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of a few people who have been discussing these incidents. One possible reason for these suspicions, is that an arsonist has just pleaded guilty for causing a house fire last year in East Hampton. A fire he set caused injuries to three firefighters. The man also admitted to town police that he deliberately set fire to wood siding he’d found on that home, as well as twigs and leaves, and the blaze got out of control. His reason for lighting it? He was trying to keep warm,

he said, while squatting at the home. One firefighter from East Hampton who responded to that fire suffered second degree burns on his legs. $360,000 worth of damage was done to the house. The final bit of fire news was back on November 4, when there was a terrible fire in Water Mill that set ablaze an outdoor shed on the property of a home. The fire was next to two propane tanks that soon exploded, completely engulfing the shed. Fifty-five firefighters

responded. The explosions from the propane tanks were heard throughout the entire area, frightening a lot of people, but our brave volunteers took care of that fire as well. I don’t know what the heck is going on with all of these fires in the Hamptons this month, but one thing I do know, I’m glad that my neighbors out there who are volunteer firefighters are always prepared, whenever the siren sounds, to battle a blaze 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

planned to have dinner with some relatives East Hampton men drove home from a wild in Southampton, so after they got ready, he party in Greenport in a black Model T roadster. went out to the garage, opened the garage door They were both pretty drunk, and with the and found, piled all the way up to the ceiling late hour and the Shelter Island ferries closed blocking access to his car, dozens and dozens of for the night, they had to drive the long way boxes of Scotch whiskey. around, down to Riverhead, through Hampton “He closed the door and went back into the Bays and Southampton and Bridgehampton, house. He told his wife that they wouldn’t and then down Wood’s Lane to the Town Pond be going anywhere and he told her why. She where it makes that 90-degree left turn onto called her sister and said they weren’t going to Main Street. be able to make it. A problem had come up. But Somehow, just after they made the turn, she wasn’t telling her about the problem. their car slowed down and came to a halt and “The next morning, Emil went out to the water began seeping in. garage and opened it up to find his car right The driver looked out into the darkness. there. All the boxes were gone. Sometime in Water was all around the car, about halfway the night, people had come by and had done up the door. so without making a sound. Emil told nobody, “I think, my friend,” he said to his passenger, but he told me the story after they repealed “we have driven into Town Pond.” Prohibition in 1933.” The passenger looked out too. “I think you Here’s my favorite East Hampton rumrunning are right,” he said. story. Water was now in enough abundance to be One to night around two in the morning, 3 Ways be Ready-DANS_Quogue Sinclair 10/18/11 two 1:29 PMgetting Page 1 into their shoes.

“Tell you what,” the driver said. “You wait here. I’ll go out and get some help.” “Okay.” The driver pulled himself up and out over the driver’s door and, fully clothed, began to swim off. It took him no more than a few minutes to reach the shore, but by the time he had hauled himself up on the lawn of the town green and gotten out onto the road, he had forgotten what he was supposed to do. He scratched his head. Maybe I should just go home, is what he thought. He lived on Pantigo Road, about a mile away. And so that’s what he did. Four hours later, at 8 a.m. and the beginning of a bright and sunny day, some children were walking along the side of the road toward school on Newtown Lane and saw this Model T Ford sitting in the middle of the pond with a man in it, fast asleep and snoring softly. The kids picked up the pace. This wasn’t their problem.


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Dan's Papers November 25, 2011  

Dan's Papers November 25, 2011 Issue

Dan's Papers November 25, 2011  

Dan's Papers November 25, 2011 Issue