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Report to the Community

July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011 • Detroit Educational Television Foundation

Educate • Entertain • Inspire

In Partnership with Our Community






5. 7.







1. MiVote Host Christy McDonald • 2. Detroit Symphony Orchestra • 3. Nolan Finley, Debbie Dingell, and U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin • 4. Fred Nahhat and foster care guests • 5. DPTV’s Freedom Riders event held at Detroit Public Library 6. DPTV Production Crew • 7. Great Teachers Participants • 8. Beyond the Light Switch host David Biello • 9. Ready for School Event hosts Fred Nahhat & Kelley Hamilton • 10. Dan Alpert (center) and Freedom Riders winner Tianna Trombly (2nd right) and her family 11. Production Truck on barge to Mackinac Island • 12. DPTV’s Board Members participating in pledge night.

A Report To Our Community In these pages, you’ll see that it’s been a busy year for Detroit Public Television. Many productions were shot, connections made, partnerships strengthened, minds opened and lives touched. Our production truck and crews are gaining a reputation throughout the region for covering important events; our fundraising productions are raising millions of dollars for PBS stations nationwide; our success with WRCJ 90.9 FM and broadcasts of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Michigan Opera Theatre promote arts and culture; and… we’re just getting started.

We believe Public Media can foster positive changes in local communities.

We believe Public Media can foster positive changes in local communities. That’s why we are relentlessly committed to a plan of “Engage, Focus, Create and Sustain.” We engage and partner with members of the community – at every level We focus on issues important to our citizens We create content using all the tools of public media We sustain by connecting to wider audiences and delivering value for our partners Further, we believe in C.O.P.E. – “Create Once; Publish Everywhere.” We create content that informs, inspires, or entertains, and then distribute it widely, free of charge, without “branding” it Detroit Public TV. Sound radical? Here’s the good news: we’re making a difference. We’re serving our community as a trusted, neutral media partner. We’re providing a megaphone and virtual town hall for concerned citizens, lifelong learners, explorers, artists, problem solvers, educators, parents, children, and viewers like you. We showcase best practices, great performances and innovative ideas. In short, we’re delivering on the promise of public media. We do it proudly with your support. Thank you. Sincerely,

Melonie Colaianne

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Rich Homberg

President and General Manager

With a digital production truck, spacious facilities at our Riley Broadcast Center, and a new TV studio in Midtown Detroit, we’re capturing important events and great performances that educate, entertain, and inspire.

Lights, Camera, On the Road

Our Digital Production Truck continues to be a game-changing asset for Detroit Public Television, as it travels throughout Michigan and beyond to connect concerts and events with greater audiences. This year’s highlights include: Concert, the Free Press Green Awards, the Women Mean Business Symposium, NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner and other events The gubernatorial inauguration in January, broadcast on DPTV and carried by more media outlets than any prior state public affairs event ever Gavel-to-gavel TV and Web coverage of the Mackinac Policy Conference, distributed online through 60 partner websites and watched live online by approximately 45,000 people Video streaming broadcasts of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Detroit Jazz Festival

1. MiVote host Christy McDonald • 2. DPTV-Wayne State Midtown Studio, Detroit • 3. DPTV’s Production Truck heads to Mackinac Island aboard a barge at dawn • 4. Nolan Finley, Debbie Dingell, and U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin consider Michigan Issues in policy conference coverage • 5. DPTV Riley Broadcast Center, Wixom, MI.



We get around — broadcasting from anywhere is key to DPTV’s service, from MiVote Mackinac on the island to our new Midtown studio on the Wayne State Campus.




In Midtown Detroit

In March, DPTV partnered with Wayne State University to reopen a TV studio in the historic Maccabees building on Woodward Avenue. Once home to “The Soupy Sales Show” and other classic Detroit TV shows, the newly renovated space is used to tape episodes of Leaders on Leadership, and certain episodes of American Black Journal, and Am I Right?

At the Riley Broadcast Center

If you haven’t visited our main facility in Wixom, we invite you to do so. Named for lead benefactors George and Dolores Riley, the spacious building boasts three studios: The Bill & Patsy Smith Studio; the Ford Motor Company Studio; and the Boll Family Studio. Now, with the completion of the Susan Cooper Studio Control Room to join four busy edit rooms, all endowed by our patrons, and spacious meeting facilities, the Riley Broadcast Center is fast becoming the production center of choice in Southeast Michigan.



Through Detroit Public Television and WRCJ 90.9 FM, we help people access, understand and enjoy art. We partner with others to help arts organizations be more effective. Detroit Symphony Orchestra

When the DSO returned in April 2011 after a six-month strike, 2,000 people were in Orchestra Hall to see them perform. But thanks to broadcasts and a webcast by DPTV and WRCJ-FM, more than 60,000 worldwide were able to hear the concert. Such is the power of public media. Other collaborations with the DSO included: Live radio broadcasts and DPTV-produced webcasts of DSO concerts Radio broadcasts of concerts by DSO youth ensembles Episodes of DSO Unmasked to give listeners a greater understanding of DSO music and musicians

Michigan Opera Theatre


This year WRCJ broadcast live all four operas presented by The Michigan Opera Theatre. Each was preceded by an episode of MOT Unmasked, exploring the music and story within the opera. DPTV welcomed MOT representatives to the studios for a special challenge grant from Masco Corporation around La Boheme.

Sphinx Organization

In February 2011, DPTV and WRCJ both broadcast the annual Sphinx Finals Concert, showcasing young Black and Latino classical music string players. In addition, WRCJ produced seven episodes of Sphinx Journeys, hosted by Aaron Dworkin, to explore classical music by Black and Latino composers.

Detroit Institute of Arts

DIA Executive Director Graham Beal is your host on Detroit Public TV for In the Frame: Exploring the DIA, an insider’s view of one of America’s great museums.

Arts and Culture 4.




8: Number of years public television has been the most trusted institution in America in annual surveys by GfK Roper Public Affairs Media Poll; and most recently (2011)

Detroit Public Schools

New this year to 90.9 airwaves is DPS Backstage, showcasing the musical and dramatic talents – and broadcast production talents – of Detroit Public Schools students.

Arab American Stories cultural achievements of Arab Americans.

DPTV Media Specials

DPTV Media, Detroit Public TV maintains its unique advantage by producing, distributing, marketing, and connecting its programs and products with PBS stations, concert tour partners, PBS donors and retail consumers. Musical fundraising productions this year include: Daniel O’Donnell Live from Nashville Celtic Crossroads: World Fusion Ethan Bortnick & His Musical Time Machine Irish Rovers: Home In Ireland The Best of Soul Train Nikolai Baskov: Romantic Journeys Michael Londra: Beyond Celtic Music of Your Life: Les Brown, Jr. Band of Renown & Neil McCoy



1. Sphinx participant Alexandra End • 2. Detroit Public School Male Vocalists in the studios of WRCJ • 3. Daniel O’Donnell • 4. Aaron Dworkin 5. Leonard Slatkin & DSO • 6. Graham Beal • 7. Celtic Crossroads • 8. The Best of Soul Train • 9. Irish Rovers • 10. Les Brown, Jr. & Neil McCoy





PBS is the # 1 educational media brand, trusted by parents worldwide. Detroit Public TV extends that mission by collaborating with parents and child care professionals to give kids a great start in life.

Children and Educ Early Childhood Learning

Michigan’s Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) chose Detroit Public TV to work with United Way of Southeastern Michigan to produce 42 one-minute video learning lessons, a one-hour TV special, and other materials to educate, recruit and inspire those who foster life success for young children. The video lessons are being broadcast throughout Michigan and distributed via DVD to child care professionals. To date, more than 8,400 DVDs have been requested.

