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AraCast® Digital Signage System


Display Systems for Simulation, Virtual Reality and 3D

Interactive Screens

Our Aracast Digital Information Management system combines the most suitable elements to meet the demanding requirements of project managers of advanced digital signage, marketing and advertising systems.

Totems are the ideal accessory for information, marketing and advertising points.

Tecco specialises in providing solutions for scientific and simulation display systems, where a high standard of image and precision quality in the projection systems is needed.

We supply Interactive Systems for all types of Projection Screens and LCD/Plasma monitors.

Software modular ampliable con ilimitadas posibilidades: • AraCast Suite, the complete system version, or its separate components: AraCast Gestor Designer. AraCast Control. AraCast Network. Two player options depending on output resolution needs and the complexity of resources to be presented. Other hardware options: TDT, Video, Interactivity.

• Easy to integrate into our Aracast system. • Screen sizes from 32” up to 60”. • Also with interactive screen. Main Applications: DOOH, Digital Signage and Advertising, Events, Museums, Rentals, Information Points etc.

Chassis system. A rear projection system for assembly behind walls or screens. Furniture Version. An individual piece of furniture for rear projection in multi-purpose installations. A wide range of screen options: Frontal Projection, Rear Projection, high and low gain, active and passive 3D, cameras, etc. • Special projects: Rear projection for 3D, CAVE, WAVE, etc., simulators and VR programs.

Main Applications: DOOH, Digital Signage and Advertising, Professional A/V Applications, Events, Museums, Rentals, Information Points, etc.

Multimedia Kiosks and Points of Information (POI)

Using both rear and frontal projection elements we can offer our clients solutions for the most complex systems that they require.

In adhesive film or overlay frame versions, they create numerous working possibilities by combining them with projection screens or monitors, and also by being assembled in totems or stands. • The interactive film can be fitted permanently or temporarily. • The film does not represent any hazard as it is installed behind the glass. • The frames are fitted over the monitors. • The systems even work with gloves. • Room light does not affect interactivity. • An INTERACTIVE solution for each application. Applications: Shop windows, corporate offices, meeting or training rooms, trade shows, conference rooms, museums, theme parks, estate agent’s, shopping centres etc.

Motorised Systems and Special Mounts

Rear-projection Chassis and Mirror Systems

Tecco designs and manufactures special motorised mounts to hide and move monitors, TVs, flat screen plasma/LCD screens and projectors. Motorised systems for LCD projectors and screens, which are ceiling retractable. Motorised system with mirrors to hide large projectors in the ceiling. Motorised ceiling system to integrate LCD screens into multipurpose rooms. Remote control via RF or IR.

Our Kiosks and Points of Information are professional systems that provide dynamic and/or interactive information, Internet service, etc., either inside or outdoors. • Available in standard or custom models. • Special models for disabled people. • Manufactured in both indoor and outdoor versions. • Also provides vending solutions. • Personalised design for each customer. • Ideal for public information systems. • Compatible with Aracast DS siystem. Recommended applications: Tourist Information, Local Information, Online Administration, Banking Services, Online Reservations and Sales, Museums and any locations where people need the right information at the right time.

We design and build customised rear projection systems in the following versions: •

Cabinet. An standalone cabinet for rear-projection in multipurpose installations.

HIGH QUALITY manufacture, including rigid or flexible rear projection Screens. HIGH OPTICAL QUALITY using first surface reflection Mirrors. General characteristics of the rear projection systems: • Direct projection or via a high optical quality mirror. • Aluminium profile construction. Quick and easy to assemble. Applications: Presentations, Television, Museums, Boardrooms, Telepresence, Training, Simulations, Theme Parks, Education, etc.

Rigid or flexible screens. HIGH OPTICAL QUALITY using first face reflection Mirrors. Applications: Virtual reality rooms, caves, simulation in transport, aviation, universities, theme parks etc.

Main Applications: Conference rooms, multi-use rooms, training, shopping centres, multi-purpose rooms, hotels, private homes etc. OPTIONAL PERSONALISED DESIGN.

TECCO New Media product catalog  
TECCO New Media product catalog  

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