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Dr. Jay Calvert and the importance of good Philosophy in improving lives The thinking that makes Dr. Calvert successful There might be a lot of surgeons who will present themselves as people of pride and excellent skills in their field. Some won’t even get tired of praising themselves as they believe that they are very special and successful in the field of medical surgery. Well, whose ego won’t be uplifted if more and more great feats would add up to his or her name. This is just a normal attitude that every person has. It is just ok to be more confident about yourself with every accomplished task but nothing beats the outburst humility despite the fact that you belong to the best of your kind. Humility is really a profound philosophy that separates one successful person in any profession he or she practices from the rest that share the same expertise. In the field of plastic surgery, one of the most popular names that create a big “Bang” to thousands of patients whose lives have been greatly touched is Dr. Jay Calvert. Dr. Calvert is a highly experienced surgeon who has expertise in several fields under plastic surgery. His name is being spoken by so many patients that have undergone plastic surgeries ranging from breast reconstruction to Rhinoplasty. He is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has been certified by the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery. Residing in Beverly Hills, Orange County, California. As for Dr, Jay Calvert, practicing your profession based on a sturdy philosophy is everything. A good philosophy is a strong backbone that will carry out your entire career positively. Dr. Calvert’s philosophy states that “Every person has their own vision of beauty. My goal is to develop a treatment plan designed to help each individual achieve their aesthetic goals in a safe and effective manner”. Whether it is for the purpose of enhancing one’s appearance through plastic surgery or simply wanting to have your old good self back through reconstruction surgery of disease or accident-damaged body parts, Dr. Calvert is like the messiah that surgeon-God sent to earth to save the people from their physical imperfections. Even patients who are going to avail of his service for the first time would immediately feel a calming ambience just by being next to him. Entrusting your would-be appearance to him whom you will carry for the rest of your life is a good decision that you will surely not regret. It is important to realize that whatever the outcome of every surgical operation that we will undertake, it will become part of who we are so it could either boost our confidence or ruin our personality. Dr. Calvert is not just a surgeon who practices and conducts surgical operations to patients, he is an artist and he considers plastic surgery as an art and this is one thing that draws the mark between a professional who simply performs his duty because he gets paid for it and a professional who performs his task because it is his passion.

Dr. Jay Calvert and the importance of good Philosophy in improving lives  

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