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In a Competitive Job Market, Many are Seeking Plastic Surgery to Boost Their Careers March 20, 2010 – In the world of entertainment, looks are everything. Actors and actresses are sought out for their looks and typically, the younger looking they are the better. Therefore, it is understandable that many trying to make it in this industry are getting procedures done. Lately, this trend of plastic surgery has begun to translate over to the corporate world. Dr. Jay Calvert, a board certified Plastic surgeon based out of Southern California, is giving some of these people exactly what they are looking for. There has been increasing research that says looks matter in jobs beyond the silver screen. What this research is essentially saying is that beautiful people make more money and have more opportunities for advancement. One surgeon states, "In the corporate world, there's a lot of emphasis on image, and image goes with selfconfidence." Many invest in improving their appearance because they feel it can give them an edge in the corporate arena. With so many surgeons offering their services, only one that is skilled and with a great track record should be taken into consideration. Plastic surgery is a technically exacting venture which requires a surgeon who understands the patients concerns and goals. Dr. Calvert makes sure that consummate care is received by all of his patients. He also makes sure any problems or concerns are dealt with, assuring the patient that every aspect of the surgery will be treated with the utmost care. He uses his artistic ability and expertise to perform his procedures and lets the patient know exactly what they can expect to get out of the surgery. Looks are becoming more important in the corporate world. When deciding to undergo surgery, only a surgeon with proper qualifications and a reputable background should be considered. Dr. Jay Calvert is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He performs all types of plastic surgery and practices in Beverly Hills, Ca and Orange County, Ca. To learn more visit:

Many are Seeking Plastic Surgery to Boost Their Careers