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Cover Artist: Betsy Bart By Marion Wolberg Weiss


etsy Bart’s cover image this week, “Beach Bakery,” is a familiar site, especially if you live in Westhampton. Even if you don’t, there’s a sense of being part of the setting as you absorb the details and atmosphere. Yet it’s still hard to imagine the venue in a specific place or time. This placeless and timeless quality gives the bakery its charm and substance. Q: You seem so attached to settings in the region, do you live here all year round? A: We stay here in the summer and in New York the rest of the time. I’m like a hermit on my property during the summer, but I do travel by bike around Westhampton. When I’m in Manhattan, I paint from photographs. Q: What qualities attract you when you are looking for a subject? A: Light and shadow. And color. In my cover image, there was a shadow that showed there were no leaves on the trees although I painted it on a beautiful spring day. I have a romantic view of local scenes. When I see something I love, I know it has to be a painting. I paint what I have an emotional connection to. Q: How did your family influence your wanting to be an artist? A: My mother was a painter, my older sister was in advertising. My younger sister is an art consultant in Los Angeles. Film was also a part of my life growing up. My family loved film. My

Bart has a romantic view of local scenes. She paints scenes for which she feels an emotional connection. She also loves to travel and capture special moments.

mother and I would see classic movies with Clark Gable and Barbara Stanwick, for instance. My mother would say I could stay home from school to see a film, if I did the ironing. Q: What was your formal art background like? A: I went to Moore College in Philadelphia and got a B.F.A. at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburg majoring in painting. Then I moved to New York City on the last day of classes, where things were happening. I had a job and an apartment four days after I moved. Q: Was your job connected to art? A: I worked at a publishing company, in the art department, doing photography. Q: Did you continue with your career? A: I got married; my husband owned a

printing company. I stayed home and painted, attended the National Academy School and the Art Students League. But I was a full-time parent. Q: When did you get back to full-time painting? A: When my youngest child recently went to college. Q: Now when you paint, is there a message or feeling you are trying to get across? A: My paintings are simple in message and speak for themselves, or I would be a writer. I carry a camera with me all the time, catching the moment. In New York and here, I look up and see something unexpected. It’s about the moment. Q: Even though you are so connected to this area, you capture special “moments” when you travel. A: I love to travel, like to Venice where I try to get back every three years, and London. In London, we saw the David Hockney exhibit at the Royal Academy of Art. Q: How is your personal philosophy connected to your art? A: I think I know who I am. I’m not intimidated by expectations. My family didn’t go overboard by saying my work was good. Betsy Bart’s work may be seen on her website: Read our story relating to the Beach Bakery on page 45.

The Warm Fall Months... labor, the fall harvest. With the many newly developed seeds and the rediscovery of many heirloom varieties, eating seasonally has never been better. Add to seed developments the expansion of greenhouses on the East End and you get nearly year-round local produce.

Concurrent with this edition of Dan’s Papers we have released a Fall Preview, which will be distributed mainly in Manhattan. We produced our first Summer Preview in May and it was a big hit. It featured everything “hot,” including how and where to get your beach stickers. A very practical guide to fun under the Hamptons sun. Our Fall Preview, naturally, focuses on all that the East End has to offer in the autumn months. For many East Enders fall is their favorite time of year. It’s certainly won me over. I enjoy a cruise through a steamy, starry night with the windows down and the Creedence Clearwater Revival blarring as much as the next person— but enough already. Three months of “steamy” nights are more than I need in any given year and it’s hard to Southfork Kitchen’s garden in Bridgehampton “cruise” and blare music when the traffic Last weekend after a dinner of fabulously is bumper-to-bumper. Many people cite the weather out here as sweet and tender corn on the cob from Balsam the main attraction in the fall months. I can Farms and a ripe tomato salad courtesy of Dale see that—crisp sunny days and “good sleeping & Bette’s Farm, I grabbed a knife to cut my nights” are hard to beat. But for me, the fall family’s dessert. As I poked the tip of the knife weather signals the celebration of the year’s into the round watermelon from Sunset Beach

Farm, it burst open, splitting in three places. It was that ripe! It was the best watermelon I’ve had in a long time. So now, on top of “summer produce,” the apples and pears and pumpkins are here! This is big news in a family of pie bakers and our pie-loving circle of friends. I shared a couple of my basic recipes for Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie in our Fall Preview. For both I suggest using a potato masher to make up my special pie crust. Impossible? No. Revolutionary? Maybe. I’ve worked ceaselessly to perfect my recipes. People are ga-ga for them. If I have a “secret” it’s in the ingredients. Our local apples are the best. Our local pumpkins are the best. How can you tell if they’re really local? Pick ’em yourself! Studies show that fruits and vegetables offer more nutrients when consumed shortly after they’ve been picked. You can taste the difference. Come on out and “keep it local”—we have plenty to share! S. Dermont

By stacy dermont

Find the best places to pick pumpkins, apples and more local produce—and get those recipes— visit For more info visit, www.balsamfarms. com, and

Dan's Papers September 29, 2012  

Dan's Papers September 29, 2012 Issue

Dan's Papers September 29, 2012  

Dan's Papers September 29, 2012 Issue