SYMBOL:

A leafless tree on a plain bending before a violent gale of wind which wMstles wildly through the branches.

Denotes one who meets with opposition, obstacles and troubles, who will be compelled to battle against adversity. Such a one should never take ri&ks in anything, no matter how promising, but be content to work on in the very teeth of the enemy, remembering always that the strong are chosen to fight the battles of the weak. 9°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF MISLEADING SYMBOL:

A fanner driving a cart filled with fruit tlt which birds are pecking.

Denotes one who acquires much by work and application but who lacks the faculty of watchfulness in protecting 19


his gains from the greed of others. He has an easy going tendency, but gains from labour, craft and the management of his own affairs. He may be the victim of deceit 0f treachery and should never put himself in the hands of others when his own well-being is concerned. He shoulc1. avoid things and circumstances he does not understand. 10°···--rnlcr Sun : DEGREE OF DESCRYING SYMBOL:

A daintily dressed


lakt•, gazing intently al a in the

sitting by a placid


face rc:flccted


Denotes a person of rcfind tastes and feelings and clairvoyant power and artistic skill. A union with one of psychic power· a soul male hrings harmony or complications. (as indicated in the nativity). into a life which command-. power and influence. 11°· niter Sun : DEGREE OF DELIVERANCE SYM IJOf, :

A monk


a rocky road giving drink and

food lo a poor travC'ller, who hns fallen hy the 11·ay. A rayC'd wwlwr a hove his head.

Denotes one of religious and charitable nature whose high u11dcrs 1 a11ding or brotherhood or man and the ahsolute unity or human aims, when not diverted hy evil powers makes him ever ready to divide his suhstance with those who, less fortunate in won.Uy matters. give a higher payment· human hlcssings an<l gratitude. His trust in humanity is never shaken. He is ever to others a harbinger of hope. Tt is also one of the literary degrees. 20


Two diggers working on a mountain unearth a large mass of glittering gold.


Denotes one of a searching nature who knows the true values of sincere work. He will never spare himself until his purpose is achieved. With him persistence wins by virtue of his fate. 13°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF GRIPPING SYMBOL:

A judge in a court of law .frowning at a man holding up a document.

Denotes one who is energetic and active but who is threatened with disfavour, prejudice and adverse judgement. He has trials in life, suffers much, and he is likely to oppose or be opposed by authority. If Mercury is weak or afflicted in the nativity, the na1ive suffers in business or from law, but if strong, he is a mental pioneer. It is also one of the musical degrees. 14°-ruler Mer. : DEGREE OF HARMONIOUS LOVE SYMBOL :

A virgin clothed in white with a briglzt star above her head joining the hands of two men about to quarrel.

Denotes one whose love of harmony adds to the beauty of a spiritual nature. To him there is no virtue higher than peace and nothing so unworthy of man's high mission as inharmony and hate. Gifted with a sweet and lovable 21

personality, and fine magnetic force, his power is felt an1 respected. 15°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF INITIATION


A student with lamp in hand, standing at the entrance of a cavern from which issue clouds of soft, bright rosy vapour.

Denotes a person whose tastes and desires are directed to the understanding of the secrets which rest beneath the veil. He has brought to earth from other sources the knowledge which enables him to find the entrances to the cavern of hidden jewels, but it is doubtful if he can enter, for the gateway is guarded by sublime and intense colours caused by more excessive vibrations than can be endured by the human body. The light vapour approaching the "ultra" stage is more powerful and effective than dragons of fire. 16°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF GOOD LIVING

SYMBOL : A white dove, adorned with a rose-coloured ribbon to which is attached little bell, standing on the right shoulder of a man drinking wine. Denotes one of a merry and convivial spirit who will be favoured by women and material love. There is tendency to too much indulgence but ever a restraining power holds the native to a right and rosy course.

It denotes a person who has many advantages of life, who will make a prosperous marriage, but through a false


sense of security, will, afterwards, come to ruin and sorrow. This degree is said to be powerful for growth and popularity. 17°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF WANDERING


A sea-gull flying over the waters of the ocean.

Denotes one free as air, brave, spiritual, restless, and unfitted for the regular routine of daily life. Care in infancy is essential. He is of a wandering·. mind and frequent changes are for him. The native possesses a artistic talent with a good sense of colour and rythm. Sometimes this degree is found prominent in author's chart. 18°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF COMBATIVENESS

SYMBOL : A gaudily dressed herald blowing a trumpet, at the sound of which two knights, one on a white charger, the other on a black, rush towards each other with set spears. Denotes one of a strongly martial disposition who delights in struggle and contention. He has a love of show and glitter, and desires to make himself heard. Within him is a continual war between good and evil, and victory depends on himself alone. If Mars is there, the person will have a great deal of personal magnetism and able to impress people. 19°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF FUTILITY


An archer, dressed in red. firing arrows at the Moon. 23

Denotes one who is unable to estimate his abilities and who attempts things foolhardy and useless. There is a tendency to irritability and aggressiveness and lack of self control. Thus he will court unpopularity and will suffer from his own actions, otherwise it is a degree of genius. 20°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF CELEBRITY SYMBOL: A.flight of white eagles.

Denotes one whose thoughts and ambitions are high and serenely regulated. He rises in life, gaining command and respect. He is far-seeing and his virtues enable him to accomplish good work in this world. If adversely aspected, it is a de~ree of under nourishment and poisons. 21°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF SPORTIVENESS SYMBOL :

A race-horse with the number 3 on his saddlec/oth entering a course.

Denotes one of sportive tendencies who delights in trials of skill, and who is generally fortunate. To his nature there is a generous, sympathetic and interesting side, which gains him many friends and much popularity. 22°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF DIRECTORSHIP SYMBOL: Hand holding a torch amidst the darkness.

Denotes a light bearer whose mission is to guide others and to uplift them. No matter how dark the way, his presence inspires brightness. There is no weakness in this native, who knows just what he is in this world to do and who does it. 24


23°-ruler Saturn: DEGREE OF VICTORY

SYMBOL : Sr. Michael slaying the dragon in a shower af black rain.

Denotes one with strength of purpose and ability to sustain trials. The dragon is lust, corruption and the cold moistures of the earth. St. Michael is the life, solar energy, conqueror of decay; the black rain is the evil which corruption draws. So when the native realises his soul force he becomes a veritable victor over the monster into whose jaws so many unwarned and unguarded faJl. 24°-ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF RESTRAINING


A prisoner having escaped from his prison is endeavouring to break lzis fette1s with the aid 1Jf some large flinty stones.

Denotes one whose life is harassed by other people and who will be held to a position to his disadvantage from which he will free himself and go where better opportunities for employing his skill for his own good. Consult the horoscope. 25°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF PREMEDITATION


A dense column of smoke from which issue flashes of lightning.

Denotes one of natural talent who will be beset with difficulties in gaining recognition but whose mental strength will be the more determined because of them. When his He will force time comes, his power will be felt. acknowledgement by sheer ability and energy




A giant of benevolent a-.;pect, witlz his foot on a shattered sword, tearing to shreds the law.; of the world by which men h.ive b2en governed so long. Behind him are b:oken b:igs of go 'den coins, which are falling in a shower over a precipice.

Denotes a child of the New Age whose thoughts contend against orthodoxy, systems, war and the accepted justice of the times. He is gifted with a powerful and convincing individuality, strong in wisdom, worth and excellence. His mind is dominant and he is morally and mentally brave. 27°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF INGENUITY SYMBOL:

An inventor having risen from his bench, gazes admiringly at a remarkable engine which he has just computed.

Denotes one who will produce a work of value to the

race. He is gifted with inventive ability and a quick mind, and will have concrete ideas, whilst others are but dreaming of them. This degrl!I! rule:i vocationally.




28°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF DISORDER SYMBOL:

A woman looking into a crystal ball in which confused images are reflected.

Denotes a mediumistic person, who, for lack or energetic study and cultivation has difficulty in undertaking the true


value and meaning of the m:!ss1ges which he receives. 7o such a one long study and care will bring repayment. But self-sacrifice is demanded. 29°-ruler Neptune: DEGREE OF EMBARRASSMENT f' · SYMBOL:

A man at a crossroad. Above him are two spirits one black and ti~ other white. Each strives to impress him, but his mind is too perplexed to understand either.

Denotes one who- is continually beset with difficulties and who finds it hard at all times to decide his course of action. He is ever .between the forces of opposite natures, and is quite as likely to do the right thing as the wrong one. These conditions must be subdued by the steady cultivation of the will, as this is a degree of despotism, as well gives strong will, magnetism, pride and organising ability to a stoical person. 30°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF FORCEFULNESS SYMBOL:

A huge ironst<'ne rolling down a mountain side strikes a clump of hard flint, causing a bright fiery f las!z.

Denotes a venturesome and determined spirit who will dare and do much to attain his ambitions. The earlier life will be filled with struggles and beset with difficulties which, as he advances in years, will enable him to gain the experience neccsary to make his name known and his ideas respected. This degree is also connected with dramatic talent. If adversely aspected, it can equally prove to be the Death degree, consult the horoscope. 27

CHAPTER 3 GEMINI (Mif HUN A) Sign of Unselfishness 1°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF ANIMATION SYMBOL : Two Ionic columns adarned with globzs-a burst of flame issuing out of clouds behind.

Denotes a double-minded nature, cultured and gifted person who gains reputation through his acts, and enjoys a pleasant and happy life. He has great mental energy and will, combined with an impetuosity which directs to good or evil results. His overhastines~ may lead him to make mistakes which incur displeasure and court danger which could cause death even. 2°~ruler Mars : DEGREE



A 11"n,-''!ry ofjicer seated on a heap of arnu studying a map 11'/ziclz he holds in his hands.

Denotes one of much discrimination and capacity for study, with ability to lead and direct others. His movements ~e guided by knowledge an<i. moulded by study. Danger seems to have fascination for him: for, conscious of his own ability to surmount difficulties. he has little fear even in the midst of strife.





A composer standing /J fore a large organ with a scroll of music in his hands.

Denotes one who will serve a'v1 elevate the public and who will be a master in his own particular work. Gifted with intense idealism and true un ierstanding of values in his special sphere, he will gain recognition and honours in life. Being the degree of precision, accuracy and keen sight, endows the native with the ability to do minute work with great exactness. With regarO. to health, it is an appendicitis degree. 4°-ruler Mer. : DEGREE OF TRANSCENDENTALISM SYMBOL :

A human face. th? expression calm and serene, a silvery triang'e pointing upwards below, a dark square above.

Denotes one of spirituality und kindness who meets with trials and who is pressed under the rough heel of materialism and the greed of the world. Even so, the serene aura will fl.ow from him as water down a mountain slope, cultivating those who come near. The conscience is strong and he loathes evil and unworthy action. This is a peculiar degree and certain horoscope'will force an entirely opposite interpretation. 5°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF CONCORD SYMBOL:

Little children playing near an old wrecked ship on the shore.


Denotes one of scientific and cautious nature, possesses th~ sense of sight, versatility and dexterety, especially along literary or artistic line. This degree is ~onnected with writing and language. Those with it tenanted have an urge to express themselves. The gifted one write their autobiographies and the less talented keep diaries. They have a great desire for experience and they often imagine episodes and events which have no existence in reality and dwell on them so much that eventually they believe them to be true. They are generally great readers, identifying themselves with the personalities depicted by the author, so that they really feel they have experienced the events described. This is good for novel writers, but not for those whose mind is weak and whose imagination is strong as it may end in hallucinations, obsessions, fixed ideas or similar conditions. If afflicted, it can prove to be a critical degree and the native will have many difficulties, troubles, reverses and hopes destroyed, but who strives in the face of it all, unable to sink into baseness to gain worldly comforts. Later in life the native will have a period of pleasantness, and he passes from earth away the busy cities of the world.

6°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF RESEARCH


An analytical chemist holding up to the light a test-tube in which is a dull green liquid. ¡

Denotes one of a scientific and cautious mind. fond of and research. Whether recognised by authority or not, this native never leaves his work unfinished, nor will he depart from this planet without adding rays for the progressive enlightenment of its peoples. It is a degree of ~"Xperiment


aviation, mental stability and sharpness, of verbal facility and of expression of language. The native will do very weII in journalism. Supposed to be the most fortunate and briIIIiantly intellectual degree of the zodiac. This degree has its negative side also if adversely influenced in the horoscope. The native is inclined to be fearful, has to do with morbid fea~·s, often being haunted with the dread of some impending disaster, such as incurable illnes-,, blindness, or poverty. He may be believer in ill luck, imagining himself to be under a curse and th'lt nothing will succeed with him. Needless to say, he probably attracts that which he fears. ~ t····--- ·:-


A white ship witlz sails set on a peaceful ocean, ).·· over which the full Moon is throwing q silvery light.

Denotes one of serenely peaceful temperament, gifted with a fine imagillation and creative endowment. His influence is soothing, no matter where he may be, and many are attracted to him. Generally his undertakings are successful, and he may travel much. This degree of aviation, mental stability, and sharpness of verbal facility imparts a smooth flow of language. This degree is connected with writing and language. Those with it tenanted have an urge to express themselves. The gifted one write their autobio graphics and the less talented keep diaries. They have a great desire for experience and they often image episodes and events which have no exist31

encc in reality and dwell on them so much that eventually they believe them to be true. They are generaHy great readers, identifying themselves with the personaliiies depicted by the author, so that they really feel they have experienced the events described. This is good for novel writers but not for those whose mind is weak and whose imagination is strong as it may end in hallucinations, obsessions, fixed ideas or simiiar conditions otherwise this is suppose to be most fortunate and brilliantly intellectual degrees of the zodiac. 8°-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF ELEVATION


A winged horse

in mid-air with the Sun

above its heat!.

Denotes one ambitious person of proud aspiring nature, who seeks to rise, an.d who desires honour and reputation. The native has a g.Jod grip on humm nature, its virtues and its weaknesses, and he may find a position in some branch of the public service or in the service of his country. This is also a literary and sculpture's degree. It is good for scultptors, especially if Venus or Saturn be therein. If afflicted, is particularly bad for the lungs and may show a tendency to tuber~ulosis, or consumption. 9°-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF JURISDICTION

SYMBOL : A hand holding a document on which is a crown m:d royal seal. Denotes a judge, magistrate or one who attains dignity and rank, and who will be entrusted with work of delicacy and responsibility. He will enjoy much favour and many 32

advantages during a !ife of more than average span. It points to a native conscious and confident of its poineer and harbouring a dignified and equisite kindness together with a noble pride. A sharp intelligence, apt to catch at once the point of difficult problems. The native is ruler born and fortune may help his lordly character to conquer powers should this not have fallen to him by birth, right so that his position may consolidate in later years. A peculiar feature of this mind is its fondness of conundrums and riddles, chess and pastimes involving mental efforts. There is a great d:i.intiness as to cleanliness and the choice of food. If adversely aspected there is also a danger of violence and sickness afflicting health.


A hospital nurse, whose face expresses sympathy and sac.·ifice, attending a sick man.

Denotes one of sweetness, charity and worth, who would sacrifice self and self's desire to aid the suffering and unfortunate. Happy and cheerful in the midst of the deepest darkness, this one will be to our race a blessing and a pride. 11°--ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF HAZARD SYMBOL:

Interior of Stock Exchange, a number of men shouting, jostling each other and holding papers in their frenzied hml(k

Denotes one of speculative tendency who endures pain for the chance of gain and who has much fighting and anxiety in the pursuit. He may find that, after all, the"game'' is


not worth while, and that the energy expended could be more profitably employed in more useful work. J2° -ruler Mercury : L'EGREE OF EXACTNESS


An accountant puzzling over a ledger whiclz he fa struggling to balance.

Denotes one of mathematical mind who is apt to consider the various questions which arise in everyday life, and to accept nothing without strict examination and thought. He may often be considered stubborn, and unyielding, as it gives a tendency to argument, often accompanied by sarcasm and satire, but no one will more readily agree to the truth or falsity of a matter when clear evidence makes it possible for him to do so. This degree is also connected with literature and many writers have it tenanted, especially by the Moon in the case of romantic writers. With regard to health, this degree is connected with stone. 13°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF DECEIT SYMBOL:

Two men playing at cards, a man .)·tanding behind one player making signs to his opponent.

Denotes one exposed to treachery and deceit who will incline to place too much reliance on those unworthy of his confidence. Care in the choice of friends should be his constant charge, nor should he indulge in ventures of a risky nature at the suggestion of anyone, not put himself in the power of any man. 34

This degree being connected with travelling, the na!lA~ generally leading in a very active life, rushing from one place to another. It also denies him the ability to make up his mind. He is tom between two alternatives and does not know which one is to choose. This is the characteristic of the whole sign of Gemini, but even more so in this area i.e. degrees 13-14. 14°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF ENTANGLEMENT


A man in a forest handing to another man an open box full of jewels which he has stolen from a castle nearby.

Denotes 0ne who will be called upon to suffer from the acts of ot ~ers with whom he is, or has been, associated. Through taking great risks, he may gain wealth; but he will be tl e victim of his own thoughts and the acts of his associates. (Note: Please read 2nd para of 13° Gemini with this degree). 15°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF RESTLESSNESS


A wounded soldier drawing an arrow from his ann. A dog is howling at lzis side.

Denotes one of material and impulsive nature and endows one with great mental gifts, who is liable to suffer from his restless temperament. His imagination is prolific but apt to run into wrong grooves and useless pathways. To such, self-restraint and mental training are necesary and a determination to employ his martial powers for high achievemeTits otherwise it points to disaster. If tenanted by weak ~un, it indicates misfortune and sorrow and life



can end in tragic end. With regards to health, afflictions to this dagree are likely to .effect the eyes. 16°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF SPIRITUAL VICTORY SYMBOL:

A sword lying shattered stone.

before a

cross ()f

Denotes one who upholds the doctrine of sacrifice and faith above the boasted influence of force, and who will be enabled or fated to prove of himself that aggression shatters itself, whilst true faith rests unbroken and immoveable. Pluto on this degree elevates the native in life. With regard to health, this degree has much to do with breathing. If malefics be therein, the native tends to suffer from lung troubles, such as asthama and pneumonia. Afflictions to this degree are likely to ,e°ffect the eyes also. 17° ~ruler Mars : DEGREE OF BLUNDERING SYMBOL :

A blind giant in full armour hitting out wildly with a huge battle axe at nothing.

Denotes one who over-estimates his power and who rushes into quarrels from which no good can be obtained. After trouble and waste of energy he may find to his chagrin that he has gained nothing by his adventures but the reward of folly. The motive power is the money chest. This degree endows the native with a proud and ambitious nature capable of stimulating the virtues or even the vices of another for reasons of personal gain. His min cl. is astute and sustained by an unswerving faith in his ability to conquer which of itself makes conquest easy. Between the ages of 20 and 25 years, the native will make great 36

strides in his car~er. Luv~ affairs he will have plenty. Marriage may com~ late in life. This degree is also connected with literature and many writers have it tenanted, especially by Moon in the cal)e of romantic writers. With regard to health, if Herschel is there, the native tends to suffer from pneumonia. 18°-ruler Jupiter: DEGREE OF INVULNERABILITY SYMBOL :

An eagle H'O!mded in flight swoops to a mozmtain ridge ll'lzere a brood of young ones rises ji¡om the drops of blood.

