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YOU HAD ME AT HELLO Dear Dan, Love the article. Just wanted to add the additional “Horror of Every Registered Vehicle in Suffolk County” has had $50 added to its registration. I have seven vehicles in my driveway, not including boats and motorcycles. The MTA just dropped a $350 bill on me and I had no say in this. Dan, I have never been on a subway, or in a taxi or on a train. I have a car for transportation. In fact seven of them. Why am I burdened with the bad business practices of the MTA? I’m guessing this doesn’t affect the illegal aliens. Tony Hoffman Wading River, NY Via e-mail Paterson dropped the new license plate charge yesterday. – D.R. YOU CALL THIS A STORM? Dear Dan, Re; your First Thanksgiving story in the 11/13 issue; I believe that North Sea is 60 miles east of “Cow Bay,” Manhasset, not “west.” In addition, everybody knows that Conscience Point, on the southwest corner of North Sea Harbor, was named after that “landing,” and the quote of the “English settlers.” And you call yourself a Bonacker? Shame on you! Other than those two gaffes, it was a great story, as always! Yours, Lloyd Booth EQNY Via e-mail Thanks for the corrections. – D.R.

John Francis takes a friend’s six-month-old Tea Cup Yorkie named Daisy for her first kayak ride in Accabonac Harbor. The pup is in Francis’s hand-made “Daisy Kayak Basket,” which she loved. Next project is to teach her how to paddle. (John Francis, sent via snail mail.) JUST RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND AND SAY, “I SWEAR I WILL NOT KILL ANYONE” Dear Dan, I am wondering when the town of Southampton is going to put the “Deer Crossing” signs on Millstone Road, Scuttlehole Road and Noyac Road. There are so many dead deer lying on the sides of these busy roads, it breaks your heart. I have personally called the town months ago, telling them about all the “road kill,” especially the mother deer hit by cars, leaving their babies to fend for themselves and they agreed to put up

the signs. To date they have not. Maybe some of your readers that agree with me, can give a call to the town’s Highway Department. Thanks for getting the word out. Maybe your voice will be heard! Best, Michele Tennariello Sag Harbor Via e-mail This is definitely needed. – D.R.

Police Blotter Creeeeeeepy A man in East Hampton was spotted observing children playing on a school playground. The man was wearing dark clothes and had his hood up. When a woman went to approach the man, he fled, got into his car and drove away. Craigslist Caper A young woman reported to police that somebody posted a Craigslist ad online with her direct telephone number. The woman began receiving all kinds of strange phone calls before she figured out what was going on. The woman then realized that her Facebook account had the same ad. Police are investigating. Trampoline A woman from Bridgehampton reported to police that somebody stole her $300 trampoline from the backyard of her home. Police have

opened up an investigation. They are advising the public to keep their eyes out for any flying people. Making a Run for it A man walked into a liquor store in Hampton Bays, took a large bottle of Wild Turkey and ran out. The clerk at the register went to go chase the man, who opened the bottle and started to drink it as he was running down the street. The clerk, who was not in very good shape, got tired from the chase and let the man get away. The man was last seen swigging the bottle of Wild Turkey while running off into the woods. Overdose On Coffee A man in Bridgehampton asked a Starbucks clerk for 20 shots of espresso in one cup. The clerk at the counter told the man that having that much espresso would be unhealthy and advised the

man to drink less. The man then became loud, and started going on about how it is a free country and if he wants to drink 29 shots of espresso at once then he should be able to do it. The clerk then told the man that if he didn’t calm down and leave the store that he was going to call the police. The man, still angry, complied, but not before giving the middle finger upon leaving the store. Three Angry Women Three women from the Shinnecock Indian Nation were hauled off to jail after they gang attacked a woman with whom they had previous issues at a bar in Southampton. The three women became so violent that they attacked another man, who was trying to simply leave the restaurant when the fight broke out. The woman whom they attacked received a severe bite and general injuries to her face. The man received a severe injury to his eye that will require surgery. When the fight broke out in the bar, patrons at the bar began throwing beer bottles at the women in a scene that turned into a very serious ruckus. The three women were arrested after police opened an investigation into the incident, and they turned themselves in. By David Lion Rattiner

Dan's Papers Nov. 20, 2009  
Dan's Papers Nov. 20, 2009  

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