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LATEST SELF HELP BRAIN BOOK by Melbourne’s Dr Leeder and Dr Lawson Dr Robyn Leeder who has been practicing in Greensborough for over 15 years and her colleague Dr Kathleen Lawson have published the latest self help brain book. The book is entitled “Your Brain Your Life – Make It What YOU Want!” In addition to being chiropractor’s both Dr Leeder and Dr Lawson are also post graduate diplomate’s of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board having studied Functional Neurology through the Carrick Institute USA and passing rigorous exams in Functional Neurology. So what is special about the book ‘Your Brain Your Life – Make It What You Want!’ ?

Dr Leeder and Dr Lawson say that the book represents current science including information on neuroplasticity. She states that ‘no matter how good or bad your brain is, it is always possible to do something to improve your function.’ “Your Brain Your Life” has taken a complex topic and has presented it in an exciting and understandable format that is sure to please readers from all walks of life. The book includes humour and fun illustrations. At the end of every chapter a ‘to do’ section has been included designed to help you get the best out of the book. Who is the book really for? This book is for YOU – if you are interested in improving your life, your health and your wellbeing. If you want to lift your work performance or help your kids with their studies – this book is for you. If you know someone who is recovering from a brain injury or illness then this book is for you, and it is for them too! Or even if you want to just come home from the supermarket with what you actually went there for… then this is definitely for you. More information on this local Australian product is available from the book website or from Greensborough Family Chiropractic or Connect Chiropractic. The authors may be contacted via the book website.

8 Donaldson Street, Ivanhoe, Vic, 3079

12 Edward Street, Noble Park, Vic, 3174

Latest Self Help Brain Book  

Dr Robyn Leeder and Dr Kathleen Lawson have published a easy to read self help brain book. Titled 'Your Brain Your Life - Make It What You W...

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