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Covershot RIDER: Roli Scharmer Trick: Bonk BS 360 Photo: Alex Papis

whatz defRaggn?... ...defRaggn is a valley ...a perfect area ...and a beautiful landscape

defRaggn is ...

...the snowpark ...the rome backyard park ...the topSpot ...the events ...and lifestyle ENJOY IT...!

ler Schu oger to fakie R : R k RIDE ck: Roc x Papis Tri Ale : o t Pho

place to be...

gn Rag t def Papis o p S Top s: Alex o Phot

the topspot ----- surrounded of the rome backyardPark! you can only reach the park with a ski-doo, taxi, or you walk all the way‌ during the day you can go shredding with your homies, and the topspot is changing at night time into a cool party location. don’t forget to go into the jacuzzi, which is placed outside! following some impressions of our project ...

t you nd the topSpo directly arou rd ya ck me ba can find the ro of t lo a to is next Park, which lot of ey give you a th . ils ra wood . if it nd s to play arou opportunitie a or l, al a house w is a quarter on s. nk bo h some stylis is obstacles for ea ar e th . possible everything is uc od pr ie ov oto & m perfect for ph om s fr tes, the dude tions. the pira n ca d ua sq l e vรถlk isen7 and th to you! confirm that e Grumser RIDER: Stev ress ep os N k: Tric Papis Photo: Alex

Vanhall RIDER: Nico nk Trick: Bo Papis Photo: Alex

e Grumser RIDER: Stev rop Trick: Sick D Papis Photo: Alex

dia Fliri RIDER: Clau ss Grab re Trick: Tailp Papis Photo: Alex

s Purucker RIDER: Loui t Wallride po pS Trick: To Papis Photo: Alex

owPark 07/08 obstacles imbasn hnenStjakob) (powered by berg

x6m _stairSetup 10m 9m l _downRai m _wallRide 3mx6 m ,5 x3 8m _rainBow 8m ox _curvedB m _kinkedRail 3mx6 s _jibVWbu _jibTonne ight _natureHip left/r _stepUp n _stepUp/stepDow e in _kickerL _butterBox _kidsPark RIDER: Jens „JP“ Anselstetter Trick: FS Tailpress Photo: Alex Papis

RIDER: Steve Grumser Trick: Switch BS 720 Photo: Alex Papis RIDER: Roli Scharmer Trick: FS Boardslide Photo: Alex Papis


mini shredd contest


defRaggn shreddn fame boardridersclub party in wien


playboard stylesession fear and loathing in defRaggn fame boardridersclub party in wien


rome defRaggn shreddn 2** TTR

RIDER: Mitja Kodric Trick: Switch BS 540 Photo: Alex Papis

RIDER: GAMA Trick: Yeahhh dude! Photo: Alex Papis

media partner: future events: week 31.01 to 09.02.2008 bataleon US vs. them tour finale 22. to 24.02.2008 ladys contest TBA. fear and loathing in defRaggn 20. to 22.03.2008

alex papis, hausphotoGraph playboard magazin kleine zeitung osttiroler zeitung ORF feinkostfilm fat gipsy production tiroler tageszeitung

impressum: photos: alex papis www.alexpap alex.papis@gm graphics: uder korbinian ha sign vetica 3.0 de korbi@defragg chief: qamar daniel „gama“ Spot defRaggn top alpeStalle 4 /austria 9963 st. jakob gama@defRag 72 1972 0043/660/8


many thanks to all sponsors and partners! visit to see the complete sponsor list!

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