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Brunch at Giorgio’s in Baiting Hollow

S. Dermont

By Stacy Dermont After a pleasant Sunday drive through North Fork horse country we arrived at Giorgio’s at Fox Hill Golf and Country Club. Owned by George Regini, Sr. and run largely by his son George Regini Jr., everything about brunch at Giorgio’s is big – the welcome, the rooms, the buffet, the plates – everything but the piano, a quaint little upright situated in a passageway. You’ll hear snippets of many an old chestnut played by Daniel Costanzo with unique, indelible style. Of course we went for the food. Sunday brunch at Giorgio’s is served from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Four hours is just about enough time to wade through all the choices. It all starts with a Bloody Mary or Mimosa or Champagne. My husband and I each enjoyed a fresh, horseradishy Bloody Mary before settling in. The view over the golf course is breathtaking. We caught the changing of the leaves – it must make for a lovely winter wonderland view too. When the weather is warm, you can sit out on the deck like a king surveying his kingdom. Just listing the categories of foods on offer for brunch is taxing: pastas, raw bar, carving board, breads and bagels, antipasto, desserts, more desserts, chocolate fountain, soup, tossed salads, omelette station….I’m sure I’ve forgotten something – oh yeah, the SUNDAE BAR! Did I mention the big chafing dish full of cherry blintzes? No wonder Giorgio’s is so popular for weddings

The view from Giorgio’s!

and parties – they have it all. Add the courteous and attentive staff and everything about event planning becomes effortless. We each picked up a plate and forged ahead. At Maitre d’ Brian Wendelken’s suggestion I made a point of trying the Butternut Squash soup. It was smooth and quite sweet. I filled my plate with a grand smattering – tomato and mozzarella salad, very garlicky pickled mushrooms, shrimp salad, satisfying sliced potatoes, fresh cucumber and carrot slices, unctuous pork sausages, thinly sliced, warm ham, pasta salads – I much preferred the flavor of the green (pesto) to the red (sun dried tomato?) pasta salad. I didn’t cover the entire plateful with the creamy bleu cheese dressing, I swear. With all of this at hand I never did make it to the omelet te station or carving board. I did pick up a sampling of desserts but ended up eating a full cup of the rice pudding. It’s a simple, classic rice pudding of just the right consistency, with just the right hint of

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vanilla, dusted with nutmeg. Brian insisted I also try the bread pudding with warm raspberry sauce. It’s not your mother’s bread pudding – it’s more posh, but slightly crispy outside/gooey within, just as it should be. Husband’s plate held cold salmon, which we agreed was good, bacon, fresh fruit, calamari salad rich with black olives, smoked fish, which he approved of, green bean antipasto, chicken with rice and olives (Chicken Sevilla?), mussels (Seafood Fra Diavolo?), smoked salmon, jardiniere and a ham and cheese omelette. More labeling of the buffet items on offer would be helpful. Husband’s comments as he wolfed down his omelette included, “nice” and “good.” He also enjoyed coffee, which our server Karen kept fresh and hot. He found it “good, mild.” Desserts at Giorgio’s include everything from Jell-O to sugar-free apple pie to chocolate mousse. The chocolate fountain is surrounded by slices of fresh fruit, marshmallows and pretzel rods. I suppose you could dip other items in the flowing chocolate but I’d stay away from the seafood in this area of exploration. We were stuffed and passed on enjoying a Cappuccino or espresso. We begged the parking valet to allow us to walk to our car for exercise. From the setting to the food on offer to the staff, Georgio’s is over the top! Giorgio’s, 100 Fox Hill Drive, Baiting Hollow. 631727-6076.

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Friday: Paëlla Valenciana with shrimp, sea scallops, mussels, chorizo and chicken 30

and our soon to be Famous $25 Wine List

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menus and more info Go to

103 MontaukHwy. Hwy. Hampton • 631-324-1663 SteakS East Seafood  SpiritS 103103 Montauk •••East Hampton • 631-324-1663 103 Montauk Hwy. • East Hampton Hampton • 631-324-1663 Montauk Hwy. East • 631-324-1663 631-726-2606 760 montauk highway, Water mill, n.y. next to Citarella 03 Montauk Hwy. • East Hampton • 631-324-1663

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2 4 8 6 M A I Nsalmon S T R E E T . with BRIDGE H A M P Tspinach. O N , N Y 1 1 9served 32 saturday: *Grilled baby with R E S E RVAT I O N S : 6 3 1 . 5 3 7 . 5 1 1 0 i s se i nne r • pat lemon olive oil d and lemongrass dressing 30ri e • bar w w w. p i e r r e s b r i d g e h a m p t o n . c o m

h om e made i cBéarnaise e c ream sunday: *Grilled hanger steak with sauce, watercress and French fries 24

ReseRvations: 631.537.5110 ReseRvations: 631.537.5110 2468 main stReet . BRidgehampton, ny 11932 2 4 8 6 MAIN STR ET . BRIDGEHAMPTO N , 11932 NY 11932 2468 main stReet . EBRidgehampton, ny R E S E RVAT I O N S : 6 3 1 . 5 3 7 . 5 1 1 0 w w w. p i e r r e s b r i d g e h a m p t o n . c o m




SteakS  Seafood  SpiritS

Dan's Papers November 25, 2011  

Dan's Papers November 25, 2011 Issue

Dan's Papers November 25, 2011  

Dan's Papers November 25, 2011 Issue