Great Teachers

What does it take to be a great teacher? Great Teachers, produced by DPTV and the United Way for Southeastern Michigan, with funding from the Ford Foundation, highlights the success stories and struggles of a handful of Detroit-area teachers trying to

Spark Collaborative

Detroit Public TV has partnered with the Michigan Department of Education, Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency and the Michigan Association of Computer Users to form “The Spark Collaborative.” The group will marshal its forces to expand media offerings to educators across Michigan. The goal is to build a library of highly effective, expectation-aligned examples of instructional best practices across grade levels

1. and 2. Images from Great Teachers • 3. DPTV Producer Ed Moore and students in lab 4. Vernita Beverly and RTL participants • 5. DPTV’s Fred Nahhat and foster care guests




Kids Club Live events at Royal Oak Farmers Market in June.

ucation Flip Clips

Jewish teens produced mini-documentaries that explore what makes Detroit special to them, including relationships between themselves, their parents, and their grandparents.

Ready to Learn

In approximately 90 community workshops, DPTV’s Vernita Beverly distributed more than 4,500 free books and helped 4,000 children and families improve their literacy and explore such topics as anti-bullying, getting ready for kindergarten, and eating well on a budget.

You Be the Chemist – 2010 Michigan Finals

26 exceptionally talented middle school students competed in this one-hour special for prizes and the right to represent Michigan in the national student chemistry competition.

Telling Our Story

Last year, Michigan families adopted 3,030 children from foster care, but many more children remain. In this special report, an adoptive parent, a foster child, and a woman who has aged out of the system talk about their personal experiences, and Michigan r community.



Detroit Public TV is a leading producer of fundraising specials for the PBS system, with a special emphasis on programs that help viewers live healthier, richer lives. Productions this year include:

Being Strategic with Erika Anderson

The popular consultant shares her system for building success in business and in life.

Anticancer with Dr. David Servan-Schreiber

When David Servan-Schreiber, a dedicated scientist and doctor, was diagnosed with the disease, to which he succumbed in 2011.

Longevity Tai Chi with Arthur Rosenfeld

Philosopher Rosenfeld visits top university research labs where tai chi is being studied, his ancient martial art.

Health and Welln

1. Erika Andrson • 2. Dr. David Servan-Schreiber • 3. Arthur Ros

Dr. Neal Barnard

62,000: The number of families who made voluntary donations this year to support the work of Detroit Public Television. 10,000 supported WRCJ.





Kickstart Your Health with Dr. Neal Barnard

Dr. Barnard unveils the secrets to reprogramming your body quickly and getting your body on track to better health fast.

Joel Harper Self Defense

Personal trainer Harper shares easy and effective self-defense moves to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Innovation You with Dr. Jeff DeGraff

University of Michigan professor Dr. Jeff DeGraff is a business legend for his work with global corporations on revolutionary innovations. Here he reveals how the same lessons and principles can dramatically change your life.


senfeld • 4. Dr. Jeff DeGraff

Joel Harper

Addressing In partnership with our community, Detroit Public TV Children and Education Arts and Culture Energy and Environment Health and Wellness Public Affairs and Leadership - We believe in supporting democracy by providing deep and unbiased public affairs information.

“DPTV’s coverage of the conference engaged more citizens than ever in meaningful discussions about Michigan’s future, making DPTV an ideal partner for the Chamber’s problem-solving platform.” Sandy K. Baruah,

President and CEO, Detroit Regional Chamber

MiVote Mackinac

In June 2011, 1,500 Michigan leaders gathered on Mackinac Island for The Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual policy conference, but this year was different. Thanks to Detroit Public TV and its production truck, the conference doors were opened to thousands of people worldwide via 23 hours of live coverage. The video was used by every Detroit-area media provider and picked up by national media such as CNBC, Bloomberg and American Public Media. Online, 42,000 unique computers were used to watch the live stream, which was carried on 60 websites. Many more commented on social networks Twitter and Facebook. The result was a stunning success and model for new public media.

The Smith Studio at Detroit Public TV’s Riley Broadcast Center was the location of the only televised gubernatorial debate between candidates Rick Snyder and Virg Bernero in 2010. DPTV provided video to more than 600,000 viewers statewide. In our ongoing effort to inform citizens on important issues, we also videotaped more than 200 interviews and broadcast debates with candidates for state Senate and

1. DPTV Production Truck on Location • 2. Governor Rick Snyder at MiVote 2010 Election Debate news conference




23 hours of live coverage at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

the Issues

Am I Right?

Each week, Nolan Finley and Debbie Dingell review Michigan and national issues from conservative and liberal perspectives. Always entertaining and insightful.

American Black Journal

With more than 40 years of weekly programs, ABJ is a window into American history and comtemporary race relations. Journalist Stephen Henderson hosts lively interviews with newsmakers, celebrities and everyday people. Highlights included an interview with Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and a special to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Freedom Riders.

Leaders on Leadership

Produced in cooperation with Wayne State University, Leaders on Leadership, hosted by Larry Fobes, digs deep for leadership secrets from business leaders. Highlights this year included conversations with Michael Ducker, President, FedEx Express; Joanne Shaw, CEO, The Coffee Beanery; and Joachim Chissano, former President of Mozambique.

3. Rick Snyder and Virg Bernero at MiVote 2010 Election Debate • 4. Nolan Finley and Debbie Dingell on location • 5. Stephen Henderson • 6. Larry Fobes and guest Kim Horn of Priority Health




DPTV and WRCJ …and you, together we’re making a difference.

Dear WTVS, As a long-time supporter and watcher of WTVS, I thank you for showing three hours of Zen, the Masterpiece Mystery. It is fabulous!!! Thanks, – Mary


Dear WRCJ, Our family owns a dance apparel business in Canton…and we play your station during the day since much of the music is associated with ballet. Last spring, I heard you announce a children’s jazz band performance happening that weekend. I decided to take our kids to see it, just to provide them with an enriching and possibly inspiring experience. We noticed audition information on the tables and took some info home. Our twelve-year-old son who plays percussion ended up auditioning for the (DSO Civic) Sinfonia. He made the cut and has been rehearsing every Saturday morning at Orchestra Hall, all the way from Brighton. Last night, our son Trey had to support Trey and the arts in Detroit. We were so proud, not only of our son, but of the skill level of all the young musicians! What a great program. Now, my eleven year old niece is thinking of auditioning for next year. So you know what? I’m glad I listen to your radio station!! – Aimee LeMay 13. 00.

Financial Results Detroit Educational Television Foundation Statement of Activities

5,869,014 1,974,764 3,912,723 893,734 12,650,235

4,664,696 2,192,543 20,093,127

4,362,273 2,098,660 19,111,168



Changes in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Contributions Net assets released from restrictions

1,425,850 (905,929)

285,466 (1,282,215)

Increase/(Decrease) in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets



Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets



Net Assets - Beginning of year Net Assets - End of year





Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities: Accounts payable Accrued liabilities Capital lease obligation Long term debt Total Liabilities Net Assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted - Endowment Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

June 30


$3,857,624 1,380,902 1,356,599 3,374,711 347,097 437,406 17,904,697 $28,659,036

$2,803,408 1,162,280 1,330,063 4,801,343 296,403 575,808 18,125,925 $29,095,230

$662,451 1,648,651 637,867 6,670,000 9,618,969

$643,937 1,977,474 1,119,152 6,910,000 10,650,563

18,056,371 903,676 80,020 19,040,067

17,980,892 383,755 80,020 18,444,667



Revenue Sources Fiscal Year 2011

Corporate and Foundation Support 7%

Special Events 2%

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Grant 8%

Program Productions 19%

Retail Product Sales 13%



Assets Cash and cash equivalents Investments Accounts receivable, net Pledges receivable, net Inventory Prepaid assets and other Property and equipment, net Total Assets

$8,055,534 3,147,920 1,979,239 701,911 2,165,750 555,639 262,000 697,898 293,761 135,463 1,282,215 148,641 19,425,971

