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DQ Toolkit A Developer API/ SDK

Making your customer data fit for business use

The DQ Toolkit is an API designed with developers in mind. It’s a business software component which ensures Data Quality checks are an integral part of any business process or application and duplicate record entry is a thing of the past. Right first time , every time

“Prevention is always better than cure“

The best time and place to ensure data is correct is when its created. A right first time culture avoids the unnecessary, time consuming and costly cycle of data scrap and rework. It allows I.T. and the Business to use their time more productively on profitable tasks.

Fe a ture s

Data the foundations for success

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Data is the lifeblood of any business. Attracting, winning and retaining business today means knowing your customer and serving their needs. If you don‟t demonstrate you know and care about them, they will soon find a competitor who does.

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Fundamental to any customer relationship is your data foundations. Ensuring data is accurate, correctly -formatted and duplicate-free at point of creation is a great start. Take away the causes of bad data and the effects simply disappear. Attention to detail during the creation of customer and contact records avoids unnecessary downstream data remediation and will turn your data into actionable information. Designed for developers, the DQ Toolkit is a business software component that offers complete flexibility in the way you identify, correct and prevent data defects within your organisation. The product of multiple man years of DQ‟s data matching experience, the DQ Toolkit saves man months of coding time to will quickly and precisely meet your organisation‟s individual data needs.

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International data ready in 5 Spoken languages Revolutionary match engines  Batch processing  Lookup Engine 4 Data Transformation methods 12 Transformations categories Advanced Fonetix™ (fuzzy sounds like) phonetic algorithms Phonetic “Match Key” generation Name case management Gender determination International character Management Null & empty string handling Intra-Matching capabilities Column level weighting Match similarity index URN result list

Be ne fi ts                 

Easy integration Proven technology Right first time data capture Code once deploy everywhere Save man months of development Leverage DQ‟s experience Create “Single Customer Views” Fast processing Perfected record creation Duplicate free trustworthy data Reduced data scrap and rework Single Customer View (SCV) creation Master Data Management (MDM) delivery Better-informed decision making Rapidly deployed and easy to use Automates repetitive data management tasks Maximises the value of your data assets

Where can the DQ Toolkit benefit? Prevention is always better than cure. DQ’s Toolkit ensures data governance rules are enforced, the integrity of your company and contact records preserved and unnecessary duplicates avoided. Our comprehensive library of data transformation lookups, advanced Fonetix™, algorithms and revolutionary „match‟ engines make the DQ Toolkit a must for any business that cares about their data. The DQ Toolkit is supplied as .NET , ActiveX (COM) or Standard.dll. Typical uses include:

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Sales and marketing database applications Call/contact centre applications Marketing Automation Systems (MA) Sales Force Automation (SFA) applications Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM)

12 Transformations categories

           

Address Related Business Related Country Information Date Related Job Titles Number Related Qualifications Salutations Geographic Names Weights Custom Data Forenames

Fonetix™ - advanced match candidate keys DQ‟s advanced Fonetix™ algorithms allow developers to generate and append match candidate keys to any database. The keys can be used individually or collectively, to identify potential match candidates when fed to DQ‟s integrated match engine. Powerful matching engine(s) Let DQ‟s intelligent batch engine do the hard work and save man months of coding. Simply input the:

   

Unique Identifiers (UIDs) Data source ID (unlimited sources) Raw data (Optional) Field weightings and intra-match groupings

Even when data is irregularly formatted, misaligned or misspelt the match engine will output:

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Intelligence Applications (BI) Support and helpdesk applications Data Warehouses and Data Marts Web-based name and address or lead capture applications

International capability in 5 spoken languages

    

English German French Italian Spanish

4 Data Transformation methods

   

Elaborate Abbreviate Normalize Exclude

  

A candidate result list (set of UIDs which link potential masters to duplicate(s) Their % similarity index Their grouping (Individual, Family, Household or Organisation and Employee)

Alternatively, let DQ‟s intelligent lookup engine do the hard work of looking across multiple disparate data sources. Simply:

  

Configure our Watchdog monitoring engine Configure where to index multiple data sources Lookup from our “sounds like” search engine

Regardless of misspellings or sequence, the lookup engine will return:

  

A candidate result list of potential matches Their % similarity index Their data source location

Easy integration DQ‟s ActiveX.dll can literally be embedded in hours. The comprehensive context-sensitive help file, which includes extensive code examples in C++ and Visual Basic makes integration simple.

Technical & Hardware requirements and benchmarks Minimum CPU RAM Disk Space

1GHz 1Gb 800Mb

Recommended CPU RAM Disk Space

2GHz 4Gb 1Gb

Supported development environments Any development environment which is ActiveX COM compliant, including: Visual Studio 6 Visual Microsoft Office (VBA) Visual FoxPro Delphi PowerBuilder Enterprise Other leading development environments Supported operating systems

Supported Match Engine databases

Operating systems




MicrosoftTM Windows MicrosoftTM Windows MicrosoftTM Windows

2000 XP 7

Access Oracle SQLServer

2000 or Higher 8 or Higher 2000 or Higher

Accessible databases via: ODBC UDL(Universal Data Link) Database MySQL, Interbase , IBM DB2, Sybase, Informix, AS/400, Pervasive, SQLBase and Other popular databases Via UDL or ODBC connection MDAC MDAC 2.8 or higher

ONLINE PERSONALISED DEMONSTRATION Why not - from the comfort of your own desk – see a web-based demonstration of our technologies working against a sample of your data, in real time? At the end of an assessment process we will be able to determine the potential waste caused by bad data, your potential gains through healthy data and identify if there is a genuine ROI case to be put forward. Call us on +44 (0) 2392 988303 or visit our website to book online.

Let us hel p you mak e your data fi t for busi ness use

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Making your customer data fit for business use


Making your customer data fit for business use