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Life S tyle Raving Beauty

By Janet Flora

Anatomy of a Haircut: the Shattered Bob

I am examining a photo of Victoria Beckham—or more precisely, Victoria Beckham’s haircut. I look online for more photos; I am trying to find her in profile. Then I pull up some pictures of Katie Holmes. I find photos of her with and without bangs, but all the haircuts I see are short, chic and cropped. I plan on bringing these photos to the woman who cuts my hair. My hair is now cut in long layers. The back of my hair is longer than the sides. It’s easy for me to put it in a ponytail, or make a French twist or a messy chignon. I realize I won’t be able to do this if I cut my hair like Beckham or Holmes. But then I wouldn’t need to, since the back of my neck would be exposed. I call my stylist, Carol Rosenberg of the Oscar Blandi Salon on Madison Avenue. I tell her about my plans to cut my hair in what is popularly called a “shattered bob.� She says, “Oh, that sounds like a nice

change.� But I also tell her I’m a little nervous about this since I’m not quite as trendy as Beckham or Holmes, and I’m worried that I’ll have a hard time getting it to look good every day. Rosenberg suggests that I pin up the back of my hair and see how that feels and looks. It’s a Sunday and I am planning on a day at home catching up on chores. I bought some bobby pins for my experiment. I manage to get the shaggy back of my hair (which reaches to the top of my shoulders) tucked up and quite flat against the nape of my neck. I leave the sides of my hair loose, so the sides appear significantly longer than the back. I take a hand mirror to see how my creation looks in profile. Hmm‌interesting, but not quite as hip as Beckham or Holmes. I try on some big earrings and put on some lip-gloss. I go about my chores. An hour later, I catch my

reflection in my hall mirror. Somehow the first thing I notice are my glasses. I wear my glasses rather than my contact lenses most days. They have even become a bit of a signature accessory. They are not the Sarah Palin kind of frameless glasses. They have bold black frames. While I like the glasses I don’t like that they are the first thing I notice with my faux haircut. In fact, I sort of resemble my Aunt Lesley more than I do Katie or Victoria. I put in my lenses and the hairstyle looks better, but I don’t want my haircut to look good only with my lenses. It’s 9 p.m. and I’m back at my computer. I do a search for stars with bob haircuts. I find all sorts of new terms. In addition to “shattered bob,â€? there is “inverted bob,â€? “tapered bobâ€? and “asymmetrical bob.â€? All look a bit too extreme for me. Since I want a fresh look I take these pictures with me when I see Rosenberg the next day. She examines them and listens to my concerns. She says, “Let’s modify this‌maybe more like Ashley Olsen.â€? I’m not sure exactly what this looks like. Rosenberg finds some pictures of Olsen from the September spread in Marie Claire. Nice. The style covers the nape of her neck, it’s not too layered and it is worn without bangs. I tell Rosenberg, “Do it.â€? I love it. It’s fresh and modern. It looks good with or without my glasses, the long sides frame my face nicely, and best of all, I can still get it in a ponytail at the nape of my neck.


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