Denotes one of great bravery, lofty aspiration, keen martial powers, penetration and executive ability and will cut out his own line of life who, feeling himself unconquerable, becomes a mark for the attacks of his enemies who, thinking to smite him at the point of his weakness, raise about themselves the power which vibrates from his pain. With regard to .health, this degree has much to do with breathing. lf malefics be therein the native tends to suffer from lung troubles. such as asthama, and pneumonia. 19''-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF INTERPOSITION SYMBOL :

A mountainer climbing in tlw darkness in a violent stvrm ll'ltich lzas b!oirn away Iris cloak, frat, saved f/om falling over a precipice by a flash of liglztning.

Denotes one whose vocation is one of danger and technique and who is compelled to labour under most uncomfortable conditions. He will be forced to surrender much, anp 37

will often find himself in e ~ tremely difficult positions. Eventually he will be saved from disaster by a miracle of

fo dune happenings. 20° --ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF MENACE SYMBOL :

A drunken reveler holding a skull in his hands.

Denotes one who is prone to take a fatalistic view of life and to play with it as a cat plays with a mouse. He mW perform acts which will cause him suffering and sorrow, and seek to stifle memories in indulgence. Let him transmute him~elf, and turn his thought to the real, fine and true, and so realise the philosophic power of Saturn when contained in Mercury. 21°-ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF OCCULTISM SYMBOL:

An old man in a graveyard, standing under a cypress tree watching a form rising from a tomb.

Denotes one who will be addicted to spiritual phenomena and who will indulge in experiments from which most people would turn away in fear. He will later study closer the higher branches of occult philosophy for which his peculiar power is well fitted. This degree inclines natives to avoid marriage or if they do marry, they generally make a mess of it. It often brings trouble through the opposite sex. 22° -ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF CLINGING SYMBOL : 38

A heaD of stones over which ivy is growing.

Denotes one who clings to others for business and advantage, and who will be c;.ueful, saving and given to the accumulation of the riches of the world. He will recognise those useful for his purpose and, recognising them, he will secure them. This symbol is not without its danger and its threatenings and troubles will come through partnership. 23°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF TRIAL SYMBOL :

A triangular-shaped hill. 011 one side tlze Sun is shining on pleasant patlzs and beautiful foliage-tlze otlzer side is dark and gloomy.

Denotes one who should make the most of his first half of life when fortune will favour him, and when the happiest and most useful thoughts will reign supreme. The latter part of his life promises nothing. It is a path of peculiar and mysterious nature and must be approached with caution. If afflicted, it means misfortune, danger of . sudden dishonour, accidents and injury through sharp instruments. 24°~rulcr



A beautiful woman giving bread to a crowd of starving people. From behind her, showing dimly through a haze of white light, is a high i11tellige11ce placing a croll'n of a strange bright metal on lrer head.

Denotes one who accounts charity the highest of the irtues--charity of soul, charity of thought, and charity 39

of action. When a generous act is performed, when charity is given to the opinions of others and in relieving the sufferings of others, when there is unselfishness in act and judgment, the mystic crown bathed in holy light is on the head. If adversely tenanted it afflicts the health. 25°-ruler Neptune: DEGREE OF ETHEREALISM SYMBOL :

A hand issuing .fi'om the heavens holding a great scroll on which is shining a pentagmm.

Denotes one of considerable occult knowledge and force who has a mission to perform and do, no matter how strongly he may be opposed. lt will be useless for the native to allow himself to be drawn into the world's gambling and money schemes or toward the low~r elements of material life. Inclines the native to neurasthenia, specially if Mercury or Herschel be afflicted. 26°-ruler Neptune: DEGREE OF ALLUREMENT SYMBOL :

A. broken trident falling into the sea.

Denotes one who will be compelled to face uncertain and unsettled conditions. Speculations are fatal to him and should be avoided. He must exercise care in speech and action and must not be misled by appearances. Inclines the native to neurasthenia, specially if Mercury or Herschel be afflicted. C")



27°.-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF SURRENDER


·~ I 1 : , ' ' ,



.' ") '\



A man seated at a table, g/oomingly looking at a violin with broken sir in gs before him.

Denotes one of unsettled firmness who allows the remediable ills in life to affect him. It disposes the native to anarchism and tends to make him act violently when driver. to desperation. If he gains power, h·~ is tyrannical. He has faith in himself and will listen to no advice or suggestions from others. He gives way to worry, anxiety and gloom without any real cause, for the solution is always at hand, if he thinks a little-generally it is in him;;elf. Let him exercise his will and bring into action his fine understanding Then will even an instrument with broken strings yield music. With a strong map he drives all before him, but with a weak one, he is often made the cat's-paw and suffers penalty of his deeds. 0


A number of workmen building a railway track through barre1z country.

Denotes one who through industry and prudence finds ways to aid himself ove~· the greatest difficulties, and in aiding himself he confers lasting benefits on others. He approaches probleP-1s with determination and an understanding mind, and grapples until he firmly masters them. If afflicted and hot taken care of, this could prove extremely destructive degree. With regard to health, if afflicted, is particularly bad for the lungs, and may show a tendency to tuberrulosis or consumption.

29°- ruler Mars : DEGREE OF SEERSH1P SYMBOL :

A child blowing a steel glove from a cube of stone.


Denotes one of simplicity ot' character gifted with magnetic fire and knowledge of the power of invisible forces. Against him aggression will avail nothing, and the aggressor will fir,J that he is conquered. This degree provides an aptitude for studying human nature. 30°.-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF STUMBLING


A maiden bound to a stake smiling at an angel. At her feet are three dead bats.

Denotes one who is forced by fate to meet many obstacles, danger and whose scope of action is limited and held within bounds. The life is a peculiar one, full of threatenings, dangers, strange feelings, incidents and uncommon action.


CHAPTER 4 CANCER (KATAKA) Sign of Patriotism 1°--ruler Venus: DEGREE OF SYMPATHY SYMBOL :

A curious ring set with a large hew·t of white onyx.

Denotes one of occult learning arid of an exteremely sensitive and sympathetic nature who does much for the pleasure and help of the people. He is gifted with a peculiar power, which produ~es a feeling of calmness and serenity. He may not be free from his own worries, as this degree is associated with extreme egoism, but the power to cast away such poison is his, and he will find that the rays of good he throws out for others will react with added force on himself. 2°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF INERTIA SYMBOL :

A labourer leaning against a tree watching a number of others digging in a neighbouring field.

Denote:s one who lets others do the work which he should do himself. He is fond of the luxuries of life without the toil of gaining them. He can advance his own arguments to defrnd his actions and throughout his life on earth wilA 43

be protected. Sun conjunction this degree, the native will be highly ambitious. Vc:nus conjunction this degree, the native is ambitious ahd wish to excel. 3°-ruler Moon: DEGREE OF ENTRUSTING A creeping plant-worms eating at tlze rootgrowing over a rustic summer house.


Denotes one who i·1clines to a quiet and simple life away from the din and struggle of cities. Of a kind and trusting nature, he may leave his vital affairs too much in the hands of others risking danger, trouble and loss. He will be wise to look to his affairs and to those he Trusts to attend to them. It denotes loneliness if Pluto is there in 7th house. 4°-ruler Moon: DEGREE OF MISDIRECTION SYMBOL :

A drinking reveler in fancy costume asleep at

a table, the contents of his overturned cup of red wine pouring onto the floor. Denotes a romantic but erratic nature who leads himself to esteem the follies of the world before wisdom. In his pursuit of happiness he will find nothmg but exhaustion, fatigue and emptiness. 5-'~ruler




A man seated 011 a ruck on a newly-boomed gold field, a new pick and shovel beside him, looking gloomingly at a newspaper containing a report of rich fields in the locality.

Denotes one who takes too much notice of reports and who ventures before he has obtaini::d enough evidence as to the nature of his speculations. This tendency, unless checked leads him to a land of famine inslead to a land of plenty 6°-rnler Sun : DEGREE OF WASTEFULNESS


A man spending his money lavishly entertaining his ftiendi;, a clol1'11 hidden behind a curtain k.ughing at him.

Denotes to whom money comes but who dissipates it and falls into the need again. He must control an extravagant tendency which can only bring him ephemeral friends, trouble and misery. ?:;~ruler



An antique gold-capped Corinthian colwnn of 1rhite marble, slightly crumbling at its base.

Denotes one who strives to stand erect. Time does not cast him down, for grandeur and beauty are his companions; but beauty, however sublime, is never without a flaw··-the flaw intensifies the beauty. The erect column indicates strength, the crumbling at the base fear, which alone can destory if permitted to infect the whole. Where v faith is, fear will never be. True faith is knowledge absolute and \vhat knowledge so perfect as the consciousness in man of his strrngth ? 8°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF M.UZZLING


A newspaper editor at his desk-a mass lf proofs before him-parleying ll'itlz a man who arerts his face. 45

Denotes one whose position in life will enable him to hold many secrets connected with the lives of others, who wields a power which will cause fear to many of poshion and reputation. A desire for material advantages may induce him to sway in the pursuit of his duty. This degree promises the native careful pronounciating of speech, proper appearances and ostentatious of dress. 9°--ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF PUBLICITY SYMBOL:

An acrobat pe1forming before a large audience.

Denotes one who comes before the public and whose risky adventures secure him favour. He sees many changes in life and has a hard struggle at times, but his energy and resourcefulness are great, and his spirits never fail. Great wealth will not fall to the native, but his life will not end for lack of means. 10°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF SUBLIMITY SYMBOL :

A painter at his easel in a graceful forest glade. It is the hour of sunset and strange shadows of unearthly grandeur are falling.

Denotes one of much perseverance and artistic power to whom the poetry of form and colour appeal most magically. He has a love of quiet, and rustic life will help to draw to his soul a wealth of inspiration and calm. His search is not for immortality, for this is old knowledge to him. He sees deeply into the imperishable paths, tasting of their everlasting grandeur. If Neptune is there, shows to be mediumistic.


11°-ruler Ve nus: SYMBOL:



A number of maidens, crowned with garlands of wild flowers, &11iri11g on a lawn.

Denotes one of bright and joyous spirit and friendly nature whose desire is to spread happiness and contentment wherever he goes. Ti1e native will always be much loved and populer. He co:nes to the world with a message of love, life and hope, and a mind which resists encroachments of evil. 12°- ruler Venus : DEGREE OF BENDING SYMBOL:

An avenue of trees bending bifore a destructive windstorm, the rich golden leaves of autumn falling thickly ovet tlze landscape.

Denotes one whose thm1ghts \\ill be directed to securing a competency for himself in old age and who will labour hard to accomplish hi:; desire. His love of quiet is disturbed and outraged, and he will be shaken by storms as a tree in th~ wild wind. Still he fights on in gloom or sunshine, passing sadness on the way. 13°--ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF PERTINACITY SYMBOL:

A volcano in active eruption, devastating the country for miles around wh;/e groups of peasants cling to their little homes.

Denotes one who is born to face danger and to indulge in undertakings of a venturesome nature which yield little profit and entail much anxiety. He is rather fixed in his ideas, and may fail in with the views of the majority. Neither will he attempt to escape when the storm is against him.




A crab climb!ng up an upright iro11 spear, above which is a circlet of seven stars.

Denotes one who, never daunted by obstacles, opposition and hardship, will rise by his own effort to a position of dignity and importance in his special sphere. Uniting an iron will to stubbornness of purpose, the native proves his worth and triumphs. It is also a degree of counting and reckoning. 15°-Jupiter : DEGREE OF DISREGARDING


A.11 auctioner's hammer lying on a heap of gold money and bank notes.

Denotes one who acts with craft and sagacity toward his point of attainment and who will ever struggle hard to hold what he gets. His attitude brings material gain and his methods bring others under his influence His life will not be without its disappointments but he is not the man to yield to "setbacks.'' His philosophy is self-preservation. 16°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF INSPIRED


A young man standing 011 the top of a high mountain, the world stretched out below him, grasping a sword which comes from the heavens to his hand.

Denotes one who is entrusted with a high mission and who is deeply spiritual and inspired, having a spirituality entirely serene. To him has the mandate "Go forth and teach the people" been echoed, so that the people will 48

hear him call. The evidence of this peculiar mission arC made manifest in his twelfth year and mature between the 24th and 36th years. 17"-ruler Jupiter: DEGREE OF EXCHANGING


A band of merchants mounted on journeying through the desert.


Denotes a lover of travelling whose le~rnings are toward a nomadic life. He is, however, keenly alive to the necessity of material work and he traffics in stuffs, the sale of which is not confined to any one district or country. He will accumulate by or through merchandise, exporting or importing or through things of universal demand. Sometimes indiscreet, sometimes hasty, the native is always self possessed.


A hand grasping gold pieces, some of which are falling through the finge1s.

Denotes one who is disposed to place too much value on material things, esteeming them as philosophy and learning, one who will make his <lays "pay" him, and who seeks to gain the wealth of the world hy all legitimate mean<). His nature is somewhat hard, he regards "his hc~t friends, the friends of his pocket." hence he docs not know his truest friends at all. He will continue thus to the end of his earth <lays, when as the Talmud has it "all that he gained slips through his fingers." I <J''-rulcr Saturn : DEGREE OF ESSENTIALS



An aged man sitting alum! in the! twilight with an old hook, from 1l'hiclz emanate hriKht rays of liglzt he.fore him.

Denotes one whose life is devoted in fi'1ding atsolute truth-more potent than m~re belief, no matter how wildly the storms of doubt drive around He wilf never be daunted in his sacred search. As the AH-Divine Designer of the Grand Design draws his days of earth to a close, he sees the Darling of his pilgrimag·~ face to face and seeing knows. 20°-ruler Herschel: DEGREE OF LIBERTY SYMBOL :

A Bedouin l\'OLinded, r;ding a spirited horse.

Denotes one of unsettled tendencies with a strong desire for freedom and liberty; w'.10 brave and adventurous, is ever restless if held to one place. He is not fitted for ordinary life, and he will experience many sudden changes. He is wilful,· erratic, impulsive and his body is marked naturally or by accident. 21°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF HASflNESS SYMBOL :

A man having jumped m•er a .1ence, falls into a <litclz on the other .'{i<le of it.

Denotes one who is venturesome and Iiable to fall into He should be exceedingly grave mistakes and errors. careful of his conduct and endeavour by strength of will to moderate an impulsiveness which, if allowed to grow, will bring \nto form all the threatening of this peculiar degree. Self-mas tery and the forcing of self to obey the power of his spirit should be his chitf care in life. 50

22°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF EXTINCTION SYMBOL :

A jewelled crown .falling from a height into mud.

Denotes one whose life will h1ve a powerful influence on others, one who will rise to power through no special virtue of his own and who as a consequence of a false education and evil impressions, uses his influences badly, going down to a hopeless grave. 23°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF PEACEFULNESS SYMBOL :

Fislzennen pulling in their nets in calm weather.

Denotes one whose business in life is uncertain in its results, but who can calmly continue, contended to take whatever fate sends his way. He is gifted with mediumistic power and his impressions enable him to make but few errors in his affairs. This is known to be the degree of astrologer, seer or prophet with a gift of healing. With regard to health it is a gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer degree. 24c-·ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF PLEASING SYMBOL :

A graceful dancer smilinglv tributes and applause.

rei,eiving floral

Denotes a popular favourite of charming manners, poetic and artistic. He will find fortune in an artistic or professional career or anything calling which brings him in direct touch with the public. In infancy the life needs guarding. With regard to health, it is a duodenal ulcer degree which might necessitate an operation. 51



The setting Sun reflected from the ocean in such a manner that the reflected rays interlace with the solar ray.{.

Denotes a psychic readily absorbing the thoughts and suggestions of others. He should never permit himself to be hypnotised nor entrance nor give way to negative states of mind or lowering thoughts. He must absorb noble teachings and eschew unworthy ones. Then a~ he reaches the latter part of his life, glories will stream from his soul to unite with the lights or the heaven of inspiration. Denotes his doing great work likely to exert a deep influence and leaves a mark in history. 26°~rulcr Mars : DEGREE OF UNDAUNTED


A marksman lwvingfailed to hit the hull's rye in eight shots. strikes it in the ninth.

Denotes one of a persevering spirit who is not disposed to sink under failures be they ever so frequent, nor \viii argument turn his mind rrom a set purpose. for in his soul is the knowledge that success will come to him in the end. Jn his attempts he is orderly. never undertaking a new thing hcforc he has finished that which he has in hand. It could also he called a scientific and litcr~1ry degree. 27·'--rulcr Mars: DEGREE OF ENTERTAlNMENT ,\'Yfo.f /JOI. :


A moth circling round aflc1111t'.

Denotes one who can be hypnotised by glitter and glare, and show and who takes risks which less impulsive people would shrink from. The will is too yielding and the love of pleasure too great. Let him remember that the moth which circles round the flame is ultimately drawn into it and consumed, and that the death of the moth does not trouble the flame. 28°-rulcr Venus : DEGREE OF CHARM SYMBOL :

An old mi/1-wlzee/ lying 01z the bank of a lily pond, with pretty creepers gro1ri11g over it.

Denotes one whose life will be peaceful and whose marriage will be blessed. His desires arc simple and his talents are natural. He does not wish to rule in the world of men. His mental attitude and manner of living form a magnetic point of help and sympathy where the world-worn may have balm for their wounds. 29°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF OBSTRUCTION SYMBOL :

A man in prison, a ray of light flowing tllrouglz the bars, on which a little bird stands sin'{ing.

Denotes one liable to be bound hands, soul and body, who will be restricted in action and desire. But even so he may yet release his true self and meet the force flowing from the fountain head. Thus, though one side may frown and obstruct him, the other will smile and release him. If afflicted, the native is subject to danger from secret enemies and jealous foes, in peril of an untimely end. This degree also rules over botany, geology, wild life aud collecting.


A winged wheel flying across jn 'green field.

Denotes one hand of destiny, he is fitted to imagination and and movement.


of character and force and skill who by the will rise to a position in this world where play a decided part. He has a keen constructive ability and gains from change


LEO (SlMHA) Sign of Kindness 1°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF AUTHORITY


A king stepping from his carriage receiving a dornment from a group of citizens.

Denotes one who will be enabled to grant or refuse the wishes of others. He will reach a position of importance and will receive many honours, and benefits will accrue to him. The demand for an understanding of the use, not the abuse of power. Predicts a bold and successful person,

if adversely aspected, it could become the jcath degree. Study the chart. 2~'~ruler : DEGREE OF ARTIFICE


A roll o_j'papcrs having d.roppedji"0111 the lurnd oj' a dying scholar is eagerly caught up by an emi11ent professor, on lrliose face there is a 1ook of triunzph.

Denotes one whose early life is threatened and who in later years will gain possession of material secrets discovered hy another which he has long sought to obtain. Having 55

obtained them, he claims the discoveries as his own, gai~ing thus further professional advancement and reputat10n. His triumph may last till he breathes his last breath, then he will learn that in spite of all his learning he does not know, and his action of yesterday brings remorse on t~e morrow. 3°-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF LEADERSHIP SYMBOL :

A huge human head, from the left eye emanates a 1ay of black vapow·, from the right a ray of yellow and from the centre of the forehead a ray of white.