6,203,275 1,911,286 4,197,912 923,415 13,235,888

Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets

Balance Sheet

Year Ended June 30 2011 2010

Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets Revenues Individual contributions $8,906,244 Retail product sales 2,556,292 Local and national program productions 2,959,220 Corporate contributions 1,006,635 Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant 1,688,794 Foundation contributions 521,428 Special events 303,512 Facilities rental 883,353 Capital campaign contributions 188,104 Investment income 195,173 Net assets released from restrictions 905,929 Miscellaneous income 53,922 Total Revenues 20,168,606 Expenses Program services: Production Engineering Broadcast Communications Total Program Services Supporting Services: Fundraising Administrative Total Expenses

Fiscal Year 2011

Capital Campaign Contributions 1%

Facilities Rental and Other Funds 6% Individual Support 44%

Because Minds Matter Capital Campaign


George & Dolores Riley & The Riley Foundation

$1,000,000 - $4,999,999 Ford Motor Company Fund Frederick A. & Barbara M. Erb Foundation Kresge Foundation Samuel and Jean Frankel Foundation William H. & Patricia M. Smith Foundation

$500,000 - $999,999

Susan E. Cooper DTE Energy Foundation MASCO Corporation Jim & Ann Nicholson Richard & Jane Manoogian Foundation Richard C. Devereaux Foundation

$250,000 - $499,999

Mrs. Lauraine A. Hoensheid Hudson Webber Foundation Gerhard P. Mayer

$100,000 - $249,999

Maggie Allesee & Bob Allison Mr. Henry Baskin Mr. & Mrs. William Clark Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Tarik & Helen Daoud General Motors George S. & Helen G. Deffenbaugh Foundation Dr. Ronald E. Goldsberry & Family John A. & Marlene L. Boll Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn & Stella Koshkarian Dana M. Locniskar Merrill Lynch Private Banking & Investment Group McGregor Fund Eugene A. & Lois A. Miller The Polk Family Stanley and Judith Frankel Family Foundation Kimberly & Ken Whipple Mr. & Mrs. William Wildner Ms. Helen B. Williams

$50,000 - $99,999

Butzel Long Clark Hill, PLC Michael & Melonie Colaianne Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Cooper Walter & Retha Douglas Dale & Bruce Frankel Mandell L. & Madeleine H. Berman Foundation The Marcia & Eugene Applebaum Family Foundation Margaret & Pierre Heftler Foundation Matilda R. Wilson Fund Ms. Edna S. Newnan Dr. John W. Porter

Robert & Kathleen Rosowski Stephan Sharf & Patricia Finnegan Stephen & Phyllis Strome

$25,000 - $49,999

Betty Jean & Bob Awrey C. Leslie Banas & Dale Buras Lee & Floy Barthel Chuck & Joanne Ciuni Consumers Energy Foundation David & Jennifer Fischer Ronald J. Gagnon Gannett Foundation and the Detroit Free Press Mr. Jeffrey Groehn Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee Mrs. Ruthanne Kelly Leonard & Gail Kruszewski Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Liebler Jerry & Lee Lien Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lis Meijer The Meyer & Anna Prentis Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mich Maucine & Lloyd Reuss Ann Rosenthal Mrs. Susan Sarin Lois & Mark Shaevsky Mr. Howard Sherman UHY Advisors - Michigan Inc.

$10,000 - $24,999

Joel, Carol and Aaron Appel Mr. & Mrs. John Beran DeRoy Testamentary Foundation Dirty Dog Jazz Café Dr. Marj L. Field Rich & Tracey Homberg Ira & Brenda Jaffe Lyon Foundation Mr. & Mrs. James M. & Mary Beth Nicholson Ms. Shay Pendray Richard & Dawn Rassel The Skillman Foundation Mr. Frank D. Stella Gail & Lois Warden Wolverine Packing Co.

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Acheson Agley Family Foundation The Alperts, Dan, Doreen, Hilary & Neil Ms. Elaine R. Baker Ms. Mary R. Barnett Ms. Jane Beam Dan & Tammy Berry In memory of Eric Clark Carol L. Denton Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Edwards Mr. Patrick Fehring Mrs. Marianne Fey Miller & Mr. John Miller Tavi Fulkerson Generation IV Charitable Trust Raymond Howard Richard & Margaret Johnson

Mr. Roger A. Kazanowski David & Martha Krehbiel Robert Liggett, Jr. Oliver Hatcher Construction Co. Mr. & Mrs. William Pulte Sage Foundation The Tamer Foundation Jim, Andy, Brent & Casie Vella Mr. Bert Whitehead

$2,500 - $4,999 Mr. Jim Abrams Mr. Jay Alix Mr. & Mrs. Steve Antoniotti Colliers International Kathy DenHeeten Dubrish & George Dubrish Kathleen & David Devereaux Jeff & Barbara Forster Mr. Allan D. Gilmour Kelley & Chad Hamilton In memory of Mildred L. Johnson James M. McNeely Anne Mervenne Fred & Wendy Nahhat Mr. Thomas Shafer Mr. & Mrs. William Shenefelt Mrs. Tara Y. Sinanan Trizec Real Services John & Louise Wenzel World Heritage Foundation - Prechter Family Fund Dr. & Mrs. Robert Wurtz Mary Lou Zieve

$1,000 - $2,499

Ms. Helena Adcock Jerry Alkoff Mr. William Alvin Mr. & Mrs. David Andrea Janice Anderson Ms. Suzanne L. Baber Mrs. Doris Bailo-Arms Dr. Richard Balon & Dr. Helena Balon Ms. Cindy Baumhart Mr. Richard W. Beck Mr. & Mrs. Peter Beer Mr. David Bell Ben N Teitel Philantrhropic Fund Ms. Cecilia Bickes Mr. Robert Bickley Mr. & Mrs. David Bir The Blucher Family Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brichford Ms. Nadine Brown Mr. Tom Brown Mrs. June M. Butler Mr. & Mrs. Ray Butters Kate Cahill Durak Mrs. Alice Chorkey Ms.Trisha L. Cohn Mr. Byron Cooper Mr. Bruno F. Domzalski Basim Dubaybo Ms. Elizabeth Duhn Ms. Sarah Earley Ms. Ruth A. Goerge Mr. Tom J. Goldberg

Lee & Ellen Hall Mr. Rainy Hamilton, Jr. Steve & Roddie Harris Mr. & Mrs. Harold Haskew Mrs. Priscilla A. Hildum James & Lynelle Holden Fund Ms. Bettye L. Holland Miss Pat Hughes Ilitch Holdings, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Isherwood Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jessup Robert & Linda Johnson Ms. Patricia Kasiewicz Ms. Andrea Korobanik Mr. Paul Krynski Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Laurie Ms. Barbara R. Lentz Elmore & Christine Leonard Mrs. Carol Lowen Mrs. Dawanna Lynn Linda E. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. John H. Mark Mr. Terry Martin Mr. Fred Matthaei Robert & Mary Michielutti Ms. Debbie Miesel Michael & Candi Mihalich Steve & Jill Miller Ms. Patricia A. Milliron Mr. Stanley Moore Ms. Rose P. Morandini & Mr. Bob Vrbensky Ms. Constance Moy Mr. Frank Moyer Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Nahm Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence O’Donnell Ms. Margot C. Parker Mr. Paul Pauline Ms. Jean A. Peyrat Mr. William F. Pickard Michael & Kimberly Porter Ms. Elaine Poznanski Mr. Brian Pratt Denny & Tracy Rivard Ms. Cynthia Robins Ms. Barbara A. Robinson Kevin B. Robinson Mr. Stephen J. Rogers Mr. Godfrey A. Ross Ms. Nancy Ross Farzad Rostamabadi Shamel & Sherry Rushwin Mr. & Dr. Timothy & Sharon Schafer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schroeder Robert J. & Vicki L. Scott Mr. Alexander Shashko Ms. Minnie Shelby Ms. Colleen Sherman Jeffrey & Estelle Slopen Dr. & Mrs. Larry Sophiea Mr. H. F. Stern Mr. Michael J. Tahy The Technicom Group Miss Sandra Thomson Ms. Barbara Vaughn Mr. Martin Waskowski Ms. Janet Watkins Mr. & Mrs. Norman Weber Mary Williams Trisha Wolfe Ms. Daisy Wu Ms. Anne C. Zaragoza


