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KXdXiXDXkk_\nj$Jk\g_\ejfe Summer Views for the Home from Eileen Kathryn Boyd’s Fabrics for Duralee The Hampton Designer Showhouse has been open for almost two weeks, and I hope by now you’ve had a chance to pop in and see all the interesting, inspiring rooms that many designers have dreamt up. While attending the Preview Kick-Off Party, I stopped into the inviting guesthouse next to the pool and met Eileen Kathryn Boyd in her stylish pool house room. The space instantly took me to sunny days, sipping lemonade after a day of swimming in the pool, and most certainly somewhere at the beach either in Capri, the Hamptons or somewhere equally stylish and warm. The color combinations won me over, and although not for the faint of heart, the strong versions of turquoise, purple, lavender, yellow and other bold choices are combined in a way that reads cheerful, yet done in an elegant, stylish manner. After chatting with Boyd a bit, I learned the fabric in the room was from her newly launched line recently debuted for Duralee fabric.

Photo by Gabby Stephenson

Many of the patterns are geometric, and some seem a throwback to the David Hicks era, while others are large swirling florals. Yet the common thread is that all have a fresh, modern appeal. The small dressing room adjacent to the larger sitting room is eye catching as well. Hanging from racks are several beach bags that Boyd has designed utilizing her fabrics. The lavender bathroom, the fabrics and the bags all demonstrate Boyd’s talent as a sophisticated color expert. She takes her color inspirations from fashion and runway shows. I enjoy her unique philosophy about using color in interior design, and she acknowledges that while not everyone is a designer, everyone possesses a specific “color footprint” or group of color combinations that repeatedly appear in their life and bring them happiness. Boyd advises you to look at your wardrobe and maybe even at nature to find a continuous combination of colors that follow you in your life. She feels that using color can transform your home.

I have to agree with Boyd wholeheartedly, as bit by bit my own home has transformed from a clean biscuit palette to a colorful oasis. A while back I was lulled by the serene nature of creams and whites together, and after looking at many magazine spreads, I enjoyed how this palette looked modern and unobstructed. In theory this color combination was good for someone else, but not for me, and after living with the pale colors I felt restless and turned towards interesting combinations of bolder layering of color in my home. Slowly I transformed my home with combinations of colors I enjoy like green and yellow, turquoise and brown, blue and white. These colors bring me joy, from my emerald green living room with yellow sofa and curtains to my Tiffany blue and brown bedroom; I am happily ensconced in color. After a long day of work, I return to a brightly hued home and I am instantly uplifted. With Boyd’s new line of fabrics for Duralee, I now have more color choices for my personal use, and for my clients.


Dan's Papers August, 5 2011  

Dan's Papers August, 5 2011 issue

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