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CALENDAR VINTAGE AUTOMOBILE POKER RALLY Gates open to auto exhibitors at 9 a.m., Open to public at 10 a.m. Rally Begins at noon. No fee to exhibit cars, $75 rally entry fee. Free to public. Bridgehampton Historical Society, 2368 Montauk Highway, BH. 631-537-1088, bhhs@optonline. net, ARF’S ANNUAL STROLL TO THE SEA DOG WALK Pedigrees, designer dogs and mutts are all welcome to take the two-mile walk to the ocean starting from Mulford Farm in East Hampton from 9 a.m. – noon. Free microchipping, contests and treats. Register and collect pledges online Jamie@arfhamptons,org, at 631-537-0400, ext. 215. HOW ABOUT SOME FRESH AIR? 10 a.m., Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt, Vineyard Field in Fall: A Vibrant, Grassland Ecosystem Part 3. To make a reservation for this program, please call the museum at 631-537-9735. SOUTHAMPTON annual sidewalk sale 10/6–10/7, Throughout Southampton Village, 631-283-0402, SAG HARBOR annual sidewalk sale 10/6–10/7, Throughout Sag Harbor Village, 631-725-0011. New England Barn Dance 8 p.m. Dances taught by Chart Guthrie with live Celtic music at the Water Mill Community House. $14 Adults, students $7 and children up to 16 free. 631-725-3103, Foreign coins & money substitues in colonial america 4 p.m. The Sag Harbor Whaling & Historical Museum. Foreign coins from the Netherlands, France, Portugal,

Britain and Spanish America circulated in the American Colonies up until the first time U.S. coins were minted in 1793 and until they were demonetized in 1857. The Sag Harbor Whaling & Historical Museum is located at 200 Main Street, 631-725-0770. SAG HARBOR FARMERS MARKET 9 a.m.–1 p.m. on Long Wharf, SGH. Saturdays through 10/27 at Breakwater Yacht Club on Bay Street. WESTHAMPTON BEACH FARMERS MARKET 9 a.m.–1 p.m. 85 Mill Rd., WHB. Saturdays through 11/17. DAN RATTINER READS CHAPTER “LEON URIS” 11 a.m. Reading chapter “Leon Uris” about the award winning writer of Exodus, living his final years on Shelter Island. The reading will take place at the bridge railing overlooking the pond by the Buoy Restaurant. The author will read a chapter from his new memoir. Free. LOAVES & FISHES COOKING CLASS 6–9 p.m. Saturdays, Bridgehampton Inn, 2266 Main St., BH. $165. 631-537-6066,

sunday, october 7 STAR ISLAND YACHT CLUB HOSTS 3rd ANNUAL STRIPED BASS TOURNAMENT 6 a.m.–5 p.m. Prizes will be given to the heaviest striped bass and bluefish, with $10,000 in cash prizes being offered. The Captain’s meeting will take place on October 6. For more information: 631-668-5052, SOUTHAMPTON FARMERS MARKET 9 a.m.–1 p.m. 25 Jobs Ln., west side ground of Parrish Art. Final day. FREE Qi GONG CLASS Second Sunday of the Month, Noon. UU Meetinghouse, 977 Bridge-Sag Turnpike, BH. Renew and restore yourself with these simple ancient Chinese movements and

self-massages. 631-723-1923. CONCERT IN THE PARK 4 p.m., Featuring the Christian music of REV 7. Sponsored by the East Quogue Chamber of Commerce. East Quogue Village Green, corner of Lewis Road and Montauk Highway, EQ. Free. 631-728-5555, BILL COSBY COMES TO WHBPAC 8 p.m. Entertainment icon and legendary comedian, Bill Cosby performs at Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, Tickets are $170, $145, $100, 76 Main Street, Westhampton Beach. 631-288-1500,

monday, october 8 PET CELEBRATION & LUNCHEON EVENT 12:30–5 p.m., Would you walk 70 miles over four days to raise awareness and funds for two Long Island non-for-profit organizations? Irene and her dog Sydney are! Cheer them on as they complete their journey to Montauk! Oceanside Beach Resort, 626 Montauk Hwy., Montauk. $35 per person, dogs free. 631-456-5362.