Detroit Public Television Operating Support Corporations, Foundations and Individuals $100,000+ BRMM Law Brockwell, LTD. Early Childhood Investment Corporation EMK Productions Ltd. Encore Music Presents Fred & Barbara Erb Family Foundation Ford Foundation The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Kresge Foundation MASCO Foundation Stryker/Johnston Foundation Thomson Reuters

$25,000 - $99,999 American Druze Foundation Antakli Foundation Center for Michigan Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Delta Airlines DeRoy Fund DTE Energy Ford Motor Company Stanley & Judith Frankel Family Foundation Greenleaf Trust Health Alliance Plan Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit Oliver Dewey Marcks Foundation Marygrove College MASCO Corporation Meijer, Inc. Ms. Edna S. Newnan PBS Digital PVS Chemicals, Inc. Ghassan & Manal Saab Fund United Way for Southeastern Michigan

$10,000 - $24,999 Acorn Media Group Inc. American House Senior Living Communities American Syrian Arab Cultural Association BASF Corporation Mandell & Madeleine Berman Foundation Chemical Education Foundation Community Telecommunications Network Lynn & Stanley Day Fund Detroit Institute of Arts Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau Detroit Science Center Detroit Symphony Orchestra DMC Children’s Hospital DTE Energy Foundation EMI Music/Manhattan Records Fifth Third Bank William & Martha Ford Fund


Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Frankel Mr. Gary Gilbert HD Ready LLC The Henry Ford HNTB Michigan, Inc. Hudson Webber Foundation Huntington National Bank Issa Foundation Mr. Jerrold M. Jung Benard L. Maas Foundation Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters Oakland University Mr. Stephen R. Polk Quicken Loans Riley Foundation Mr. George F. Riley Ms. Susan Sarin Stephen Schulman Millennium Fund Mr. & Mrs. Michael Simpson William H. & Patricia M. Smith Foundation State of Michigan Target University of Michigan Wayne County Health & Family Services Head Start Wayne County Health Authority

$5,000 - $9,999 The Abbarah Foundation Mr. Herbert A. Abrash Mr. & Mrs. Michael Acheson American Group Retirement Dr. & Mrs. Joel Appel Arts, Beats & Eats Beaumont Hospital Blue Cross Blue Shield Mrs. June M. Butler Caesars Windsor Center for Arab American Philanthropy Mrs. Lewis Cohen Mr. & Mrs. James Danto George S. & Helen G. Deffenbaugh Foundation Ford Motor Company Fund Benson & Edith Ford Fund Edsel B. Ford Fund II Fund Henry Ford ll Fund Rodger A. Graef Foundation Ms. Patricia A. Heftler Henry Ford Health System Hospice of Michigan Jewish Historical Society Mr. Herbert G. Kentta Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn A. Koshkarian Mercy High School Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals Michigan Opera Theatre Michigan Roundtable for Diversity & Inclusion Michigan Youth Appreciation Foundation Mitch Jacobs Productions

National Urban Fellows Oakwood Healthcare Physician Healthcare Network Mr. & Mrs. William Pulte Ms. Beverly Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Rosen St. John Health System Syrian American Cultural Council TLC Foundation Trinity Health / St. Joseph Mercy Mr. & Mrs. William Wildner Woodcrest Investments LLC

$1,000 - $4,999 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ableson ACCESS Mr. & Mrs. James Aitken Mr. Jonathan Alexander Mr. Jay Alix Mr. & Mrs. Robert Allesee Daniel and Doreen Alpert Fr. Michael J. Anderson Mr. Rufus Anderson Ms. Gail R. Appel Pamela Ann Applebaum Fund Arab American Medical Association Michigan Chapter Bob Aronson Astronomical Society Ms. Elaine R. Baker Ms. Theresa Baker Mrs. Leslie Banas Mr. David Barkovitch Ms. Mary R. Barnett Bay Area Infectious Diseases Associates Mr. & Mrs. John Becker II Benchmark Engineering Corporation Mrs. Cecilia Benner Mr. & Mrs. John Beran Mrs. Dolores F. Bergin Mr. Larry Berman Mr. Richard J. Bingham Mr. Jerry Bloom & Mrs. Hendrieka Bloom Mr. & Mrs. James Bonahoom Mrs. Sheila R. Book Mr. Anthony J. Borkowski Mr. Joseph M. Bosman Dr. Henry Bowers Mr. & Mrs. Donald Brasie Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brichford Brighton Hospital Butzel Long Cambridge Consulting Group Mr. & Mrs. Manny Charach Dr. Russell Chavey & Dr. Christina Winder Mr. & Mrs. Keith Cheresko Charles & Joanne Ciuni Ms. Cindy Ciura & Mr Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Clarke Ms. Melonie Colaianne & Mr. J. Michael Colaianne Dr. Esther M. Coleman

Ms. Gigi Colombini Ms. Theresa A. Comtois Ms. Jamie Cooper Ms. Susan E. Cooper Ms. Mary Cory Mr. Richard Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Tarik S. Daoud Deloitte Ms. Diane Denardis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dery Diamonds R Forever Mr. Roger Doeren DTE Energy Corporation Mr. Craig R. Effan Belle & Isidor Eisenberg Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Eisenberg Dr. & Mrs. Brad Eisenbrey Ms. Irma Elder Mr. & Mrs. John Erb Mr. Ronald Fath Mr. Patrick Fehring Ms. Kathleen Fieger Ms. Jennifer Fiore Fisher Theatre Ms. Esther Floyd Mr. Jeff Forster Mrs. Rema S. Frankel Funky Ferndale Ms. Margaret Gall Ms. Eva Garza Dewaelsche General Linen & Uniform Service Thomas & Kathleen T. Giancarlo Mr. & Mrs. Victor Girolami Ms. Gay Givens Ms. Kim Gladstone Mr. Dalos W. Grobe Mr. Jeffrey Groehn H.W. Suter Foundation Mrs. Charlene Handleman Mr. & Mrs. Morton Harris Mr. Darryl Hazel & Mrs. Sheila McEntee Clarence & Jack Himmel Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Hirt Lee & Cathleen Hodson Mrs. Lauraine A. Hoensheid James & Lynelle Holden Fund Ms. Christine M. Holmes Ritschard P. & Tracey Homberg Hospitalist Service of Michigan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Houston Huron Medical Center of Port Huron ITC Holdings Corp Mr. & Mrs. Ira Jaffe Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jessup Mr. Stephen E. Johnston Ms. Judy M. Judd Kenwal Steel Corporation Mr. George E. King Mr. William King Mr. & Mrs. William Klinke Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kosch Mrs. Barbara Kratchman Mr. & Mrs. David E. Krehbiel