Denotes a remarkable personality who has an understanding of complex subjects. Rich, courted, and strong, he can regulate his forces for the blessing or bane of men. There is also an entirely occult side of this degree which expresses the- same meaning from a spiritual outlook. 4°-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF TREACHERY SYMBOL :

An ambassador leaving tile presence of a prince who is smiling significantly to his chancel/or.

Denotes on~ who may be deceived by smiles and promises. He should be especially careful of those in power, and should be wary lest in negotiations he betrays his plans and aspirations to keen and subtle adversaries. Wisdom is in silence. 5°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF COMPLICATION SYMBOL :


A lawyer placing a document before a client, who ~'igns it. Hi'l eyes are bandaged.

Denotes one who should be critically careful of atta<. hing his name to papers and in putting absolute trust in interested advisors. Jn all writings, care should be taken of, if the native would save himself sorrow, suffering and the results of impulsive action. He should look many times at a pen before he dips it in the ink. If Saturn is there, it could prove to be the degree of homicides. 6°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF STRATEGY SYMBOL :

A lion crouching in a jungle with a large bird of the eagle type in his moutlz.

Denotes one who will be compelled to fight and struggle during a great part of his life and who will often have to - . f' use ingenuity to release himself from entanglements and troubles. He has a special mission of an extraordinary character. He cannot fail to become a ruler of men and a giant among men-intellectually or morally, if not physically. He may have finaacial difficulties over property or estates. All his life he is waiting for a real opportunity to make a success of his career. In the end-perhaps in the midst of worries-his star rises and he triumphs over enemies and evil condititions. 7° .-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF FAME SYMBOL :

A book, on which is a crown resting on a

golden 1hro11e. De!"10tes one who will by his own skiil and ability recdve and profit by impressions and reach a position which gains him the recognition due to him. To such, perseverance



and faith are the essentials, and if he regards the meaning of ·these two words ap:irt frdm the words themselves he will crown his labours with success. One who will rise to a foremost position in life. Tt is also a degree showing prophetic inspiration and skill with the head and hands. 8°-rulcr Venus: DEGREE OF AFFECTION


Two lovers walking in a forest glade. Before tlzcm are two doves and a brilliantly coloured butterfly.

Denotes one of an idealistic and affectionate disposition whose poetic nature will at times put him out of touch with the world of men, its false ideas of justice and its oceans of pains. Then should he ''seek the forest lands for peace and hFaven." He is himself a happy influence and generally he will be favoured. Should the horoscope show marriage, it will be union of souls. ]f adversely placed, this degree threaten the sight. serious accidents, burns and violent death. 9°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF REFLECTION


A lady elegantly dressed and bedecked wit Ii many jewels, standing before a mirror.

Denotes fortunatl! but somewhat, vain, whose desir~ is "make a good appearance'' and who expends much money for this purpose. But the glories which shine forth from a great soul glitter more than the choicest diamond in the daintiest setting, giving a lasting beauty which age cannot change, nor time obliterate. It is a degree of display and makes for others that which gratifying to the 58

senses. It is emotional and most degrees and is usually masterful.

magnetic of all the

l ((-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF DARING

SYMBOL : A soldier l"l'scui11g a 11¡11umled comrade vn a field of baffle, a dark sinister figure rising belli11tl lzim. Denotes one of bravL', fearkss and noble disposition, whose natural greatness or soul is moved by the neccssacities of others, and who always puts the well being of another before his own comforts. Envy is directed against him and malice turns its evil eyes on him. He will be exposed to many and grave dangers for duty is ever his first thought. It is also one of the Astronomer's degree. 11 "-ruler Mars : DEGREE O.F' INDULGENCE

SYMBOL : A troop <~(old barbQI imz suldiers carrying of}' struggling ll'Ome11. Denotes one over whom the wild senses strive for mastery, whose philosophy of force crumbles before whal is truly real. The time may come when he will be forced to pause, when he will be made to see the uselessness of it all, and how strangely things are mirrored in the world of illusion. He must strive lest he becomes the slave of his lower self and the inducer of his own dangers. If Neptune is there, it could prove to be extremely destructive degree.



of martial and distinguishrd hearing alms to tlz(' poor.




Denotes one of brave and generous disposition who is an earnest and ~inccrc champion of the oppressed and who is one of that great band who cannot be deaf to the moans of the suffering many. He is a militant, generous force, and in his philosophy "charity covcreth a multitude of sins." 13°-ruler Jupiter: DEGREE OF EXALTATION SYMBOL :

An uld uak tree over wlziclz shines tlze noonday Sun in a clear sky.

Denotes one of the rugged, conservative, and patriotic nature who will be blessed with the goods of the world and who will use his blessings well. His position in life will be distinguished and his sincerety will command respect even from his enemies. He carries about him a fine and pure aura which benefits all who come within its radiations. 14°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF GAMING SYMBOL:

Two men tossing coins whilst another looks


Denotes one of a sportive nature whose instincts arc keenly set on those things which the world is content to regard as chance happenings. The native will not be greatly interested in chance as a problem amenable to scientific treatment. He prefers to ever regard it as the absolute unknown and let its solution be a matter of risk. This is also a degree of publicity if well placed, bestowing brilliance, ingenuity, mysticism and often found to be occupied in the nativities of those who receive considerable publicity through life. 60



A mass of black rock in the centre of whirlz is 1~1rge diamond.


Denotes one who is forced to Jabour hard for the greater part of his lifo, but wl].o contains within himself some brilliant gifts one of which will bring him into fame. The native will earn his living in a multitude of ways and versatility fits him to assume numerous posts of authority and responsibility. Twenty five is the likely age for marriage and one should be chosen who will help in his career. Tf Mars is there, succeeds through courage and determination. It will also prove to be a degree of ohstinacy, if afflicted. r<)"-ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF VEXATION


A. pyramid in the midst of a sand waste, with lowering hlack c/oudfi over it.

Denotes one who in the middle of threats, difficulties ~, i and oppositions raises himself to a position of dig11ity and responsibility. and the stings of envy will follow him. He :. will see m~~ny pass through this world of matter before receiving the call, and will keenly feel and deplore his errors. He may find that the road to power is not the road to happiness. This is also one of the aviator's degree.

1r-rnler Saturn : DEGREE OF KNOWLEDGE SYAi BO L :

An architect standing by a desk u•ith the plans c_f a building before him. 61

· · ·


Denotes one of understanding and power of purpose who is gifted with fine p-~rception and a lively im:igination. As a theorist h~ is generally correct in his deductions and he can quickly clothe his thoughts in material dress. If Venus is there on this degree, the native would like to be an air-man. t 8°-ruler Herschel: .\,




SYMBOL : Two gold-mine··s seated near. mining marlzinery P.Xm1lining a strange metal unknown to them or modern science, which they have found am111g;;t the quartz. Denotes one of a peculiar and original mind with a strong leaning toward the unravelling of the many mysteries of science. Entirely unorthodox in his methods or research, he is not likely to obtain recognition from book-drilled students, but people of true learning will always be attracted to him. The personality is double and he is able to carry on two lines of investigation at the s1me tim~. It is also one of the aviator's degree. 19°-ruler Herschel: DEGREE OF COMPULSION


A giant lzo/tling a numh<!r of h/eeding hearts pierced on /zis sword.

Denotes a man of compdling will and magnetic force who stops at nothing to carry out his ambitions. He rises to power through blood and tears. He wields and binds. Those whom he binds will ble_kd, for his work of materialistic pride which dissolvrs in the fire of hatr.


20''-rulcr Neptune : DEGREE OF DISTiNCTION


A violin and how lying on soi1le sheets of music.

Denotes one of a strong character, resentful of outward restraint and impatient of any fetters. A bright and manifold intelligence, intuitive and imaginative mind. Favours and influential people will like and support the native, who will also enjoy the friendship and co,1peration of the best minds. For quite a time his life may appear a complete failure and whose energies appear to be expended on what produces nothing, consequenlly there is no apparent result. But do not despair. He will have to start all over again. Unwavering steadfastness is the C~Ltch-word here "Try and try again." Ll1ck is likely to await the native far away from home. The native will have many changes in life, and will eventually become eminent through his association with some perso!l of high rank or merits. Sm'.l.llness and meannes;; have played n') pirt ir1 the building up of his character. The thought of a kindered mind seems to reach him even though it comes from a distance. One of a refined and harmonious nature, skilfull in one of the entertaining arts, and psychic of some ability. He is equa11y gifted as a composer either of music or some allied art. This degree makes one feel that he has a mission in life and he must fulfil it at any cost, study the natal figur~.



A man in the rabis of magician tracing mystic signs on the sand-: of the sea-shore in th? silence of the night.

Denotes truly one of th~ mystics of this world who fulfil'i a vital need in the production of the faith that looks on opposition. The mind is cap1ble of seriouc; th')ught, se~ing miracles in actionc; which to others seem quite common place. With him romance, poetry and wonderment travel. Although of probably humble birth, he will nevertheless reach quite dazzling eminences and provide a nota'Jle example of the way in which even unsuspected instrum'!nts can be wielded by a gig~'l tic p:)wer for good. This is also a artistic degree combined with humour and comedy. 2r-ruJer Neptune : DEGREE OF RESTRICTION SYMBOL :

A man carrying a hird in a golden cage.

Denotes one who is in danger of being held in restraint of some kind and of being moved to different places at the will of others. There is no suggestion of unkind treatment, but there is that the native is not a free agent. He should never permit others to gain an influence over him in any way. He is very mediumistic, but can be controlled from the visible as he can be controlled from the invisible. This degree provides interest in Drama. With regmi to health, it is an appendicitis degree.


A tru npel mule fru;n a r,\'n's horn b~1tll:?d in Sun's rays.

Denotes a rouser of men, one destined for action, who will bring light and benefit to mankind. His way will not be without its roughness, and many times he wil1 be weary. Then the sound of the horn will rouse him to an understanding of his work and he will see the 1ight. As is the case with 22° Leo, this degree is equally connected with drama and appendicitis. 24°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF RENUNCIATION SYMBOL:

An old rusty sword, over which grass is growine outside a rustic cottage.

Denotes one who, after struggling and fighting to gain ac;cendency in the world of illusion realises in his 1ater life the futility of it all, and throwing away his aggressive sword, he retires to a life of peace and simplicity, whilst the sword rots to decay and the tender grass covers it as the flowers over a grave. This degree denotes broad vision, understanding and self-control. 25°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF PROPORTION SYMBOL :

A poet reading his verses to a group of ladies in an old castle garden.

Denotes one whose influence will be ideal and cultivating and who, notwithstanding his simplicity of character is not without a degree of pride. This alloy but serves to show the points of artistic excellence and will not prejudice him, if kept within bounds. Indicates one who knows where he is going and leaves no stone unturned to get there. This degree is also connected with sexual prob!ems, study the horoscope.





Two hands clasped under a floral crown.

Denotes one talented, poetic and scientific who gains much through the quiet influence of helpful friends. He himself is true and peaceful. He dislikes quarrels and disturbed conditions. He is considerate in his dealings with others and can be relied on to keep a secret. If Saturn is. there, danger by water, ship-wreck is even possible-prone to accidents. 27°ruler Venus : DEGREE OF APPROVAL SYMBOL:

A bleeding hand holding a thorny orange branch on which fruit is growing.

Denotes one who will be compelled to gain experience He is sincere and affectionate, and will sacrifice much to help another. He is aided, patronised and advanced, and from his former sufferings his fame springs.

by suffering, losses and deceit.


A stream of oil falling fro:n mid-air upon tlze troubled waters beneath.

Denotes one who will exercise discrimination in the affairs of daily life, one who will possess tact and understanding and diplomacy, and a peculiar magnetic aura which enables him to bring quarreling units to a peaceful union. This degree singles out the great governors and executives of the modern business world.


29° --ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF REWARDING SYM. BO L :

A man climbing a ladder and helping others ll'!zo strive hclz.:nd lzim. At the top, a veiled figure holds vut to lzim a 11•reatlz of stars.

Denotes one who has power enough to rise in the world and heart enough to help others to rise. His destiny is to rise. IL is his soul of symp:tthy and justice which merits the victor's wreath, and his every act;on of kindness to the struggling and to the suffering brings to him blessings of po\ver, adding heavenly glory to the rewards awaiting him. If affi!ctcd, this ckgrec threatens the sight, serious accidents, burn~ anJ violent dca~h, and u·1dcr tht~ M1r5 stimulations, are bounJ to manifest sooner or later in the career. 30'.)-rulcr Moon: DEGREE OF VOYAGING ~


A ship's steirnrd c:.1rryi11g a bowl of enclzanting white lilies.

Denotes a changeable person loving to journey about. He gains much benefit from ships, shipping and means of transit and the public. While on a journey he meets his greatest happiness. He is generally fortunate with his friends and in all his affairs of life. In adverse afflictions, it could prove to be a death degree. With regards to health it threatens the heart and back.




c">... >

CHAPTER 6 VIRGO (KANYA) Sign of Perseverance 1°-ruler Moon: DEGREE OF REPAYING


A travelling pilgrim leaning on his staff, which he holds in his left hand, addressing a small band of men {!11d women.

Denotes one whose early life is threatened by the elements and who will be compelled to endure sufferings, hardships and trials as atonement for remote past acts.

If his destiny is to live, his destiny is to overcome ; and he will be a wise instructor and guide to his fellowmen. If afflicted, it is a degree of carnal appetite. 2°-ruler Moon: DEGREE OF THEATENINGS


A waning Moon in a sky, half of which is dear and studded with stars and half of which is covered with dark clouds which herald an approaching stonn.

Denotes one of consic'.erablc ability who, as his life grows older will be plunged into difficulties and trouble. It is well for one born in this degree to study his actions and to be scrupulously cautious as to his pl:.!ns an<l


movements. He should a~:oid speculation and such ventures. guarJ. ag.tinst dec~it and treachery and do all that is possible to lead an even, temperate life. 3°-rulcr Mercury: SYMBOL:


A young ll'oman working at a spinning wheel by a cottage window ll'!iiclz opens on a smiling garden in ll'!ziclz bees are flying amongst the flowers.

Denotes one who is gifted with a sunny nature and patience and the ability to labour hard and to endure. He will produce works of benefit and charm. and experience will expand his soul and teach him the truth which he values as a companion to beauty. 4°-rulcr Mercury: DEGREE OF PROTECTING SYMBOL:

A hook hindl'I' fastening rlze cm;ers on a number of unbound books.

At:.-.: . 1

Denotes one of some special nature of knowledge whose .J: . ', position in lire will be one of trust and responsibility. His :"" •j ·-' mind is analytical and exact, and his actions arc regulated by necessity and the acts of others, "safe bind, safe find," is his motto and carelessness docs not enter into his nature. If Neptune is there-gift for characterisation and very psychic.


An artist working at a large piece of tapestry of clwrming designs, wlzich lzc lzas a/most completed.


Denotes one of a conse'tvative and artistic mind, a lover of art, and quaint but picturesque philosophies ; o 1:: who perceives the exquisite loveliness of an old garden, a moss-covered wall, a running 11rook and nature's changing moods, and one who is attracted to old-world lores. If Jupiter is there-good deal of psychic power and clairvoyant. 6°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF ELEGANCE


A lm·ge ball-room in which men and ·women are dancing.

Denotes one of light and free mind who allows nothing to oppress him. He 1aeets with favours and enjoys gifts. He loves the beautiful in form and colour. Scents and perfumes fascinate him. It is one of the psychological degree. · 7°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF PillLOSOPHY

SYMBOL : A man in ceremonial robes with a circlet about his brow, holding the emblem of life-tlze cmx ansata-in the air. Denotes one who finds in the philosophies of the ancient masters the true knowledge of life, whose search for the truth is rewarded and who, in cons~quence of his dread of doing wrong, has the power of drawing the greatness of right toward him. He is of great goodwill and his arduous labour has often it~ 0wn awards. His contentment of mind is his wealth and his ambitions do not reach out to an inrl.efinite period but eacfi day is


sufficient in its own interest. He does well in matter~ when greatness of heart is required and upon powers of persuation are of the called into account in destroying the seeds of misconduct. 8°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF ASSERTION SYMBOL :

A man, holding a pen in his right hand and a sword in his left, standing at the entrance to a place.

Denotes one of forceful and aggressive mind who presses onwards with energy and determination. His assertiveness will not easily be opposed and in all his dealings with others he demands the answer to be yes or no, for to his mind there is no middle course. He will draw to himself great responsibilities and will ever be involved in argument and dispute 9°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF CARELESSNESS SYMBOL:

A sack of corn, from a hole in which the grain is falling out.

Denotes one who through neglect and want of caution .is likely to risk too much. To him speculation and gambling will only mean gradual ruin. He should be careful of his associations and dealings with other people, of his business transactions and his manner of life. 10°-ru?er Jupiter : DEGREE OF FATALISM SYMBOL :

A sibyl in a cave, seated on a tripod beneath

which is a cloud of smoke.

The leaves of fate


are flying into tlze open air tlzrouglz tlze mouth of the cavern.

Denotes one of a fatalistic mind, who sees in the operations of nature, the actions of men, the habits of animals, and the growth of plants the direct manifestations of the Divine Mind, and who holds that what is laid down must ever be, for the Will of God cannot be changed, and man and nature are but allies in the fulfilment of it. 11°-ruler Jupiter: DEGREE OF CHARITY SYMBOL: A king seated in a chariot drawn by two stags, throwing coil~s to some peasants wlzo are singing on the road side.

Denotes one who is born to honour and who will be esteemed for his goodness of heart and appreciation of effort. The position he gains by perseverance will enabie him to do well for the world in many ways. He receives more than he gives, and for all he gives he receives blessings which carry to him a strong and subtle spiritual force which clings to him for eternity, whilst what he has given mixes with the elements. 12°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF GRAPPLING

SYMBOL : A horseman holding a rearing lzorse with d{fjicu/ty.

Denotes one who is drawn into rash ventures and who will be forced to work hard to save those things truly his own. He may be too dependent on his strength, which he overtaxes, or on his resources which he overstrains. The rising planet contains the warning. 13°-ruler Saturn: DEGREE OF TRIBULATION



A large black cloud, aroW1d which are bright silver lights.

Denotes one who will endure much sorrow and strange experience. He is well and strangely gifted and will leave his mark on the world. He should be cautious in his choice of companions, and should not allow fading, falling allurements to threaten him on the way. If Jupiter is there, the native will be attracted to show business. If Neptune is there, it will be a degree of players of stage and screen. 14°-ruler Sat. : DEGREE OF CONSCIENTIOUSNESS SYMBOL :

A torn document, old and crinkled on which is a large, black seai'.

Denotes one of a conservative and old world mind, who talks but little but to the pobt. He will be out of touch with modern society leaning neither to its teachings nor ideals. He will have struggles and hard climbs, and does not think enough of possessions ever to become wealthy. He holds what he possess and lives quietly. If Jupiter is there, the native will be a bird lover. If Mercury is there, the native will be an author and a writer. If Neptune is there, the native will be connected with stage and dr~ma. It is a degre ~ indicating versatility also, study the horoscope. 15° -ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF ARISING SYMBOL :

A radiant rainbow in the centre of which is ti~ Sun in its brightness.


