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This issue is dedicated to the memory of George Plimpton

OCTOBER 5, 2012

27 Shark Report

29 In the Beginning

31 Mermaids

31 1,200 Telephone Poles

by Dan Rattiner Are you afraid to go into the water? At least two killers sharks are out there. Both were captured and released with beepers that track their every move. It’s not just oceans that pose a threat, though.

by Dan Rattiner Here is a piece from Dan’s Papers, written 20 years ago, about the origins of the Hamptons International Film Festival. It’s quite an interesting story. The Festival begins on Oct. 4 and runs through Oct. 8.

by Dan Rattiner The clashing conundrum that is created by the beasts of the sea can be handled in two ways. But you must decide: Are mermaids endangered, or should they be sold by the pound? All you need to know about mermaids.

by Oliver Peterson Are useless telephone poles harshing on your mellow? Legistator Jay Schneiderman wants all the old poles removed from the East End. Are human beings simply getting used to ugly?

21 South O’ the Highway

29 Never Promise a Vacation in the Hamptons

39 San Gennaro Festival

All the latest Hamptons celebrity news

23 Hamptons Subway by Dan Rattiner

by Dan Rattiner You never know what could go wrong

by Alexandra Andreassen Details on the Hampton Bays celebration dr. gadget

24 Police Blotter

33 Hooray for the Peconic

Water Jitney

40 Making Kodak Moments with a Smartphone

by David Lion Rattiner All the news that’s not fit to print on the East End. Featuring Shelter Island.

by Oliver Peterson We hope it comes back

by Matthew Apfel Top apps to needed to snap that special picture

25 PAGE 27 Your route to where the beautiful people play

34 A Hamptons Celebrity by Mr. Sneiv How to become famous on the East End

39 Sag Harbor Watches Sea Planes Land Illegally? by Dan Koontz This story may become as engrossing as the East Hampton Airport saga

37 HIFF 28

by Robert Ottone Golden Starfish Awards and other highlights

hamptons epicure

45 It Ain’t Over ‘til the Fat


by Stacy Dermont I teach children to play with their food

guest essay

41 Monk of the Month by Terence Lane An entry from the Dan’s Papers Literary Prize for Nonfiction sheltered islander

42 Oh Deer! It’s Fall Again by Sally Flynn Making a case for flamingo pink hunting gear neighbor

43 Mariah Carey by Judy S. Klinghoffer Singer

46 News Briefs 47 Dan’s Goes To...

Dan's Papers October 5, 2012  

Dan's Papers October 5, 2012 Issue

Dan's Papers October 5, 2012  

Dan's Papers October 5, 2012 Issue