$1,000 - $4,999 (cont.) Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Kruszewski Mr. Michael Kudron Mr. James G. Kulp Dr. Robert Kyes & Ms. Dagmar Moore Mr. Paul Lavins Mr. & Mrs. Elmore Leonard Mr. Mark Lesperance Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lewandowski Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Liebler Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Lien Lisa & Hannan Lis Christine Beck & Dana M. Locniskar Mr. Mark Loeb Ms. Carol E. Mann McCawley Suits Ms. Barbara Mecklenburg Medistar Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mich Ms. Jerie L. Michaud Michigan Department of Education Mrs. Marianne Fey Miller & Mr. John Miller Mr. Thomas Miree Ms. Rose Morandini & Mr. Bob Vrbensky Harriet & Michael Morse Philanthropic Fund Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mosteller C.S. Mott Foundation Ms. Constance Moy Mr. Frank Moyer Mr. Kevin M. Murphy Mr. Michael P. Mutter Nachman Fund Mr. & Mrs. Edward Narens Mr. Edward A. Neate Linden D. Nelson Foundation New York Foundation for Arts Mr. & Mrs. James B. Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. Ravi Nigam North American Bancard Dr. & Mrs. Mark Olson Olympia Entertainment Overseas Patent Agency, Inc. Mr. Mark Owen Ms. Carol Owens Ms. Tracey Papa Mr. & Mrs. Robert Parnahay Ms. Pamela Peak Ms. Colleen Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Donald Petersen Ms. Jean A. Peyrat Dr. John W. Porter Mrs. Mary Quilling Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rassel Mrs. Liliane Rattner Mr. Bruce Redman Ms. Jill Remick Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Reuss Rock Financial Sigmund & Sophie Rohlik Foundation Mrs. Ann C. Rohr Rev. Henry W. Roodbeen Mr. Sheldon Rose

Ms. Ann Rosenthal Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rosowski Mr. Hugh Ross Ms. Nancy Ross Mr. Rocky Ross Desmond & Joanne Rowan Ms. Idell M. Ryan Mrs. Lois Ryan Sakwa Legacy, LLC Estelle T. Schafer Revocable Trust Mr. Darryl Schram Mr. Robert Schulz Mr. Will Schumer Joseph G. & Ralene M. Serra Mr. & Mrs. Mark Shaevsky Edward C. Shafer Revocable Trust Mr. Thomas Shafer Ms. Bettie J. Shaffer Mr. Stephan Sharf Shatila Food Products, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Shedden Mr. & Mrs. William Shenefelt Mr. Howard Sherman Kamal & Yasmine Shouhayib Ms. Claudia Sills Mr. Henry E. Skinner Mrs. Mary Slavik Mr. Charles A. Smith Mr. J. Charles Smith Ms. Laura L. Smith Mr. Richard Sonenklar Sovereign Management Mr. Joseph Spallina Ms. Catherine J. Stanuch Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Stimpson, III Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Strome H.W. Suter Foundation The Talbot Corporation Talmer Bank & Trust Tanglewood Builders, Inc. Ms. Barbara Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Ten Eyck Ms. Susan E. Teubert Mr. & Mrs. James Throop Trico Charitable Foundation Ms. Deborah Tyner & Mr. Rick Herman Under The Radar Productions United Dairy Industry of Michigan University of Michigan Dearborn Mr. Richard D. Ventura Wayne State University Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Webber Mr. & Mrs. Norman Weber Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Weisberg Ms. Pam Welland Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wenzel Mr. & Mrs. James West Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Whipple Mr. & Mrs. Chad White Mr. & Mrs. William S. White Bill & Sally Wildner Foundation Christine & Jeffrey Willemain Beverly Williams Mr. Robert Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Amos Winsand Max & Mary Wisgerhof Dr. & Mrs. Clyde Wu Ms. Daisy Wu Dr. & Mrs. Robert Wurtz Mrs. Marion S. Wyatt Yes Foundation Steven M. Yops Mr. Gary Zimmerman Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Zink

$500 - $999 Mr. William Ackerman Ms. Eileen Adams Ms. Sally Adams Mr. & Mrs. William Aerni Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Agriesti Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Alber, Jr. Ms. Dolores Ammar Mrs. Alyce Ampofo Mr. Frank Amprin Ms. Midge I. Andersen Mr. Albert Anderson Dr. Thomas E. Anderson Mr. James M. Angelos Mrs. Nancy Angott D. T. Antczak Ms. Cheryl Apodaca & Mr. Bill Apodaca Dr. Kwabena Appiah Dr. & Mrs. Lalekan Are Ms. Julie Armstrong Douglas & Janet Ashley Mrs. Andrea K. Auger-Cole Mr. Wilbert Avis Mr. & Mrs. William Babbage Mr. Basil C. Babcock & Mrs. Katharine Babcock Mr. Charles Baer Mrs. Kellie Bagnick Mr. Randy Baird Ms. Margaret Barsotta Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Bates Ms. Naomi R. Bauman Mr. & Mrs. David W. Bazzy Mr. Lindell J. Beck Ms. Sherry Becker Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Gwen Bell Mr. Joseph Benge Mr. Phillip Bentley Mr. Walter Benton Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Bercu Mr. Christopher Binkowski Ms. Suzenna B. Bintinger Mr. D. Scott Bishop Mrs. Sheri Blecker Ms. Beverly Bleggi Ms. Mary Block Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bloem Ms. Barbara Bloom & Mr. Douglas Bloom Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mr. Mark Bodley Mr. Dwight L. Bogan Mr. & Mrs. William Boler Mr. Stephen Boodin Mr. Stephen Bouksa

Mrs. Virginia Bour Ms. Margaret M. Bourque Mrs. Mary Boyer Ms. Carla Bregni-Page Ms. Virginia Brennen Ms. Alexander Bridges Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Broderick Ms. Gertrude O. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Noel Brown Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Brown Mr. William Brown & Mrs. Barbara Brown Mr. John B. Bruff Ellsworth & Jacqueline Brunais Mr. Charles M. Brunhofer Ms. Therese Bungart Ms. Nancy Burbach & Mr. Charles Burbach Mr. Robert Burns Mr. Brian Byrnell Mr. Blaire D. Cairns Mr. & Mrs. John Caldwell Dan Cameron Family Foundation Ms. Shirley Cameron Mr Mr. Victor Cappellani Mrs. Rosalind Carey Ms. Barbara Carr Ms. Valinda Cash Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Caughlin Dr. Irah M. Charles Ms. Pamela Charleston-Lyons Mrs. Evelyn M. Chereson Ms. Julie C. Childress Ms. Amanda Christensen Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Christina Mr. Richard Christman Mr. & Mrs. John Chudyk Mr. Lorne Chura Mr. Alan S. Cisek Clark Hill, PLC Mr. Michael Clark Ms. Alice M. Clarke Mr. John Cleghorn Ms. Darcy Colburn Ms. Donna Colts Ms. Teresa Comment Ms. Lydia M. Contu Fr. Michael N. Cooney Ms. Helen Cooper Mrs. Mary A. Costin-Sizer Mr. Roger A. Coutts Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Crane Mr. & Mrs. Richard Crawford Ms. Caryn I. Crimmins Ms. Maxene R. Cronk Mr. & Mrs. Owen Cummings Tom & Laurie Cunnington Ms. Bobbie Curry Mr. Stephen Czapski Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dallacqua Ms. Teresa Darms Ms. Tamara Davies Ms. Jacqueline M. Davis Mr. Eugene Dawber Ms. Cheryle Dawdry Mr. & Mrs. Thornton Dawson


