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Americas Summit is one of the most important conferences powered by AIESEC in the region. It gathers some of the brightest young minds from the whole continent. It is a event that allows the leaders of AIESEC on local and national level to discuss different strategies and ideas in order to empower their members and help their entities develop and grow.

HELLO AMERICAS! Are you ready for the best congress of your lives? Americas Summit 2018 in Ecuador is focused on providing the best experience to the delegates of our region, who can learn more about the Ecuadorian culture, its landscapes and the warmth of its people. In addition, all CC members are working hard to make this event exceed all your expectations and achieve greater cohesion among all AIESEC leaders in AMERICAS. I invite you to be part of this experience and that you can enjoy a space of learning, interaction, fun and personal growth. We will be waiting for you...

Your CCP,

Ricardo Bruzzone

CC MERAKI Ricardo Bruzzone CCP

Diveana Rodríguez CCVP Logistics

Carmen Oporta CC Logistics Manager

Marcell Hernández CCVP Finance

Jessica Avella CCVP Delegates

Daniela Quirós CCVP Comm

Eduardo Segura

María Vargas

CC Delegates Manager

CCVP Comm Manager




September 20-23

Quito, Ecuador

EVENTS YouthSpeak Forum Youth 4 Global Goals Americas Village


Location Avenida Amazonas N23-44, Quito 170143, Ecuador Experience Each of the 100 guestrooms and suites offers eclectic style and extraordinary comfort. Custom-made linens, original artwork, marble baths and more combine with the hospitality for an unforgettable stay in one of Quito’s best hotels.

WELCOME TO ECUADOR! Although Ecuador may be small, it’s a destination that’s got it all!

This diverse country that boasts a rich cultural heritage, fine food, the Amazon jungle and Andean highlands is SO worth exploring for itself! From tropical beaches to stunning landscapes, indigenous markets and historical towns. Ecuador is often suggested as the ideal destination for anyone wanting a taste of the best of South America.


Official languageSpanish Population16.39


Easy travel Because we are a small country with good infrastructure, you are able to see and do a lot in a short amount of time. Incredible climate Ecuador enjoys warm, tropical weather all year round. For the time of the summit you can expect low temperatures. Low cost of living Food, transport, tours and accommodation are relatively inexpensive in Ecuador. Welcoming locals Ecuadorians are known for being kind-hearted and generous people.


300 USD (250 + 50 USD damage fee).

Remember before buying your tickets you must make sure your application and participation has been approved by your MC.

LOGISTICS If you choose to arrive before the conference starting date, hosting and alimentation will depend on you. We also have the option to acquire a sim card provided by Tuenti at only 5 USD for the whole conference.

APPLICATION 1. Please make sure to read the application before filling it up 2. Your MC has to accept your application, they will let you know. 3. If you don´t attach all the required documents, your application will be invalid. If you are a minor you must attach in the application he following: -Your legal guardians permission to attend the event -The exclusion of responsibilities sign up by your legal guardian.

INSURANCE If you do not have any insurance company, we have one option for you: a. April (it costs 2 USD per day)

VISAS There´s no visa requiremt for any country from the Americas if you stay less than 90 days. It´s important to check if your country asks for the Yellow Fever Vaccine once you return from Ecuador.


DDL July 15th


Jessica Avella

CCVP DXP +57 313 8259559

Eduardo Segura

CST DXP +506 8953 6232


Stay tuned for more info!

Americas Summit 2018 | Quito  

Here is the first information booklet for Americas Summit 2018! We hope to see you in the middle of the world <3 Application form: http://bi...

Americas Summit 2018 | Quito  

Here is the first information booklet for Americas Summit 2018! We hope to see you in the middle of the world <3 Application form: http://bi...