wednesday, october 10 Fleurette guilloz – 70 years of gardening at the rogers memorial library 10/10, Noon, Fleurette Guilloz, at age 95 is Southampton’s most revered gardener, and her niece, Debbie Guilloz, have co-written a memoir, Son Jardin. They will be at the Roger’s Memorial Library on Wednesday, October 10. Call 631-2830774 ext. 523 Send Calendar listings to before noon on Friday. Check out for more listings and events.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR POLITICAL Dear Dan, There already is a third party alternative to the Democrats Obama and Republicans Romney. Since 1972 Libertarian Party Presidential candidates such as John Hospers and others have provided an alternative for those who cherish individual civil and economic liberties. Libertarians believe that what consenting adults consume, inhale, perform, read or view in the privacy of their own home or private social club isn’t the concern of government. Individual economic and civil liberties prosper best when government stays out of both the bedroom and marketplace. They would give a real voice to the majority of Americans who advocate returning to limited government accompanied by a minimal amount of confiscatory taxation to support only essential service along with Pay-as-Go budgeting; means testing for all government assistance programs; abolishment of all member item pork barrel spending, balanced budgets; actual surpluses and down payments to reduce long term debt. Voting for Libertarian Party Presidential candidate former two-term Republican New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson would send the Democratic/Republican monopoly a real message for change in the status quo! Sincerely, Larry Penner Great Neck Third party candidate Barry Commoner, who played in the Artist-Writers game, died last week. I voted for him when he ran for President in 1980 on a platform about environmentalism. There are times when doing this makes sense. Personally, I don’t think this is one of those times. —DR

MORE Dear Dan, Rick Santorum at a recent Values Voter Summit made clear his values. He proudly stated that the Conservative movement will never have the elite, smart people on its side, nor colleges and universities; the Church and families is all that is necessary. It may be a shock to his limited vision of man’s aptitude and that he or she can be smart and also believe in God and cherish family. Santorum needn’t worry about the elite, smart people knocking down his door to be a part of today’s distorted version of the once proud Republican Party and dare intrude upon them, that evil term, intelligence.  What ever did happen to the GOP, the Grand Old Party? It’s Teasruction was and is sad to witness. Nevertheless it is what it now is and certainly not the Party that their one time professed hero President Reagan would be a part of, nor Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt or Lincoln. Charles Joseph “Charlie” Crist Jr.” ex Governor of Florida said, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party; the Party left me” echoed by Jeb Bush who said, “Reagan himself would have been too moderate, too reasonable for today’s GOP” and that there would be no place for neither his father nor Reagan.  Hopefully old time/in line Republicans, if there are any left that haven’t been pushed out, will turn out those interlopers responsible for the degeneration of their Party and resurrect that once cerebral proud Grand Old Party. Nicholas Zizelis Amagansett In my opinion there should be a debate between Rick Santorum and Paul Ryan. —DR

THANKS Dear Stacy, On behalf of The East End Classic Boat Society, thank you very much for the article on our organization last month. As a not-for-profit, we are always very appreciative of coverage we receive in the local press, especially when it is as well written as Elise Pearlman does. Thank you! Bill Good East Hampton Keep up the good work and we will too. —SD “THANXZ” Dear Nick, When I picked up my copy of Dan’s Papers I was thrilled to see “the Scrabble piece.” In all the years and hundreds of stories I’ve been part of, I can honestly say this is absolutely one of the best that’s been done. It’s wonderfully written, refreshingly accurate and totally captured the spirit of myself and the game. Great work indeed, Nick. Being in Dan’s Papers —which I’ve read for nearly 40 years—really tops off a wild summer media-wise for both me and the game. Thanks again, Nick. I look forward to following your work going forward. Please pass along my thanks and regards to Dan as well. It goes without saying that I’m poised to adjudicate any future Scrabble disputes on your behalf. Best, John John D. Williams Jr. Executive Director, National SCRABBLE Association Greenport 631-477-0033 ext. 14 Thanks, John. I’ll take all of the help I can get! —NC

Dan's Papers October 5, 2012  

Dan's Papers October 5, 2012 Issue

Dan's Papers October 5, 2012  

Dan's Papers October 5, 2012 Issue