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Stuffing and Giving the Bird I thought I’d share my grandmother’s delicious Rum Raisin Stuffing recipe with my readers. Gather up these ingredients: assorted breadcrumbs, parsley, sage, thyme, salt and pepper. Three eggs, two onions, two green bell peppers, one box raisins, one pint dark rum. Open the rum, take good sip for quality assurance. Soak the raisins in straight rum for at least four hours. While the raisins are soaking, crumble up all the uncrumbled bread bits, fluff in a tablespoon of dried parsley, a teaspoon of sage and a teaspoon of thyme. Fluff around in bowl, take a pinch to taste. Add spices until crumb mixture tastes flavorful and balanced. Then add salt and pepper to taste. If you have trouble finding the flavor balance, sip a jigger of the rum to clear your palate. Let your mouth rest, then try the crumb mixture again. Wait readers, hold on, my phone is ringing. “Hi Cathy... no, she’s bringing the pies,

you’re supposed to bring the mashed potatoes. Yup... listen, I gotta go, I’m doing a dressing recipes for Dan’s.” Where was I... oh yes, sip a jigger of rum. Now let’s chop something and saute the onions and bell peppers. Chop into dime sized pieces. Get your fry pan hot and toss them in. While they get going, check how the raisins are doing. Eat a teaspoon of raisins. We want to soak them in the rum until they’re as fat a grapes again. Stir the um.... stir the onions and peppers. Watch for the onions to caramelize, which means turn light brown. Pardon me, the phone again. “Hi Cath… sure we can fit your sister in. Okay, and her husband too. What? Four kids? I don’t think I have the room. I thought there was just going to be five of us. I didn’t buy a huge turkey… I know, but that six extra people. I don’t have a kids table set up… but I don’t want them to eat with us, that’s why I didn’t invite anyone with kids in the first place. Kids wreck a meal. You’re up and down constantly and you never get to eat in peace... I’m sure you’ll help, but I’m just saying, four kids... you and she will have to take care of them, I don’t want to... alright, goodbye.” Hello readers. Well, the onions and peppers burned, so I’ll start over on them. I’m pouring out a full jigger of rum and checking it

for taste and texture while I chop something... and, okay, here we go, carmelizing the onions and WHOAAAAAAA… putting out the flames... readers, don’t spill any of the rum into the saute pan. However, I can say, the onions have a lovely caramel color now. And as soon as the smell of my singed hair clears away, this will smell wonderful. And now add the sauteed onions and peppers to the bread crumb mixture, fold in slowly so you don’t make a big mess. Hold on... I’m sorry readers... “Hello.... Cathy, can you call me back in an hour? I’m trying to make the stuffing. I’ll never get this bird in... what? No! No lasagna instead of mashed potatoes, this is a Thanksgiving dinner! I don’t care if the kids won’t eat mashed potatoes, get them Happy Meals on the way over... Nut allergies? I don’t know what has touched nuts in my kitchen or not... I use nuts in a lot of dishes, my house is not a nut free zone! Then tell her to bring over whatever her child can eat and keep it separate from the rest of the foods for him... I’m not yelling! I want a peaceful, calm Thanksgiving dinner! I’m hanging up now. I’ll see you at 4.” I am truly sorry, readers. I know you are all (continued on page 36)

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