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Jazz Times Three in the Hamptons By Judy S. Klinghoffer Jazz defies the laws of physics, simultaneously hot and cool. September shares that same characteristic, mixing Indian Summer with autumnal chill, so it’s a fitting time to showcase some incredible jazz performances right in our own East End Judy Carmichael backyard. On September 1, vocalist Stevie Holland will bring her onewoman show, “Love, Linda,” to the Guild Hall in East Hampton. It tells the story of Linda Lee Thomas, the Southern socialite who wed Cole Porter. Through the music of that great songwriter, whose extensive songbook includes standards like “Night and Day,” “You’re the Top,” “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “I Get a Kick Out of You” and so many more, “Love, Linda” tells the story of Thomas, a wealthy Virginia beauty, and her life with Porter, her second husband. Thomas’ abusive first husband, Edward Russell Thomas, had the dubious distinction of being the first American to kill someone in a car accident. She met the self-admittedly gay Porter in Paris, at the wedding of mutual friends. Their relationship was the subject of the highly fictionalized 1946 film Night and Day. Supposedly, after reading the script, Porter remarked with satisfaction “It’s perfect. None of it is true.” Despite Porter’s sexual preferences, the marriage to Thomas lasted 34 years, until her death in 1954, leaving no doubt that there was a deep and lasting love between them that transcended a marriage of convenience. Stevie Holland is an impressive singer with a wide range and an extensive palette of colors in her interpretation. She can float a pianissimo with tenderness and jump right into sultry alto country. She’s often put in the same category as such great voices as Peggy Lee, Shirley Bassey and Susannah McCorkle. If you want to hear for yourself, The Guild Hall website has a link to a video of Holland in performance as Linda Lee Porter. The clip will give you a nice taste of Holland’s acting chops as well as her vocal skills. On Thursday, September 2, Judy Carmichael, a jazz pianist who The New York Times has dubbed


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then love Pollock’s work. “It is so spontaneous and open, but very balanced and rhythmic and harmonious.” Of Pollock himself, she says, “He expressed so much of himself, joy, pain, the sorrow. He was an adventurer.” Tour the Pollock-Krasner House and studio, followed by a drip painting workshop for children through Labor Day, 10 -11:30 am. For Saturday Workshops, contact Joyce Raimondo 917-502-0790, For Thursday and Friday workshops, call Karyn Mannix 631-329-2811. Reservations required.

“astounding, flawless and captivating,” will be playing at the Southampton Cultural Center. Carmichael is so skilled at stride piano, a particular swing technique, that she earned the nickname “Stride” from a guy who knows his jazz—Count Basie. Stride piano refers to the style of playing, born out of ragtime, where the left hand alternates a base note with a chord. It sounds technical, but what you see is a left hand jumping or “striding” back and forth on those keys. What you hear is an irresistible, toe-tapping

pulse motoring along under the melody, playing up the piano’s percussive nature. Originally from California, Carmichael has made New York her home since the early ‘80s, although she probably hasn’t spent much time with her feet up on the couch. She’s been busy touring throughout India, Portugal, Brazil and Singapore. In ’92, the United States Government sponsored her tour in China. Carmichael was the first Stevie Holland (continued on next page)

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Dan's Papers Aug. 27, 2010  
Dan's Papers Aug. 27, 2010  

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