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Halloween in London Victor de Cubas 2nd ESO English Jesús Cerdà

What is a *bobby* a drink, a policeman, – a rock star or a transport? • A policeman.

Who is Madame Tussaud? Write the address of his museum. Marie Tussaud was born in the 1761. Doctor Phillipe, Marie`s boss, teach Marie the art of the Wax. The Museum address is Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LR

The statue in Piccadilly Circus is of Eros, the God of Love. • Yes, Eros is the God of Love.

What was the name of Queen Victoria's husband? Name three famous London buildings using his name.

• His name was Prince Albert Consort. One building is the Albert Memorial, another one the Albert Square and the last one the Prince Albert Provincial Court house.

Name four famous London parks. • One it’s the Victoria Tower Gardens,, another one it’s Regent’s Park, other is the Saint James Park and the last one the Green Park.

Which cathedral did Christopher Wren build? • He build the Saint Paul cathedral.

What is London's most famous square? build? • The Trafalgar Square.

Where are many of the great and famous of Britain's past buried? • The name of the church is The Westminster Abbey Cathedral. There were buried some famous people like Darwin, Newton Dickens and other important persons.

Where is the tallest building in London? • The building's name is Shard London Bridge. It's located in Southwark, London.

What famous school is close to Windsor Castle? • Saint George's School.

What is the most famous store in the world? What’s the address of this famous store? • It's the Harrods Store. The adress is 109-125 Knightsbridge.

Where does the Queen of England live in London? • She lives in the Buckingham Palace.

What’s the name of the most important art museum in London? • The Nacional Gallery. In the Trafalgar Square.