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Just You and Me Come to the Hamptons in September. I’ll Show You Around By Dan Rattiner People have asked me my favorite month in the Hamptons, and of course, I tell them that it is the month of September. You really should come out here and see for yourself. The temperature drops 10 degrees, the wind murmurs through the trees, the flowers are in bloom, the ocean is at its warmest and the harvests are in. Meanwhile all the people are gone. It will be just you and me if you come out. Stop by my house and take a drive with me. We can park right on Main Street and window shop up and down the center of town with

we are too close to the edge and it’s dangerous. We can go for a swim, parking right in the lot at the beach next to the pavilion without needing a parking sticker, we can go to the fanciest restaurants or, if we whip up something in the restaurant kitchen ourselves, eat it right under umbrellas by the water’s edge. We can drive around South of the Highway and visit all the big mansions, just drive right up the long curving gravel driveways to park by the front door and go right in. Nobody’s home, but that’s okay. We can swim in the pool and play tennis on the outdoor court or watch a movie in the private theatre—just look at the big collection of DVDs they have. Nobody’s there. They are all in Palm Beach. The velvet ropes will still be up out in front of all the discos, but never mind. Just walk right past and onto the dance floor. I know just as well as the pros how to turn on the sound system. We can boogie the night away; have the whole place to ourselves. The regulars will be in Aspen or the Riviera or Soho or Abu Dhabi. Perhaps you’d like to go out for a cruise in a

We can visit all the big mansions. Go right up the long curving gravel driveways and go right in. Noboody’s home, it’s okay.

Dan Rattiner’s second memoir, IN THE HAMPTONS TOO: Further Encounters with Farmers, Fishermen, Artists, Billionaires and Celebrities, is now available in hardcover wherever books are sold. The first memoir, IN THE HAMPTONS, published by Random House, is now available in paperback. One reading of IN THE HAMPTONS TOO by the author will take place this weekend: Saturday, August 28 on the side of James Lane on Town Pond in East Hampton at 11:00 a.m.

nobody in our way, no kids eating ice cream cones, no models in bikinis and floppy hats and sunglasses, no masters of the universe, not even the locals. Everyone’s gone. The locals have left for a well-needed vacation to the Keys and other places after the rigors of the summer cash register barrage. They will be back in the spring. The kids eating ice cream cones are back in their private schools in the city, the masters of the universe are plotting and scheming in the skyscrapers of Manhattan and the models in the bikinis with floppy hats and sunglasses are shopping along Madison Avenue. Come with me to the Lighthouse at Montauk. We can climb all 137 stairs right to the top and look out without having anyone ask us to buy a ticket or tell us we are too old or too young or too short to try. We can wander along the cliff’s edge without anyone telling us

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Dan's Papers Aug. 27, 2010  
Dan's Papers Aug. 27, 2010  

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