Detroit Public Television Operating Support Corporations, Foundations and Individuals $500 - $999 (cont.) Ms. Jane Debbrecht & Mr. James J. Debbrecht Ms. Eva Deck Mr. Edward Deeb Ms. Staney Degraff Ms. Mildred F. Denecke Mr. & Mrs. William Devanney Mr. Larry L. Devereaux Tom & P. J. Dipietro Mr. Orazio A. Direzze Mr. Wallace C. Donoghue & Mrs. Marlene Donoghue Mr. Orlando Doyle Ms. Brenda Draper Ms. Diane B. Drayson Mr. Ronald W. Drysdale Michel & Dorothy Duchesneau Mr. Charles H. Dudal Mrs. Eileen O. Dunn John & Janet Dunn Mr. Paul Dutka Ms. Rachelle Dwaihy & Mr. Steven Morris Dr. Jacquelynne Eccles Ms. Lynn Ellyn Ms. Linda Elsey Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Emmert Mr. Mathew English Ms. Barbara Esler Ms. June Everett Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ewasyshyn Mr. & Mrs. Norman Ewbank Mrs. Sylvia A. Fabrizio Ms. Haifa Fakhouri Mrs. Irene Fast Ms. Elaine Ference Mr. William Ferkovich Mrs. Marietta Ferry Mrs. Mary Fetherston Dr. Marj L. Field Miss Nancy A. Fiori Ms. Frances Firek Mrs. Patricia K. Fischer Mr. & Mrs. James Fisk Ms. Pat Fisk Thomas & Patty Fitzpatrick Ms. Janet Fleishman Mr. Andrew G. Folgmann Hansen Clarke For Congress Ms. Wilma Forry Ms. Sheryl Forth The Wilkinson Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William Fowler Mr. William Fox Mrs. Barbara Frankel & Mr. Ronald Michalak Mr. Anthony Franzone Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Fredrickson Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Freeman Dr. Harold M. Friedman Mr. Paul Frost Mr. Jerry Ftoskie Ms. Delores Fugate Ms. Sheryl Furmaga Mr. Sam Galanis Ms. Barbara J. Gale Ms. Carolyn A. Galloway


Mr. & Mrs. George Garcia Ms. Gretchen Gardner & Mr. Joshua Pokempner Mr. Gene A. Gargaro, Jr. Mr. Joe Garrett Mr. Hugh Gill Ms. Ruth A. Goerge Mr. & Mrs. Ted & Arlene Goldberg Mr. John Golding Mr. John Goldsberry Mr. Leo Goldstein Dr. Alan Gordon Mr. Ronald A. Gordon Mrs. Nancy Grabowski Mr. Joseph Grasinski Ms. Maria Green Ms. Sandra Green-Coats Mrs. Henricha Greenwood Mr. Matthew Gustke Ms. Kathy Gwisdala Dr. Michael Hagan & Mrs. Cynthia Hagan Hale Family Foundation Mr. Alan Halperin & Mrs. Dorothy Halperin Hamilton Anderson Associates Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hamister Mr. Paul Hammerlindl Mrs. Betty Hancock Ms. Lucille C. Harris Mr. John Hart Dr. & Mrs. William R. Hart Mrs. Teresa L. Hartle Dr. Ruth Hastie Mr. Joseph L. Haubert Mr. Glenn Hauck Mr. Ross M. Haun Ms. Julia B. Heaney Mr. Clark E. Heath Daniel & Emilie Heberer Mr. Karl E. Heim & Ms. Andrea Heim Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Heller Ms. Lisa Hendershot Mr. Mathew Hendrickson Ms. Diane Hennig & Mr. Chuck L. Hennig Mr. Michael Hennigan Mr. & Mrs. Donald Henshaw Mr. Terry Herron & Ms. Ann Herron Duane & Laurel E. Heyman Mr. John Hiemstra Peter & Frances Higbie Mrs. Olga High Ms. Priscilla Hill Ms. Fariba Hollister Mr. Russell Holmes & Mrs. Doris Holmes Ms. Donna Hope Mrs. Corry Howe & Mr. Donald Howe Ms. Carol Howell Thomas & Laura Huggler Mr. George Hughes Ms. Eva Hyatt Dr. Marjorie Jacobson Dr. Tessy C. Jenkins Jewish Fund

Dr. Kent Johnson & Dr. Mary Johnson Mrs. Ollie Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson Paul & Joan P. Jones Ms. Ann Judd Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Judd Ms. Emma Kabzinski Ms. Patricia S. Kaiker Ms. Sue Kainz Ms. Natalie Karnitsky Mrs. Evelyn Kasle Mrs. Barbara M. Kasler Ms. Jacqueline E. Kay & Mr. Allan S. Kay Ms. Wendy Keem Mr. Daniel J. Kehoe Ms. Aine M. Kelly Ms. Karen E. Kelly Mr. Jim Kemp Mrs. Janet Keough Ms. Rosemary Kessler Ms. Kristi Kidd Mr. Bob Kidder Mr. & Mrs. David King Mrs. Judith Kirkeby Mr. Basil Kittell & Ms. Anita Kittell Mr. Norman S. Klein Mr. & Mrs. Ron Klein Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Knas Ms. Cindy A. Knox Ms. Charlotte Kohn Rick & Dawn Kolakowski Dr. D. Korff & Mrs. Katherine Korff Ms. Susana Kornijenko Hannu Koski Ms. Julia Koths & Ms. Valerie Koths Ms. Patricia Kotrys Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kovie Ms. Helen Kowalczuk Mr. & Mrs. Arthur A. Kowalski Ms. Donna Kraft Mr. Bob Kratt Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Krause Mr. & Mrs. William Kroger, Jr. Mr. Don Krul Mr. Kenneth Kunkel Mr. David S. Kusch Mr. Brian Kutinsky Mr. Charles E. Kvasnovsky Mr. Richard Laidlaw Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Lambert Mr. Frank Lampi Ms. Cheri Lantz Ms. Margaret A. Lavere Ms. Sarah E. Lawrence Ms. Sylvia S. Laws Mrs. Deborah Lee Mr. Jason Lee Ms. Eleanor Leebove Mr. Chris Legghio Mrs. Marsha L. Leiphart Ms. Leslie Leitch Mrs. Dorothy E. Leithead Mr. David M. Lengyel

Mr. Del Lenz Ms. Jeanne Lewandowski & Mr. Christopher Lewandowski Mr. Richard Lewnau Ms. Barbara Liberty Ms. Celine Licari Mr. & Mrs. Steve Limkemann Mrs. A. Lee Lindsay Mark Lis Family Fund Mr. Warren Loranger Dr. Robert P. Lorenz & Dr. Christine H. Comstock Ms. Carmen Ludy Mr. Gerald Luke Mr. Edward Maczko Ms. Susan Madro Mrs. Barbara Maes Ms. Joan L. Malak Ms. Alicja Malik Ms. Katherine P. Manley Mrs. Louise Manning Ms. Laurain Marler Mrs. Phyllis Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Kirk & Kathy Martin Mr. Daniel Martineau Ms. Goldie Martinez Mr. Dale Mason Ms. Linda Mathieson Ms. Karen Matles Mr. Steven Matsil Ms. Noelle Mayea Ms. Irene Mazur Ms. Kari McCallum Mr. Stuart F. McCann Mr. Raymond McCoy Mr. George McDonald Mr. & Mrs. John & Marie McElroy Jeannine & Robert McFarland Ms. Maureen McFarland Evelyn A. McFee Mr. George McIntosh Mr. & Mrs. Alexander McKeen Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Irene McMahon Michael McManus Foundation Dr. Anthony McNally Mrs. Jo-Ann McNamara Audree & Donald Medhurst Mr. & Mrs. Michael Medvec Michael & Michele Mensack Ms. Mary J. Mersol-Barg Mr. & Mrs. Roland Meulebrouck Andrea & Gene Michalski Mr. Robert Michielutti & Mrs. Mary C. Michieluttii Ms. Diane Miller Ms. Mary Miller Mr. Richard A. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Al Molnar Ms. Lucille A. Monark Mrs. Miriam Mondry Mr. Stanley Moore Mr. Michael J. Morrison, Sr. Ms. Cathie Moser Dr. Richard Moulton Ms. Denise B. Murray Mr. Michael Myers

