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Hostgator Review Visit HostGator ( Editorial HostGator Review: Being one of the largest web hosting companies in the world has its own rewards. Like the famed tennis player Lacoste, whose logo was the alligator and who literally devoured his competitors on the court, HostGator, with a similar logo, aims to do the same on the internet! With 2,200,000 domains and counting, they have definitely got a lot of things right. Besides the numbers themselves being staggering, the over 200 staff in the support function ensure that service flows pretty smoothly for all the customers of HostGator. And for all that, should a client want service from the site’s owner himself, the person only has to make the request and Brent would make time to attend to any concern! Hostgator Features: Some of the reasons why HostGator is in the top 10 league of web hosting service providers is given below, leaving aside interesting plan names like ‘Hatchling’, ‘Baby’ and the more prosaic ‘Business’: * Disk Space: Unlimited across all the three plans. * Bandwidth: Unlimited across all the three plans. * Domains and Sub Domains: 1 for the former on the basic Hatchling plan, unlimited for the rest, unlimited across all plans for sub domains. * Own Toll Free Number: Free on Business plan, but unavailable on the other two plans. * Free Dedicated IP and SSL: Same as in the previous point, free only on Business plan. * Pricing: $ 4.95, $ 7.95 and $ 12.95 for Hatchling, Baby and Business plans respectively. * Credits: $ 25.00 Google Adwords on all three plans mentioned above. * Money Back: 45 days facility across all 3 plans. * Technology Used: WordPress, CGI, PHP5, RoR, Python and other common formats are available across all plans and MySQL databases are unlimited across the board. Only Chilisoft ASP is exclusive to the Business plan. The latest cPanel interface is used. * Customer Support: Phone (1-866-96-GATOR) and online help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week and 365 days in the year. Besides the above, there are a large number of other technological and service formats available on HostGator which are common across all the 3 plans. Common with other web hosting services HostGator offers free site builder, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, free and instant start up as well as no contract clauses. The customer can host unlimited websites and there are no hidden fees. All the details can be accessed on their website. Conclusion: All in all, Host gator is a very professional web hosting site and it makes a lot of sense for an individual, small business or even a Fortune 500 organisation to choose this as their preferred option. Large service providers are unlikely to be fly-by-night operators and all the hard work put in over several years need to be kept secure and in many cases, highly confidential. HostGator’s logo and the caption perfectly complement each other and the future for this particular web hosting site can only grow exponentially. In these hard times, time we got on to this particular gravy train … correct? If you are interested in moving to Hostgator, I'm proud to offer you this exclusive voucher to take 20% off of your order. Just click the link below in order to get the voucher. HostGator Coupons (Discount Promo Codes): 25% OFF WORKS ON ANY PLAN OF ANY LENGTH! SHARED, RESELLER, VPS, AND DEDICATED HOSTING PLANS!


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Web Hosting Reviews

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