Denotes a lover of nature m her grandeur, ono of artistic, mystic and philosophic mind, who will move about a gr~at deal and travel to various places. He is capable ot spreading the light of truth and of helping many to see anci appreciate its marvels. This degree is a fortunate one and promises much. As is the case with 14° Virgo, if Jupiter is there, the native will be the lover of birds and small animals. 16°-ruler Herschel: DEGREE OF LUMINOSITY

SYMBOL : A fire emitting flames of beautiful co/ourblends. Denotes a thinker of thought hut slightly regarded by the mass of present-day earth men, who seeks for right, feeling the silent appeal of beauty and the cry of the oppressed humanity. His is a sen:>itive nature·-poetic, romantic and full of action. It could be an acting degree if Neptune is there. With regards to health, it is connected with the back and slight curvature may develop, if afflicted. 17°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF FOREKNOWING

SYMBOL : An astrologer seated at a desk, his head resting on his left hand, judging a nativity. Denotes a student of the prophetic and curious arts who will command respect, one of skilled judgment and dignified bearing, devoid of pride and littleness. He will prove a trusted guide. especially to the masses. from whom he benefits. If ::iffiicted, it could be the degree of gourmet, study the chart. 74

18°-ruler Neptune : DE<;REE OF SERVING SYMBOL:

.A man, supporting a 'little girl, swimming toward the shore in a rough-sea.

Denotes one whose mission is to serve his feIIowmen. He will perform acts which will win him approval and honour. Life will not always be smooth with him, and he will have his part of sorrow and pain in this world of matter, but near him are the protecting forces and he cannot fail, no matter how fierce the waves. 19°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF ENDEAVCJlJR SYMBOL:

A rough fire mowztain, from several parts of which smoke is rising. On one of the slopes labourers are working.

Denotes one who exercises patience and persistence in his life's work, and whose position is often attended with much worry and personal danger. His soul is full of enterprise. He is magnetic, psychic and extremely active. This degree gives good imagination. 20°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF PURPOSE SYMBOL :

A great grey warship with her decks cleared for act ion.

Denotes one of pugnacious . nature who forces his demands and ideas by sheer power of mind. He has strong magnetic force and knows when to use it. He travels much in search of adventure and gam and holds the fruits of his labours. 75


A m~m b:irning a will as h! triu 11plwntly looks toward another lying on a table. 1

Denotes one of resourcefulness and determin~tion who can be trusted to protect and safeguard his vital interests. Others perhaps even amongst his own kinsman may interfere or attempt to inh:rf ere with the liberty of the native and prevent his free actions. and he may have to use craft to protect his right and himself. If afflicted, proposes visual defects and eye injuries. 22°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF SEDUCTION SYMBOL : Nymphs mulfawJS in the midst of Bacclzanalian orgies in the woods.

Denotes one of an artistic and sensuous nature who may be misled by the allurement of passion and desire. He is always a true friend but may not put his trust in the hands of those who are untrustworthy to hold it. He should be careful lest the awakening bring suffering. Under certain horoscopal conditions this degree can denote one of an entirely opposite nature, but with it there is always some binding. If afflicted it could be a dangerous degree, which is highly nervous one. With regard to health, sometimes proposes blindness or atleast defective vision should Sun be seriously afflicted by one or more quadratures of other planets to this area. 23°-rnler Venus: DEGREE OF SYMPATHY SYMBOL :


The Virgin Astoea with bandaged eyes, being

led away by the angels from the world flooded ll'ith Mood, misery, injustice and crime. Denotes one of a refined and ~weet nature who keenly feels the wickedness of his wrongly taught world, which would be God's own paradise were men fair and kind to one another. The native should not allow others to lead him into speculation or any form of gambling or chance. He is ideal in thought and seer enough to see what might have been. It is one of the artistic and painter's degree. If Sun is there on this degree, danger of poisoning from the bites of insects and also prnposes blininess or defective vision. 24°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF VIOLENCE SYMBOL :

A co!o.;sa/ giant /zo/ding a wo;nan in his hand.

Denotes one who may become vain of his earthly power and may use it for purposes which can be of n0 real benefit to him a:-id no real gratification. Suffering may force him to luld himself in check and to understand "he who conquers himself is greatc.r than he who conquers a kingdom" 25°-rukr Mercury: DEGREE OF OVERCOMING SYMBOL :

A man from wlz11se forehead streams a dazzling white light, passing tlzroug:r a fiery vl1!/ey, at whose end are beautiful /awns, flower~ and trees bathed in brilliant sunlight.

Denotes one of an affectionate, hopeful, ~nd s~rc


nature who endeavours to do by love alone what others are attempting to do by force. Gifted with a will of strength, he is able to resist and subdue all the dPmons which rise against him; thus is his spiritual nature uplifted, and hP, is inspired and helped from occult source~ He will have struggles in life and difficulties which seem insurmountable, but he knows he will overcome them, and he overcomes them all, for they are but sent to teach him what worllife is and whac it may be. 26°-ruler Mercury-: DEGREE OF CULTIVATION


An antique temple of the Muses built on a rock, over which flows an enchanting fall of clear sparkling water.

Denotes one who would seek the ideal in all things, even amidst the hell of war and the fires of destruction. One of a strange, happy but wise philosophy of thought. He is votary of art, music, culture and all uplifting studies. 27°-'-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF KEENNESS

'IYMBOL-i- A newspaper critic seated in a theatre watching a performance. Denotes one of a quick and critical mind who is gifted with powers of observations and discrimination. He starts life well endowed with natural beauty of form and figure. He grows in mind as years roll by but are untouched by evil and not conscious except at a distance of the murkish side of life.


As his years advances, he naturally loses the·first bloom of youth but his knccnncss· of mind and generous nature remains untoucJ~cd by the pa;;sage of time. He is able to turn points to his advantage, and ~.oes not hesitate to push forward with energy and activity to gain his desire. 1

His virtue attracts suitors of all types and the one he (she) takes as life partner pmst satisfy his inner idea1. This will probably occur abo~t the a~e of 25. Brotherly love is stronger than difference of opinion. If Neptune is there, it denotes disinterested service to humanity.

2o 0 -ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF LABOUR SYMBOL:

A gang of stevedores loading a vessel produce.


Denotes one who works hard and denies himself much. He is entrusted with delicate missions and satisfactory commissions. Wo1 k to him is prayer, an<l he never grumbles at its d~mancls. 2~10 -rulcr S~turn



A crescent Moon shininf! with special brightness in

blue, star-crJwned sky.

Dcno . . ('s one of some special g~nius and extremely artistic, who is restless under restraint and who loves to roam about. He roams for a purpose and not for idle pleasure, for this native never idles. He has great faith and obtains recognition and success. 30°-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF CIRCUMSTANCES

5 ~r c}... ).. { ' 1,, ~


A heap of bright yellow oranges blown from the tree by the wind.

Denote5 one who suffers much deceit and whose hopes are threatened. Himself of a sincere and spiritual nature, he dislikes to find fault with the actions of others, and he goes his own way whether they hurt him or not. Fate is strong in his life, and he is forced by circumstances to accept its ruling.


LIBRA (TULA) Sign of Fairness 1 '-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF THWARTING


A lion with his paw on a /zeart, above a square.

~a::. ... ¡ ,

Denotes one of a highly magnetic and affectionate disposition combined with mental firmness and endurance. The life will be filled with strange happenings, obstacles and sorrows. The affairs of his heart bring bitterness, but sweetness may come after pain. Pictures a man of action. 2° -ruler Sun : DEGREE OF FORSEEING


A gold covered book, on which is a cut cmx ansata crowned, floating in t/ze misty air.

Denotes one of psychic undertanding, peculiar knowledge and inspiration who will produce work of use or distinct beauty. Particularly in his understanding directed to certain knowledge of the continuity of life, especially as individual existence. Within himself rages the eternal contest hctwcen spirit and matter. At one time


matter is triumphant, at another spirit, but spirit will gain in the end. Vocationally it is a Doctor's and Surgeon's degree. 3°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF INVOLVING SYMBOL :

A young girl striving to escape from immaterial, but visible, co,·ds which surround her; the more she struggles tlze more they increase.

Denotes one who is in danger of being drawn into condition from which escape is difficult. Such a one should refrain from dabbling in matters he does not thoroughly understand. Danger in connection with occult or psychic matters is threat~n~d and much suffering therefrom. Love affairs may embarass, especially if interwined with occult practices. The native will be gifted in some branch of art of science, but there is a peculiar force fighting against liis success and against which-a calm placidity is the only protection. ~sychic


A broken wedding ring lying on a table.

Denotes one whose path will be filled with biLtcrness, whose affections are enduring, but lacking in the principle of true love. He is fated to suffer in order to attain development and mind expansion, for his mistakes arc many. The experiences of the native will force him to understand the purposes of life. 5°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF ENCROACHMENT 82


A naked ann and lzand, from which blood is flowing. Above a sword.

Denotes one who attains influence and a degree of power through aggression, forcefulness and fighting. He is of an adventurous nature and endures a wound for the glory of getting it and the honour it gains, and he will have many. 6°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF PIONEERING SYMBOL:

A traction engine travelling along a newly-made road in very channfng country.

Denotes one of an artistic nature and a plodding but powerful disposition who is called to do work of a pioneering nature. He is an advocate of force, and the discipline with which he has been bended he would use on others. 7°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF MOVEMENT SYMBOL:

A winged globe on the back of a sporting dolphin.

Denotes one with a great. message who will travel everywhere and whose thoughts and feelings are expanded and uplifted thereby. His wanderings are often directed beyond this earth to the heavenly fields and to the lands closed to those held in material bodies. He is capable of performing many good acts for others and is ever ready to resist actions unworthy of a true man holding meanness in contempt. If Neptune is placed on this degree, there will


be many love affairs and great deal of scandal. one of the surgeon's degree.

It is also


A group of peopie sfl:nding dejectedly outside tlze closed doo.·s of a big financial institution.

Denotes one who will have need to exercise very great caution as to the safeguarding of his worldly possessions. Such a one should keep away from speculations, ventures and crafty people, and undertake nothing of a nature involving risk. Vocationally this degree associated with paint, perfume or chemicals, otherwise this degree relates to speech. This degree has been found prominent in the charts of natives who have had publicity or scandal in their lives. If Venus is there, danger of scandal in connection with a love affair or divorce. 1f Jupiter is there, it may be a cause-cclebre. If Mars is there, notoriety may be through a murder trial. especially if I 7° Libra is also involved as this degree is often associated with violence. The influence of this degree need not necessarily be adverse. lf the planet in conjuction with it is well aspccted, it may indicate publicity to do with fame or achievement. ,9~-ruler



A large pair r{ scales. behind.




Denotes one who should avoid law and disputes. lnharmony is to him a sta:e of evil which forces him into a groove of fate and holds him in bondage. He should endeavour by the power of his soul to keep the scales even and do nothing to prejudice his peace as he is endowed with great powers of discernment. He is able to detect a fault where another would see nothing wrong. An excellent critic and may become a proficient analyst. His work should be in reclaiming the weak and the destitute from the misery into which they have been cast by the force of circumstances and he should be and probably will be connected with some organisation having this as its object. The noblest manly traits. The native worships freedom and is ready to forsake life for this ideal. He couples the keenest courage with an utter sincerety, a ready and precise wit and a sharp nearly merrying critical sense. But all these virtues open as many pitfalls. Even his loftiest motives may lcaJ the native to a blind ambition which may prove his undoing. He must be trained to respect other people's freedom, as much as his own, to understand how frankness ought to go arm in arm with kindness and to realise that daring c~.nnot go without wariness and magnanimity. Marriage will be undertaken with the object of bringing children into the world to further his own life work and his par¡i.ner should be as highminded as himself. 10° -ruler Jupi ter : DEGREE OF SOLITUDE



An old hermit, in a cave, grasping a crucifix.

Denotes one.of a cons~rvative and religious mind who is drawn towards solitude. He has many troubles and endures mortification and suffering, but he directs his thoughts to the grand ideal which materialises as life advances and this ro him is happiness. If Venus is there, there may be many love affairs and great deal of scandal. 11°-ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF DEFIANCE SYMBOL :

A crow with a large rat in its beak.

Denotes one who is liable to be assailed by powerful enemies, but who, being conscious of his own strength, is content to wait patiently until by frequent attacks they fall at last into his power. He is gifted with patience and sagacity, understanding and diplomacy. 12°-ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF TIMIDITY SYMBOL:

A man falling from an bridge into a dark pit.

insecure and broken

Denotes one who will suffer chiefly from a lack of confidence in self and ability to realise his own powers and limitations. Evils may assail his health or financial position, and place him in po~itions of danger from which he can escape only by the power of a resisting will. 13°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF ABDICATION



A woman in a dark blue costume entering a convent door, her head is erect, her anns raised,

and she heeds not a handsome cavalier who is offering her fruit and flowers.

Denotes one of a refined and highly sensitive nature, religious and disposed of self-immolation. He wiII be blessed with wordly gifts, but will in the midway of his life know how really weak worldly wealth is and how impotent to satisfy the cravings of the spirit. Vocationally this degree is connected with bakers or caterers-interested in dietetics and a health food store. 14°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF SNARING SYMBOL:

A bdlliantly plumaged peacock strutting toward a wall, behind which are two men unwinding a net.

Denotes one who is not born into worldly wealth wi.11 obtain it in another way. He will have much "good-luck" and in consequence will feel unduly elated and proud. He may be snared into a false investment and lose in a minute all he has gaiii.ed in years. This degree provides love of words and thr. native will feel pleasure to write and express. 15°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF OBSESSION SYMBOL :

A man who has just left the banquet table in a dazed conditi<>n, lwlding his hand to his head as if trying to remember something.

Denotes one who is too psychic for strong drink and strong food, which throw him off his balance and injure 87

the fine machinery of his extremely sensitive · ram. It is when hurt by any form of over indulgence that he renders himself liable to obsession or evil suggession. If he resists those evils, his gifts will manifest and bring him honour. 16°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF SUBTLETY SYMBOL:

A large hole out ofwlziclz gases are rising. A number of birds, seeking to cross, are overcome by tlze fumes and fulling into the gap. Only one has safely passed.

Denotes one who will take many risks and often expose himself to needless dangers. He should be especially careful when near substances, gases, poisons etc., and should always strive to prevent others from obtaining an undue influence over him. Many travelling with him will fall by the way, being ignorant of approaching danger, but he will perceive-let him regard his perception. It is a degree of good mentality. 17°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF SENSIBILITY SYMBOL:

A beautijidly formedfoot rising from a haze of colour waves.

Denotes one artistic, thoughtful and able, an idealist of a highly sensuous nature whose labour is to blend material thought with spiritual understanding, who perceives that beauty of form must melt into the sublimity of spirit. He will have powers as an inventor, for his inspirations arc of a highly utilitarian nature, despite the Ncptunian flights to which they ascend. This d.~gree gives power to speak in R8

public, linked with sexual problems an<l associated with violence. 18°--ruler Mars : DEGREE OF SELF-SACRIFICE SYMBOL :

A fireman rescuing a little child from a buming ~ ..~ ~ house. :; ' :-'

Denotes one of a simple nature who is gifted with a strong spirit of self-sacrifice and endowed with inherent bravery. His way of life will be tangled at times, and he will need his energy to set it right again. He is a helper of himself and of others and he does not count his needs first. 19°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF MASTERY SYMBOL:

A lion rising from the blood of a wowuled so!dier. Denotes one of powerful and active mind and unusual knowledge who knows the extent of his own force and ability, and knowing it he concentrates and suffers to give birth to an ideal of strength and nobleness combines-a strength and nobleness fitted to govern men and to demonslrate even the weak that the consecration of abilities is the key to individual greatness. 20°--ruler Venus : DEGREE OF GENTLENESS SYlvf BO L :

A young girl amidst the flowers in the sunlight wearing a garland of roses and weaving others.

Denotes to whom the natural beauty offers the strongest appeal, whose happiness is in simple things-in art, literature and science. Pleasure claims him only when pleasure is connected with the artistic. He can keep a secret better than he can keen his money and possessions, 89

anJ he must be careful lest he be led into extravagance which can never appeal to his plain philosophy. 21°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF RETRIBUTION sYMBOL:

A.flashily dressed woman sin~ing, with a glass of wine raised in her right hand. On one side of her is the spirit of Mirth, on the other the spirit of Sorrow.

Denotes one who is liable to be led astray by externalities, who grasps at the shadow and misses the subst~nce. Ornaments and the things which gratify the demanding senses only allure, but never satisfy, the continued demand for more. If in the government of himself, he does not employ care and intelligence, he will find himself stung by a serpent and the wound can never be healed. 22°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF THOUGHTLESSNESS SYMBOL : ·.

·_ ' ·· -.

A youth searching for a jeweled ring which he has on his finger.

Denotes one who will waste time, which if he uses his mind and sense, he can save. He will be fairly favoured by fortune, will possess a dainty mind with an appreciation for all that is enlightening and charming, but there is a danger of negligence ?nd lack of caution which will hurt him if he lets it.


A pair of compasses lying on a mop of the

world. Demotes one whose business will demand movement and


journeying. The native is a lover of travelling, for with him the rolling stone does gather moss and the still one but stagnation. He is traveller and a searcher, seeking to know, not only this world, but that great beyond into which he also travels when sleep holds his mortal body. 24°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF ENTRAPPING SYMBOL:

A whirl-wind scattering a mass of papers into the air.

Denotes one who will suffer from an over-confident nature that neglects those details which, insignificant as they may appear, are as necessary for the safe guarding of his interests as water is to earth. His mentality is good and he is capable of useful mental work, but he may lose the results of his labours and suffer thereby in many ways. 25°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF VACILLATION SYMBOL :

A naked woman standing on a crescent Mooi1, the stars glittering behind her in a sky of blue.

Denotes an attractive person who is in danger of being held in the chains of sense and at the will of others. His nature is impulsive and artistic, restless and pleasure loving. His desires are strong and may run riot with his r~ason. There is a leaning to the artificial, the theatre and the dance, and a very sensuous love of earth life. 26°- ruler Moon : DEGREE OF DIPLOMACY YMBOL:

A successful political candidate addressing the people after an election. 91

Denotes one who will gain from the masses. He is subtle, diplomatic person, capable of handling subjects from different viewpoints and in adhering to that interpretation which the majority believes to be correct. His philosophy teaches him to subordinate his ideas to the wills of those whose cause he champions. 27°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF HARMONY SYMBOL :

The Moon throwing fts beams on a little bush hut amidst forest trees. A storm has just

passed. Denotes one who, although warned from misusing planetary vibrations, is contended with little and is pleasant and kind to men and animals. His nature is devotional and sensitive, and is capable of obtaining knowledge from astral sources and atmospheric conditions. He influences others for good, spreading content in the halls of inharmony. It is a degree of benevolence. 28°-ruler Sun : DEGREE OF EX~RTION SYMBOL:

A mass of quartz through the veins of which fine gold can be traced.

Denotes one to whom hardwork appears to be the only thing worth while in this world, and who carries out his belief with himself as subject. He is conservative in his ideas and fights to uphold the landmarks of the fathers. It is a degree of psychic and mediumistic. If Neptune is there on thi~ degree, bladder trouble is indicated in childhood.


29° -ruler Sun : DEGREE OF FADING SYMBOL :

A.'l eclipse of the Sun.