$500 - $999 (cont.) Mr. & Mrs. Sam M. Nahhat Ms. Joan Nardi Mr. & Mrs. Phil Nash Ms. Laura D. Newman Pam & Larry Nichols Mr. Jim Nicholson Ms. Edith Nickel Mr. Robert Niemi Mrs. Carol M. Nine Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Nochman Dr. Silas Norman, Jr. Ms. Cheryl L. Nowak Mrs. Margaret Nyboer & Mr. Victor Nyboer Ms. Jo Elyn Nyman Dr. & Mrs. Raymond O’Day Ms. Gloria Oliverio Mr. John L. Olson Sarah Ormond & Scott Roberts Ms. Nancy Orrell Orthopedic Specialists of Oakland Mr. Regan T. Ostermayer Stanford & Rosa Ovshinsky Ms. Lucille Padgett Ms. Michaelyn A. Page Mr. Donald Pagenette Mr. Richard L. Pajas Ms. Genevieve M. Palczynski Ms. Margot C. Parker Mr. Robert Parker Ms. Audrey O. Parman Mr. Jerald Parsons Ms. Corrine Passarelli Mr. Hiten Patel Mr. Paul Pauline Mr. William Pavlik Mr. Robert Pavol Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Peacock Mrs. Kathleen Peet-Hawthorne Mr. John Peirce Mr. Jim K. Petersen Ms. Pauline M. Petterson Mr. James P. Pfaff & Ms. Lillian Fowler-Pfaff Mr. David Phillips Phone Bank Systems Mr. Mark Pimlott Mr. Leonard Pittaway Mr. James Pittman Mr. Donald Plaskitt Mr. Anthony Plus Ms. Linda Pointe Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Portner Ms. Mary Posont Mr. Arthur J. Post Mr. William I. Post, Jr. Ms. Delwanda J. Powell Ms. Elaine Poznanski Ms. Margaret Price Mr. John Proctor Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Przybylski Ms. Karen Purdill Mrs. Frances Quarton Mrs. Peggy Quisenberry Margaret Raben Ms. Katherine Raper Ms. Marianne Rauer Mr. Yaddanapudi Ravindranath

Ms. Mary Ray Mr. & Mrs. Verlyn Rebelein Mr. Phil Reckinger Mr. David Reedy Dr. Eileen Reickert Mrs. Jennifer E. Reid Mrs. Barabara Anna Restorick-Peco Mr. John Retich Ms. Janet Richards Mrs. Julia T. Richie Mr. Robert Riddell Ms. Margaret Rink Ms. Laura Roberts Mr. David Robinson Mr. Michael Robinson & Mrs. Jocelyn A. Robinson Ms. Shirley Robinson Ms. Priscilla Rogers Mr. Rodney Rogg Mr. Nils Rosaen Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rosen Mr. Herbert Rossi Ms. Angela Roth Mr. Orris Rucker Mr. Kenneth Ruelle Mr. Roland Russell Ms. Claire J. Ryckman & Ms. Lynn Ryckman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Salas Mr. Herbert Samways Ms. Rosemarie Sandel Ms. Wilmetta Sanford & Mr. William Sanford Mike Saunders Mr. Richard Scanlan Mr. Sherwood A. Schartner Heinz & Martha Schmidt Ms. Mary E. Schmitt Mr. Edward Schulak Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Schultz Mrs. Sharon B. Schwarze Mr. Donald Sedestrom Mr. Gerald Seizert Ms. June Semple Ms. M. K. Shaw Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Shiffman Ms. Heather A. Sickels Dr. Laurel Sills Ms. Patricia Simmons & Ms. Kate Simmons Ms. Annabelle D. Simpson Ms. Elizabeth Sisk Mr. Raymond Skrocki Ms. Joann Slind & Mr. Orrin Slind Ms. Arianna Smith Ms. Catharine Smith Mrs. Irene Smith Ms. Karen J. Smith Mr. & Mrs. S. Kinnie Smith, Jr. Ms. Valerie Smith Ms. Joan Smykowski Mr. Donald L. Sobas Mr. & Mrs. Richard Soulen Mrs. Lisa Sprow Mr. Stephan Stefanac & Ms. Sherry Cogswell Mr. William R. Stefani Robert & Susan Stefano

Mr. & Mrs. A. Steglich Mr. Adolf Stelper Ms. Laura Stephens Ms. Mary S. Stephens-Posner Mr. Charles Stern Marcia & Denis Stevens Mrs. Patricia M. Stevenson Mr. Chester L. Stewart, Jr. & Mrs. Clamah Stewart Ms. Dorothy A. Stewart Melbourne & Charlotte L. Stewart Ms. Agnes Stidham Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Stockwell Mr. Curtis Stowe Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sullivan Ms. Patricia K. Swan Mr. Randall G. Swanson Mrs. Julie Sweeny Ms. Mary M. Sweeten & Mr. Robert G. Sweeten Ms. Marvel Taphorn Mrs. Rhonda Taylor Mrs. Louise Taylor-Manning Ms. Constance Teschler Ms. Carol Tessier Dr. & Mrs. L. Murray & Pauline Thomas Mr. Larry R. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. David Thompson Ms. Christine Thomson Gloria & Gerald K. Tiano Dr. & Mrs. Brett Todd Mrs. Michele Toenniges Mrs. Leticia Tokarski Ms. Sharon Toms Mr. Daniel Tonelli Mr. & Mrs. Richard Trapp Ms. Pamela R. Travis Ms. Susan Treichler Mr. Shawn Trimble Mr. Fredric S. Troff & Mrs. Mary Y. Troff Ms. Christine Turner & Mr. Clarence Turner Mr. Donald Turner Ms. Agnes Uchman Ms. Helen Uhrich Mr. John J. Urban Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Ureste & Mrs. Edna Ureste Mr. & Mrs. Ramasamy Uthurusamy Dr. & Mrs. Vainutis Vaitkevicius Mrs. Gretchen Valade Mrs. Barbara Van Dusen Mr. John F. Vance Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Vandermolen Kelly Vansuilichem Mrs. Lucille Venema & Mr. Jack Venema Ms. Aura Vivas Ms. Moni Vojcek Mr. & Mrs. Randall Vorhees Judith & Jim Walsh Ms. Theresia Walter Mr. Peter Walters Mr. Sean Walters

Mrs. Faye J. Wampler Wayne State University Bonstelle Mr. & Mrs. William Weaver Ms. Susan M. Webb Ms. Audrey Webster B. C. Weidendorf Mrs. Micheline Wentworth Mr. Bert Whitehead Ms. Luann Wiedeman Ms. Tracey Wilder Ms. Cynthia L. Wilhelm Ms. Carol Williams Green Mr. Larry Williams Mr. Lawrence D. Williams Mrs. Marlene Williams Mary Williams Dr. Judy Williston Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wilson Mr. Laurence W. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Wine Mr. George Winegar & Ms. Lois Winegar Mrs. Rosemary H. Winslow Mrs. Nancy Winston & Mr. Stuart Winston Mr. John Wise Mr. Jack E. Wisser Dana & Janet Wold Mr. Robert J. Wonderhem Mr. Robert C. Work Mrs. Stella Wozniak Ms. Oliva A. Wright Ms. Ruby Yagoobian & Mr. Kenneth Yagoobian Ms. Susan Yale Mr. Darrel Yohnk Ms. Louise Yops Ms. Teresa Young Mr. Neil R. Zechman Ms. Joan M. Zemmin Ms. Eileen D. Zielesch Jordan Zivitz

“Doing things differently in Michigan starts with doing things differently at the Mackinac Policy Conference, which was engr ained in every decision we made.The partners hip with Detroit Public Television removed the veil of the Conference and provided accessibi lity for all Michiganians. Our partnership with DPTV also led to greater and more real-time medi a coverage of the Conference. The partnership with DPTV was essential in our move to position the 2011 Conference as a state-wide event. Through its MiVote. org project, DPTV’s coverage of the Conference engaged more citizens than ever in meaningful discussions about Michigan’s futur e, making DPTV an ideal partner for the Chamber’s problem-solving platform.” – Detroit Regional Cham ber President and CEO Sandy K. Baru ah

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Kresge Society Concerto Circle $10,000+

