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an honorary doctorate at the University’s commencement ceremony on May 2, 2015. Robert D. Hisrich is associate dean for graduate and international programs at Kent State University’s College of Business Administration. Robert is a prominent global entrepreneurship scholar and serves as the Bridgestone Chair in International Marketing. He has been a visiting or honorary professor at more than eight universities in six different countries. He is author or coauthor of 36 books and has written more than 300 articles on entrepreneurship, international business management and marketing. Timothy L. Scott is author of Ben Hogan: The Myths Everyone Knows, The Man No One Knew. From 1974-82 Scott was assistant to the president of Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company and developed a friendship with Hogan. (See Recent Words, page 15.)


Jack M. Hogan celebrated with his friends and teammates, the starting five of Coach Elmer McCall’s 1964-65 basketball team, at a party at the Antelope Club, Jan. 2, 2015. They celebrated the 50th anniversary of Jack’s game-winning shot in the final seconds of the Tigers’ 90-89 victory in Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse. Jack was cited by TIME magazine for his basketball prowess. (See photo.)

Sparta, Mich. He and his wife, Teri, with their children, their children’s spouses and grandchildren, travel back and forth between the western Upper Peninsula, Mich., and Marco Island, Fla.


Sue Anne Starnes Gilroy is the 2015 recipient of the Nancy A. Maloley Outstanding Public Servant Award, which annually recognizes a Hoosier Republican woman who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to serving the public good through appointed governmental and political office. Sue is vice president of development and executive director of the St. Vincent Foundation. David A. Martin, a University of Virginia School of Law professor and leading scholar in immigration, constitutional law and international law, was appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Members of the council advise on homeland security policies, provide policy analysis, make recommendations on security issues and evaluate the impact of existing policies.

Jack M. Hogan ’67, Thomas A. McGurk Jr. ’68, Stanley L. Bahler ’66, C. Morgan Everson ’66 and Daniel L. Schermer ’67, members of the 1964-65 basketball team, celebrate the 50th anniversary of DePauw’s 90-89 win against Butler University.

John G. Meyer III ’69 and Robert C. Wilson ’70 at the Porsche High Performance Driver Education Event at Roebling Road Raceway, Savannah, Ga., Feb 13-15, 2015.

John G. Meyer III bought his first Porsche in 1969. Robert C. Wilson ’70 waited until 1974. John became a Porsche Club of America (PCA) member in 1975, and Robert joined in 1997. John started attending Driver Education schools in 1981 and began instructing at Roebling Road Raceway, west of Savannah, Ga., in 2009. The Porsche High Performance Driver Education event Feb. 13-15 was Robert’s first event, and John was his instructor. At DePauw, John got Robert interested in bicycle racing. They were both on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1969 Little 500 Winning Team along with Charles S. Aker ’72 and William A. Baum ’71. It was the last Little 500 run on a cinder track. (See photo.) William W. Reed retired after 44 years as an independent insurance agent in

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ALUMNI REUNION WEEKEND 2015 – Members of the Class of 1970 Row 1: Thomas “Tom” C. Dascoli; Susan (Cotts) Kell; Marjorie (Lentz) Porter; Nancy “Nan” (Martin) Podurgiel; Mary (Leonard) Ramshaw; Judith “Judy” A. Edstrom; Sue Anne (Starnes) Gilroy; Pamela (Phelps) Peeler; Elizabeth “Betsy” (Skinner) Cochran; Mary Lou (Keppen) Donkersloot; Christine “Christi” (Hurstel) Gerhardt. Row 2: Stephen “Steve” D. Boyce; Edgar “Ted” K. Collison; Dale (Hanscom) Krone; Sarah “Sally” (Robinson) Lister; Sally (Reid) Dinwiddie; Catherine “Cathy” (Walz) Rundle; Linda J. Shaw; Jamie (McDaniel) Schulte; Catherine “Katie” (Huff) Gottfred. Row 3: Thomas “Tom” F. Jenkins; Dan Nock; James “Cy” H. Young ’71; Perry L. Taylor Jr.; Karen (Beardsley) Taylor; Ann L. Rogers; Lani A. Novak; Roxie J. Stone; Karen (Kaegi) Dean. Row 4: Thomas “Tom” G. Spiece; Robert “Bob” E. Brolin; G. David B. Voges; John B. Norberg; Peter M. Donahower; Patricia “Patti” (Lutz) Goodman; Nancy (Zippel) Gloe; Diane (Hotham) Mark; Michael “Mike” L. Smith; Richard “Dick” C. Kraege. Row 5: Thomas “Tom” E. Lister; David A. Martin; Cynthia “Cyndy” (Lorman) Martin; Robert “Bob” G. Casey; Elsie (Ferguson) Rafferty; Diane S. Kartalia; Constance “Connie” (Mork) Nuss; Robert “Bob” G. Hughes; William “Bill” W. Doyle; Willard “Bill” J. Frederick; Robert “Bob” B. Trowbridge. Row 6: Larry R. Downs; James “Jim” E. Robinson; Noel D. Humphreys; Frank M. Wright; Richard “Rich” E. Kimmel; Kipling “Kip” N. White; Bo Walker; Steven “Steve” A. Holt. SUMMER 2015 DEPAUW MAGAZINE 45

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DePauw Magazine Summer 2015  

Elisa Villanueva Beard, Honor Scholars and First-Gen Students

DePauw Magazine Summer 2015  

Elisa Villanueva Beard, Honor Scholars and First-Gen Students