Denotes one who will have to be guarded in his dealings. With financial affairs great caution is necessary, for lossess may occur of a serious nature. involving the native in much responsibility. He should become surety for others only very judiciously, and should endeavour to realise himself and hold his earthly possession. Death will make inro_1ds into his family circles and among dear friends. 30°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF SLUGGISHNESS




A boy moping o¥er his book in a schoolroom.

Denotes one who will have to wake up or he will be elbowed out of everything by others more vigorous. He is possessed to good mental qualities, is well mannered and good natured, but he allows others to take advantage of him and he will suffer from deceit and unfairness.






SCORPIO (VRISCHIKA) Sign of Honesty 1°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF LIMITATION


A man, enraged, tearting a book to pieces.

Denotes one of passionate and determined nature. The personality is forceful and magnetic, but there is Jack of those fine feeling which render life something greater than a mere mass of disruption. It is difficult for the native to discipline. If adversely aspected, it predicts the birth of a cruel person or a rogue. If afflicted, it is a degree of passionate nature, misanthropy, giving morose, avaricious and destructive tendencies. , 2°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF COMPREHENSION


Two men deeply engrossed in a game of chess.

Denotes one of excellent and discriminating brain who is capable of firm and continued concentration. The mind is intensely mercurial and penetrative, mastering difficult problems with comparative ease. Vocationally this degree is often associated with chemists and scientists. 94


Blacksmith striking anvil, the impact causing a dazzling.flash of bright light.

Denotes one who strives to bring the light of truth into a world of darkness. It is not enough for him to graduaIJy secure acknowledgements-individual minds won over, while useful, are not what he most desires. He must arouse the masses from their sleep, and the blow he strikes at inert materialism will bring into action a light more brilliant than the stars. This ct.egree ruling "plots and strategy" is prominent in writer's horoscope of birth. 4°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF PREPAREDNESS SYMBOL :

Sw.rdmakir tempering a sword.

Denotes one of skillful mind and aggressive nature who desires to rise in life and lead, but who recognises the need of careful planning before he ventures out. When fortified, he uses his inborn nature and tact, making sure his weapons are keen and capable. If Sun is there on this degree, it gives a very senstiv~ touch to the native. 5° -ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF ACHIEVEMENT SYMBOL :

An ancient temple from which shoot forth forks o_t electricity. A youth, script in his hand on a journey. Destiny in h;s destination.

Denotes one singularly gifted and of great powers of observation who has the ability to turn even the thoughts of old-ph ilJosophies into forms of materialistic triumph. 95

He is disposed to regard the thoughts of men and to ponder over, consider and utilise what most people would cast aside as useless. Failures do not daunt his spirit, for he knows that success comes from repeated failures. He attempts the end and does not stand to doubt. Faith, hope and charity are the characteristics, a projector of new schemes for the benefit of the race. He may be of some use to the society by shaking slumberin~ consciousness and giving an impulse towards good which could then be carried out by others. i·


An eagle with a snake in its beak.

Denotes a forceful, determined character who will not be easily imposed upon. A hater of deceit and mean actions. He silences the reception by crushing the deceiver. With himself, he is continually at war, being swayed by two emotions, one uplifting, the other degrading. What he wishes to remain in mastery will remain. It is a degree of the occultist and healer. Famous physicians and surgeons of the past lived and did their work when this degree was prominent in the heavens. 7°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF RAISING SYMBOL:

A winged horse flying over a fortress.

Denotes one whose destiny is to triumph over mere materials force. One of great spirit, who will be enabled to demonstrate how much grander and how much more uplifting are the applied thoughts of man than the crude


dssertions and denials of materialism. no matter in what garb it may appear. His nature is free, his thoughts are free, and he desires to see all men a<ipire to true freedom and understanding. 8°-ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF EAGERNESS SYMBOL:

A bundle of papers.floating down a dark winding river under a starlit sky.

Denotes one whose object is to gain knowledge and who strives hard to attain his desires. Jn his dealings with others he holds the thoughts uppermost, and endeavours to turn the I igh t of his acquisitions to material things. He has the ability to make his work on earth interesting and popular. He gains by deaths and certain work with others, but happiness will not be his so long as he holds the false lights of materialism before his eyes. His happiness is in the ideal, the true and only real. Jt is a degree denoting will power and ahility for sculpture. If afflicted, it denotes extreme obstinacy. 9°-ruler Saturn: DEGREE OF ANTIQUENESS SYMBOL :

An ancient Hellenistic Warship lying on the shore.


Denotes one to whom ancient lore, poetry and life strongly appeal, and whose soul goes back to those old days, often in thought, often in sleep. But his nature is more positive than negative, and he can exhibit an aggressive or warlike front. He would do well to yield to his artistic nature and not allow the rustling of the wind to


disturb his higher dreams. Let him let war rest like the old ship of the Greeks in i.he Symbol. for the cruel days of war are passing. 10°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF DISCRIMINATION SYMBOL:

A revolving star which throws off many colour.f and shades ~f colour.

Denotes one capable of receiving, translating and presenting many shades of opinion, chiefly as regards philosophies or sciences with which he is identified. He is unorthodox in thOught, but reasonable, desiring not to condemn but rather to enlighten others. He may travel a great deal, but money does not cling to him, and he must avoid risks of all sorts. His wealth is in himself.

11°-ruler Herschel: DEGREE OF SERENITY SYMBOL :

Pretty little flowers are growing on an old mosH·overed wall in an old green country lane.

Denotes one poetical, intense, conservative, imaginative, idealistic and artistic, one for whom simple be~uty has a lasting and long appeal. His thoughts are above the narrow lines of form, creed and custom, and his actions are marked by gentleness and feeling. The scientific vein in his nature is nurtured with the blood of Uranian science, and pe is held but little to the wilder theories of some modem materialistic speculation. Whatever he handles must be dainty, sweet and artistic. He loves the children, flowers, the country, and all those things which lend grace and charm to earth life.


12 ·--ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF IMMOLATION SYMBOL :

A gafranic battery resting on a rusty iron stand.

Denotes one of a strange and sensitive temperamentoccult, thoughtful, and original. One who, like the battery in the symbol, will give shocks to many. He wiII have peculiarities and eccentricities, and will not be altogether easy to pull with, not that his temper is unkind, but that his vibrations are so powerful. He is disposed to austerities and rigid rules of Iiving which greatly influence others. 13°-ruler Neptune: DEGREE OF REVERIES SYMBOL:

Water bubbling over rocks and flowing into a larger river.

Denotes one whose work is destined to Jive and influence men long after he has left the earth, one of an intensely psychic nature, sensitive and mediumistic. He will have many earthly struggles and will find many sharp rocks in the way of his progress. He suffers more from his absolute lack of sympathy with earth matters as they are at present. His wanderings in the ''summer lands" however, bring him infinite peace and joy in the midst of pain. This degree has some connection with injury from beasts. 14°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF DISTRACTION SYMBOL:

A lad pouring water into a sieve instead of a


large jug, nnd watching rwo others fighting.

Denotes one whose mind is d!sposed to wander and be distracted by the events of the moment. He needs to concentrate and to fight against the scattering of his thoughts. Ability he has, and can do w~ll enough if he will attend to one thing at a time. The tendency is to Jose by carelessness what he earns by Jabour. This degree seems to be an unfortunate one, but the form it will take is largely dependent on the planet situated ther~. 15°-ruler DEGREE OF CONFLICT SYMBOL :

A large ship ashore on an ironstone cnast, waves dashing over lzer.

Denotes one dispos~d to travel and delight in adventure and change. He has a vigorous personality, but is inclined to take from others more than he is willing to give. He will possibly attain a po5ition, and his influence sway many but let him learn when to fall back into a more peaceful life, else will the great ship be cast on a dangerous coast by reason of strange influences. and disaster will be the end. 99 times out of a 100, he will find high favour, on the 1OOth occasion, he will be surprised to find that all his efforts are in vain and that instea<l of approval, he merits some measure of condemnation. In appearance he . will be striking. His grace will be a by-word and his countenance will present many admirable features. In affairs of the heart, he will find abundant difficulty. He will number 100

the admirers by dozens, i.hc trouble arises in the fact that lhcy arc only admir~rs. As a career, h0 w1l1 finJ favour in the realm of public entertainment, but would experience a number of 'flops although local conditions appeared excellent.'


, t11 ancient 11·rm·ior on his ki1ees p:·aying, ll'itlz ~~ ·~ .· . ._ a cross-sll'o1·d stuck in tlze ground before lzim. ~ · M 1'" ·

Denotes one who is mixed up in life's battles and fights for every Gifted with endurance and a penetrat ivc mind, he wins his way through obst~~clcs only to meet more obstacle~ later on. But he knows, for all this, tha~ the power sustaining him is faithful, and he prays for peace in the midst of war.. 1r-rulc1: Mars: DEGREE OF ROMANCE SY.M BOL :

A danger, wi1h a je11 1eled hilt, swck in



Denotes p!..!culiar birth conditions, but a gifted person who though threatened with danger, overcomes and produces worthy works. His powerful and energetic soul is blended with idealism, poetry and beauty. There is firmness in all he does. and a power which gives it penetrative force and excclkncl? Love for art, specially music, is deep rooted. He wil~ be the master of innumerable arts. He will move easily 101

through a vast crowd of associates, many of whom will look to him for guidance. The career of the native calls for freedom. A closet routine would hamper. Responsibility is certain to be his. The life lesson is that while he is capable of riding the moment, there is much ahead about which there are two minds and to meet the emergencies properly, he must have a firm foundation. If Sun is there, it endows an artistic inclination with a good sense of colour i.e. it is connected with painting and music. 18°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF INFLAMING


A ballet dancer who lzas just left the stage, talking to some men who are flattering her.

Denotes one for whom pleasure hides danger. His passions are high and not easy to control, and his appetites tend to follow his desires. There is a love of grace in art, movement and ¡sound which compels him to excitement and sensation. He attempts to influence and control, but is liable to be dereived in the end. Let him be warned. This degree is associated with vibration and colour and also otten work in connection either electricity or painting. 19°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF RETROGRADING


A woman, flashily dressed and adorned with rings, bracelets and numerous glittering jewels, looking with longing eyes into a jeweller's lvind01v.

Denotes one who is allured by the glitter of earth as a moth is by the lamp glare. He finds it hard to satisfy 102

the yearning desire to possess and stilJ posses, like one of abnormal hunger who is never satisfied. Let him take care lest this craze graps him (body and soul), making him the slave-victim of his passions. A just person but prone to become severe. 20°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF DETERMINATION SYMBOL :

A lzan~ome boy, climbing up a ladder, looking upward to tlze heavens.

Denotes one especially favoured and of magnetic personality who raises himself by his own efforts and indominitable mind. He gains by right, scorning base and unworthy actions. and gains inspite of obstacles which are raised against him. He brings to others pleasure and help. 0

2 l -ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF FORCING SYMBOL :

A double head.Ed giant, a club in his right hand, a tree, roots and foliage in his left hand.

Denotes one who conceives the dualistic nature of man. He holds that the connection of spirit and matter is the initial force which hrings all other forces into being. He admits no intermediate forces. pressing home his beliefs with all the certainty of proven facts and with all the vehemence his powerful nature is capable of. This degree is associated with abnormality or uniqueness and the native is generally outstanding in some way, depending on the planet in conjunction with it. Also ~eems to have a strong affinity with poison or poisonous 103

bites, especially when Venus, Mercury or Mars are posited there. 22°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF GATHERING


A tax-gatherer demanding dues from a pvvr poet.

Denotes one who is forcc.d by circumstances to undertake dutie·i which are not always of a pleasant nature. His destiny is to adjust and to demand, and the necessacities of his life are opposed to investigations of an ideal or psychic character. A savage or primitive nature longing for freedom. A great but disciplined moral force. A hard destiny. 23°-ruler Moon: DEGREE OF UNCERTAINTIES


A man blowing bubbles. a ledger at his feet.

Denotes one who is in danger of being mis-guided and led into undertakings which can only result in failure and regret. Should he attempt to initiate any scheme himsclf he will feel the mortification of seeing his hopes shattered. He should be content to take no risks. Degree of fame or riotoriety, a critical degree, often showing the person who .. hikes his wagon to a star." 24°-ruler Moon: DEGREE OF RECtPROCITY


A weary truvel/er 011 a /wt, dusty road, obtui11ing a drink of water from a peasant girl.

Denotes one who gives and receives, who loves a roving life, and faces trials and hardships. But no matter how


hard the road may be, }Jrotection comes before the journey's end. This degree is good for authors or lecturers. Those with a favourable Mercury there frequently have great mental ability and an aptitude for writing and speaking. 25''-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF HARDNESS


A money lender counting his gains in front of safe crowded with valuables.

Denotes one who is lost in the maze of wordly gains and whose sole happiness is in his ever-increasing wealth. His nature is hard and his estimate of his fellow-creatures is judged by his own standards. His motto is treat every man as a rogue and you will find him out to be honest, and when you find him out to be honest, think again before you trust him. 26~-ruler

Sun : DEGREE OF POESY A pretty little bird singing while standing on


the back of a lion. Denotes one of charming fancy, a singer of sweet songs, one of creative energy and personality. He is exposed to the craft of those in whom he has aroused feelings of envy, but is under powerful protection and has little to fear. Let him sow seeds at the sun-rising part of life and be ready to gather the harvest in the setting. lf afflicted. one who dies by ow:1 hands or causes own death. 21¡-r~ler Sun : SY~lf BO L



A king holding on ill11mi11ared Sun's disc on a 105

spearhead, speaking to his ministers. Denotes one capable of lofty thoughts and high mental flights. There is a subtle, strong diplomacy about this native which cannot be easily gauged by others, but he knows himself, his own ambitious spirit and his everlasting faith-a faith which never wavers, no matter if he basks in favours or shield himself from frowns . .\ !


28°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF ADVENTURE

SYMBOL : A sailor steering a ship ill a rough sea, looking anxiously ahead. Denotes one of brave, adventurous and scientific mind who will dare and do much to satisfy the demands of the curious. His life will be exposed to many dangers, most of which he will be prepared to meet, for he is the helmsman, and rough seas do not cause fear to him. The native will be clairvandient at times. 29°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF PERFORMANCE


A university professor lecturing to his students.

Denotes one of an entirely capable and trained mind who is capable and enabled to throw some light on the darker problems of life. He is fearless and cultivated, expressing theories and sticking to facts. His influence will sway many and his personality will win him confidence with regards to health, eyes will need care and should not overstrain them by reading in a bad light or in a jogging vehicle. This is a degree of dramatic talent and a degree of fatalism. This highly interesting degree shows one of 106

many interests, industrious and preserving which any serious artist would certainly need to be. 30°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF JUSTICE SYMBOL :

A hand coming out from the heavens holding a pair of pe1fectly balanced scales, the star Venus glittering beneath.

Denotes one with a high ideal of true justice which to his mind is not possible without pure llwe. He is destined to sen.f forth kn0wledge of a praci:ical and p!1ilosophical kind which will help many along the stony way of life. He himself is a just and generous person, his principles guiding his acts in life. This degree is also connected with dramatic talent and if adversely afflicted could become a death degree.



SAGITTARIUS 1DHANUS) Sign of Rev(;rcncc :. ,._.,"1'-

1°.--ruler Venus: DEGREE OF TRIUMPH


A womw1 in tlze dress <>f a religious order struggling througlz a dark and storm-.\ wept i•a/ley, a luminous anchor above her.

Denotes one. of fine intellect who is gifted with persuasive eloqu'!nce. The native is poetic, reverential and inspiring. He reaches a certain power and dignity after striving through worries and. inharmonies. His will is firmly directed and cannot be broken, for above all he has faith in himself and knows his power. honourable life, may become of rcligi<•US judge.

Predicts luminary

an or

2::-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF l\lU rINY

SY.1'\f BOL :

A mmum of angry cow1tc11am·l' holding a dagger in her hancl.

Denotes one strongly passionate and well-favoured \vho finds it difli.cult to suhdu~ and control the forces hy which 108

he is swayed. Hence there is a tendency to do many things. He may be drawn into litigation and quarrels of various kinds. and may be tempted to aggressive action and threatening attitudes. Gradually then, the finer side of his character will be hidden if not corrupted by the employment of the grosser. H Venus is there, it gives artistic ability. If Saturn is there, the native will be interested in surveying and photography, probably abroad. Vocationally it is a degree of Civil Engineering. 3°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF REDRESSING


A man of scornful face with a b.:g sword in the hand, carrying a child.

Denotes one over whose early life darkness hangs ::i.nd who, if he escapes, \viii be involved in dangerous undertakings from which he will emerge triumphant or fall, perhaps not in vain. The mind is roused to intensity, and the native feels himsdf called to champion a great cause. He will follow with many followers. It 1~ one of the sculpture degree. 4°-ruler Jupiter: DEGREE OF WAVERING



arrows crossed amt sw·rormded by zones

nf glisten inf? l'iolet !iglzt. Denotes one who has a tendency to pull in opposite directions. The struggle between the desires and right will be constant, and an act of hostility will be follower by deep remorse and the world of spirit. There may be peculiar changes in life, and that which is most unexpected 109

is that which is most likely to happen. This is a Bird Degree. Bless the native with ability of feet and legs to jump so high as to float in the air and slowly descend. His career would be best concerned with affairs of quick movement. Quick movement includes of the organs, feet etc., and does not exclusively pertain to aeroplane transport and motor travel. If Moon is in conjunction, the degree is associated with sharpness and keenness. This is a degree of fatality in aeroplane accidents. 5°-ruler .Saturn : DEGREE OF MYSTICISM SYMBOL :

A dark bank of clouds passing in front of the Sun, cutting its rays from the earth.

Denotes one of a melancholic, retiring and occult nature who is drawn to a life of austerity and whose search is for hidden grail which holds the nectar of life and supreme knowledge. He is religious and sincere, but he should be careful lest his peculiar attitude or method of approaching the secret should hide it from his view, as the dark cloudbank hides the rays of the Sun. If Mercury is there, languages comes easily to the native. 6°-ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF VALOUR SYMBOL:

1 IO

A man in a black robe currying a black rod on the top of which is a hand, the thumb held beneath the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn, whilst the fingers of the Sun and Mercury are pointing up.

Denotes one of a powerful character, of a religious and penetrating mind, by the virtue of which he rises to a position of end.uring fame. Forces, riches and treachery oppose his power and influence and may ultimately check, if not end his career. But his actions will live and his spirit will rise above the power of reverses. If prominent, sometimes causes the native to be afflicted with needless fears which are often implanted in them prenatally, making it very difficult to eradicate them. For instance, Claustrophobia the feeling of being shut in and the necessity of getting out at all costs ... is often caused by a difficult birth, but if this is understood by the native, he will no longer suffer in this way.


A large ship on a calm sea in a dark, starless night, a black bird of the raven order sifting on the mainmast top.

Denotes one whose position may be or some importance, hut whose life will not be of any particular note, except in the manner of leaving it. He is not gifted with exceptional energy, nor with any particular ambitions, but he will meet with envy and ,hatred, from which he may suffer. He is by nature conservative and will not easily yield to others. Jt is a literary degree, dancer's degree and degree of oratory. Study the chart. This degree by way of being a degree of the heart, is supposed to act on the life between the ages of nine and ten years.


