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By Janet Flora

The Mastery of Mascara As you party your way through the season, you may be lining your lips, your eyes, finding the right shade of blush or shadow, or even adding some false lashes, or extensions in your hair. But no matter how much, or how little you’re considering for a special night out, one thing most everyone will do is to indulge in at least one coat of mascara. But should one coat lead to another? Is there a right way to apply mascara? Here are some tips that are sure to glide you into better, fuller lashes. Always start with clean lashes, free from any oils. If you are just removing makeup, before reapplying it, be sure to use an oil-free remover. There are plenty on the market and some that will even remove waterproof mascara. Unless you expect to cry or swim your way into the New Year, steer clear of waterproof mascara. It’s indeed waterproof, but not oil-proof. Therefore, you can bet that when your lashes touch your upper or lower lids, where there’s oil from your skin, waterproof mascara will leave smudges around your eyes, which will have you looking as if you did cry all the way to the party. If you really want to separate your lashes and avoid clumping, the best way to do that is to curl them first. By almost every professional standard, the best curler on the market is Shu Uemora. For

about $22, it’s an investment that goes a long way. Always curl before applying mascara. Apply mascara to upper lashes using an upward stroke only. Do the underside of the lashes first, then immediately do the topside of the upper lashes. Repeated coats, once the mascara is dry, are sure to leave lashes clumpy. You can ONLY add another coat while the mascara is still wet. Before mascara dries, use a lash separator. Shu Uemura sells several in different widths. They’re like a wand without mascara. Ricky’s sells them by the bag. Or try a lash comb. After applying mascara, use the wand or the lash comb starting at the base of the lashes, then pull through to the ends. Wiggle the lash comb or the wand as you are pulling it through to the tips of your lashes. Complete one eye before starting the other. If you want to make your lashes look thicker, which is always very dramatic in profile, consider using a primer before applying mascara. The purpose of a primer is to condition the lashes and add volume. Some drugstore brands sell mascara and

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primer all in one tube. It’s usually a double-ended wand with the primer on one end and the mascara on the other. The reviews on these are mixed, and though a lot of women say it makes their lashes thicker, the result is often that they make the lashes too stiff. Two lash primers that have consistently rave reviews are Smashbox and one called Blinc. Blinc is a bit hard to find in stores, but can be ordered on their Web site. Wearing mascara top and bottom is a personal choice. If you are wearing eyeliner and shadow, and you have really taken great care in applying mascara as described above, forgo mascara on the bottom lashes, which can easily look unnatural, and smudge onto the skin underneath your eye. Finally, you want to pump up your lashes, but you don’t need to pump the wand in the tube. Basically, you’re just adding a lot of air into the product, which is an opportunity to have bacteria grow faster in the tube. To avoid bacterial contamination from mascara, make sure the top is always close tightly and replace all mascara, at most, every three months.


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Dan's Papers 2008 Holiday Issue  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...

Dan's Papers 2008 Holiday Issue  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...