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Owner of Internal Medicine Private Practice, Westbrook CT

• Dr. Scott Houghton is a doctor with his practice set in Westbrook CT. Dr. Houghton has been treating patients successful for past several years and he is extremely proficient in his job. A caring and considerate professional, Dr. Scott Houghton has successful treated thousands of patients in the course of his career which spans more than a decade. • Dr. Scott Houghton is based in Greenwich, Connecticut and he has been offering his services in the area for more than past ten years. A respected professional in the medical field, Dr. Scott Houghton’s opinion is greatly valued by his patients and his peers in the medical field. • At his practice, patients can get immediate attention and Dr. Scott Houghton makes it a point to attend to every patient personally to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. At Dr. Scott Houghton’s practice, he diagnoses and treats acute and chronic medical illnesses, some of which include diabetes, high cholesterol, GERD, asthma and hypertension. He also focuses on routine health maintenance and health screening of the patients. Patients have always praised the personal level of care and attention showed by Dr. Scott Houghton for all their medical ailments.

• As an internist, Dr. Scott Houghton also focuses on routing health maintenance and health screenings. Dr. Scott Houghton is known as thorough professional and his patients have always praised his conduct and his opinion on various ailments. • Due to his warm nature and friendly attitude, patients also open up to him and talk freely about their ailments. Such degree of interaction with the patients allows Dr. Scott Houghton to judge the ailment easily and prescribe the medication with complete knowledge about the symptoms exhibited by the patient. Once the patients have been given treatment, Dr. Scott Houghton makes sure that he follows up with the patients on how they are faring up after the treatment. He takes a thorough approach towards his profession and offers his services to patients at affordable prices. • Dr. Scott Houghton has been working in the area for more than ten years and he goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve the residents of Old Saybrook. He often attends house calls in case the patients are unable to reach his clinic. With such professional attitude and sense of duty, Dr. Scott Houghton is a boon to the community..

• Dr. Scott Houghton serves several areas by the Connecticut shoreline including Guilford, Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, Old Saybrook, Lyme, Old Lyme,










compassionate and friendly individual, Dr. Scott Houghton makes sure that the patients feel comfortable when they visit him for check ups. He also makes house calls if the patients are unable to reach his office. • Dr. Scott Houghton’s commitment and dedication to the Connecticut community was highlighted in the 2006 article in the local newspaper. He is also a prolific speaker and regularly lectures at the local senior centers and libraries on various medical topics those concern children, young adults and senior citizens. A respected member of the Connecticut community, Dr. Scott Houghton has shows loyalty and dedication towards the citizens of the community and gone above and beyond the call of duty to help people in the best of his abilities. • Dr. Scott Houghton makes sure that he is friendly with patients so that they are able to talk about their ailments freely and he is able to diagnose them in a better manner.

• Dr. Scott Houghton spends ample time with each patient and doesn’t treat his practice like a revolving door as many of the larger practices. Patients can feel confident that under the care of Dr. Scott Houghton any medical issues will be taken seriously and all resources will be used to find a diagnosis. • Dr. Scott Houghton performs house calls for many of his patients. This lost practice is a great asset to his patients that are homebound or very ill and non ambulatory.

With a passion to take care of the entire community, Dr.

Scott Houghton gives monthly medical lectures on topics of interest to the local residents and seniors at the senior community centers, libraries, church meetings and schools. • Dr. Scott Houghton also coaches local youth basketball, football, and lacrosse acting as the doctor on the sideline for the youth athletes as well.

With a

love of sports and taking care of athletes, Dr. Scott Houghton has become the Medical Director of the Athletic Department at Wesleyan University in Middletown Connecticut. This is a demanding job as Dr. Scott Houghton is the doctor on the sideline of many sports events overseeing the safety of any injured athlete as well as concussion follow up.


Address: 4 Grove Beach Rd N. City: Westbrook State: CT Country: USA ZIP: 06498

Dr. Scott Houghton  
Dr. Scott Houghton  

Dr. Scott Houghton is based in Westbrook, Connecticut and he has been offering his services in the area for more than past ten years. A resp...