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June 25-July 1, 2012


National Supplement - Monitors

LED is Trending Now! All the leading vendors have adapted to the consumer trends and are offering trendy and slim LED monitors


isplay segment has evolved a long way from bulky CRT monitors to sleek and stylish LED monitors. In the last couple of years, the market was upbeat about LCD monitors and slowly the transition happened to the energy-efficient LED monitors. It was a natural evolution and progression in this segment. Today, it is the era of LED and it is going to be even better with the technology in the coming year. The monitor segment including CRT, LCD, and LED monitors in all these years has been a significant segment for the partner community. In the last decade, there have been

technological innovations in the entire plethora of offerings. Today, most of the partners are dealing primarily in the LCD and LED monitors. This segment has received the required impetus from the growth of verticals like government, education, BPO, and gaming. This segment is expected to grow on a positive note on a y-o-y basis. Interestingly, the market has seen demand coming from standalone monitors. There was significant traction coming from the replacement or refresh market. In addition, the growth has also come from the increased demand for larger screen size and even adaption of green tech-

nologies. The demand for eco-friendly technologies has provided LED monitors the boost to improve its acceptance amongst the consumer base. All the leading vendors have also adapted to the consumer trends and are offering trendy and slim monitors. The LED monitors are gaining ground with focus on brightness, slimmer profile, and energy-saving features. Furthermore, features like 3D, TV input, and HDMI are pulling in the enthusiasts and the prosumers.

MARKET STATS As per CMR reports, LED sell-throughs surpass LCD sales for the first time in the

country, the latter dropping 38% q-o-q as leading vendors discontinue the product line. The research firm had conducted a top 30 city survey during the last OND quarter wherein these cities had registered at 5.95 lakh units during this period. The post festive season slack was compounded by the global squeeze in supply of key components on account of the devastating 2011 floods in Thailand, home to manufacturing facilities for a number of vendors. This was the first time in India that standalone PC monitor market saw LED sell-throughs touch nearly 59% of total PC monitor sell-throughs during the

India Standalone PC Monitor Market by Screen Size (% share of shipments) Q3 2011 vs Q4 2011 Technology Type Screen Size 15.6”W 18.5”W 20”W 21.5”W Others

2011, Q3 28.70% 45.80% 19.10% 3.90% 2.50%

LCD Monitors 2011, Q4 25.50% 48.40% 19.00% 4.30% 2.80%

LED Monitors 2011, Q3 29.40% 35.30% 25.30% 6.80% 3.10%

2011, Q4 35.70% 34.90% 20.40% 7.40% 1.60%

CMR’s India 30 City Monthly Stanalone PC Monitor Market review for October- December 2011, March 2012


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October-December 2011 quarter. This can be attributed to leading vendors discontinuing production of LCD technology based models and at the same time promoting the LED form factor. As per the report, in terms of overall India standalone PC monitor sell-throughs, LG continued to be at a leading position with 27% market share, followed by Samsung. Acer and AOC were at third and fourth spots, respectively, while Dell managed the fifth spot. In terms of LCD PC monitor sales, Samsung was the market leader with a 26% share followed by LG and Acer, respectively, during 4Q 2011. For LED PC monitor sales during 4Q 2011, LG continued to be in the top spot with a 31% market share. Samsung replaced Acer in the second place, while AOC maintained its position at the fourth spot. According to Sumanta Mukherjee, lead analyst, Information Technology Practice, CMR, “The India market was slow in 4Q 2011 due to a rise in prices of PC monitors, even as availability was restricted due to supply chain bottlenecks, particularly on account of the floods in

Thailand. This was further compounded by rising prices of assembled PCs due to lower supplies of hard disk drives and key components.”

ROAD AHEAD Most of the prominent players appear to be phasing out their LCD monitor lines, shifting their empha-

sis to LED monitors. The vendors are tapping the emerging opportunity by offering a wide range of variants in a segment. The consumer today has a plethora of options to choose from, and with the technology advancement it has become as per requirement. Apart from fresh purchases, there is a significant

market in the replacements too. Most of the users who are upgrading are now willing to spend a tad more and avail the LED monitors due to its benefits, especially concerning power consumption and better display.The time ahead for vendors in this vertical seems to be going all the way with LED.