The Cotton Cousins Dr. & Mrs. A. Paul Schaap William H. & Patricia M. Smith Foundation Mrs. Gretchen Valade

Prelude Circle $2,500+

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Etude Circle $1,000+

Mr. Robert Adler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Allesee Daughters Of The American Revolution Mr. Allan Anderson Mr. Michael Arbaugh Mr. Brian Bachynski Mr. James Bagin & Ms. Tandi Bagian Mr. Doyle L. Bahadu Charles & Shelley Baker Mr. & Mrs. Lee Barthel Mr. & Mrs. Heston Bates Dr. John J. Bernick & Mrs. Janice Bernick William & Gail Bernstein Mr. Bernard Bielec Mr. John E. Blanzy John A. & Marlene L. Boll Foundation Mr. Kenneth Borso Mr. Frederick H. Brohn & Mrs. Janet Poirier-Brohn Ms. Nancy Burbach & Mr. Charles Burbach Mr. Harry Burstyn & Mrs. Marjorie Burstyn Mr. Lewis Bussard George A. Calder Mr. William N. Campbell Ms. Lucy Carmichael Mr. Nelson Case Ms. Carol S. Chadwick & Mr. Taylor Burleson Mr. Bruce Chapin Ms. Barbara J. Clewett Ms. Helen Cooper Mr. Mark Davis Dr. David DiChiera Mr. Patrick Driscoll Mrs. Alice Ellison Mrs. Mary Everett


Mr. James Forshee Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Frankel Mr. & Mrs. Britton L. Gordon, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Steven Grekin Stuart Grigg Mr. Jeffrey Groehn Mr. Tim Haller Mr. & Mrs. William & Marilyn Harmon Mr. James P. Harris Mr. William H. Hatz Ms. Barbara Heidmann Michael & Lad Helde Mr. Otto Hinzmann Ms. Lynn Hipp Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Hirt Dr. Devon A. Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Alan Huberty Mrs. Harriet H. Hull Ms. Elizabeth Ingraham Harold & Kathy Kingsbury Ms. Ellen Kittendorf Ms. Margot Kohler Rev. Benjamin Kosnac Dr. & Mrs. M. Krasman Mrs. Alison Lee Myron P. Leven Foundation Mr. Marvin Littman Christine Beck & Dana M. Locniskar Mrs. Linda Lukas Miss Diana L. Lundak Ms. Patricia Mack Jacquelyn Mamou Mrs. Rita Margherio Steven Markowitz Mr. Maurice Marshall Ms. Mary C. Mazure Ms. Mary Louise McCarroll Mrs. Joan D. McKean Mrs. Peter W. Meek Ms. Lynne M. Metty Ms. Donna Mitts Ms. Mary C. Morse The Mosaic Foundation of R. & P. Heydon Mr. Cyril Moscow Ms. Ruthann Murray Mrs. Helen Mysliwiec & Mr. James Mysliwiec Rev. Norman Nawrocki Mrs. Barbara Nickles Mr. Brian Nowicki Arlene & Eric Oppenheim Ms. Margot C. Parker Mr. Bruce Peterson Ms. Jean A. Peyrat Mrs. Marilyn Pincus Mrs. Barabara Anna Restorick-Peco John H. & Anne W. Roberts Felix & Caroline Rogers Ms. Jane A. Romatowski Rev. Henry W. Roodbeen Dr. William H. Salot Mr. James G. Saltalamacchia Ms. Janet C. Sell Mr. D. Larry Sherman Ms. Judith E. Siess

Mr. Gerald C. Simon Ms. Nancy Sippel Mr. William Sirois Robert & Lorraine Slaby Ms. Susan G. Slattery Mr. & Mrs. S. Kinnie Smith, Jr. Ms. Vivienne M. Smith Mrs. Nina Sottile Ms. Marilyn Stomber Mr. & Mrs. David C. Stone Save Our Symphony David Tarrant & Maud M. Lyon Mrs. Barbara Van Dusen Ms. Christine Van Heusden Mr. Joseph F. Walsh Mr. John Wasilewski Ms. Virginia Weingate & Mr. John McCauley Mrs. Linda Wells Mr. David Wesenberg Beverly & Barry Williams Max & Mary Wisgerhof Mr. Edward Wohlford Dr. & Mrs. Clyde Wu Mrs. Anne M. Zuchowicz

Orchestra Circle $500 - $999

Ms. Carol Asman & Mr. Roger Asman Mr. Russell S. Banush Mr. & Mrs. James Bonahoom Darlene Burgess Dr. Gerald Burke Mr. Carl L. Collins III Dr. & Mrs. Charles Craig Mr. & Mrs. James & Laura Cristiano Mrs. Mary Ann Dryer William & Judy Dunn Ms. Rachelle Dwaihy & Mr. Steven Morris Ms. Marjorie H. Edwards Mr. Ken C. Fischer & Mrs. Penny Fischer Burke & Carol Fossee Dr. & Mrs. Robert Goldman Mr. Robert Graham Mr. Daniel A. Greenberg Mr. John Henke Mr. William L. Henning, Jr. Mr. Jerry Homeszyn Ms. Amy L. Jidov & Mr. Kent Jidov Mr. Dennis Johnston Ronald & Lucinda Kanczuzewski Mr. George E. King Ms. Lorraine S. Kirkish Ms. Jean Leighton Ms. Kim Liebowitz & Mr. Glenn Liebowitz Mrs. Phyllis Marshall Joseph Mattimoe Ms. Marcia McBrien Dr. Melissa McBrien & Dr. Raymond Landes Mrs. Richard McBrien

Mr. John D. McGehee Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Miller Mr. Glen Mitchell Mr. Jason Moehring Mrs. Ann Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. Rolland O’Hare Mr. Kevin Prihod Mr. Robert Rahaim Mr. James A. Ruffner Mr. Ralph Safford & Mrs. Kate Safford Mr. Donald Sedestrom Andrew G. & Janet Seefried Dr. & Mrs. David Shappirio Dr. Robert T. Slaby Mr. Richard Sonenklar Mr. & Mrs. Richard Soulen Gustaf Stinstrom Ms. Becky Swank Mr. & Mrs. Greg & Ann Tocco Mr. Terence F. Treppa Mr. & Mrs. Matt Tunnard Mr. Michael P. Tyler Ms. Thelma J. Ullrich Dr. Frizell L. Vaughan Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Yanachik Mrs. Charmain Zimmerman

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I loved answering the pledge phones for the Johnny Reid Live event! Callers who knew him and thos e who had never seen him befo re were energized by his music. All of them wanted more. This sup port s my theory about DPTV: Many prog rams are reviewed; only the best are chosen. On behalf of the call ers on January 8, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You DPT V” for sharing Johnny Reid . You changed a cold and dreary evening into a night of fun! – Josie Taje r

2010-2011 Awards CINE Golden Eagle Award

• Informational Program – Beyond the Light Switch Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) Awards

• Best Membership Appeal – La Boheme with Michigan Opera Theatre • Best Community Involvement – MiVote 2010 Election • Best Marketing Materials & Promos – Ready To Learn • Best News Special or Documentary – Beyond the Light Switch Michigan Emmy Awards

• Children/Youth/Teens - Program/Special – Think Squad, Oliver Thornton, Alexander Wright and Abigail Morris • Magazine Program – Under the Radar Michigan, Under the Radar Productions, Jim Edelman, Tom Daldin • Community/Public Service (PSA) – Campaign - Give a Child a Great Start, Oliver Thornton, Alexander Wright, Donnie Beacham Craft Specialty, Makeup – Celtic Crossroads World Fusion, Amanie Mokdad •

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1. Board members during pledge 2. Dan Alpert and Tim Nicholson 1.


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DPTV Annual Report 2011  
DPTV Annual Report 2011  

DPTV Annual Report 2011