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“Secondary Rhinoplasty and how one Doctor could create a miracle” Changing of a previous operation related to Rhinoplasty needs to be very accurate and precise. In addition, it also requires a very skilful surgeon who has a passion for his job at the same time in order for such operation to be very successful and for the patients’ questions and curiosities regarding nasal revision operation be satisfied. In the field of Secondary Rhinoplasty, Dr. Jay Calvert is one of the most experienced and skilful surgeon. He is very much willing to perform such operation which is very demanding most of the time. He is very popular to the point that many plastic surgeons that know him refer their patients to him if they are to undergo the procedure because Dr. Calvert gives enough care and attention to the problems of his patients. Dr. Calvert treats Secondary Rhinoplasy not just a job or his bread and butter but also as an art where he should give his best performing as an artist. For people who are not so informed about secondary Rhinoplasty, it is a surgery being performed to augment or repair the shape of the nose. In conducting this, information about the nose such as nasal structure will be carefully studied first so as to determine what nasal shape would fit the patient’s face well. There are different techniques that surgeons can use in performing this surgery. Likewise, there is also a possibility for complications to happen if not performed properly. In addition, secondary Rhinoplasty might also disappoint the patient especially if the surgeon is not skilled enough and fails to construct the nasal shape or structure that he patient chose prior to the operation. There is actually a lot more of things to secondary Rhinoplasty than you may imagine. Such things make this procedure revisable to approximately 15-10%. Good surgeons like Dr. Calvert have lower percentage of revisions which patients like. For the patients’ case it is important that their expectations be very realistic or at least will not seem impossible. There is actually a discrepancy between what can reasonably be the result and what the patients expect so common sense may sometimes be very helpful on the part of the patients in choosing or deciding what form or shape they want their noses to take before the operation. However, it is not also appropriate on the part of the surgeon to use this excuse always in not giving you the result that you wanted. Some surgeons are very profit-oriented that they care more about the amount that their patients can pay them than the quality service that they can provide. The surgeon’s educational background can also be a big factor in determining the success rate of the operation. Dr. Jay Calvert can give you the results that you wanted at the first conduct of the operation. No one performs Secondary Rhinoplasty better than he can as what many of satisfied clients would put it. Dr. Calvert is currently based in Beverly Hills, Orange County and in Los Angeles so if you have problems do not hesitate to contact him.

Secondary Rhinoplasty and how one Doctor could create a miracle  

Dr. Jay Calvert can give you the results that you wanted at the first conduct of the operation. No one performs Secondary Rhinoplasty better...

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