This degree is associated with dancing and prominent in the charts of dancers especially if posited there, as this gives strong legs. If Mars the native will have the desire to dance but will necessary strength.

is often Mars is is weak, lack the


Draught horse pulling a load of ch.1ins up a hill, at the top of which is a great revolving wheel.

Denotes one who is limited, edged in, bound and restricted, one whose way is paved with difficuties which threaten and torment. He is exposed to dangers until after his seventh year, and if these are passed he is faced with a narrow way. He might remember the old Talmudic maxim, "Those whom God loves he oppresseth with suffering," and endeavour to grasp the purpose of life. This degree is connected with the heart and is often associated with accident. 9°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF RETAINING SYMBOL :

A burning oil-well into which men are pouring quantities of water.

Denotes one gifted with a degree of mental richness, but who is some\vhat diffusive and irregular. He has some remarl<able qualities and good intellectual power, but is weak in application and method. Still he has wisdom, and can direct with magnetic forcefulness and purpose. This is also a degree of musician, artist or actor. 112

JO'---ruler Neptune: DEGREE OF GROWTH

SY.MBOL : A large metallic hall rejlelfing various colours. Denotes one of a high order of intellect. He is naturally scientific and gains recognition and esteem. He will be enabled to throw much light on obscure objects and complex problems, and will win respect for his labours. He is highly inspirational, and embraces some school of occultism or uncommon thought. lt is a degree of leadership.

11"- --ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF PROJECTION ~




A fisherman with a net over his shoulder sitting si.~ ;~¡: [ on a basket, a group of people advancing toward him.

Denotes a psychic of ability and reputation. He may hold some public position or come before the public in rnme way. The temper is somewhat jerky and the nature a little irritable, but he has good intentions, a good controlling power and a firm will.

As a collector and

puhl isher of knowledge this native has a special genius.

12''--ruler Neptune: DEGREE OF OVERTHROWING K~~( f\D(\').\\'.

SYlvf BO L :

A coilr:d serprnt. skull.


ll'hiclz is a grinning .c ,< ¡~....

Denotes one or a vit:i(HI\ temperament who is liable to be obsessed and used hy the <lark forces. A strong and beneficent power over him may tran<..;mute his nature and ai<l him to overcome ill fate, hut evil is more likely to


attend him, and make him her v1ct1m. If Mercury is there, the native is fond of argument and discussions-good for debating. 13°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF PROVOCATION SYMBOL:

An archer with hlood stained dress, shooting at a stag.

Denotes one of a very strong vibrations and. martial manner who will have responsibilities and power to fulfiH them He will meet with oppositions and be exposed to considerable danger, especially in the latt~r part of life. He is prophetic and gifted in certain directions but he must control vibrations in himself and sooth it in others. lt is a degree of versatility. 14°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF KNOWING SYMBOL:

A human eye surrounded by a circle of.flames.

Denotes one of penetrative power and clairvoyant gifts who will be well regarded by his associates and selected for positions of influence. He is naturally attracted to occult philosophy, uncommon learning and that knowledg~ which concerns the coming into and. going out of earth conditions. Peculiar magnetic and intensely active forces are associated with this degree. It is one of the degrees of versatility. 15° -ruler Venus : DEGREE OF RADIATION SYMBOL :

I 14

A painter at his easel in a forest upland, observing not the heavy black cloud'! which betray r n approaching storm.

Denotes one of a rcfin~<l and sensitiv.:; spmt capable of becoming so absorbed in his studies that he detaches himself from the world and its people. The love of nature and the beautiful is very great and may sever his sympathi~s from the ordinary routine of earthly desires and ambitions. He may obtain excellence in his sphere and some degree of honour, but there is a fatality connected with this degree which will claim him sooner or later. It is a literary d~grce and gives a good intellect and a decided gift for writing. 16°--ruler V~nus: DEGREE OF RESTRAINT SYJ\1 BO L :

A woman outside an old ruin under a starlit sky, a white angel on her righr, a dark angel on her left. The stars-the lamps outside the places of tlze Holy Ones-are shining.

Denotes one of intense mind capable of great acts. Very mediumistic, he is greatly influenced by his impressions and impulses. His path throughout his life is full of varied dangers, and he must be careful lest he miss the way. Let him often look up to the stars and pray for the guidance of the God. It is a literary or history degree, consult the horoscopi::. 17°-ruler V!!nus: DEGREE OF IMPARTING


Cupid holding a broken arrow in his right hand and a mmiature anchor in his left.

Denotes one of an artistic and romantic nature, fond of poetic and beautiful, and of that branch of science which lifts the soul of man beyond mere \\Orldly limits upto the 115 and the mountains of the Moon. He may leave an enduring work of science, poetry or romance. Whatever he docs he has faith in, and whatever he does hits the mark. A degree denoting fire, ardour and enthusiasm and a temperament which is artistic and romantic. Js related to the ·'power centre" of the Uniwrse. 18°---ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF SUBDUING SYMBOL :

A Jzorse·s hoof, tringed, crushing a hutterjly.

Denotes one of great pow~r of mind w·hose external thoughts threaten the glory of his soul. For his thoughts are powers which are ever striving to blend the spiritual and material in one great mould. He realises to a great degree the potency of small things and he is sensitive enough to feel acutely for suffering and to do all in his power to repel cruelty. 19°-rulcr Mercury: DEGREE OF AWAKENING SYMBOL:

A ll'and divided hy a star.

Denotes one of poilosophic a] force capable of manifesting from the silent hidden into the outer. Therefore his quality is explained in no ordinary terms. He has much personal force and magnetism which, if exerted for high ends, will become a harbinger for peace on this planet of experience and suffering. Indicates eloquence, ardour and enthusiasm, as well as oratorical "fire." This is a degree that is connected with royalty and brings the individual in touch with outstanding leaders of the times. This degree denotes one whose mind is snhtlc and whose natme is passionate. Man achieves

best as he makes the fullest use of his immediate genius. The key word is Frontier. When positive, the degree is of indomitable originality by which the human spirit remains at a forefront of everyday accomplishment. 20°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF EASE SYMBOL:

A pleasure boat on- a picturesque river.

Denotes one who delights in the best the world can give and who strives to keep worry and trouble away at all costs. All that is beautiful in form, colour and sound attracts him. He is a lover of ceremony and peaceful reveries, and his reputation in the arts that cultivate, will be recognised, not however through any special power m himself, but just because it has to be. 21°-ruler Moon: DEGREE OF ONRUSHING SYMBOL:

A giant tidal wave.

Denotes one who from comparative obscurity raises himself to a position of influence. He is somewhat inconstant and uncertain, but he crushes opposition and all who challenge his way. He should be careful lest the force he uses be turned against himself, no matter how peaceful he may be. If Jupiter is there on this degree, emotional difficulties and trouble through women. If Mars is there, misfortunes through women and he should be very wary with regard to chance love affairs especially with foreigners. Often cause the native to have an slight impediment in the speech such as stammer. 117

21° Sagittarius with its opposition 21° Gemini is very curious one, which is in some way inimical to marriage. It may be that the natives with this degree have an antipathy to marriage and are quite happy to remain single or they renounce marriage as in the case of Roman Catholic priests, or monks and nuns. It may be that some tragedy intervenes to prevent marriage, or the loved one goes away or dies. If they do marry, it is seldom a happy union and usually does not last long. They sometimes have several marriages in an effort to find happini:!ss. 22°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF SIGHING -,

f ,. :



A dog on a wall baying at the Moon.

Denotes one restless in manner and uncertain in temperament who ever seek:; for the unattainable and worries himself because he cannot get it. In his cry, however, there is poetry; poetry of a sad, hopeless strain as if foreboding some forlorn end to ambition and power and aspiration. Sun conjunction-having scientific interests and would enjoy doing research work. 'lenus conjunctionattractive in person and temperament, he would make a great success of dancing 23'"-'--ruler Sun : DEGREE O:F STIMULATION


A bee stinging a 1oaring lion.

Denotes one of sharp stinging wit, of democratic feeling, and a fine order of intellect, who is bound to gain distinction of some kind. He will take a clear and extremely sensible view of things and will be able to guage and construct. The note of his sarcasm is directed against certain authority,


and forces acti011 when


seems firmly fixed.


A bag of gold money falling into the ocean.

Denotes .me who holds to the philosophy of fate and who will listeA to no other. He makes mistakes and performs erratic actions. In money matters he should be extremely cautious, and he must not enter speculative fields, for heavy losses threaten him. He should hold what he can and trust in God and himself. 25°.--ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF SPIRITUAL STRUGGLES SYMBOL :

A ruined castle by a wate1jall, near w/zicli is a naked lroman holding a bunch of grapes to a philosopher, who, seated on a rock, is studying a manuscript.

Denotes one who i~ of a romantic mind, loving and leaning to the philosophy and thought of other days in which he is a masier. The forces play around him and attempts from the two worlds will be made to draw him from his deeper thoughts to the frivolity. folly and transitory joys of earth. Many times will he be shaken, but his power is too great for s·~nsual overcomings. Instead he throws the world the wine of life that those who are capable may drink. With regard to health, this degree is associated with nervous troubles, especially if afflicted by Mercury or Herschel. It is sometimes due to glandular deficiency. 26 °.--ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF PLEASURE SY.MBOL:

Two girls on a see-saw gaily dressed, a man 119

in motley in J/ze centre lwhling a ~up of 1ri11c i11

his hand. Denotes one who is attracted to the sport and gaities of life, and to whom physical pleasures constitute the essence of existence. The native may indulge in extravagance and will feel the ups and downs of life. His philosophy favours the pursuit of happiness and his mental gifts will be directed to the furtherance of the thoughts. 2r'-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF ELOQUENCE SYMBOL :

Mercury holding up Iris cad~:ceus in his right hand and with Iris left helping a fallen man to rise.

Denotes one inspired and gifted, one prophetic, poetic and artistic, whose mission it is to raise and uplift the race. He brings through the dark paths light and ecstasy, and those who hear the music will have their wounds healed. To see nature is with him, to know nature an<l the honey of wisdom flows from his mouth. This degree gives artistic talents. 28°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF BENEVOLENCE SYMBOL:

A simply dressed H'Onza11 hreaki11g a sl\'ord over her knee. In tire heavens above masses of dark clouds are scudding heftJre tlze rising Sun.

Denotes one possessing power, but utterly without bombast. To him war, quarreling and all forms of inharmony, while abhorrent are well inside the power of remedy. His nature mspired hope and security, and the dark threatenings of evil fly before this rising Sun. 120

29 '-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF VANITY SYAf BOL :

A charivt. decorated with garlands offlowers, b;¡oken doll'n 011 a roadlt'ay.

Denotes one to whom pomp, glitter and show strongly appeal, wmbined with a love of travelling and pleasure. To such a one. caution cannot be too strongly recommended. It is not a chariot gaily decorated which aids his power. Weulth combined with strength tells. Denotes an aptitude for studying human nature. 30--ruler Mars: DEGREE OF SUPREMACY SYMBOL :

A shield witlz a gorgo11's head embossed on it, al/ached to a column.

Denotes one of active mental power who is indispensible to his friends, and a thorn to his enemies. He is capable of seeing events far in advance of their materialisation and counts the years of. human progress in its pendulum-like mutiun. He has in him a strong spirit of fight and a feeling of naugla else but victory.




CAPRICORN (l\lAKARA) Sign of Responsibility 1°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF DISPUTiNG


A man, armed, rising out :Jf the eanlz.

Denotes to whom power is given, especially connected with ear.thly science and knowledge. His passage through life will not be pleasured by calm and perfect peace. Rough seas and angry rocks will threaten him. As he grows older in years and experience, he will know that combative science and theory but lead to unr(;~t and feu. Wh( n this time comes he will truly arise out or the earth

If Sun is there in conjunctio.t. hi.! is a1;1bi'.iou~ with strong ego and he has a great belief in himself and his work. but he is entireJy impersonal and there is not a V;:!stige of self-seeking Jt is dedicated life. lf afflicted. causes the natives to be extremely ego1is1ical-not necc~sarily in a nasty \vay---but they just can't help expressing thier and looking at everything from th·~ir poin'. •)f view, with themselves as the centre of universe



A revolving disc of light, red cell(re ,rnrrouilciell The co.lours are. pure and distinct.

by a black rim.

Denotes a di5tmct personality of martial phiiosophic 1ype, when destiny is to leave his mark on the world's tablet. The influence favours elevation to a certain position of responsibility, but having reached this it is difficult for the native to retain it. and his restless spirit brings him into conflict with enemies of power who,if he be not cautious, will over throw him. If prominent, gives a love of horsemanship, the native frequently excelling in this accomplishment. This degree has somefoing to do· with clancing'also. The natives of this degree are always good dancers (classical/ballroom). A certain ability to dress-well is imparted. 3°-ruler Saturn: DEGREE OF IMMORTALITY SYA-f BO L :

An old man seated on a throne in the cloudi; witiz /JU right foot (Jn a sll'ord. A large briglzt nar is above his head an4, t1ro pillars of light are 011 either side.

Denotes one of genius whose gifts raise him iar above the common things of earth. enable him to comprehend sublimities. What he feels and !.-nows, .he endeavours ·to clothe in a dress of vibrating colours to charm the children


of the earth and to raise them to dreams and contemplations of a glory beyond all material thought and understanding. This degree is rather a dangerous one for accidents. It is not good for soldiers as it seems to have some connection with gunshot wounds. The native should be very careful when handling £.rearms or accidents are likely to result. 4°-ruler Saturn: DEGREE OF PERSEVERANCE SYMBOL:

Persephone rising g,·acefully from the tmder to ·tlze upper world. T/1e Sun is shining and the surrounding country is rich in fields of corn, f1uit3, birds and flowers while butterflies are sporting around lzcr head.

Denotes og,c of great power of endurance who forces himself, ill or well, to brush away obstacles in the way of desires. There is here a combination of mental, moral and gbysical force, a trinity which carries the native through danger and the most adverse conditions. At birth the soul is rising from the '->hadow~. and a"' Jilc advances the temples of enchanting light~ arc reached, and constancy begets deathlessness Gives artistic talcn t"'. 5°-rulcr Herschel : DEGREE OF KINDNESS SYMBOL :

The win1ed urn from which water is pouring on tf.e pare/zed earth. Where tlze water falls vegetation springs forth luxuriantly.

Denotes one of sympathetic and charitable nature,simple and charming, unorthodox, and free of religious and racial prejudice. The sordid fields of life have little hold on him 124

for his soul is expansive, eccentric, even and he hates pettiness. 6°-ruler Herschel: DEGREE OF MANIFESTATION SYMBOL :

A traveller walking up a longforest rise, the path surrounded by dense gnarled trees. It is approaching evening, and the way is long and and gloomy, but at the top can be seen a star within a wreath <>f fine clouds illuminating a bemu iful blue sky.

Denotes one destined to lead in one of the great departments of life, but whose way will be threatened and whose heart will sometimes be faint. But even in the darkest times, the lights of heaven will shine on him stimulating him to action and accomplishment. His later days may be days of faded flowers, but he will reach his star before his journey ends. This degree is rather .a da~gerous one for accidents. It is not good for soldiers as it seems to have some connection with gunshot wounds. The native should be very careful when hand ling fireanns or accidents are likely to result. 7° -ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF JEOPARDY SYMBOL :

A harp with broken string.r, a scowling face

above it. Denotes one of ability whose career will be full of difficulties, mistakes and threatenings. He is some-what eccentric in manner and will be led into action and arguments from which he will gain no credit. He is 125

susceptible in heart affairs, is cultured and loves the beautiful in many forms. If he would produce music, let him first string his harp. 8°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF ADMONITION SYMBOL. ·

A woman looking on an empty cradle in an attitude of deep grief, the figure of a child near her, surrounded by a bright light, striving to pierce the gloom of her atmo~phere.

Denotes one whose life will be one of experience and who. wm suffer greatly through ignorance of certain know· ledge, which would free him if he knew it. He should try and comprehend that the deeper the expressed grief, the harder .it is for. the truth to be known; the blacker the darkne~s, the greater the danger into which he may walk 9°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF ENLIGHTENMENT SYMBOL :

A man lying half asleep in a field, a veiled figure behind him with upraised hand.

Denotes one born for great deeds whose work will be regarded many · years after his exit from the narrow conditions of mortal life. Gifted with inspirational powers and strongly impressed by powerful invisible forces, the native will be one of the many lanterns destined to throw light on this dark world. 10°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF MILITARISM

SYMBOL : A. glimmering light stealing into an old armoury on the walls of which hang polished implements of lt'C:'"· 126

Denotes one active, ardent and militant whose enthusiasm will lead him into trouble or danger, and who is capable of heroic effort for an espoused cause. The nature is by no means selfish. indeed the nati\'e would lay clown his life for that which to him is right. 11°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF UNDERTAKING SYMBOL :

An amzed man rfdi11g 011 a lion, he/ow him a scarabaeus; {1hnve a mailed hand grasping an iron rod.

Denotes one who by force and aggression gains position above his felJows, and holds it. He will rise above the proud and force them to rai~e him higher, and his life and influence will be long. There is much materialism in this native and much disregard for others. If he does not let the light enter his soul he may suffer from the fprce typified as an iron rod. I 2°---ruler Mar~ : DEGREE OF STRIVING


A man in full am10ur. viso.· ap, holding lzis lwnd,· on the hilt of his s11·01 d. the point of


11·/zfch pici'ces the g.·ouncl.

Denotes courage and self-confidence the native often meets danger or anxiety face to face, and is ever prepared to repel it when it comes. His sword is aiways ready. but he presses the point forth, for he knows the power of the spirit above all material force. 13°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF GUARDIANSHIP SYMBOL :

A sublime spirit of.female form ho/ding by the hand a poorly attired child coming frnm tire


darkness into tire mists and ascending from the mists into the light.

Denotes one who without regard to worldly condition will be aided and advanced to super-earth state by a great protective agency, and the more closely will be the heavenly cloak about his shoulders. 14°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF DIS-SATISFACTION SYMBOL:

A woman in a drapery establishment, tlze table crowded with articles of dress. none of 11'/zich pleases her.

Denotes one not easily satisfied and who is not always conscious of the feeling of others. He is not deficient in taste, but he allows his mind to be so affected by varied desires and feelings that it is difficult for him to preserve firmness. He should ever strive to encourage the position and to cultivate fixity of mind. 15°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF TRANSITION SYMBOL :

A hand e:ctended on ll'lziclz is resting a 1ria11gle, from which rays of light arc issuing.

Denotes one of fine comprehension and intellectuality: essentially fitted for very special world work. He is ever searching for the truth in art, science and life, and has a mind powerful enough to withstand criticism from the ignorantly learned. Reward comes to him. At the close of earth life he sees the light.


This degree is generally musical. Capricorn loves cla~ical music, and grand and solemn oratories and favours the ' organ as an instrument and he will never be found playing catchy tunes or popular songs. He is more often a conductor or a composer than an executant but would, of course, have to be able to play himself before being able to be either. He seldom has a singing voice unless Venus is in Taurus. While there is a love of music the aspect to this degree gives the ability ~o develop it, and the planets show the way in which the musician will express himself. Vocationally this degree is connected with oil producing. 16°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF EXPRESSION SYMBOL:

A nwnber of books floating near a coast line rich in vegetation andfloral charm, with beautiful grottos rising from the blue seas.