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June 25-July 1, 2012 The DQ Week




oing by the Q4 2011 performance and sales figures from the beginning of this year, the LCD market stands at approximately 1,50,000 per month. LED monitors are selling more as they are a newer technology and consume less energy. Also, they are now available at attractive prices as compared to before. LCD sales have declined by about 14% and LEDs saw a jump of close to 88%. The growth currently is in sync with the overall desktop market growth at about 8-9%. The market is growing at a steady pace, so this figure is expected to maintain for the next 3 years unless unforeseen circumstances come up. The key factors that are driving the growth of LED monitors are power saving, slim design, and price. Also, users generally want to buy the latest technology, and LED is a newer technology compared to traditional LCDs. There are many new innovations coming up in the LED monitors space. Uniformity will be one of the key focuses in panel backlight technology. OLED will be the preferred technology in the various panel types and more monitors will see the transition from 2D to 3D. We do not have a separate budget for display products since our activities and budget are planned for the entire business group. For the component business group, which covers display products, we have a consolidated budget of

OC, the complete one stop solution for all display needs, has earned a reputation for selling user-friendly, technologically advanced displays. The company also aims to maintain leadership position in the monitors space in the Indian market. The company has established its presence all over India, covering both established and emerging markets with fair penetration in C-class cities, and is focused on an aggressive strategy to expand into the constantly growing market. At present, AOC has a network of about 3,500 dealers, SIs, and resellers which it plans to increase to 4,500 in this financial year. Since the monitor market is expected to primarily grow in B- and C-class cities, the company is investing heavily in these regions. It is also trying to expand its channel partners in every possible city of India. AOC has invested heavily in IT channel marketing with participation in seven exhibitions across India. The company has also organized four AOC Premier

League Cricket Tournaments for channel partners in different locations, a widespread channel ad campaign, and has invested massively in-shop and on-shop branding with glow-sign boards, shop displays, print collaterals, etc. Additionally, it plans to lay more focus on end consumer marketing since our position in the channel has remained strong consistently over the last few years. AOC has the widest and most comprehensive range of monitors. In order to keep its partners updated about the product range, strategies, and plan of action, the company conducts regular training, workshops, and get togethers especially for the staff of its channel partners. These trainings revolve around product updates, product knowledge—latest features, pricing, schemes etc. The company’s focus is on encouraging partners to do AOC business. It has always been very keen on encouraging the channel fraternity with new schemes for every new season. It has introduced incentive based partner programs all over India on a quarterly basis. These programs help motivate the partners to sell more TVs and monitors. In 2012-13, it has plans to engage regional partners in different incentive based programs as per the sales volume and revenue.


$500,000 for half year. Our activities are usually synergized for the entire component product portfolio to maximize ROI and benefit for partners to diversify their product range. We have tier-1 program of incentives in terms of slab structures and tier-2 programs of smaller slabs and encouraging them to buy regularly in place. Some other offers in place are on bundle offers of pen drives, backpacks, and the channel enablement program where we give cash rewards to top performing partners. We offer a 3 year onsite warranty for our display products. In the last 2-3 years, the channel market has faced competition from LFRs and more recently online retail and has thus become even more competitive than before. Partners are realizing that the market is getting more competitive with the new players and avenues and it is important to maintain a niche in their local market. Diversifying your product portfolio, introducing and promoting new profitable product lines, and training your staff are some of the areas of growing your bottom-line. In any local market, the top partners are always those who have been swift in adapting to new technology and adopted it for their own benefit. In the coming years, this is one area that will be embraced more widely by partners and we see a positive trend in the reception of new technologies by partners.





he PC monitor industry has undergone reforms in recent times, with majority of players slowly shifting focus towards LED monitors more than LCDs. As per industry reports, LG continued to lead the market in LED sales in the country. LG India is slowly moving out from LCD and will be promoting its LED business. The plan is to phase out LCD business completely by the end of this year

he PC monitor segment has evolved in the last couple of years and the demand is increasing incessantly. This scenario is a result of the improvement offered in technology, decrement of prices, and multiple features offered along with the monitor. Recently, the most important shift is the increased acceptance of LED backlit panels, as these monitors offer better contrast and resolution and are energy efficient. Vendors are

and this decision is prior to many of the competitors in the Indian market. Also, the company will be integrating its IT business under the umbrella of home entertainment. LG India is currently working towards revamping its market positioning along with its channel strategy. At the channel front, the company is undergoing reformation and is now going to improve and increase its presence in the smaller cities. Currently, LG has presence in 1,200 towns, and the target is to expand to 2,000 cities and towns. It has introduced a partner specific website under the dealer management program, which will be a one stop information hub for channel partners with regards to schemes, products, pricing, and rewards. There are further plans to improve its offerings and channel engagement programs under the dealer management program. On the other hand, to uplift the dampened spirit of channel partners, LG India had recently rolled out schemes like ‘Buy LG feel Lucky’, ‘Instant Vikas Patra’; and plans are on cards to introduce scholarship scheme for dealers’ children. Furthermore, to add an impetus to monitor sales, LG India plans to launch a program whereby the end user gets 1-year McAfee anti-virus software license with every LG monitor purchased.

