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Angel Tips Nail Spa


Bridgehampton Commons, 2102 Montauk Hwy. Bridgehampton NY (Next Door To T.J. Maxx) Open n Sundayss June e 6th-Septemberr 5th

Bikini & Full Leg

Neck & Shoulder Massage


Manicure & Pedicure


Bringing HOPE and personal CARE to Chemical Dependency Treatment

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment

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big yacht or go deep sea fishing. The boats are all there, bobbing in their slips, just waiting for us to decide. Perhaps we could just take a sail aboard one of the sloops in the Bay. In the summer they fire a cannon and there is a big sailing regatta every Saturday evening out there. Now it is all just for us. Come with me and I’ll show you through some of the famous artist studios in Springs— the artists are all off in Paris—or we’ll head over to some of the galleries and see just what was what when they had their last art show before heading down to Santa Fe. It’s just the best month of all, September. The blazing heat of July and the dog days of August are at an end. And though the blizzards and snow drifts of October lie just over the horizon—who cares? It’s September. Sit back and enjoy it while you can.



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You & Me

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coming year will be the 20th year of the Ross School and proudly named some of the great students who attended. Also busy during the long day with rain delays and other situations was Diana Aceti, Director of Development and Public Relations. Her stamina on this day was awesome. Courtney Ross herself was all smiles, watching the tennis action and joining in on so many of the photos taken by the teams on the court. She stayed for the whole event and cheered the amazing array of shots made on center court from her seat on the deck. The Ross Tennis Center came about through the efforts of Juergen and Anke Friedrich, and their JAF Foundation USA. Besides adding the level of play by Ross School Tennis teams the facility has now added in raising money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Confirming the $1 million raised by this event, Milkin was all smiles after putting in a long day at the center. I must admit as a former director of a few club tournaments at the NYAC, I was amazed how smoothly this event went considering the fact that those competing did want to win and the weather was so frustrating and influential on the results. When Johan Kriek, the former two time Australian Open Winner screamed, “I move like a three legged giraffe,” I cringed—age makes me feel that way too. Yet most of the players flew around the court as Jimmy Connors did when he was the No. 1 player in the world.

Reach for HOPE, call: 477-8877 INPATIENT






In an article about Jackson Pollock in this newspaper two weeks ago, it was indicated that Art Expert Peter Paul Biro or members of his family had committed fraud or other crimes and had spent time in jail. This is not the case, and we regret the error.

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Dan's Papers Aug. 27, 2010  

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