Denotes one artistic and nature loving, who has a raptureous appreciation for the grandeur of creation and endeavours by some media-art, letters of song-to express it. He has a strong affinity with nature and her many moods will act and react on his sensitive soul. This degree gives artistic talents. 17°-ruler Mer. : DEGREE OF SUPER-SENSUALISM SYMBOL:

Aflood of deep blue light which gradually becomes more and more refined, fades away altogether.

Denotes one of sublime aspirations. To him the spiritual is ever more attractive than the material. The more life advances, the more refined his 129

philosophy becomes, until its rays fade from earth end and the soul as well expressing it. This is that unforfunate area which in common with the 17th degree of all the cardinal signs, is connected with crime and violence and is often found adversely aspected in the maps of murderers and their victims. This does not of cour&e, mean that if you have the I 7th degree of the cardinals-Aries, Cancer, Libra, CapriCorn-prominent in your chart, you are bound to be a murderer or one of their victims, as it is necessary to have many more contributing factors, such as an uncontolled Mars or a horoscope with evil tendencies, such as vindictiveness, covetousness and jealousy, in keeping with such an event. 18°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF CHANGES SYMBOL:

A silver-hued garment lying in the mud. Overhead are tlze dark cloudro; of an approaching storm.

Denotes one whose fate is greatly influenced by the acts of others and whose life is blended with the hopes and ambitions of the many. He will have trials and temptations and can only defend himself and his honour by firmly refusing to be drawn into the affairs of an unworthy nature. This is another interesting degree area. It has to do with limitations. It may be by illness, or circumstances, poverty or possessive parents, but for whatever reasons the native is prevented or hindered from developing freely. 130

He needs a good strong Mars or Herschel to break through his bonds and get free. He will then develop rapidly to make up for }o!;t time. But not everyone wishes to get free, indeed many cultivate the role of an invalid for the added attention it hrings th~m. Again oth~rs are lazy and have no intention of working har..l to get out of their straightened circumstances, or th~y fear ~·J throw away their security to seek a longer life. Others arc born to a high position and do not wish to lay it down, thinking it worth the limitation it sets about them. And yet c.:gain, others have tender hearts and cannot bear to hurt their parents. All these will be found to have Mars o~· Herschel weak. so that they will not be able to break aw3y. A strong Saturn will only strengthen their claim as it will give a sense of duty, from which they would not escap'! if they could. 19"--rultr Moon: DEGREE OF HOLDING SY.M EOL:

A large crah wfi/z its claws embedded in a seed.

Denotes one of a vigorous and determined nature and great stubbornness of cha~·actcr, who holds strongly to pronounc·~d opi!1ions and ideas. If he is thrown into political life, he becomes a statesman whose firmness will be appreciated hy his friends and regretted by his enemies. 20°-rulcr Sun: DEGRF.E OF EVOLUTION SYMBOL :

A girl carrying a howl of water into which are reflfftrd the rays <f the setting Sun. All round

is darkness. 131

Denotes one whose spirituality shines intensity of the darkness of materialism, a destiny is to raise the fallen to a realisation of excellence of man and to warn off the opposing enemies.

amidst the seer whose the divine dark and


The head of a goat with the solar disc betwun its horns.

Denotes one extremely sens1t1ve and impressionable nature of roman tic and strange fancies. If the Sun is afflicted at birth or if the Moon is changing from old to new the native is liable to obsession or evil company, which threaten his honour, but he well have to seek help from more positive minds. But if the orbs be in good aspect and the Moon be elevated, strong and advan~ing from new to full, advancement will be the native's destiny. It is also a degree of seership. 22°-ruler Sun : DEGREE OF RENEWING SYMBOL : A hawk standing on a square black rock bathed in the rays of the rising Sun. Denotes one whose power is directed to the uplifting and advancement of his race-stayer of war and strife of plague and riot. He looks directly ahead, far ahead, into the years to come when the new Sun will illuminate the glory of a new age of gold. 23°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF SAGACITY



A dog, holding a bird in his mouth, running afield of daisies.

Denotes a far-seeing person with a fine appreciation of poetry and the arts and a well-endowed mind capable of delving deeply into obscure subjects. Should Mercury be affiicted in the horoscope, especially by Saturn, the native will incline to exercise his powers in the wrong direction and to seek to restrain to his advantage the rights of others. With regard to health, it is a gastric ulcer degree. 24°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF FAVOUR SYMBOL:

Three quivering arrows speeding toward a kneeling maiden, but before they reach her, they crwnble to atoms against a mighty /rand which sudden~v descends froni the heavens.

Denotes one will escape three great dangers by reason of a faith which draws to him the protection of the high powers. The most threatening is the third danger, but his faith is proof against this also. He will have moment of intense feelings and will not permit others to usurp his position nor rob him of the fruits of his toil. He is a peculiar child of destiny and not of a low plaL:e in life. This degree besides being connected with God, authority in a more or less prominent.capacity, being also significant of a very considerable musical ability. 25".-rnler Venus : DEGREE OF UNREST SYMBOL:

A man gaudily attired opening a document in the centre of wlziclz is a dagger¡


Denotes one who will hold positions of responsibility dnd advantage. He has an inborn love of show-glitter, pomp and ceremony. He will be endow·:J with much mental ability and powers of persuation, but is not free from secret enemies who seek to end his career by craft and violence. 26°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF TENDING




lifting from t!ze ground




Denotes one whose ruling impulse is for th~ protection and comfort of mankind and who wil I put this into practice, in fact he will be called upon to do so by the influence of that power which sent him to earth as a defender of the weak. He will find himself in the midst of various aiding and opposing forces, but so deep is his sympathy with the oppressed that conquest is sure unto him. 27°-ruler Venus: DEGREE OF MEDHATING


A mJ;111111 11eatly dressed on an old fashioned chair, looking ow of a cottag.~ 1r::zdoa' on to a pretty lilt le gw·den. Her face expresses p!casam contemplation.

Denotes one of particularly kind and gentle temperament, extremely thoughtful and patient, a lover of men. animals and nature, of simple tastes and careful judgment. the native has psychic powers and prophetic foresight regarding future events.



An athlete throwing a large iron quoit and disregarding a wild ill-conditioned dog who i~ ba1·king at him.

Denotes one vigorous in mind and body who advances in his special sphere through his energy and by virtue of his destiny. He is sure to meet with enemies and opponen· ts in life and his way will be frequently threatened and challenged. But he is mysteriously protected and so long as his intentions and actions are not stayed by the envy and criticism of others, all will be well with him. Vocationally this degree has to do with land or agriculture. 29°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF COMPARISON SYMBOL :

A dismanteled fortress in roins, nearby an old man sitting on the ground, his back resting against a rock, with a sacred book beside him. His face expresses great sadness.

Denotes one of conservative and contemplating mind, aspiring, purposeful and retentive, who mends the broken chains which links the past to the present and who sees in the coming dawn a reflection of the remote past. He gains honour and esteem, but is not free from sadness. His ideals will be injured by events, expected perhaps in all but intensity. Vocationally this degree connected with botany, geology, wild life and collecting. 30°-ruler Jupiter: DEGREE OF STRENGTHENING SYMBOL :

A meteorite falling on a mountain top. 135

benotes one who is cautious and generally fortunate and who nevertheless may be subjected to sudden attacks on his name and possessions. He should a void law and legal tribunals, and should always fix agreements by writing in order to prevent future disputes. He may gain a position of importance, but will not be able to hold it or he may be elected to a position which can be held for a limited time. The higher he aims, the more he renders himself vulnerable to the shafts of those above him.




Sign of Friendliness 1°-ruler Jupiter: DEGREE OF DOING SYMBOL:

A hwnan lzead in a mass of clouds, which are. rose-tinted by the rising Sun. A bird in the firm grip of lzand.

Denotes one of sensitive and poetic imagination, who is capable of sublime flights of fancy. He is somewhat easily swayed by others, although himself capable of showing the wa:x. He is dreamer of dreams and man of action. and many will have cause to honour his name. Fortells one will be active and desirious of gain. 2°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF CONTENTMENT SYl•JBOL:

A large mulberry tree laden withfmit, around which are many birds.

Denotes one of romantic disposition and fine taste who will be favoured by fortune and who attract many friends. 137

There is. benevolence and sympathy in his nature and prophetic ability also. He is generally succes">ful in the attainment of his desires. 3°-ruler Herschel: DEGREE OF FAITHFULNESS SYMBOL:

A white haired man, lzold!ng cross before lzim, walking over a mosaic pavement.

Denotes one of a truly religious mind whose career will be as full of incident as the many pieces which go to make a mosaic pavement so full of colour. Material life is not without its dangers-moral and physical-but the native is not born under the heel of fear. He sees beyond his times and bears his cross. This degree has to do with the mind and if Mercury be there, it gives the native a clev~r and piercing intellect particularly if it is in any aspect whatever to Mars or Herschel, wheil the mentality will be outstanding. 4°-ruler Herschel : DEGREE OF DEFENDING


A beautiful fountain throwing upwards delicate sprays of yellow-tinted willer, a jewelled crown showing in the mists.

Denotes one of refined mind who is destined to advance and gain power and influence over others. He will bring relief to many a thirsty soul, and many will bless him as he passes by the way. He is humanitarian, sincere, romantic and harmonious. The life is not free from dangers until after the 30th year has pru:sed. Thense his way is elevation and pea..:e. When in. conjunction with 138

1\h.:r~ury, gives a ckver and piercing inlcllcct.

specially if it i:> in favuurable aspect to Mar.:i a·1d Hcr.>chd, w:1en the mentality will be OlltS'landing. 5°--rulcr Nep:unc : DEGREE OF INCLINING

SYJJfBOL : .A nautilus size/! being d'.·iven 011 tlze :;·ea, before rlze wind toward a rocky slzore. Denotes one who reaches fame fitting his rank. He will have elegant taste and a love of luxury, but is liable to be imposed on or wrongly advised. He can quickly grasp impressions and set his thoughts into activi tiy, but he should direct his will unto himself and watch the threatening rockshore with his eyes well opened.

lf pro.nm·~nt, w.1rn5 ag ti:i:;t ai:;cid~nts w:1en travelling, .especially by air. Natives with this degree-area prominent should be careful to choose g·Jod days for their journey or if their Jupiter be afflicted to avoid air travel altogether.

It is often found in the charts of aviators.

6°-ruler Neptune: DEGREE OF ASCENDING


lm(v rising her white gloved hands to receive a jewelled crown surrounded by a strmzg,,, light lrhich is floating wwards her.


Denotes one on whom fame smi Jes and who is fitted to receive her favour. For this native, their is dignity and honour, which follows a degree of struggle, disappointment and comparative obscurity. He is moved by many and varied feelings and is blessed with a vivid and fine


imagination. He is cultured, neat in style and artistic with considerable psychic ability and occult understanding. 7°-ruler Neptune: DEGREE OF SUFFERING SYMBOL:

A naked foot) bleeding,· above a burning Tamp.

Denotes one whose path in life will be filled with rocks and roughness; whose sour will be directed to the secret of the Holy Truth. He is liable to assaults, injuries and the stings of jealous hate. Still h~ goes forward, forward like a conquering hero with light to lift the darkness and pain. He may falter, but he will not fall by the way. This degree is connected with hearing. The native may also suffer from anemia. When the people have this degree prominent, it does not necessarily mean that they will be afflicted with the complaints indicated but they need to be on the watch as much trouble may be saved by timely attention to incipient trouble. 8°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF LIMITATION SYMBOL:

A soldier endeavouring to escape from a prison through a barren window.

Denotes one of a vital, vigorous and martial disposition who endeavours to cut his way by mind or sword. Danger in early childhood may be overcome according to the power of the horoscope, but danger is never absent from him, and he is liable to be constrained or oppressed with enemies of his own making or he may be a dangerous enemy to himself. To pass through a barred window self-conquest alone knows the way.



A larr:e, bright military shield lying on a nwuntain from which stremns rays reflecting shafts of brilliant light.

Denotes one of powerful energy and firmness of purpose, who in the second half of his life attains the reward of his labours and the gratification of his ambitions. He then attracts fame, drawing it unto himself as the loadstone draws steel. From the wisdom come rays which daizle men of their brilliancy. This degree prominent makes good leaders and they are often found in position of authority or in command of men, particularly where delicate handling is necessary. They have poise, tact and courtesy and a genius for smoothing out difficulties and antagonistic relationship. 10°-ruler Venus: DE.GREE OF NARROWNESS SYMBOL:

A woman, blind and in chains,

in a magni-

ficently and brilliantly lighted room.

Denotes one fated in the strongest s~nse of the term. If Venus is afflicted in the horoscope, the native will be liable to suffer from over-indulgence of some kind or from some trouble indicated by the Venusian position in the natal chart. He may do things, he will regret and from which suffering may come. He should take hold of himself as a rider does a restless horse. Let him learn to open his eyes and to strike off his chains, and he v. ill know


the beauty which surrounds him. If well plac~1 l\f,!rcary is there, it is a degree of fam,~ a 'ld prcstig ~ ari'I r.~:10w:t ~,


~1' .. __ "11°-rulei Venus: DEGREE OF TASTE .L1

... .-


Flowers twined armmd a .c:ccpt;e

Denotes one of gifted and exccption;1l qualities of mi~1d. a singer of son!!S and ::i.. beare1 of light, whose works gain for him respect and dignity, r.nd whose n:ime will be remembered Jong after his form has left this earth. B·~auti­ ful thought.s will cling to him as th·~ ivy cli·.igs to the garden walls imd pleasant minus \vill coin.~ to him as the flowers which entwine the sceptre. r::(~'· .,

12°-ruler V~nus: DEGREE OF REFORvUNG SYN! BOL:

A hwwifid woman tending a dove with inj:.tred wing. On a table a ma:mscript. a bu:zd.'c of letters and an open book.

Denotes one of sympathy a!ld feeling who thinks dr~·~ply because he feels C.eeply, and whose ideas e:-itirely utiliuirian, find the ready acceptance of the i~1ajority He will !nvc much to do with the launching of b·:!nefici:ll rc~orms and will ever be striving to heal the woun·ls of oth~rs and

point r. way to go. Connected with liti:.~r<1.turc. in·Jicates deep feelings and often physical bea~r:y. 13°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF DISCERNfvlENT SYAfBOL :


A veiled figure, seoted 011 a rock, pointing to radiatul lzwna11 eye in mhl-air.

Denotes one of occult und~rstanding and a deep feeling nature who will often be alone or apart from busy centres. Wherever he may go, he can never feel really alone, for there is a power of seer-ship bestowed on him which enables him to see the true, the beautiful and the sublime in a form unknown to the masses of humanity. His is the eye that sees. 14°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF DIFFICULTIES SYMBOL :

Man writing with a quill pen in each hand, in front of him a .flickering oil lamp. His face betrays anxiety.

Denotes one who strives to do more th~n he can accomplish, who has "too many irons in the fire" and while thinking to accomplish much does but little. He may be two-sided or have two philosophies 00truding themselves at the same time. The life is restless, anxious and over it hangs a threatening hand. Peace comes from the cultivation of the higher and the rejection of the lower. 15°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF GUIDANCE SYMBOL :

A woman seated on mi anchor, a rudder in her hand and an opened book at her feet.

Denotes one who is guided through the many intricacies of life by a fo ith which cannot be shaken, bei;ig born of philosophy or understanding which sinks deeply into receptive nature. The mind is broad and wise in its sympathies and the native feels and knows the reality of


the way immortal, even though he may not be able to express it in mere words. This degree is especially prominent in the charts of those who have attained literary eminence. The native have a great love of beauty which they seek to express in some form or another. 16°-ruler Mo::rn: DEGREE OF EXPERIENCE SYMBOL:

A slzfp running befcre the wind with bare poln. The sea, black and ang ·y, is· illwninated by a rny of moonlight which shines through a b1 enk

i11 the heavy cloudli. Denotes one of trusting nature spiritually who will have trials in life, threatening and bitter. and who will often be storm driven and held in the grip of hard circumstances. Now and then there are breaks in the storms of life which bring relief, no matter how small, hut he must go on, his way is difficult and the night is dark, but in the morning light will come. This -degree is also connected with aviations. Tt has something to do with air, gas, or gasoline and is often found associated with explosions. Vocationally it is connected with ~ii producing. 17°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF STRIFE SYMBOL :





on an inverted IJ'iung.'e, above wlzicll lzamfr tugging ar a laurel wreath.

Denotes one of great pcrsevercnce who clings on to his ideas with a tenacity which forces respect. ·Things of


earth worry him; he will have to bear his cross, and he bears it without protest. He will not surrender, no matter how hard he may be pressed. He gains the victor's wreath in the teeth of opposition. This degree is also connected with aviations. It has something to do with air, gas or gasoline and is often found associated with explosions. 18°-ruler Sun : DEGREE OF DOUBTING SYMBOL :

A lion running along a dreary and barren field at the end of 1vlziclz ;s V-slzaped road. On the one side are hunters aimed, on the other, a rocky entrance lead'I to sunlit lawns.

Denotes a strong nature, capable of good or evil, who after early struggles amidst uncongenial surrounding, begins to perceive roads leading to some definite goal. According to the portents in the horoscope will, the selected way be one of tears or smiles. There will be achievement of benefit, or otherwise, and the earth end will be violent or peaceful as is willed. Given musical ability, the natives often gain recognition, not only in music but in any activity. 19°-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF PROCLAIMING SYMBOL:

Setting Sun shining on a waterfall, giving it the appearance of golden water.

Denotes one who has a graceful method of expressing himself and his thoughts and who will reach his place 145

when life's midway has passed. He will accompJish much, and his words will ring so high that many will stop fo listen. His actions harmonise with his beliefs and his soul is serene. 20°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF SKILLFULNESS SYMBOL :

A quaint old chest standing in an old hall, a large key on the.floor before it. Around are pieces of music. On top of the chest is a dot asleep.

Denotes one of a somewhat conservative, thoughtful, studious and serious by whom the training of the mind is -placed before all else and whose soul is set on the works of cultivation. He may show some special genius in section of art or music, or he may be in a position to advance them. He is a seeker of truth and the key is near for him to use when the guardian has slumbered. This degree gives musical ability. 21°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF HERALDING SYMBOL :

A man with chains on his wrist, appealing to the crowd people.

Denotes one whose Jife is set on the eradiction of in"" justice and whose idea of what he considers right brings on him pain and ridicule, and mis-representation. He is limited, chained, cons trained, oppressed, opposed and will suffer hurt even from those for whom he gives up 146

his comfort and ease. But the soul is set and he will see the tree, which many considered barren. bearing fruit. The native feels set on eradiction of injustice of what he considers right. If Herschel is in conjunction, the native have a strong vein of humour and comedy. 22°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF CONSERVING



A ci,,., · - . ...._ ':-''

A nwnher of men .wving volumes of books from the flames which are enveloping a library

building. Denotes one of the literary and scholastic mind to whom pen is truly "mightier than the sword," and who inclines to the production of original works, whilst carefully pressing those that ·have gone before. In other ways he is a patron of literature and redeems much value to the world. He may find himself in the midst of conflicting forces and be compelled to action which may cause pain. 23° -ruler Venus : DEGREE OF CROSSING

SYMBOL : A musician playing a curious instrument of the organ type. In the fo;·egroimd a large St. Andrew's Cross, one limb of dark cloudy substance, the other white.