innovating and are addressing the requirements of the consumer effectively in the form of features and costsaving avenues. From our end, we continually innovate and introduce new variants in the monitor segment. LED monitors are in demand as they consume less energy and save a lot on cost incurred by users. Our green range of monitors are very much affordable and eco-friendly. New technologies are implemented for the development, acceleration, exploration, and navigation of monitor space which would help in maximizing its growth, and thus enabling us to explore deep space in markets in the coming times. While the market is fully grown in terms of technology but not in the terms of units sold. Consumers who are looking to upgrade their monitors are now purchasing from the new range of available products. New LED monitors help you to save on space, power consumption, and offer much better picture quality with competitive prices. The monitors are sleek, stylish, and slimmer in design that make them an attractive choice. There are many new connectivity options like multiple DVI and HDMI ports in the monitors and they also come with USB ports on them which act like normal USB hubs and can be connected with other electrical devices that support USBs. The monitor market is going to expand in the next few years with technological advancements and innovative productions.

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Monitor Market, Growing Competition C

MR research report indicates that LG is the leading brand over Samsung and others in computer monitor sales in India even as overall sales fell 59% in the last quarter of 2011. LG had a market share of 27% in the overall LCD and LED monitor market in India during the quarter, states the report. While, Samsung led the LCD monitor market with a 26% share, LG dominated the LED market with a 31% market share. LED monitors sales increased to 59% of the total monitors sold, from 49% in the third quarter. The industry has witnessed some interesting

The industry has witnessed some interesting shift of alliance towards LEDs from LCD monitors across the market in the country shift of alliance towards Monitor Industry Y-o-Y Growth (Non-Bundled Market) has led to some supply of business is possible. LEDs from LCD monitors across the market in the country. With the strong impetus provided by consumers, it was natural for LEDs to have an upper hand over LCD. There is stiff competition in the market and with major players like LG, Samsung, Acer, Viewsonic, AOC, among others, it just intensifies the scenario. Above mentioned vendors offer a wide range of monitors with a huge gamut of features, making the competition even more intense. Apart from vendors, there are local manufacturers who are also competing in

Vendor AOC Samsung Acer Dell LG

2011 Q1 256172 196292 235067 135609 241366

2012 Q1 209702 193503 184797 123288 119818

Y-O-Y growth -18.10% -1.40% -21.40% -9.10% -50.40%

Source: IDC Asia Pacific Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker Q1 2012 this market.

PAIN AREAS Most of the channel partners have raised the challenges with regards to overstocking

and dollar price fluctuation. The current scenario of dollar vs rupees ratio has further aggravated their problems as it directly affects the pricing and the

margins. On the other hand, last year there was a shortage of monitor supply owing to natural calamities in Thailand and Japan. This

demand problems and as a result there was a drop in sales of the monitors. This year the scenario is slightly better but with continuing increase in dollar price it is going to get difficult for all to do business at the existing prices. When a partner chooses a vendor, the factors are the parameters like brand reputation, quality, service, and margins. The scenario is such that vendors have to work in tandem with the partners, treat them as advisers in certain scenarios and plan out inventory, supply, and selling together. Only then, the sustenance

LED VS LCD LCD as a technology can offer cheaper options than LED. As of today, LEDs are at least 10-20% more expensive than its LCD counterparts. LED displays are superior and their USP is that they offers better contrast, and images are sharper as they offer a wider color range. Monitor makers have issued matrices which say that within 3-6 months of usage, LED monitors offer enough power savings compared to LCD monitors to negate the price difference of a few hundred rupees. LEDs also create less

environmental pollution on disposal compared to CCFL backlit LCDs.

THE USP Today, vendors are trying to create a differentiating factor by offering unique features. These features include addition of DVI and HDMI ports. Some vendors are offering built-in TV tuner displays, however, the market for such products is miniscule as compared to the standard monitors. Some players who are catering to the AIO market include vendors like Asus and Viewsonic, while certain companies are exploring 3D monitor market.


June 25-July 1, 2012 The DQ Week


June 25-July 1, 2012 The DQ Week


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DQ Week National Supplement -June,2012  

A one stop information source on Monitors market .

DQ Week National Supplement -June,2012  

A one stop information source on Monitors market .