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Condos: New Trend for 2nd Homeowners By T.J. Clemente The baby boomers are aging, with their children leaving the nest to create nests of their own. With wealth accumulated due to IRAs and 401Ks, not to mention perhaps the selling of their family multiple bedroom home to downsize for the golden years, many are looking to the easy luxury of condo living in communities close to where their homes were or where they always wanted to live. There are two choices now available for those seeking a quiet, reserved high quality lifestyle in condo living. With 75% already sold, Westhampton Pines has units available starting at $570,000. Condo living, including Westhampton Pines, often comes with luxuries such as a fitness center, a deluxe clubhouse, indoor and outdoor swimming facilities, as well as tennis and bocce courts. The idea is “one key”: no outdoor maintenance and of course being a gated community, which creates a sense of safety when at home or out of town. So if your looking for something to move into right now visit this Timber Ridge Homes site. However if you wish to be in the Hampton Bays area by next summer, there’s another choice: Ponquoque Manor—a 24 unit complex being constructed on Foster Street that will include 1,800 sq ft (1,200 usable) condo units with a master bedroom on the ground floor. Michael Ullian, who built his first house in 1978, has put together this spectacular complex together mixing in 21 individual floor

plans for the 24 units with some having waterfront locations and building them with in four separate buildings. Ullian, who went through a six year process with Southampton Town to get the project approved, was pleased that the local Citizen Advisory Council for the most part came on board. “Actually they consider it a considerable upgrade for the whole area. It is going to be beautiful. I have done projects in Miami and now in Bridgeport CT, but I have been in the Hampton Bays area for over 30 years and I am proud to present this project to the community,” he said. Ullian, who went to school in Massapequa, had Alec Baldwin’s dad as a social studies teacher and wrestling coach, as well as taking those toand-from school rides with Jerry Seinfeld. Construction is now underway with four units sold in advance. Ullian loves the option of owners being able to make personal decisions on each unit so that each one can be customized before completion. He admitted that the inspiration for Ponquogue may actually date back to when he was 17 and took a trip that landed him on Halsey Neck Lane. “I believe I was inspired back then to do something someday.” He added, “I believe in what I am doing,” meaning his body of work has integrity and he enjoys supporting his customers in buying into a lifestyle based also on a prime location. “I like doing waterfront projects because they offer intrinsic and enduring value,” he explained. The pricing of the individual condo units

start at $579,000 and top out at $1.3 million. Ullian plans to deliver this project even during these challenging times. He told me the plan is to have 15 2-bedroom units, 5 threebedroom units and four waterfront one bedroom units. Master bedroom first floor units will be available for those who prefer not to climb stairs. Also available to the first buyers will be a choice of 12 boat slips. The Ponquogue Manor will have a 20 by 40’ Miami Beach style pool. Ullian plans to have people moving in by June 1, 2011. He concurred on the belief many have that the aging affluent will be moving away from homes that require upkeep that will take time and cost money and in some cases cause injury. The conclusion was that many will want a one-key home that will be clean and ready whether just for the summer or all year round. So now the decision on where to plant ones roots for the golden era is approaching for many as well as to perhaps finally buying a summer or a second vacation home. The condo route is becoming more attractable to those who don’t want to deal with shoveling show, raking leaves and fixing leaking roofs in their late sixties, early seventies and glorious eighties. The Westhampton Pines and Ponquogue Manor seem like two wise choices available in the Hamptons. For more information visit either, or, and see what’s available now, and what will become available.


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Laura By The Sea LLC to Glorious 84 Realty Co, 104 Miankoma Ln., 2,275,000



4 West Associates LLC to Dog Beach LLC, 4 Old West Lake Drive, 2,000,000

Estate of Steven T Krolak to Sandy Salgado, 866 Old Sag Harbor Rd., 1,316,700



Vincent E Bowen to Pine Neck Realty LLC, 69 Pine Neck Avenue, 1,150,000

Audrey & Eugene Stulberger to Clifford Perlman, 12 Coultes Lane, 1,150,000

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Archibald S Reid to Jane M Power, 84 Egypt Lane, 7,500,000 Anne W Baxter to 68 Woods Lane LLC, 62 Woods Lane, 3,750,000 Liana Gerson to Joanne Jensen, 6 Apaquogue Road, 2,420,000

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SOUTHAMPTON Carla L Webb to Geraldine & Jamison Weiner, 62 Jennings Avenue, 1,150,000

S a l e s O f N o t Q u i t e A M i l l i o n D u r i n g T h i s P e r i o d 11111 BRIDGEHAMPTON


Jacqueline & Lawrence Gates to Kevin Fritz, 12 Worchester Court, 955,750

Farrell Building Co Inc to Double Z Holdings LLC, 3 Sagaponack Court, 800,000



Anthony & Sheila Severino to David Rivkin, 710 Old Menhaden Rd., 710,000

Enzo Cippitelli to Craig Handleman, 110 Beverly Road, 575,000

Roseanne & Silas Riedel to Jill & Robert Weinstein, 1 Whipporwill Lane, 999,000 Alexandra & Sean White to Lindsay A Soyka, 16 Bennett Drive, 767,500

HAMPTON BAYS James & Mary McMahon to Brian & Jennifer Kerrane, 10 Mill Race, 795,000 Lisa & Timothy Green to Kevin & Lisa Neville, 15 East Point Lane, 530,000

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HOC Investments LLC to Helen Carey O'Neill, 5 Shorewood Court, 1,300,000

Cara & John Fry to Gordon Holmes, 45 Buell Lane, 1,900,000


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SHELTER ISLAND Alejandro Gonzalez to Benjamin Segal, 14 Westmoreland Drive, 2,325,000

Lance Bylow to Elizabeth Cochrane-Reid, 19 Gould Street, 1,275,000


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Anne Sherry to Jeffrey M Williams, 11 Sherrill Road, 1,200,000

MONTAUK Estate of Vera Christina Engstrom to Nancy Mack, 136 Navy Road, 850,000

ORIENT Jacqueline & Steven Hoell to Josephine Hennelly, 1925 Grandview Drive, 875,000

John J Abele to Brian & Kathleen Pieloch, 255 Windjammer Drive, 525,000 Derith D Sutherland to Christopher & Kristen Neimeth, 1700 Gin Lane, 500,000

SPEONK Michael Foley to Evelyn Sanz, 8 Sherri Court, 510,000

WESTHAMPTON Timber Ridge at Westhampton Beach LLC to Marcia Kerr, 35 Kimberly Drive, 600,000 Timber Ridge at Westhampton Beach LLC to Dan Cotrone, 50 Samantha Circle, 580,000

WESTHAMPTON BEACH Estate of Betty Parente to Gary Krellenstein, 575 Dune Rd. Unit 30, 604,000

Lita Cohen to Francine & William Jebaily, 575 Dune Road Unit 41, 579,000 Data Provided by Long Island Real Estate Report

Dan's Papers Aug. 27, 2010  
Dan's Papers Aug. 27, 2010  

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