Denotes one over whose of original mind, unorthodox moved by beauty and grace, with the seductive invisibility

early life a shadow hangs, and artistic. He is strongly blending loveliness of form of sweet sounds. Living in 147

· ,·

the midst of high vibrations, the native is m danger of being drawn into the vortex of oppositions. There, the evil crosses the good and the desire wrestles with the man. With regards to health, it is a degree of appendicitis. 24 °-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF TRIBUTE SYMBOL :

A woman neatly attired with her hand on a tomb, looking sorrowfully 011 a flower covered grave.

Denotes a refined person forced to meet sorrow face to face. According to the degree of experience to be learned, so will be the degree of sorrow to be endured. Passion is not apart from this degree, but passion leads to pain whilst subjugation leads to mastery. This degree indicates some danger from water~should not take any risk when boating or bathing. 25°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF REACTION SYMBOL:

A victor in a duel with a look of agon)', breaking lzis sword over his knee.

Denotes one born to conquer, but whose material conquests bring him pain and grief. As he advances in life and the Sun of his soul throws brighter lights before him, he will realise how worthless aggression really is and how much grander is a word spoken in kindness than one spoken in anger, how much sweeter a kind face than one made hideous by the poison of hate. Then he will break his sword. This is an abscess degree area and is linked with sexual problems. 148


Three .fi,.es blazing above three triangulur hills, a cross sword .floating in the air above.

Denotes one of mystic and reformative learnings who may be impressed by invisible forces for certain work on earth, but who may not be conscious of the part he is called upon to play. He has intelligence, force and bravery with a strong will, and what he is willed to do he will do. He should never permit himself to be hypnotised nor entraced, nor yield his will to the power of another. in the body or out of it. Points to success and fixation of purpose. Vocationally this degree is connected with Pearl fishing and this would apply to diving too. 27°-ruler Mars: DEGREE OF STEWARDSHIP SYMBOL:

A man of strong build locking securities in a great iron safe in the turret room of an old

castle. Denotes one, forcefull, strong and aggressive who will be .the guardian of metny responsibilities and unites strength of purpose with ~xecutive ability. He defends and attacks; he is a master and a servant. Errors are always dangerous and only from errors will regret come. Saturn conjunc6~m-strong personality. Moon conjunctiondistinct1ve personality. 28'J-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF REFORMATION



A spire on top of a py10mid, at the base of which is a horse wilh a manuscript in his mouth.

Denotes one born for great deeds, aspmng and encrietic. His work will travel far and will be of a strong and reformative character, which will meet with the usual oppos1t1on afforded to such works amongst a certain caste. He must never ~fay. Ever with the symbol before his eyes must he continue his way, for victory is rSure. Venus conjunction-musicaJ degree. Saturn conjunctionfears the responsibilities involved in marriage and feels a strong trend toward the retainment of freedom. Mars conjunction.-associated with astrology. 29°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF DEBATE SYMBOL :

Forked lightening surrounded by stars the storm clouds.


Denotes one whose rise in life will be sudden, and who will maintain his with difficulty. He will enjoy the smiles of favouring fortune and suffer the frowns of em·y and is destined to wrestle with opposition and inharmonious conditions. Let him study his horoscope and steer cleq.r of the breakers. lt is a degree of sorrow, one who will be subject to trials through life and one who will die heart broken. Avoid any transaction which would be on tremendous or lavish scale. 30°-ruler Saturn: DEGREE OF CONTROLLING 150


Wavy lines of light, in shape like a huge wheel, reflecting on a blue evening sky.

Denotes one of sober judgement and a natural learning towards the occult arts. He has respect for such learning in which he, himself, is gifted. His logical nature refuses to be led by orthodox thought or to yield to the shallow opinion of hynotised crowds. Generally the life is fortunate. The native slow to move, but has abundant sympathy, which his mind regulates or retains. As he advances in earth life, his psychic eye will be opened and he will know and understand those things which he before accepted with reserve, but without scruple. It is in the fatter part of his life that the gates of knowledge are opened to his soul. This is one of the noblest degrees, a really royal one. It promises the subject undisputed authority, easy riches and high feelings.



PISCES (MEENA) Sign Of Sympathy 1°-ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF MISGIVINGS SYMBOL :

A satyr sitting on a rock by a river which running into the the .'>ea, holding a fish.


Denotes one of a peculiar disposition who is in danger of yielding to the suggestions of evil influences and being guilty of unjust actions. He may suffer sorrow from or through relatives and from secret affairs. He may not be able to do just what he pleases. He has strong promptings towards the occult or hidden arts. It predicts a person with duel character and a trouble maker. This degree is connected with sorrow and renunciation. The native often gives up his desires and ambitions in life for the sake of another, or sacrifice himself in some way. It is always a willing sacrifice which is not forced upon him, indeed, he often feels it to be a privilege and usually gets a certain amount of satisfaction from it. These natives will be found devoting themselves to old or ailing parents, or bringing up a child. There are many who really enjoy 152

sacrificing themselves and they will always find others willing or selfish enough to impose on them. 2° -ruler Saturn : DEGREE OF CLEMENCY SYMBOL:

An oltl man sitting b:!neath a leafless tree with bread in his hand and a bag af money by his side.

Denotes one who will be no stranger to suffering. Directly or indirectly he benefits through people older than himself. No matter how important his position in life, he is limited. He feels for those whose portions of earth life is but pain and he relieves when the pained plead. 3°-rulcr Neptuner: DEGREE OF SECRETIVENESS SY}JBOL:

The deck of a trawler

which are quantities offish. It is night, a small cottage i'i on fire on the land, and tlzis, with the shore lights, is 011

reflected in tlze water. Denotes a strong character, a leader in his sphere of lifc. Danger from the elements threaten the child's life. He has the ability to grasp and utilise the idea and suggestions of others, and his power of observation enables him to advance his interests and obtain reward. He will be successful in secret negotiations, and secret matters largely affect the life. This is a very interesting degree area. It has much to do with nature, as cloudbursts and storms, floods and


hurricanes and this area will be found prominent and aflicted when these phenomena occur. Disasters occur only when it is badly aspected, usually it has most to do with the peaceful aspects of nature. The natives with this degree area occupied a:·.; gre~t nature lovers, especially when Virgo is also strong. Tl:iey love wild flowers and and little furry animals, they like to go poking in ponds and ditches, studying the wild life of the creatures that inhabit them. They are aware of clouds and shadows and those things which ordinary people do ·not notice. They are· at one with every aspect of nature a•1d feel akin to her. 4°-ruler Neptune : DEGREE OF MISTRUST SYMBOL:

A light house built on rocks in the midst of an angry sea. Over the sky a rainbow.

Denotes one who will be played in the midst of unsettled chaotic conditions and who, as complication after complication arises, allows fear to hold him. Yet he is secure against the storms and firm agaimt disaster, although not from assault. He has medrnmistic power to enable him to know his inward strength, but .he fears to use it. If he would but turn his eyes upwards he would see beauty above fear and ever have hope before. }um. 5°-ruler Mars : DEGRE,E OF ACCOMPLISHMENT SYMBOL:


The interior of a tent _of a Roman Military Commander, in which is a table set with abwutance and drink in rich vessels of gold mu/

silver. Denotes one of good organising abilities and for directing, who works with a purpose in his minrJ and an ideal at heart. He has a love of luxury and good living, and as life advances he will be in a position to gratify his desires. He is a good generous friend, and gains esteem. He does not ailow personal comfo~t to affect the work he is called upon to do nor to dimnish his personal courage. ff Saturn is there, this degree is connected with sorrow and renunciation. The native often gives up his desires and ambitions of life for the sake of another, or sacrifice himself in some way. It is always a willing sacrifice which is not forced on him, indeed, he often feels it to be a privilege and usually gets a certain amount of satisfaction from it. These natives will be found devoting themselves to old or ailing parents, or bringing up a child. There are many who really enjoy sacrificing themselves and they will alway find others willing or selfish enough to impose on them. The native will go into monastery. 6°----ruler Mars : DEGREE OF ATTEMPTING 5YMJJOL :

Pirates tying a captive 10 a trt>e by the seashore. An old sailor hidden behind the rocks and foliage watching and waiting, knife in lzand, to set him free.


Denotes an adventurous nature which will attempt rash .things and undertake dangerous missions. The native is in danger of restraint and attack from pO\verful foes, seeking to put him out of action, but is fortunate in obtaining relief when he least expects it. From the twenty-seventh to the twenty-eighth, the thirty-sixth to the thirty seventh years are critical years. 7°-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF CONTESTING SYMBOL :

Two wrestlers slruggling fur mastery. One is dark and evil looking, whilsr the other is as an angel in nwnly beauty.

Denotes the dark and trec.:hcrous forces and the materialism of a man combating with all that is glorious, all that is ideal and divine. To whichever the thoughts of the native incline comes victory, and many times in life he will be forced to join himself to the one or the other. May the wisdom direct his choice. 8°-ruler Venus : DEGREE OF RESPONSIBILITIES SYMBOL:

A slave-merchant selling a beautiful woman in an Eastern market-place.

Denotes who is destined to have power over others and who may be forced by circumstances to obey the will of stronger forces. Necessity may compel him to barter his dearest possession for external advantage, but those to whom he barters prize it. His is a peculiar life of importance, but not one of absolute free will. ._ .. t '



Venus and cupid metamorphosed as two fishes, swimming from a giant who stands as a rock.

Denotes one of a sensitive disposition and pure mind who understands intuitively the true meaning of love as symbolised by the planet Venus, sublime and in her dignity. His enemy is lust, which threaten to cling him and by craft to hold the throne of his soul in the guise of love. But the native will know vice as a destroying angel only, and his knowledge will protect him and set him free. This degree inclines the native to self-abasement. There is a tendency to allow himself to be imposed upon ~nd with a weak chart he is liable to become a "doormat."

10°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF TEACHING SYMBOL:

A man sweeping together quicksilver which has fallen from a dish and has scattered in all directions.

Denotes one of an active, volatile mind, alert and restless, possessing knowledge and the power to acquire knowledge. There is, however, danger of his idea leaving him and bring scattered in parts where they are not appreciated. When he fully recognises the gift with which he has been blessed, he will be concentration, dra"!V it into himself and bestow 'it on those who will hold it to advantage.

11°-ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF ALERTNESS



A dog running amongst some children playing on the sea-shore.

Denotes one of sagacious mind, very faithful when trust is given and active in carrying out of any mission he is entrusted with. There is determination in the character, and the cxtermll appearance betrays but little the feelings and emotions. He acts with caution. craft and confidence, and is genera Hy friendly. 12°--ruler Mercury : DEGREE OF INTRICACY SYMBOL:

An author with his head held in his hands, a rejected manuscript and a lrdy's pho'ograph on a table before him.

Denotes one of literary or artistic ability who attains a degree of reputation and esteem, but who is tempted by the smiles of alluring love. He will reach a stage when he will be compelled to decide between the two mistresses. one as insistent as the other. His work should be in that which is artistic and appeals to the senses. Moon conjunction-sympathy with and ur.cerstanding of animals and away with them, he knows by instinct what to do for them and have a healing power in his hands. 13°-ruler Moon : DEGREE OF PRESERVINL SYMBOL :

A nwn crossing a hog


an old tree wlzidi has

long ago fallen. Denotes one who meets with public favour and support


and whose temper will be severly tried and tested. Although possessed of radical feelings, he will find himself compelled by circumstances grudgingly given. Still it will serve. This degree is connected with the stage, and many actors and actresses will be found with it prominent. It gives the desire to go on the stage but if they are to succeed, other qualifications are necessary, such as aptitude for characterisation, a good voice and memory, and a fair amount of charm. 14°-ruler Moon: DEGREE OF ACTIVITY


A number of stevedores loading a ship at a port.

Denotes one who sees prayer and nobility :n work. No matter what may be his station in life, his beliefs will be strongly democratic and just. There may be a good deal of moving about during life or a long voyage may take the native into lands remote from the place of his He 1s sincere and can be relied on. Anoth~r interesting one. It not only gives a love of animals but also an understanding of them. People with this degree area prominent seem to know instinctivelly what to do for an animal, when it is ill. They talk to animals and enter into their feelings. You will find they do this even with a beetle they are moving out of their path or to a moth they are saving from the flame of a



Animals arc not just anim:tls to them but "littk


A man standf,1g on a high look out, nervously scanning the horizon at high noon, a comrade falling at his side stricken by the Sun.

Denotes one gifted with keen powers of observation who gains a position of usefulness and responsibility. His life will be at times be unsettled, and his advancement will be jn the hands of others. He may be threatened with disfavour, ilJness or accident. He should banish irritability or nervousness, for such cause trouble. Still he is always sincere. 16°-ruler Sun: DEGREE OF RENOWN SYMBOL :

A hawk with outspread wing.,· standing on



Denotes one of fearless disposition and venturesome nature who makes a big throw for fortune anrl. who reaches a point of notoriety or fame in the face of obstacles. position and envy. Favours come from authority. but danr,ers from falls, fire and sword are threatened. 1: 0 -ruler Sun : DEGREE OF ADVANCEMENT SYMBOL :

A gaudily dresud officer holci;,1g aloft a spear

of gold.


Denotes one of magnetic force~ patience nation, who wins his way by sacrifice of self of his ambition and who will never rest achieved.his purpose. He is identified with or a great pleasure.


and determifor the sake until he has a great cause

spreading knowledge or giving

18°-ruler Mercury: DEGREE OF TEMPTATION


A spider seizing a fly cauglzt by the web.

Denotes one who may be deceivc<l in many important concerns of life and who shoul<l he specially careful in giving confidence and in betraying his affairs to others. He should avoid law and all forms or litigation and contention and should not accep~ too lightly 1he opinion of others concerning businc<." Thi' degree gives fluency in narrative writing. 19"-rulcr Mercury : DEGREE O.F BELIEVING


A sick ;11011 lying c:: the base of a large stone cross. a f{rcy/r..,;;m/ running in the distance.

Denotes one of grt!at raith which being added to true knowledge makes man invincible. The mind inclines to religion and charity and is well endowed. Generally he is quick to grasp matters and to profit by his wisdom.

He suffers some


in life and many disappoint-

ments. Ill-health may also trouble him. faith, and faith can truly move mountains.

Still he has



An itinerant m'-l11ician playing tlz:! mandolin and sin~i11g love songs to a number of country maidnes wlzo are S('ated on rocks awl fallen trees around him.

Denotes one who is musical, artistic and pleasure loving, who is gifted with a wealth of imagination and an engaging manner. He gives pleasure to many and will meet with great applause. His nature is light and airy and somewhat wanting in stability. He <lelights to wander about, or his calling may involve much travelling. ',.

.: -~,




• • •_ , ,

A staff adorned with Ct>lour<!d rihhons standing in a field of 1•iolets, butterflies circling around

it. Denotes one of a fresh and beautiful mind, a lover of nature in sunshine and shower. His ideal is a life of free-. dom in flowered fields and woods. He inclines to people of high thoughts, children, animals and the great things or life. He will be exposed to some dangers and will sometimes find the \Vay blocked-the way he has to go. Still a magical protection is over him and a defending pow.!r invisible is always near. 22"--rulcr Venus : DEGREE OF ENSNARIJ'\C

SYAi noL :

A SllOkc.• hidden in , · huhh!ing



hus/1 1~( 1ri!d



Denotes one of wandering and inconstant nature who has cause to fear the tyranny of his senses. He will in turn be deceived and the deceiver, and when he attempts to deceive others he deceives himself most. His nature is of the romantic tinge. He loves music and song, the thrcatrc and the ballet, and appreciates the beautiful. If he dare he may redeem himself'. 23 =-ruler Mars : DEGREE OF MILITANCY


A lzeap of broken arms awl military trappings lying in a muddy poof.

Denotes one who will know the poverty of aggression and who will sutfrr from the c:ffocts of his actions and mtentions. He will uadcrstand that what is gained by force may become: a curse in:.;tcad of blessing, and why sol called glories of ancient Rome became so many daggers at her throat, when the result~ or her dt.:cds brought her to earth. Let the native pi¡1wc his p .nvcr ia a greater way than any contention. Let him clcctr his mind and control himself if he can. Wiih Venus in Lhis area, often beswws charm, especially in W\)lllC!l. They fascinate all with whom they come in cantact, their own as well as the opposite. Vocationally it is a. Hair Dressing D~gree. 1




A gain/ ape forests.

dragging a

l\'Cm011 into the

Denotes one who is in danger of becoming a slave to


ihdesires and to sacrifice his higher ~df to the exhausting excesses which eat into body and soul. There is a wasting of energy and power in the persuit of so called pleasures which deprives the native of that perfect idealistic happiness which is gained by sweet restraint and knowledge of perfect love. Vocationally this is a degree favouring artbetter for painting. 25°-ruler Jupiter: DEGREE OF SUDDENNESS SYMBOL:

An wifurledflag on a shaft of forked liglztening.

Denotes one of nervous, quick and restless temperament, impulsive, active and full of energy and purpose. His nature is brave and defiant, and his life will not be free of adventure of some kind. He will always be beyond want and his position will be secure. Events in his life happen abruptly and are not always expected. 26°-ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF DISCOVERY SYMBOL:

A drowser witlz a wand of lzazel in lzis lzands, finding water on barren lands.

Denotes one who will be blessed with natural gifts of a very high order. He will be fortunate in his undertakings, benevolent and beneficial to the people. He is a searcher and a seeker, is rather conservative and does not easily accept reforms and changes. Moon conjunctionartistic ability from which he will . derive much pleasure.



A horse nmning with flames issuin[: from his nostrils.

Denotes who has special work to do llnd whose name will be associated with important projects. His nature is passionate, quickly receiving and recording spirituat impressions. The disposition is kindly. He is well disposed and his sense of justice is strong. Traditional THRONE degree and a very artistic area. 28° -ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF FIRMNESS SYMBOL:

A black cat sitting on an old parchmellf covered book.

Denotes one who, if he lives beyond infancy, will rise to a position of some responsibility. Blessed with superior gifts, this will be esteemed for his wisdom and understanding. He leans towards old things and will from old people al}.d fortunate dealings with others. 29° -ruler Jupiter : DEGREE OF SADNESS SYMBOL :

A bat flying at night in an old graveyard

Denote~ one who endures sorrow. He should strive force himself away from lowering tendencies by ming10 ling with cheerful and fine minded people and by studying the true nature of thoughts, feeling and emotions, and strange happenings in one of the occult schools to which he most inclines. He should always guard against jealous feelings in himself and in others. 165


A m:;m trulging afo.1g a ro:igh rrud, dragging a mass of heavy chains. A strong horse in a cart standing idly near.

Dt:notes one who undertakes needless labour and who binds himself in chains of his own making. He has peculiar ideas, thought and fancies, and the eccentricities, and the regulation and control of these and the cultivation of his powers of observation will lead him to the understanding of great things and open a gate which is at the beginning of the perfect way so opposed to the rough road of selfish materialism on which the majority of the world's people have been content to tra.yel till the closing of their earth lives. An unfortunate degree and the native is apt to suffer from heredity


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