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Foster Beach

Councilwoman Nancy Graboski, Clifford H. Foster, Lee Foster, Councilman Chris Nuzzi, and Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst at the rededication of the Clifford J. Foster Memorial Beach (a.k.a., Long Beach) in Sag Harbor.

The commemorative proclamation was presented to the Foster Family, with another to be given to the Sag Harbor Historical Society (SHHS) to become part of their current exhibit “History of Long Beach.” Clifford H. Foster is a Sagaponack farmer and grandson of the man for whom the beach was named. His wife is Sagaponack Village Trustee Lee Foster. Long Beach has a long history as a gathering place, from the Native Americans to the current residents of Sag Harbor. Curated by local historians Dorothy Zaykowski and Jean Held, “History of Long Beach” is a multi-media exhibit that explores the beach and its environs throughout its storied history. The exhibit is on view Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 4p.m. in the SHHS headquarters at 174 Main Street in Sag Harbor through September 12, 2010.



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strap on their little “beer goggles” to do the sloppy deed. The queen returns to her hive to lay bee eggs at the rate of up to 5,000 per day. Speaking of fecundity, in addition to honey and wax, honeybees do humans the favor of pollinating many of our fruit, vegetable, nut and seed crops. They’ve been pollinating for about 100 million years. Unfortunately honeybees are having a hard time these days living out their unusual lifestyle. Manmade pesticides in the environment, real estate development and bee viruses are contributing to an unprecedented bee kill. Approximately 4 million colonies have already been lost in the United States alone. Think of the little guys having sex in the air before you spray a weed or pest killer and never kill a honeybee on purpose. Honeybees rarely sting people, they just keep on keepin’ on. You can also help out your local honeybee population by putting a large bowl of fresh water in your yard, or on a porch or balcony. Make sure you put some rocks in the bowl, so bees have a place to perch while drinking. Also, take a break from lawn work – bees adore dandelions and clover. Planting native flowers is especially helpful, some of the historic bee kill is actually attributed to malnutrition. You might also enjoy a garden of beautiful Black-eyed Susans, Giant Blue Hyssop and Bee Balm. Here’s the easy-fun part: buy local, organic produce and honey and savour them!


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new candidate Jennifer Maertz, D-Rocky Point. Her legitimacy on the ballot is also being challenged by LaValle, who spearheaded the effort to bump Calcaterra. Maretz had this message for her opponent, “Since you were a member of the very state Senate that approved the current Election Law, and you know full well that political parties may designate alternate candidates if an initial candidate withdraws, I am calling on you to inform your supporters and their attorneys that they simply cannot win this time, and that they need to stop clogging our court system in an attempt to stop First Senatorial District voters from exercising their democratic right to a choice in this election.” Referring to the delaying court actions that were taken to knock Regina Calcaterra off the ballot and now perhaps aimed at her candidacy, Maertz is urging LaValle to do the right thing and let the people vote. She said to the Fiesta gathering, “If he is so popular why is he afraid of an election?” Calcaterra had pointed out in her speech that in the last election, where La Valle ran uncontested, that “81,000 people voted for no one.” She added, “Democracy doesn’t work when voters don’t have a choice.” And that seems to be the slogan for Maertz, who is Suffolk born, raised and educated, with an MBA and law degree. It has been a very tough and emotional two weeks for Maertz, who was and still is a strong supporter Calcaterra’s message. Now, given the responsibility of being the conduit of that message of change, and commitment to creating jobs in Suffolk County, Maertz is going into the political arena knowing quite well that it will be an upward battle. She is the candidate of change against a broken system in Albany that in the next session will be redrawing district lines within the state to influence elections for at least a decade. The main message all through the night was this: Although perhaps, nationally, the Democratic Party is not in high feather due to the inability of the White House to right George Bush’s trashing of the national economy, locally the Democratic Party in Southampton is on the rise. Proof may just be the presence at the event of both Fred Thiele and Jay Schneiderman—former Republicans and huge vote getters.

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Dan's Papers Aug. 27, 2010  
Dan's Papers Aug. 27, 2010  

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